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  1. 1. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS REEMPLOYMENT SERVICES RFP Issued: December 21, 2009 at Noon Proposals Due: January 11, 2010 at Noon Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) 25363 Eureka Road Taylor, MI 48180 (734) 229-3500 RFP- Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 1 of 31
  2. 2. EMPLOYMENT SERVICES RFP PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) Response Package is to set forth SEMCA’s Reemployment Services (RES) program description and the process and the procedures to be followed to submit a proposal for contract consideration. This proposal and service delivery area is for Out-Wayne County and Monroe County. SEMCA is seeking Proposals from public organization(s), with merit-staffed employees to provide RES at a new location in our region. Southeast Michigan is experiencing a deep recession. The substantial economic change that is now occurring in Michigan’s economy demands new strategies and more sophisticated services if we are going to successfully transition our newly unemployed workforce to the opportunities and skills required in our new economy. This initiative is designed to help white collar workers tap into their transferable skills and make employment connections using proven methodologies that have a high probability for high placement results. STATEMENT OF WORK The Reemployment Service Program will provide intensive, individualized services to UI claimants to assist with reentry into employment. Services may only be provided to UI Claimants. The services will be primarily provided in a new location /expansion center. This center will help to accelerate high wage and/or education level customers back to employment. This expansion center will provide the following services: Comprehensive in person assessments of needs Administration of career readiness assessments such as Work Keys Development of Individual Service Strategy plans Referral opportunities to Green Jobs and other emerging occupations Information and referral to other appropriate training programs Further development of a strong relationship between the MWA and local UI Office Reemployment Services to White Collar Workers Based on SEMCA’s plan that was submitted and approved by the Bureau of Workforce Transformation the following activities are to be provided: Workshops addressing how to find employment in a down economy Values based resume workshops In-depth workshops on how to network Workshops on advanced techniques to benefit from job fairs This opportunity is based on the Professional Placement Network that is successfully being run in Florida. It is expected that all the parameters outlined here in this RFP will be adhered to. New hires will have to be brought on board and be appropriately experienced in the instruction areas required in this RFP. RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 2 of 31
  3. 3. The PPN is a series of workshops that encourage participants to become part of their own networking groups. It also empowers the professional to review and take action for job seeking with focused workshops that will highlight the transferrable nature of their skill sets. This format supplies the opportunity for personal and professional self-assessments and the development of an individualized action plan. These opportunities will allow laid off white collar and management level workers access to specialized success seminars, tailored job fairs, guest lectures, and volunteer opportunities. In particular, the curriculum includes: Self-directed Job Search Workshop Individual Career Coaching Resume Development and Critique Mock Interview Workshop Placement Referral Service Employer Recruitments Assessment Services Electronic Newsletters and Hot Job Alerts Professional Staff Support Admission to Special Events, Guest Lectures, Job Fairs, and Success Seminars Alumni Network for future contacts and business opportunities People will be referred to this center from each of SEMCA One Stop Service Centers. The current Employment Services providers will be funded for up to six (6) positions for this purpose. There will be a formal referral process established for this activity. PROGRAM STAFFING PPN Facilitator This position will be the workshop presenter. Experience with the PPN program is highly desirable. This person will teach and train in the subjects listed above and provide coaching and assistance as required. Education Outreach This position will provide outreach to the education community. The expansion center will have room to allow area community colleges, universities, and other training vendors the opportunity to hold recruitment events and information sessions for interested candidates. Business Liaison This position will help connect the white collar worker with potential job openings. They will attend the SEMCA Business Services meeting and work with the other area Business Service Representatives. Career Development Facilitator This position will be the on-site facilitator for those who are referred to the new center and will enter necessary information into OS-MIS for reporting purposes. This position will be the link to the person’s home center so all parties receive appropriate credit for services and placement outcomes. Administrative Assistant This person will answer calls and schedule rooms for the expansion center and provide admin support to center staff. RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 3 of 31
  4. 4. Data Requirements It is expected that the candidate utilizing this new expansion center may or may not already be assigned to a WIA Case Manager. Coordination will have to occur between the expansion center and existing case management services at the customer’s home office where appropriate. Candidates requiring training will also need to be referred back to a One Stop Service Center for any training needs. One-Stop Management Information System (OSMIS) Tracking If a participant is partially or wholly funded with Wagner-Peyser RES funding, MWAs must select the “Recovery Funds - Reemployment Services” indicator on the participant’s Wagner-Peyser Participation Page on the OSMIS and indicate “Yes.” To select “Yes” for this indicator, the participant must be identified on the OSMIS as an eligible UI claimant. ORGANIZATION REQUIREMENTS FOR BIDDING 1. PUBLIC ORGANIZATION RESTRICTION Under Michigan law, only a unit of the State of Michigan, a local unit of government, special purpose unit of government, school district, intermediate school district, public community college, public college or public university can be selected as an ES contractor. In addition, RES contractor(s) must satisfy the USDOL standards of employing merit staff. SEMCA is seeking Proposals from public organization(s), with merit-staffed employees to provide the RES program. The standards for merit staffing as defined in 5 CFR 900.603, promulgated pursuant to Sections 4728 and 4763 of the federal Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970 are defined as: A. Recruiting, selecting, and advancing employees on the basis of their relative ability, knowledge, and skills, including open consideration of qualified applicants for initial appointment. B. Providing equitable and adequate compensation. C. Training employees, as needed, to assure high quality performance. D. Retaining employees on the basis of the adequacy of their performance, and separating employees whose inadequate performance cannot be corrected. E. Assuring fair treatment of applicants and employees in all aspects of personnel administration without regard to political affiliation, race, color, national origin, sex, religious creed, age or handicap and with proper regard for their privacy and constitutional rights as citizens. This “fair treatment” principle includes compliance with the federal equal employment opportunity and nondiscrimination laws. F. Assuring that employees are protected against coercion for partisan political purposes and are prohibited from using their official authority for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election or a nomination for office. RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 4 of 31
  5. 5. 2. OTHER POLICY PROVISIONS A. Services must be designed to operate without shutdown, Monday through Friday, for the entire period of 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., exclusive of weekends and recognized state holidays. The state holidays are New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Martin Luther king Jr. Day, Presidents ’ Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 3. PROGRAM LOCATION Reemployment Services will be provided at SEMCA’s new expansion center. The Michigan Works! Service Centers are located as follows: A. Dearborn Michigan Works! Service Center 6451 Schaefer Road Dearborn, MI 48126 B. Highland Park Michigan Works! Service Center 144 East Manchester Street Highland Park, MI 48203 C. Livonia Michigan Works! Service Center 30246 Plymouth Road Livonia, MI 48150 D. Monroe County Michigan Works! Service Center 1531 N. Telegraph, Suite D Monroe, MI 48161 E. Southgate Michigan Works! Service Center 15100 Northline Road Southgate, MI 48195 F. Wayne Michigan Works! Service Center 35731 W. Michigan Avenue Wayne, MI 48184 G. Grosse Pointe Satellite Center 17888 Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe, MI 48224 4. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE PLAN Interested respondents may review SEMCA’s plan at Contact Rosemary Yeramian at SEMCA at (734) 229-3518 for additional information. RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 5 of 31
  6. 6. 5. PROPOSAL EVALUATION Proposals submitted in response to the Reemployment Service solicitation will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria and weights: Category Weight A. Program Summary 5% B. Program Experience 20% C. Program Design 20% D. Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance 20% E. Performance Outcomes 15% F. Administrative Staffing/Management Capacity 20% And Financial Capability RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 6 of 31
  7. 7. SEMCA Workforce Development Services Request For Proposals Proposal Signature Sheet (Legal Name of Bidding Organization) Address: (Street) MI (City) (Zip Code) Telephone: ( ) FAX: ( ) List Bidder d/b/a/ Name(s): Type of Organization (Check all that apply) Date Established: *Private Non-Profit __________ *School District *Partnership __________ *Private for Profit __________ *Corporation *Sole Proprietorship __________ *Government __________ *Other (Specify) __________ Proposal Category: Reemployment Services Total RES Funds Requested: $ Signed Statement of Authority I , am the of (Type name of official) (Type title of official) . I am authorized to make the (Type name of agency or organization) following proposal on behalf of._____________________________________________________________ (Legal name of bidding organization) I hereby certify: That the bidding organization understands and will comply with the specific assurances and certifications contained in this proposal, and further; that the bidding organization understands and will comply with the rules, regulations, and policies of the State School Aid Act, Section 108, the Michigan Department of Education, the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth, and the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA). That all responses to this Request for Proposals concerning the respondent organization, its operation, and proposed program are true and accurate. That the bidding organization understands that this proposal is an application for funding and does not ensure subsequent funding. That if selected for funding, the bidding organization will be bound by the information contained herein as well as by the terms and conditions of the resultant contract. Signed: Date: Typed Name: Title: Contact Person: Phone: Email: _________________________________________ Fax: RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 7 of 31
  8. 8. NOTE TO ALL BIDDERS: 1. Use of bullet points is encouraged for all responses to questions as practical. 2. If you are a new bidder, please respond to the questions based on what you propose to do and any relevant experience for each question, and include past experience in other service areas as relevant. 3. Current contractors must respond regarding their current practice with additional information or future plans as necessary. 4. After the bid process is closed all SEMCA contractors are expected to be part of a uniform franchise system that operates for the good of the SEMCA region. This will require multiple SEMCA-funded agencies to work together. RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 8 of 31
  9. 9. OWNERS, MEMBERS OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS, OFFICERS List the names and titles of all owners, members of the Board of Directors, and/or any other officers of the bidding entity. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 9 of 31
  10. 10. PUBLIC ORGANIZATION Provide a concise complete statement to establish that your organization: 1) is a public organization as defined in this RFP and 2) has merit staffed public employees as defined in USDOL standards. Completion of this page by the bidder’s Chief Executive Officers certifies that bidder meets this criterion. (Response may not exceed the following space.) Bidder_________________________ (This page may be provided to the Workforce Development Board.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 10 of 31
  11. 11. PROPOSAL SUMMARY Provide a concise, complete summary of your proposed project. The summary should include how you would operate the program and additionally, such items as to why you should be selected to operate this program. Please list your agency’s website. (Response may not exceed the following space.) Bidder___________________ ______ (This page may be provided to the Workforce Development Board.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 11 of 31
  12. 12. PROPOSAL SUMMARY Describe how familiar your organization is with the Professional Placement Network. Describe how you think this model will assist white collar workers in Southeast Michigan. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 12 of 31
  13. 13. PROGRAM LOCATION AND HOURS OF OPERATION Program location will be determined shortly with the targeted area being the I-275 corridor in Western Wayne County. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 13 of 31
  14. 14. PROGRAM EXPERIENCE Describe what experience your organization has with this program or a similar type program. (Response may not exceed the following space.) Bidder___________________ ______ (This page may be provided to the Workforce Development Board.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 14 of 31
  15. 15. PROGRAM EXPERIENCE Describe what features or processes your organization utilizes that would benefit the PPN program and expansion center. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 15 of 31
  16. 16. PROGRAM DESIGN Please describe in detail what proposed Reemployment Service Program will look like, paying special attention to the white collar worker and the professional level staff required. Please include information on the staffing chart including names where applicable. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 16 of 31
  17. 17. PROGRAM DESIGN Describe what resource materials your organization will use to assist customers in the workshop components. (Response may not exceed the following space.) PROGRAM DESIGN Describe what assessment tools you will utilize for the white collar customers. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 17 of 31
  18. 18. PROGRAM DESIGN Describe how your organization will organize, recruit, and facilitate specialized job fairs for this population. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 18 of 31
  19. 19. PROGRAM DESIGN Describe how you would implement the Professional Placement Network. Pay special attention to individual career coaching in your response. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 19 of 31
  20. 20. PROGRAM DESIGN Describe how you will provide electronic newsletters and Hot Job Alerts to this population and Alumni events. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 20 of 31
  21. 21. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND QUALITY ASSURANCE Describe how you will measure customer satisfaction with Reemployment Services. (Response may not exceed the following space.) CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND QUALITY ASSURANCE Describe how you will use OS-MIS reports to improve, change, or augment your service strategy for the Reemployment Service Program.. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 21 of 31
  22. 22. PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES Describe bidder’s system to ensure attainment of proposed outcomes (job placement). It is anticipated that at least 75 white collar customers would be placed during contract period. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 22 of 31
  23. 23. PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES Describe what measures will be taken if placement is not occurring at the expected rate. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 23 of 31
  24. 24. ADMINISTRATIVE/MANAGEMENT/FINANCIAL NEW BIDDERS A new bidder is anyone who has not provided workforce services for any Michigan Works! Agency or other Workforce Board area in the past five (5) years. Please describe your experiences with programs governed by federal regulations. At a minimum, list your agency’s timeframe and direct involvement in program operation and compliance with federally specified directives. Identify and describe any similar programs and/or services for the population at large. Specify outcomes of the program(s) delineated as well as any audit and/or monitoring findings made known. List references of at least (3) people who can verify your federally regulated program administration operation. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 24 of 31
  25. 25. ADMINISTRATIVE/MANAGEMENT/FINANCIAL PAST EXPERIENCE Describe your past experience in providing employment and training programs and experience in addressing/solving the programmatic and system problems. Include any experience specific to Employment Service. All information should be verifiable by a third party. If the performance was achieved under contract to an agency other than SEMCA provide the name of agency, program dates, program description, funding source, contact name, and title and phone number. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 25 of 31
  26. 26. ADMINISTRATIVE/MANAGEMENT/FINANCIAL CONTRACT OUTCOME ATTAINMENT and REPORTING Describe your organization’s ability to adequately manage your proposed program to ensure attainment of all program goals. (Response may not exceed the following space.) Describe your plan and capability to respond to all SEMCA reporting requirements on a timely basis. Specificity is desired. (Response may not exceed the following space.) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 26 of 31
  27. 27. ADMINISTRATIVE/MANAGEMENT/FINANCIAL LEGAL HISTORY Describe your organization’s past legal history. At a minimum, note whether or not your agency has ever been debarred or suspended. List any grievances, discrimination complaints, lawsuits or judgments that have been filed during the past five years, against the agency or its key staff employed in a professional capacity. List any contracts that were terminated prior to their expiration date, within the last five (5) years, for reasons other than completion of the contractual duties. Include any contract(s) that was terminated for cause, lack of progress, failure to perform, or other similar reasons. List any formal investigations, within the last five (5) years, that occurred due to alleged fraud, abuse, conflict of interest, political activities, nepotism or any criminal activities. List the date any item(s) was initiated, party(ies) involved, type of funding program affected, brief description of circumstances, final disposition, corrective action and date or current status if situation is still pending. (General response is limited to this page. Specific and detailed information must be included as an attachment.) Failure to include this information or the omission of relevant information will be grounds for non-consideration of proposal). RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 27 of 31
  28. 28. ADMINISTRATIVE/MANAGEMENT/FINANCIAL FINANCIAL CAPABILITY List any disallowed costs, and the circumstances surrounding them, that have been incurred in the past five (5) years. If agency has not been audited within the last two (2) years, provide explanation why audit has not been completed. (Response may not exceed the following space.) Describe the accounting system currently in place. If bidder proposes to use a different accounting system in the proposed program, please describe the accounting system, its benefits and the reason for the change to the new system. (Response may not exceed the following space.) Include one copy of each of the following as an attachment to proposal, as applicable: • Federal Single Audit and Audited Financial Statement (required of all bidders) • Agency indirect cost plan (if indirect cost is listed in following budget) RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 28 of 31
  29. 29. ADMINISTRATIVE/MANAGEMENT/FINANCIAL PROGRAM BUDGET Proposed budget must be submitted on the following form. DO NOT include customer wages, FICA or Workers Comp for in your proposed budget. The proposed budget must reflect all staff, facility, indirect costs, and operating expenses necessary to operate the program as proposed. Cost categories should be allocated according to the following criteria: A. Administration Administrative costs are those, which do not directly benefit the customers but are necessary for the effective operation of the program. These costs are generally identified with program management and the fiscal record keeping systems. B. Program Services These costs include the non-administrative costs of providing direct customer service. Clerical support for program staff is allocated to this cost category. Payments: Contractors obtained as a result of this procurement will be reimbursed for actual allowable expenditures according to the contract budget. However, full reimbursement will be made only if the contractor meets agreed upon levels of performance. RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 29 of 31
  30. 30. Budget – Reemployment Services RES Contractor Costs Staffing: (1) PPN Facilitator (1) Business Liaison (1) CDF (1) Education Coordinator (1) Admin Asst Fringe Subtotal Staffing: Rent (1700 sq ft @ $20 x 9 mos) Equipment (computers/phones/IT connect) Desks/cubicles x 5 Reconfiguration of space WorkKeys Assessments Additional Room rental ($200room/40 days) Travel Supplies/postage Resource materials/Speakers Copier/Fax RES Contractor Subtotal RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 30 of 31
  31. 31. STAFFING Complete the following chart listing all personnel/positions involved in the delivery of the proposed services. Include resumes for each staff. (Bidders needing additional space for response may duplicate the following chart, inserting the second page of the chart directly behind this page.) SEMCA CONTRACTOR RES BUDGET/POSITION SCHEDULE (Proposed) FOR THE PERIOD OF: January 18, 2010 – September 30, 2010 BIDDER: Page ____ of _____ Years in Degree(s) Licenses/ Positions Annual Total Title/Position Staff Name Position Earned Certifications (FTE) Salary Salary Required RFP – Employment Services PY 2007-08 Page 31 of 31