Request for Proposal


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Request for Proposal

  1. 1. RFP: SIS REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM ISSUED BY NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT COSTA MESA, CA SUBMIT PROPOSALS TO: NMUSD Student Information System RFP Mrs. Elaine Weber Newport-Mesa Unified School District 2985 Bear Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Phone: (714) 424-7510 Email Address: Deadline: 9:00AM, February 22, 2007
  2. 2. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction .......................................................................................................................................................... 4 ADMINISTRATIVE SECTION 1.0 RFP Schedule 6 1.1 Contact Information 6 1.2 Question and Answer Process 6 1.3 Submission of Proposals 7 1.4 Late Submissions 7 1.5 Proposal Preparation 7 1.6 Number of Proposals 7 1.7 Ownership of Materials 7 1.8 Confidential or Proprietary Information 8 1.9 Supplier Presentations 8 1.10 Proposal Costs 8 1.11 Hands-on Testing of Software 8 1.12 Evaluation Criteria 8 1.13 No Press Releases or Public Disclosure 8 1.14 Award Notification 8 1.15 Rejection of Proposals 9 1.16 Contract Award 9 1.17 RFP Amendments 9 1.18 Primary Supplier 9 1.19 Complete Solutions 9 1.20 Offer Expiration Date 9 1.21 Post-Award Debriefing 9 2
  3. 3. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP 1.22 Designation of Requirements 10 1.23 Exceptions to the RFP 10 1.24 Product Use Requirements 10 1.25 Proposal Errors 10 1.26 NMUSD Service Agreement 10 1.27 Alternate Proposal and Options ............................................................................................................................................. 10 1.28 Pricing ............................................................................................................................................. 11 TECHNICAL SECTION 2.0 District Network Environment 12 3
  4. 4. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP MANAGEMENT SECTION 3.0 Project Implementation Start Date 12 3.1 Project Plan 12 3.2 Project Control 12 3.3 Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities 12 3.4 Project Meetings 12............................................................................................................................................ 3.5 Supplier Project Management Structure 13 3.6 Facility Preparation 13 3.7 Corrections and Enhancements 13 3.8 Hardware and Software Installation 13 3.9 Solution Acceptability 13 3.10 Solution Maintenance 13 3.11 Personnel Training 13 3.12 Training Plan 13 3.13 Training Documentation 14 3.14 Supplier Comment Request 14 3.15 Supplier Information 14 Appendix A Supplier Information Appendix B SIS Evaluation Questions (Excel file) Appendix C Noncollusion Affidavit Appendix D School Information Appendix E Staff Information Appendix F Typical NMUSD Service Agreement 4
  5. 5. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP Introduction District Background: The District, established in 1966, currently operates 8 preschools, 22 elementary schools, 2 intermediate schools, 4 comprehensive high schools, 1 early college high school, 1 middle college high school, 1 continuation high school, 1 independent study high school, 2 summer schools, and 1 adult education center (offering classes at 17 locations). Encompassing approximately 59 square miles, the District includes portions of the cities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa and unincorporated areas of the County. The District is governed by a Board of Education and complies with current government procurement practices. The District employs approximately 1,367 certificated and 1,309 classified professionals. The District’s 2006-07 annual budget is in excess of $202 million and K-12 student enrollment is approximately 21,378. Additional information on NMUSD can be found in the appendixes to this RFP; readers may also visit to view the District’s strategic plan, budget, and other information that may be helpful in responding to the RFP. Mandatory Requirements: NMUSD seeks a student information system with the following minimum traits or abilities: 1. Track multiple years of student data, including but not limited to: a. Demographic b. Grading c. Attendance d. Assessment e. Scheduling f. Health g. Discipline h. Special Education 2. Has a web-based teacher portal for entry of attendance and grades. Preferably would also be able to track all student assignments, and gradebook information. 3. Has a web-based parent portal to facilitate communication with parents. Minimally, it would show attendance, quarter/semester grades, in-progress (teacher gradebook) grades, and upcoming homework. 4. Help teachers and administrators identify at-risk students for timely intervention. Allows maximum flexibility in defining “at-risk” – including special populations, trends in attendance, discipline events, grades, and assessment information. 5. Has a built-in report writer for ad-hoc reporting; easy enough for non-technical staff to use. 6. Can assist with all standard California and Federal government reporting requirements, including full support for CSIS. 7. Is largely web-based 8. Provides training and excellent customer support 9. Can handle an active student population in excess of 25,000 10. Utilizes a centralized database for all schools 11. Is actively used by at least one California K-12 school district 12. Can provide professional and comprehensive project management to assist with the conversion and implementation. 13. Migrate data from existing SASIxp 7.1 installation (DB4 version) 5
  6. 6. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP 14. Minimize manual export/import of student data with other software systems. Ideally, it can exchange data with other products in an automated fashion, and/or incorporate their functionality: a. Nutrition Services – Nutrikids ( b. Adult Education – AIM ( c. Adult Ed Assessment - TOPSpro ( d. Follett Library System ( e. Assessment - Datawise ( f. Assessment - Data Director ( g. Special Education - Genesea ( h. Phone dialers (for attendance & broadcast messages) 6
  7. 7. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP Administrative Section 1.0 RFP Schedule The following table lists the activities relevant to the RFP process. NMUSD reserves the right to change these dates and will notify suppliers in that event. Activity Time Date RFP released 12:00 PM January 29, 2007 RFP questions deadline 9:00 AM February 13, 2007 Proposals due 9:00 AM February 22, 2007 Supplier presentation TBD March 20-23, 2007 Short list selection 4:30 PM March 30, 2007 Hardware/software setup for hands-on testing April 2-13, 2007 Hands-on testing of software April 16-27, 2007 Reference site calls/visits May 7-18, 2007 Supplier selection May 25, 2007 1.1 Contact Information After release of the RFP and thereafter, all requests, questions, or other communications about this RFP shall be made in writing to NMUSD. Communications made to other NMUSD personnel will not be allowed or recognized as valid and may disqualify the supplier. Address all communications to: Mrs. Elaine Weber Information Technology Dept. 2985 Bear St, Bldg C Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 424-7510 voice (714) 424-7524 fax email Suppliers should rely only on written statements on the District’s SIS RFP website ( or issued by the RFP Coordinator: Mr. Alan Engard Director, Information Technology Dept 2985 Bear St, Bldg C Costa Mesa, CA 92626 email 1.2 Question and Answer Process NMUSD will allow written requests for clarification of the RFP. To ensure that written requests are received and answered in a timely manner, e-mail correspondence is welcomed, but other forms of delivery such as postal and courier are acceptable. All questions will be consolidated into a single set of responses and posted on the NMUSD web site ( by 12:00 p.m. each Friday. Suppliers’ names will be removed from the questions in the responses released. Questions should be submitted in the following format. Deviations from this format will not be accepted. Section number or Appendix Paragraph or question number Text of passage being questioned 7
  8. 8. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP Question 1.3 Submission of Proposals Proposals are due on February 22, 2007. Proposal materials will be accepted electronically via e-mail (7MB maximum), CD, or hardcopy. Responses to the questions in Appendix B must be supplied electronically in the Excel file provided. Appendix C (Non-collusion Affidavit) must be a notarized hardcopy. The remainder of the proposal may be hardcopy or electronic (MS Word or PDF formats are the only acceptable formats). Hardcopy proposals must be sealed and not delivered in open packages or binders. Additional proposal materials such as books, CD’s, and other materials should be received with proposals. Hardcopy proposals or supplemental materials should be sent to: NMUSD Student Information System RFP Mrs. Elaine Weber, IT Dept 2985 Bear St, Bldg C Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Electronic submission by e-mail should be sent to: 1.4 Late Submissions Proposals submitted after the closing date will not be accepted. NMUSD is not responsible for late delivery or proposals lost in delivery. Suppliers must notify NMUSD if there is an extenuating circumstance that may prevent on-time delivery. Please refer to the RFP schedule for the due date. 1.5 Proposal Preparation Proposals should be prepared simply and economically without emphasis on the presentation of the proposal. Expensive bindings, color photographs, and excessive promotional materials such as videos, are neither desired nor needed. NMUSD prefers to receive proposals either electronically or in appropriately sized three ring binders with index tabs to separate sections. Proposals must be organized as follows: Cover Page Complete Table of Contents Section 1 – Company/Product Introduction Section 2 – Executive Summary Section 3 – Project Management Description Section 4 – Supplier Information (Appendix A) Section 5 – SIS Evaluation Questions/Answers (Appendix B, Excel file) Section 6 – Non-collusion Affidavit (Appendix C – must be notarized) Section 7 – Additional information/documentation as needed (see section 3.6 – Facility Preparation, as a possible example) 1.6 Number of Proposals Suppliers shall provide two copies of their proposal, if submitting hardcopy; each copy must be clearly marked. If printed supplementary materials are included which are not 8.5x11”, eleven copies should be included. If submitting electronically, one copy is sufficient. 1.7 Ownership of Materials All materials submitted in response to this RFP become the property of NMUSD. Proposals and supporting materials will not be returned to suppliers. 8
  9. 9. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP 1.8 Confidential or Proprietary Information All proposals submitted will be held in confidence. Only personnel directly involved with this RFP will be given copies of your proposals. NMUSD has no obligation to share proposal material with any other party and will respect any documents or materials that suppliers have clearly marked “Confidential” or “Proprietary.” However, only those pages that contain the proprietary information should be so designated, not the complete proposal. NMUSD is not obligated to maintain the confidentiality of any information that was known prior to receipt of a proposal, or becomes publicly known through no fault of NMUSD or is received without obligation of confidentiality from a third party. 1.9 Supplier Presentations Suppliers who want to be considered will be required to give an oral presentation of their proposal to the RFP team and NMUSD Executive Cabinet. This presentation should concentrate on the functionality and flexibility of the product. This opportunity is given to allow suppliers the chance to further define the primary features and benefits of their proposal, to allow clarification of their proposal and to permit questions from the audience. Appropriate visual and written materials are expected, but the format is left to the discretion of the supplier. It is strongly recommended Suppliers tailor their presentation to address areas NMUSD has identified as areas of interest in this RFP. Presentations may not exceed 3 hours, inclusive of a question and answer period. Appropriate handouts should be prepared and distributed. There will be no more than 15 NMUSD personnel in attendance. 1.10 Proposal Costs NMUSD is not responsible for any costs incurred by the supplier in the preparation of the proposal, demonstration, or District’s hands-on testing. 1.11 Hands-on Testing of Software NMUSD is anticipating testing the short list finalists’ software for an extended period of time (approximately 2 weeks). Installation and configuration of the software, plus limited conversion of existing student data should be accomplished by District staff. All server and workstation hardware will be provided by the District. Supplier will be asked for some technical assistance to get the software installed and operable. NMUSD will consider supplier-suggested alternate methods of accomplishing this detailed testing. 1.12 Evaluation Criteria NMUSD is interested in obtaining a complete solution to the stated requirements. Proposals that meet the proposal instructions and requirements will be given a thorough and objective review. Proposals that are late, do not comply with proposal instructions, or take exceptions to requirements may be eliminated without further consideration. NMUSD will evaluate proposals based on the responses to the questions in Appendix B, the supplier presentation, and reference calls or visits. 1.13 No Press Releases or Public Disclosure Suppliers may not release any information about this RFP. The winning supplier may not issue a press release until it has been reviewed and approved by NMUSD. 1.14 Award Notification NMUSD will make a first cut of suppliers and develop a short list of finalists. Suppliers who are not finalists will be notified in writing at the same time as finalists are notified they are on the short list. After a final selection is made, the winning supplier will be invited to negotiate a contract with NMUSD; remaining suppliers will be notified in writing of their selection status. 9
  10. 10. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP 1.15 Rejection of Proposals NMUSD reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. One copy of each proposal will be kept on file for six months; all other copies will be destroyed along with any collateral materials sent with the proposal. 1.16 Contract Award NMUSD reserves the right to award the contract according to the evaluation criteria. The supplier chosen for award should be prepared to have the proposal incorporated, along with all other written correspondence concerning this RFP, into the contract. Any false or misleading statements found in the proposal will be grounds for disqualification. 1.17 RFP Amendments If any supplier is in doubt as to the true meaning of any part of the RFP documents, or finds discrepancies in, or omissions from the specifications, a written request for an interpretation or correction thereof may be submitted to the District. The supplier submitting the written request shall be responsible for its prompt delivery. Any interpretation or correction of the RFP document will be made only by an addendum issued by the District. No person is authorized to make any oral interpretation of any provision in the RFP documents, nor shall any oral interpretation be binding on the District. If discrepancies on specifications or conflicts between specification, terms or conditions exist, the interpretation of the District shall prevail. NMUSD reserves the right to amend this RFP at any time prior to the closing date. 1.18 Primary Supplier NMUSD expects to negotiate and contract with only one prime supplier. NMUSD will not accept any proposals that reflect an equal teaming arrangement or from suppliers who are co-bidding on this RFP. The prime supplier will be responsible for the management of all subcontractors. NMUSD will not accept any invoices from subcontractors or become part of any negotiations between a prime supplier and a subcontractor. NMUSD reserves the right to request information about any subcontracting relationship. In the event of a subcontracting arrangement, the prime contractor assumes all responsibility for delivery, installation, maintenance, and any support service including documentation that is supplied by the subcontractor. Suppliers who bid components for which he/she is not an authorized dealer shall bear the responsibility to ensure that the replacement, service, training, and maintenance of said components shall equal or exceed the original manufacturer or the authorized dealer. Original manufacturer upgrades, fixes, or any other enhancement to that component shall be made available to NMUSD under the same conditions as the original equipment manufacturer or dealer provides. 1.19 Complete Solutions NMUSD will accept only complete solutions from a prime supplier. Suppliers may not bid on only one item or selected items from the RFP. 1.20 Offer Expiration Date Proposals in response to this RFP will be valid for 120 days from the proposal due date. NMUSD reserves the right to ask for an extension of time if needed. 1.21 Post-Award Debriefing NMUSD will upon written request offer to debrief suppliers who were disqualified or did not win the contract. This request for debriefing will be accommodated only after the final contract has 10
  11. 11. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP been awarded. Suppliers may either make appointments for a conference at NMUSD or be debriefed via a telephone conference. 1.22 Designation of Requirements NMUSD fully expects suppliers to provide a comprehensive solution on a level that meets or exceeds all requirements as stated in the RFP. To prevent any confusion about identifying requirements in this RFP, the following definition is offered: The words shall or must are used to designate a mandatory requirement. Suppliers must respond to all mandatory requirements presented in this RFP. Failure to respond to all mandatory requirements may be cause to disqualify your proposal. 1.23 Exceptions to the RFP NMUSD requires each supplier to provide a list of exceptions taken to this RFP. Any exceptions taken must be identified and explained in writing. An exception is defined as the supplier’s inability to meet a mandatory requirement in the manner specified in the RFP. If the supplier provides an alternate solution when taking an exception to a requirement, the benefits of this alternative solution must be explained. 1.24 Product Use Requirements NMUSD requires that all hardware, system software products and application software products included in proposals be currently in use in a production environment by at least one other customer, have been in use for at least one year, and have been generally available from the manufacturers for a period of one year. Unreleased or beta test hardware, system software, or application software will not be accepted. It is understood that applications software required to be built is excluded from this provision. 1.25 Proposal Errors NMUSD will not be liable for any errors or omissions in supplier proposals. Suppliers will not be allowed to alter proposal documents after the proposal due date without permission from NMUSD. NMUSD may correct simple math errors and alert the supplier to the error, or if the error appears to be significant, NMUSD may either disqualify the supplier or require the supplier to make the recalculation and resubmit the data. NMUSD approved changes after the submission date may be made only to correct an error in an existing part of the proposal. New material may not be submitted. No oral, telephone, or faxed modifications or corrections will be accepted. 1.26 NMUSD Services Agreement Attached in RFP Appendix F is a typical NMUSD services agreement. Suppliers shall review the contract and list in their proposal any potential issues. 1.27 Alternate Proposal and Options Suppliers may submit more than one proposal, each of which must satisfy the requirements of the RFP. If alternate proposals are submitted, such alternatives shall be clearly labeled and identified on the cover page of each separate document. Each proposal will be evaluated on its own merits. No Alternate proposals will be accepted as stand alone proposals; all alternate proposals submitted must be submitted under separate cover and include a complete pricing volume. Alternate proposals must have a foreword section that briefly describes the deviation from the baseline proposal and the basic advantage(s) of the alternate proposal. Suppliers may propose enhancements or equipment that provides increased performance as an option to the baseline RFP. Any option proposed must be included in a separate proposal and 11
  12. 12. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP contain a brief description of the enhancement, the actual benefit to be gained and the cost of the enhancement. 1.28 Pricing All elements of recurring and nonrecurring costs that must be borne by NMUSD shall be identified and presented in the pricing volume using the specified format, noted in RFP Appendix B. These costs should include all labor, travel, lodging, per diem, car rental and so on required to complete each phase of the project. Expenses shall be billed at cost. Costs should be listed in the project phase in which they will occur; suppliers shall not preload continuing costs into the first phase. Suppliers shall list and price any item that is part of their solution whether hardware, software, or management related that has not been specified in the requirements but is needed in order to complete the supplier’s proposed solution. Suppliers shall provide NMUSD with a firm, fixed price. Any cost listed should be tied to a specific task or product in the proposal. Failure to comply with pricing requirements will result in rejection of your proposal. The burden of proof for pricing credibility rests with the supplier. After proposals have been evaluated and a short list is developed, qualified suppliers will have an opportunity to submit a Best and Final Offer (BAFO). BAFO’s may be warranted based on differences of opinion with the supplier’s technical capabilities, pricing, or response to contractual items. Suppliers will be given sufficient time to revise their proposal and respond in writing to BAFO terms. The BAFO practice is not used to allow new requirements to be introduced to the RFP or to allow for significant changes to be made to proposals. BAFO’s are considered a “fine tuning” of offers after evaluation discrepancies are noted and agreed upon between NMUSD and the supplier. 12
  13. 13. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP Technical Section 2.0 District Network Environment The supplier shall propose a solution that is compatible with the District’s current network environment as described below: The District Office network consists of 100 Mb/sec switched Ethernet connections to desktop computers, and Gigabit connections to a central server farm. Only the TCP/IP protocol is actively supported. Connections to school sites vary from ½ T-1 to 2½ T-1s. The connection to the internet is via T-3 communication line (approx 42 Mb/sec) to the Orange County Department of Education. The server operating system utilized is Windows 2003 Server; and all users at the District Office are on Active Directory. Microsoft Exchange is used for e-mail & collaboration needs. Web URL filtering and Network Address Translation (NAT) are accomplished using a Cisco PIX firewall. Network monitoring and spam filtering are accomplished using an in-line filtering server from Lightspeed Systems and Barracuda Networks. The District maintains its own DNS servers -- for both public and private networks. VLANs are being implemented to segregate domain users from “guest” users accessing the network via a wireless connection. NMUSD prefers Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and Internet Information Services 6.0 (IIS) for hosting database and web applications. A number of custom web applications have been developed using these services and .NET. Management Section 3.0 Project Implementation Start Date The District plans to begin the project implementation in July 2007. The core SIS functionality (demographic, attendance, grading, discipline, health) should be fully operational at all schools by January 2008. Additional functionality can be implemented at schools’ and/or supplier’s recommendations. 3.1 Project Plan Suppliers shall include a project management plan for implementation of the proposed student information system. The project management plan shall be detailed enough to assure NMUSD that the supplier can deliver a solution on time, within projected estimates, and meet all requirements as specified in this RFP. 3.2 Project Control Suppliers shall discuss how his or her company will control the proposed schedule and how it will identify and report achievement of tasks and milestones. The supplier shall also discuss how it will identify, resolve, and report resolution of problems such as schedule slippage or engineering anomalies. 3.3 Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities Suppliers shall provide a matrix that lists project management tasks and identifies the corresponding owner. NMUSD’s tasks shall be identified as well as any subcontractor’s. The matrix shall contain enough detail to define the roles and responsibilities of the NMUSD project team as well as those of the supplier’s project team. NMUSD will appoint a project coordinator who will work closely with the supplier’s project manager. 3.4 Project Meetings Suppliers shall describe their approach to formal review meetings with NMUSD, the organization of the typical meeting, and methods of documenting and approving all meeting notes. 13
  14. 14. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP 3.5 Supplier Project Management Structure Suppliers and their subcontractors shall describe the proposed management structure and identify key personnel who will be assigned to this project. Suppliers shall designate key personnel necessary to satisfy the requirements of this RFP. Once identified, suppliers may not change key personnel without prior notice and acceptance from NMUSD. NMUSD shall have 15 days notice of any change in the project’s key personnel. 3.6 Facility Preparation If site preparation is required under the proposal and involves infrastructure changes to prepare the site for installation of equipment, suppliers shall provide specifications and typical equipment layouts. NMUSD preference is for rackmount equipment which can be located in the switch & server farm room. 3.7 Corrections and Enhancements Suppliers shall describe how they handle bug reporting, change requests and product enhancement requests during the implementation phases of the project. NMUSD prefers an internet based approach that allows us to enter the identified bug or enhancement and to view its status online. 3.8 Hardware and Software Installation Suppliers may, or if appropriate, NMUSD may install all hardware and software components for the project. Suppliers shall anticipate lead times to ensure that all required hardware and software is received in sufficient time to meet the project schedule. The project schedule shall have specific dates for the installation of hardware and software along with associated activities such as site preparation review and any facility upgrades that are needed prior to equipment installation, if required. 3.9 Solution Acceptability Upon completion of acceptance testing, NMUSD will run the system and application software for 30 business days to ensure that the system meets the functional and performance requirements stated in the RFP. After the 30 day test period, if the system conforms to the test requirements, the system will be deemed acceptable. 3.10 Solution Maintenance Suppliers shall provide a detailed description of all maintenance activities, supply channels and parts depots, typical daily or monthly support activities, principle period of maintenance, and support the above with an organizational chart of the supplier’s headquarters support operation, the proposed support organization for this project, and the escalation procedures for reporting problems. 3.11 Personnel Training The District prefers a “train the trainer” method of training. This should be the long-term goal. However, to implement the software in a timely fashion, we anticipate the need for substantial staff training from the supplier. 3.12 Training Plan NMUSD requires that the supplier provide comprehensive training addressing the needs of user, administrative, technical, and operational personnel. The supplier is encouraged to propose innovative approaches to training such as programmed self study guides, online tutorials, DVDs, CD-ROM’s and computer based training. All training will include step by step detail that will enable employees unfamiliar with the system to perform the described activities. The supplier shall list recommended classes and which job classifications should attend. This list shall also contain a description of all classes and suggested classroom resources. 14
  15. 15. NEWPORT-MESA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT RFP: SIS STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM RFP 3.13 Training Documentation Comprehensive high quality user documentation is essential for the success of this project. Documentation shall be provided that covers all system hardware, system software, and application software. All documentation provided shall be in written form. Documentation should also be provided in electronic form and network accessible. 3.14 Supplier Comment Request NMUSD invites the supplier to comment or question the RFP’s management plan, schedule, and other requirements. 3.15 Supplier information To warrant consideration for this proposal, suppliers and all major subcontractors must submit financial information, including an annual report or audited balance sheets and income statements. For purposes of this section, “audited” shall mean that a certified public accountant has reviewed the financial reports and has expressed an opinion regarding the fairness of the information reviewed. A major subcontractor will have at least 25 percent participation in the contract measured by dollar amount. Suppliers are also required to submit references. Please reference Appendix A for specific supplier information instructions. 15