Request for Proposal Bid LSCC-#0012 (ISP) Internet Services ...


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Request for Proposal Bid LSCC-#0012 (ISP) Internet Services ...

  1. 1. Request for Proposal Bid LSCC-#0012 (ISP) Internet Services Provider Lake-Sumter Community College Rev. 1 – 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION # 1.0 Overview 2.0 Existing Conditions/Scope of Services 3.0 RFP Objectives 4.0 Proposal Guidelines 5.0 Details/Price Proposal 6.0 Interrogatories 7.0 Evaluation Criteria/Basis of Award 8.0 Schedule Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 1
  3. 3. OVERVIEW 1.00 The intent of this RFP is to establish the general specifications for Internet Service Provider (ISP) service which will meet the data communication needs of Lake-Sumter Community College (LSCC). 1.01 To be considered responsive, bidders shall deliver on or before 2:00 P.M., February 19th, 2007 one (1) original and (2) additional copies, not to exceed 100 pages in length, in a sealed envelope clearly marked LSCC BID #0012- (ISP) Internet Service Provider to: Regina Peeples, Purchasing Manager Lake-Sumter Community College 9501 US Hwy 441 Leesburg, Florida 34788 (352) 365-3502 This is a sealed proposal – No fax copies will be accepted. 1.02 Your proposal must be signed by an authorized employee/officer with the authority to bind a contract. 1.03 Any proposal submittal shall have prices firm for a least 60 days from public opening. 1.04 Please direct any technical questions/clarification inquires to the following College staff: Doug Guiler, CIO Lake-Sumter Community College 9501 US Hwy 441 Leesburg, Florida 34788 (352) 365-3542 Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 2
  4. 4. In the event of identical tie bids, preference shall be given to businesses with drug-free workplace programs in accordance with Section 287.087, Florida Statutes. Whenever two or more bids that are equal with respect to price; quality and service, indications that a business certifies it has implemented a drug-free workplace program, minority make-up of the company, or other positive business indicators shall be given preference in the award process. Established procedures for the processing of the bids will be followed if none of the tied vendors/contractors has a drug-free workplace program. In order to have a drug-free workplace program a business must conform to all requirements as set forth on the certification form attached. A tied bid of two or more submitted bids will require that the effected bidders attend an interview with the College selection committee to help determine preference. The date for this interview will be determined per a request by the bidder and an appointment made at the College’s discretion. The District Board of Trustees, Lake-Sumter Community College strongly encourages the participation of minority (MBE) and/or women (WBE) owned business enterprises in the bid process. Those bidders certified as MBE and/or WBE as defined by Federal Register 49 CFR, Part 23 or Sections 287.042 and 288.703, Florida Statutes as a business firm which is at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned by minority or women group members; or, in the case of a publicly owned business, as a firm in which at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the stock is owned by minority or women; should complete the attached form and return it with their bid submittal. Bidders are expected to examine the specifications, delivery schedule, special conditions, and all instructions pertaining to supplies and services. Failure to do so will be at the bidder’s risk. The College will not be responsible for errors or omissions by the bidder in determining the bid price or prices. NOTE: In accordance with Section 287.133, Florida Statutes, a person or affiliate who has been placed on the convicted vendor list following a conviction for a public entity crime may not submit a bid on a contract to provide any goods or services to a public entity, may not submit a bid on a contract with a public entity for the construction or repair of a public building or public work, may not submit bids on leases of real property to a public entity, may not be awarded or perform work as a contractor, supplier, sub-contractor or consultant under a contract with any public entity, and may not transact business with any public entity in excess of the Category Two threshold amount ($10,000) as provided in Section 287.017, Florida Statutes, for a period of 36 months from the date of being placed on the convicted vendor list. The District Board of Trustees intends to award this contract to a single bidder, or bidders in the case of multiple project bids, based on the best and lowest responsive bid on a "per project" basis, or otherwise as may be in the best interests of the College, however, the District Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bids and/or to re-advertise for new bids at their discretion. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 3
  5. 5. It is understood and agreed that this contract shall be deemed to be awarded and validly entered into between the contractor and the District Board of Trustees, Lake-Sumter Community College when the College in accordance with established procedures has issued a properly executed purchase order. NON-PERFORMANCE: a. Time is of the essence in this contract and failure to deliver within the time period established shall be considered a default. b. In case of default, the College may procure the services from other sources and hold the contractor responsible for any excess costs occasioned thereby, and may immediately cancel the contract. c. Services rendered that do not conform to specifications, statutory or constitutional provisions of the State of Florida, or other unlawful considerations may result in vendor being found in default and conciliation of the contract. TAXES: Lake-Sumter Community College has been issued Florida Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Number 45-14-021719-57C. PAYMENT: Payment for services rendered shall be tendered monthly, upon satisfactory completion, by submission of an invoice with purchase order number referenced thereon to: Lake-Sumter Community College Attn: Accounts Payable 9501 U. S. Highway 441 Leesburg, FL 34788-8751 Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 4
  6. 6. INSURANCE: a. The contractor shall provide evidence annually of the following minimum coverage: (1) Compensation (including occupational disease) under the terms of the Florida Worker's Compensation Act in an amount not less than the statutory limits specified (unlimited). NOTE: Contractors may be eligible for discounts to their workers compensation insurance premium if a drug-free workplace program is in place and it qualifies under the provisions of Section 440.102, Florida Statutes. Refer to the Identical Tie Bid certification form attached for the drug-free workplace program requirements. (2) Public liability (comprehensive general liability) against bodily injury, personal injury and property damage in an amount not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit or its equivalent. NOTE: The College (District Board of Trustees, Lake-Sumter Community College) shall be named as an additional insured on the contractor's policy.. (3) Automobile liability coverage, to include coverage for owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles, against bodily injury and property damage in an amount not less than $300,000 combined single limit or its equivalent. b. All certificates of insurance shall contain a requirement that the College will be notified of any cancellation(s) at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the effective date of the Cancellation by means of certified, return receipt requested, U.S. Mail; and that no other form of notification will otherwise relieve the insurance carrier, its agents, or representatives of responsibility. EXISTING CONDITIONS 2.00 Lake-Sumter Community College (LSCC) is an outstanding institution established in 1962, providing a solid educational foundation to over 7,500 students each year in both Lake and Sumter Counties. Its three (3) campuses located in Leesburg, South Lake (Clermont) and Sumter (Sumterville) have become viable assets in their communities. Rapid growth at LSCC over the last several years has placed a huge strain on the institutions existing internet service. To meet existing demand and to provide for future growth the College seeks bids for increased internet connectivity capacity. Internet access for the entire College is currently provided by a single (3) Mbps ATM circuit delivered through the Leesburg Campus. Service for this circuit is being provided by Embarq (Sprint). Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 5
  7. 7. The College has an existing business relationship with Embarq Inc. for the majority of LSCC’s voice and data telecommunications needs. Additionally, LSCC has business relationships with SunCom for inter- and intra-state long- distance service. For all data, the College’s primary network connection point is located in Room 141 of the Williams-Johnson Building at 9501 US Hwy 441, Leesburg, Florida. This Leesburg Campus acts as the College central hub. The Clermont Campus is interconnected to the Leesburg Campus via a Gigabit Ethernet circuit and the Sumter Campus interconnects back to the Leesburg Campus with two bonded T-1 circuits. All desktops have a fully switched connection providing at a minimum 100 mbps Ethernet connectivity to the workstation. All three campuses have an additional T-1 frame connections used for backup or fail-over purposes only. Network diagram following page: Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 6
  8. 8. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 7
  9. 9. 2.10 SCOPE OF SERVICES 2.11 LSCC seeks proposals that: • Cost effectively provide a full time, 24x7 Internet service to potentially replace some or all of those Internet services as described in the Existing Conditions section of this RFP. • Cost effectively provide maintenance and trouble resolution support; and • Reduce the business exposures relating to the availability of LSCC’s Internet systems. RFP OBJECTIVES 3.00 Lake-Sumter Community College (LSCC) seeks proposals for telecommunications services denoted herein. Internet Connectivity High speed/bandwidth that will cost effectively provide an increased level of service without the need for significant hardware and/or software modifications will be considered. 3.10 COMPANY/VENDOR REQUIREMENTS 3.11 LSCC requires companies/vendors to currently have in place 24X7 customer service available to address potential service outages. Customer service must be accessible by either a local or toll-free telephone number. As it pertains to the local loop, to be responsive a bidder must have an adequate number of service technicians as well as local service, (defined as within 100 miles of Leesburg, Florida) to ensure adequate response time and availability. (It is preferred the vendor to be located within 25 miles of Leesburg.) 3.12 The College seeks proposals that provide the requested services with minimal or no installation charges. (Note: Lake-Sumter Community College as a political subdivision of the State of Florida under Florida statute 364.515 as being exempt from new telecommunication installation cost). Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 8
  10. 10. PROPOSAL GUIDELINES 4.00 The College hereby is soliciting the submittal of qualifications/information/proposals from qualified suppliers in response to this (LSCC Bid #0012), to be delivered on or before 2:00 P.M., February 19th, 2007. 4.10 RFP submittals shall be signed by an authorized officer and be less than 100 pages each. Only the first 100 pages will be evaluated. Please include (1) original and (2) copies. 4.20 BIDDERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW THE RFP NUMERICAL SEQUENTIAL FORMAT OF THIS RFP. 4.30 Bidders are to include in your RFP submittal an overview of your firm’s qualifications. Please also include with your submittal literature that describes your company’s background, capabilities, and service offerings as well as formal educational background of staff who will be assigned to work with LSCC to provide services as defined herein. 4.40 A Bidder by submitting a formal response to this RFP fully releases Lake-Sumter Community College from any existing contracts in place without any termination cost or fees. 4.50 Awarded contractor shall submit to the College monthly acceptable invoices using net 30 payment terms, indicating charges and/or a monthly flat-fee for services rendered, as applicable to. 4.60 Contracts resulting from this RFP shall include a 60 day written termination provision without cause for the College and a 90-day termination provision for the contractor. Continuation of this contract beyond any fiscal year-end (i.e., June 30th) is subject to sufficient State of Florida continued appropriations. 4.70 All rates shall be all inclusive (i.e., include “all” expenses, etc., including travel, installation costs, and the like). Note: The College each fiscal year will issue the awarded contractor a funded purchase order. No work shall commence that is billable to LSCC without a funded purchase order. 4.80 LSCC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to re-solicit proposals or not, and to waive informalities as deemed in the best interest of the College or to not award a contract and utilize existing in place State of Florida state term contracted services. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 9
  11. 11. DETAILS-PRICE PROPOSAL 5.00 LSCC seeks to upgrade its current (3) Mbps connection to the Internet that is detailed in the Existing Conditions section. The proposed design should provide at a minimum 20 Mbps sustained bandwidth connection, with additional pricing for 30 Mbps and 50 Mbps connections. The "minimum" services required to be responsive are: 1. A minimum of 20 MB available bandwidth. 2. TCP/IP routing services to College network. 3. Dedicated use of a minimum of one (1) Class C IP address blocks that are publicly routable. The College is currently provided one (1) Class C IP address block that is publicly routable from Embarq. The addresses range from – LSCC would prefer to keep its present IP address block intact if possible. OrgName: Lake Sumter Community College OrgID: LSCC-2 Address: 9501 US Highway 441 City: Leesburg StateProv: FL PostalCode: 34788-8751 Country: US NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: LSCC-NET1 NetHandle: NET-205-160-180-0-1 Parent: NET-205-160-176-0-1 NetType: Reassigned Comment: RegDate: 2003-04-03 Updated: 2003-04-03 4. Additional services required beyond connection and routing services include Domain Name Services (DNS) provided IP address space. 5. A single connection point from LSCC (Leesburg Campus, Administration Building, Room 141) to the Internet. Back-up or a redundant connection to the Internet is encouraged. 6. Responsive proposals shall be a turnkey solution. The awarded contractor will be solely responsible for installation and support. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 10
  12. 12. Additional requirements: Assure your proposal includes required submittals as defined in this RFP and the following items in your reply. Respond by restating the item, then including your response in the same order they are listed here. Include diagrams, drawings and other documentation to completely address each issue. 1. Describe exactly what underlying transport technology will be delivering the Internet connection, (i.e. 100MB Ethernet, DS-3, Frame, etc.). If your proposal includes running fiber into the LSCC site(s), explain the topology and redundancy features designed into the local loop. Also list any vendor provided customer premises equipment that may be included or used. 2. Where applicable, describe the network configuration of your site and how LSCC traffic will pass through it. Include network WAN technologies as well as your local configuration. State the redundancy features of your network. 3. List the names of all vendors/sub-contractors (if any) which you will depend upon for LSCC's connection to function properly, (i.e. local loop provider, your provider, long distance carrier, etc). Describe the role they will play in the total solution you propose to provide. 4. Describe how connections are monitored and how the College will be alerted if problems are detected. 5. Describe your company’s service and support policy, hours of operation, response times, functions performed, as well as any additional costs for additional or enhanced services. What services are available beyond your base proposal and what are the incremental costs involved? 6. Describe the process of problem escalation should LSCC encounter problems with the connection. 7. State your target availability times. Describe your policy for handling extended outages. The College minimum requirement is 99.98% availability and one day cost refunds (for fixed price services) for every 15 minutes of service outage after 4 hours without service after official notification. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 11
  13. 13. 8. What is the time required for implementation, of service, upon receipt of a College purchase order? 9. Completely fill out the pricing table at the end of this document. INTERROGATORIES: 6.00 TO BE RESPONSIVE, THIS ENTIRE SECTION #6.00 NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED! 6.01 Name of bidder: _______________________________________ 6.02 Primary contact person: Name__________________________ Phone No.(___)________________ Fax No. (___)________________ 6.03 Location of Central Florida: Sales Office: ___________________________________ Technical Service Offices:___________________________ 6.04 Year bidder business started?___/___/___ 6.05 Year bidder began providing these types of telecommunication services? 6.06 Year bidder under its current name began providing telecommunication services as specified herein? Be specific and when? ___/___/____ Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 12
  14. 14. 6.07 To be responsive, bidders shall list below related references of your company providing similar services under current company name as defined in this RFP: Client Contact Name Phone # # Years of Contractual Relationship 6.08 Please list below the name of the company that will be providing Equipment? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Installation, if needed? ____________________________________________________________ Telecommunication service on site? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 6.09 How would your company propose the College transition into a contract with your company, if awarded? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 6.10 How many technical telecommunication employees does your company have in Central Florida? __________________ In Florida?_______ In the USA? _________ 6.11 How many miles from Leesburg, Florida is your telecommunication staff currently located? ______ Miles. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 13
  15. 15. 6.12 Does your proposal fully comply with this RFP’s requirements? Yes____ No_____ (If no, please describe): ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 6.13 Does your proposal “exceed” the requirements of this RFP? Yes____ No_____ (If yes, please describe): ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 14
  16. 16. EVALUATION CRITERIA/BASIS OF AWARD: 7.00 The College will review responsive proposals submitted. The proposals will be evaluated for each criterion as defined herein. The College would then conduct reference checks of finalist and optionally schedule an interview with all finalists as deemed in the College’s best interest. 7.01 It is the College’s intent to negotiate with the top ranked bidder of a satisfactory contract, as deemed in the College’s best interest. If a satisfactory contract can not be negotiated, negotiations will be formally terminated. The College then would begin negotiations with the next ranked bidder until a satisfactory contract can be negotiated and entered into. 7.10 Listed below are definitions of the Evaluation Criterion used during the evaluation process. o Installation costs: The College will review responsive proposals as to the net cost that LSCC may have to bear, such as; hardware (routers), fiber (local loop), copper (local loop), permitting, etc., etc. The College will evaluate bidders installation cost proposal as it relates to the solicited solution(s) and to the degree that your proposal meets or exceeds the RFP requirements. Note: As stated in 3.12, the College anticipates waiving most, if not all of the service installation costs pursuant to State statute 364.515. o Technical staff qualifications: The College will review proposals references to the professional qualifications. Noting the number of full time technical staff with industry certifications, such as, but not limited to CCNA, CCNP, CCIE and the like. o Ongoing cost: The College will review and analyze proposals re-occurring monthly cost to the College over a 1, 2 and 3 year period. o Network design: The College will evaluate proposals for network design, reliability, redundancy, security, scalability and the like. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 15
  17. 17. o Distance (hops, speed) from Internet backbone: The College will review proposals and to what extent the proposal covers the number of router interfaces that are from our POP to the Internet backbone provider. The College desires to keep Internet hop count and latency with this service as low as possible. o Bandwidth availability from LSCC to the Internet backbone: The College will review proposal submitted for true measurement of bandwidth from the Leesburg Campus to the Internet backbone. o Monitoring/support policies and procedures: The College will review proposals submitted for the ability to remotely view all live line traffic statistics as well as error statistics based on the proposals meeting or exceeding the RFP preferred requirements. o Expandability option/cost: The College will review proposals for the scalability of the proposed system. As needs grow at LSCC for this type of service it is important for the College to understand what expansion options are available and at what cost(s). o Finalist References The College will review and contact references (of finalist) provided to quantify if the reference is truly related to this RFP Scope of Services proposed as well as the quality of the reference as to your clients satisfaction with services provided to date. o RFP Finalist Interview (Optional): The College reserves the right to conduct interviews of all finalists based entirely on the College’s discretion. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 16
  18. 18. MINORITY (MBE) OR WOMEN (WBE) OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE STATUS TYPE OF BUSINESS (Check applicable status) Black Americans (Includes persons having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa) Hispanic Americans (Includes persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or other Spanish cultures or origins, regardless of race) Native Americans (Includes Alaskan Natives, American Indians, Aleuts and native Hawaiians) Asian-Pacific Americans (Includes persons whose origins are from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Samoa, Guam and the U.S. Territories of the Pacific and Northern Mariana’s) Asian-Indian Americans (Includes persons whose origins are from India, the Indian Sub-Continent and Pakistan) Women Owned Business Enterprise Certified by: Signature/Date__________________________________________ City County State Certificate Number: _______________________ Certifying Authority: (State of Florida, Orange County and City of Orlando certification accepted) NOTE: MBE/WBE are defined as business firms with their principal place of business located in Central Florida and which are at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned by minority and/or women group members, or, in the case of a publicly owned business, in which at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the stock is owned by the minority or women. In addition, the minority or women owners must exercise actual day-to-day management and control of the business. Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 17
  19. 19. SCHEDULE 8.00 February 2nd, 2007 RFP issue date. February 9th, 2007 Pre-Bid Meeting. 10:00 A.M. Board Room – Room #210, Student Services Building, Leesburg Campus. February 13th, 2007 Deadline to submit written clarification questions. By Fax - 352-365-3501 Attn: Regina Peeples By E-mail – February 19th, 2007 Deadline to submit Bid. 2:00 P.M. February 19th, 2007 Bid opening. 2:00 P.M. February 22nd, 2007 Board Approval (projected). Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 18
  20. 20. 12 Month Term 24 Month Term Committed Internet Access Installation Internet Access Local Loop Installation Information Rate Charge Local Loop Charge Total Costs Charge Charge Total Costs 20 mbps 30 mbps 50 mbps 36 Month Term Committed Internet Access Installation Information Rate Charge Local Loop Charge Total Costs 20 mbps 30 mbps 50 mbps Rev. 1 - 2/2/2007 Lake-Sumter Community College 19