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  1. 1. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Web Site Development Contact: Stephanie Salazar Economic Development Consultant (720) 427-9597 Table of Contents Overview Goals Vendor Requirements Scope Vendor Representative Guidelines for Submission Evaluation Process OVERVIEW Town of Berthoud We appreciate your interest in submitting a proposal to design the Town of Berthoud economic development website. Berthoud is the Garden Spot of Colorado – “where good things grow” Berthoud, Colorado is a growing small, progressive community which endeavors to provide the quality of life enjoyed by past and present generations while ensuring its position for the future within the dynamic Front Range economic corridor. It is a town that works together to control its own destiny by being proactive in planning for growth while preserving and enhancing its rural character. Berthoud, the original settlement of the Little Thompson Valley, is located in Northern Colorado’s Larimer County. The community is named after Capt. Edward L. Berthoud who engineered an extension of the
  2. 2. Colorado Central Railroad route from Longmont to Cheyenne in 1877. Influential in the politics of the Colorado Territory, Capt. Berthoud never made his home in the community that now boasts a population of nearly 10,000 residents in the town and outlying rural areas. Website Audience The primary audience for the website includes town property owners, business owners, site selectors, investors and developers. The secondary audience includes local and regional customers and clients, employees, legislators, and residents, as well as visitors. The tertiary audience includes public sector, municipal, and state partners, non-profit community groups, media groups and agencies. GOALS § Tell the exciting story of the Town of Berthoud and inspire businesses and developers to invest in the town, and to attract visitors to shop, dine and enjoy entertainment in the main street area. § Ability to provide resources for primary, secondary and tertiary audiences with information and services on business resources, development, shopping, dining and visiting the town. This would include features such as: o Event search and registration – use for reserving space at an event or workshop with future potential to pay, possibly using an application like Pay Pal o Calendar listings – input by the town, only o Merchant maintained pages – ability for businesses to sign up to be listed on a business directory and add a link to their website. Upload would be approved by the town, without the need for a business ID or password o Business database with sort and download capability o Interactive map -- Possible long-term tool to highlight a location and bring up property owner or business information o RSS o Streaming video – possible tool for the future o Other recommendations or suggestions § Ability to communicate to audiences the strategic goals of the town and how it is meeting these goals § Create a design that is simple, clean, attractive and easy to use – this is critical to reach our audience § Provide interactive capability with blogs, twitter and facebook § Interactive capability, such as uploading graphics or large data files and allow for visitor reviews -- Visitor reviews would relate to the ability of a visitor to click on a pdf and then to provide comments on it for feedback to the town § User friendly maintenance of website pages and site content by town staff § Technical support available for usual and customary website maintenance of pages and site content - - The expectation is for the web developer to provide up-front training and technical reference material for ongoing operation of the site by the town, in addition to accessibility to the web developer for exceptional issues.
  3. 3. VENDOR REQUIREMENTS The selected vendor must: § Adhere to the highest current industry standards in HTML, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), and database design and connectivity § Perform the requested tasks outlined in this proposal – this will be included in the contract with a timeframe, expectations and responsible parties § Develop pages to be html template-based, but allow for the use of CSS, Flash, ASP.Net and Flex 2 – There is flexibility in this area to use another environment § Provide an easy to use content management system § Act as the town’s industry expert by evaluating new trends and vendors, as well as providing recommendations on ways to enhance the site § Assist with site management, future Web development needs and CMS modifications as requested § Provide description of and rational for the CMS system recommended SCOPE The Town of Berthoud plans for a launch date for the redeveloped site on March 31, 2010. The scope of services is divided into several different areas: 1. Research and Evaluation 2. Design and Layout 3. Functionality 4. Content Management System (CMS) 5. Revenue Generating Opportunities 6. Search Engine Optimization Techniques & Strategies 7. Website development -- This includes the actual construction of the website, as well as training and technical support Research and Evaluation ● Assume development of the site using “off the shelf” technology ● Assess and report the capabilities and limitations of the current town website platform ● Hold meetings with the town selection team, as needed ● Assist with document and navigation categorization, as needed ● Participate in determining what existing content is useful and what new content should be created Design and Layout • Provide guidance and recommendation on design and layout best practices including functionality required and how technology interfaces with customers • Assist with document and navigation categorization • Provide guidelines for graphic design and look of the website • Create a graphic design and look for the website including home page and banners -- Refer to the goal to: Create a design that is simple, clean, attractive and easy to use Functionality ● Online event registration signup, online payment and reporting capabilities for town hosted events ● E-newsletter sign-up with interest specific section and/or newsletter options ● Business Directory sign-up with capability for the town to download as a business database into a worksheet ● Incorporate the ability to easily translate aspects of the site for international markets Content Management System (CMS) The CMS must include the following capabilities: • Multiple user roles and definitions
  4. 4. • Approval/routing process -- Provide capability to set up to track approval and editing process for guest users • Searchable database of content • Automatic site map creation and updating when new sections/pages are added -- Needed for search engine optimization • Click through reporting on member listings, links to external Web sites, and other content • Photo library database management application -- Long-term project manage photos and placing them in a cabinet • A tracking system for print material requests and distribution -- Not currently needed. This may possibly be needed in the future. • Press release management application for publishing printer and search engine friendly documents to the site with time stamping, auto archiving, sort controls and RSS feed capabilities. This should also include email distribution abilities. • Online event registration setup tool with reporting capabilities • Provide employees with the ability to pull information for distribution to clients • Ability to add and delete content based on date stamp • Ability to rotate content where applicable (ex. Home page links, articles, photos, etc.) – this should include automatic rotation and controlled changes if needed • Management tool and approval process for user generated content -- May not be needed in the short-term, except for business directory Revenue Generating Opportunities This section is NOT required in the initial development of the site. Possible need in the future. • Recommendation for state of art techniques to incorporate advertising and other revenue generating opportunities into the site without taking away from the sites primary purpose, which is providing information that inspires visitors to come to the Town of Berthoud. • Online advertising must include, but not be limited to, rich media ads; advertorials; content and section targeted advertising; run of page, section or site advertising; listing enhancements; etc. • Ad tracking database within or connected to the CMS for all revenue generating opportunities Search Engine Optimization Techniques & Strategies Following guidelines for web masters provided by search engines, such as Google, is required. Act as SEO expert and provide services in all areas of SEO techniques and strategies as identified below. If outsourced, this service will need to be managed by the Web development company. ● Keyword analysis ● National SEO placement strategies including creating planning document, Google sitemap, page descriptions, and title tags; providing code optimization recommendations, SEO code updates; incorporating non-reciprocal link building and site ranking software ● Local search techniques including creation of online local business profile and submission to local directories ● Article marketing service to include review and proofing of all article content, development of HTML version, account setup with multiple article marketing distribution lists, keyword identification for author section and link backs, and submission and reporting on placement count in search engines ● Optimize press releases using search engine keywords, HTML code for landing page from feed, RSS/syndicated distribution, jpeg imagery formatting, and detailed tracking ● Analytics and reports providing data for strategy development and ROI tracking including custom monthly reports ● RSS distribution strategy development including help producing content for the feeds Vendor Representative The selected vendor shall assign a primary representative and an alternate to provide the services as described within the scope. These representatives should be identified in the proposal and will be
  5. 5. responsible for management of development and adherence to timeline. If the primary representative is unable to continue these duties, the alternate will become the primary representative. Guidelines for Proposal Submission All interested parties must submit proposals electronically to on or before 5:00 p.m. local time on January 6, 2010. Any proposal received after this time may be rejected. The town may accept or reject any or all bids. The Town of Berthoud reserves the right to waive irregularities in any bid. Proposals must include the following information: • Introduction and understanding of the project scope • Project plan and schedule with detailed timeline and milestones from start to implementation using a phased approach • Recommendations for leveraging the revenue opportunities on the site and the associated tracking capabilities • Detail of firm’s Web development experience with at least three (3) Web site samples • Brief company profile including location of office(s) • Identification of project representatives, including organizational chart and resumes of each representative. Summarize experience and technology expertise and describe the responsibility and role of each individual regarding the project. The primary representative shall be available for discussion and meetings as necessary. • Client references with name, title, and phone number Evaluation Process The Town of Berthoud review committee will evaluate each proposal according to the following criteria: ● Project understanding and proposed methodology ● How the vendor’s proposed solution meets current Web needs as outlined in scope ● Timeline and cost estimate for site development ● Web development experience ● Project development plan and schedule ● Creativity of solution and components involved ● Staff resources It is important that the proposals are clear and complete so the evaluators can adequately understand all aspects of the proposal. Schedule RFP Issued Dec 15, 2009 Proposer deadline for submitting written questions to the Town regarding RFP Dec 22, 2009 5:00 PM Proposal due date Jan 6, 2010 5:00 PM Possible interview date Jan 13, 2010 Planned site launch date Mar 31, 2010 Events, dates, and times subject to modification and change at the sole discretion of the Town of Berthoud. All dates and times are mountain standard time.
  6. 6. Submittal Information Submit website RFP Proposals electronically to: Stephanie Salazar Economic Development Consultant Salazar & Associates If you have difficulty submitting electronically, please call (720) 427-9597.