PUBLIC NOTICE


Proposal Submission Deadline: June 16, 2008

1.      Project Overview

        NORA is seeking proposals from entitie...

        NORA has grouped its properties into a number of suggested clusters
based on location, size of bundle and the e...

2. Evaluation Criteria

Developers and individuals interested in responding to this RFQ will be evaluated
based on dem...

4. Design Prototype (up to 10 points): Applicants will need to produce a
   thoughtful urban design concept that create...

         women participation, as well as small and local businesses and
         individuals, in these projects, includ...

qualified participants. The amount of compensation the developer proposes to
pay for the properties shall be evaluated ...

proposals are neither expected nor desired. The emphasis of the proposal
should be on responding to the requirements se...

EXHIBIT A – Specific Property Information


  1424      S. Derbigny   Lot                 22X100
  1308      S. Prieur     Lot                 27X60

Cluster Ten: Structures
    3201      2nd             Structure           30 x 72
    2708      S. Derbigny     Struc...

EXHIBIT B – Hoffman Triangle Map

EXHIBIT C – Suggested Design Guidelines

Proposals should reflect the following urban design guidelines:
   i. The ma...
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  1. 1. 1 PUBLIC NOTICE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR PARTICIPATION IN “HOFFMAN TRIANGLE” REDEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE CONDUCTED BY NEW ORLEANS REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (NORA) Notice is hereby given that all materials requested herein must be received by the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) at 1340 Poydras St. 6th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70112 no later than June 16, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. Copies of the Request for Proposals may be obtained from NORA at the above address. NORA reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals and/or any portions of proposals. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapters: 1. Project Overview 2. Evaluation Criteria 3. Evaluation Process 4. Estimated Bid Price for Available Properties 5. Act of Sale and Disposition Agreement 6. Publication and Promotion 7. NORA Cooperation 8. Future Endeavors 9. Format of Submissions and Deadlines 10. Additional Requirements 11. Conflict of Interest 12. Proposed Schedule Exhibit A: Hoffman Triangle Background and Map Exhibit B: Specific Property Information
  2. 2. 2 Proposal Submission Deadline: June 16, 2008 1. Project Overview NORA is seeking proposals from entities - including individuals, small and large developers, both for-profits and non-profits - interested in redevelopment activities in the area bounded by S. Claiborne Avenue, Martin Luther King Boulevard, South Broad and Toledano Streets, and commonly known as the Hoffman Triangle. Hoffman Triangle is situated in the Central City area and is adjacent to the thriving Broadmoor neighborhood and the forthcoming redevelopments of the former B.W. Cooper and C.J. Peete public housing developments. The neighborhood has deep historic roots and is located only a stone’s throw away from New Orleans’ central business district and the Claiborne avenue commercial corridor. NORA currently owns about 50 properties in the area and anticipates acquiring an additional 30 properties via expropriation and other methods shortly. All property and expected minimum bids are listed in Exhibit A. Unless stated otherwise, all NORA properties are sold with clean title and are subject to the Lot Next Door ordinance. 1 Assuming this RFP is successful, NORA is committed to continuing acquisition efforts in this area and supporting vigorous code enforcement in the area. In addition, a number of properties in the area are controlled by non-profits. (please see Exhibit B for a map showing NORA holdings and those of non-profits). PLEASE NOTE –. THE LIST OF PROPERTIES WILL ONLY BE FINAL ONCE NORA COMPLETES EXPROPRIATION TRIALS AND COMPLIES WITH THE LOT NEXT DOOR ORDINANCE. THESE ARE PROCEEDING IN PARALLEL WITH RFP. NORA anticipates that there will be various funding sources to assist in the redevelopment of these properties including: (i) Soft-second funding for first time home buyers, (ii) Future allocation of state housing subsidies and tax credits NORA will work to identify these resources and will provide more information on them as the programs are finalized. Potential applicants should indicate whether they have experience with these programs and if they have received prior allocations. NORA also believes that these properties will benefit by surrounding investments in: (i) Public housing redevelopment, (ii) Commercial redevelopment efforts along S. Claiborne and (iii) Investments in infrastructure and schools by the City of New Orleans. 1 Under the Lot Next Door ordinance, property owners with a homestead exemption are given the opportunity to purchase adjacent lots for fair market value. NORA has sent letters to eligible owners and these owners have 60 days to respond.
  3. 3. 3 NORA has grouped its properties into a number of suggested clusters based on location, size of bundle and the existence of a structure. Interested purchasers should indicate which bundles of property they are interested. There is no limit on how many bundles a purchaser may acquire. Purchasers should indicate if there are a minimum number of properties their proposals are contingent on. If purchasers are only interested in a certain property within a bundle they should articulate a clear reason for that. All properties will be sold to entities that demonstrate they are responsible purchasers and have the ability to successfully alleviate blight. Potential respondents should submit a list of their qualifications, the properties they are interested in, the price they are willing to pay and their proposals for these properties. Respondents shall be evaluated on the criteria set forth below. Price will be one factor in NORA’s evaluation; however it reserves the right to consider lower bids from more highly qualified entities. NORA is particularly interested in promoting innovative forms of redevelopment, such as the utilization of New Markets Tax Credit (“NMTC”) financing and storm resistant and energy efficient construction, such as through steel frame and panelized construction. NORA’s goal is to have redevelopment of all properties completed within 8-12 months of purchase. NORA will require purchasers to sign agreements that require redevelopment to be completed in a timely fashion and allows NORA to repossess the property if it is not. All inquiries concerning this RFQ should be directed in writing to: Ommeed Sathe, Director of Real Estate Strategy -1340 Poydras, 6th Floor, New Orleans LA 70112.
  4. 4. 4 2. Evaluation Criteria Developers and individuals interested in responding to this RFQ will be evaluated based on demonstrating they can satisfy the criteria enumerated below. The document below delineates what obligations are expected of developers (interested in multiple properties), versus individuals (interested in single properties). Applicant refers to both developers and individuals. If individuals intend to use property to expand their yard they will be evaluated based on their satisfaction of Criteria 1, 3, 4, and 6. If applicants have already completed a prior NORA application for the Irish Channel Redevelopment, no further documents are required. 1. Prior Redevelopment Experience & History of Involvement in Community (up to 10 points): Developers must show that they, or their managing principals, have successfully completed housing development projects in the New Orleans Area or other similar urban communities. Developers should provide any photographs or documentation of prior projects. For individuals interested in purchasing properties, they must either demonstrate a past history of rehabbing properties or signed commitments from experienced contractors. Particular consideration will be given to entities that have experience developing successful homes in and around the Hoffman Triangle and/or a connection to Hoffman Triangle. 2. Financial Model (up to 5 points): Developers must include a financial model that describes the expected costs (and proceeds) from the construction, financing and resale of the properties. Models should include all tax credits, government subsidies, and internal equity that participants anticipate utilizing. 3. Adequate Financial Resources, Scalability and Timing (up to 10 points): All applicants must show that they have adequate capital and resources to successfully redevelop their allotment of properties in a rapid fashion and cover all acquisition and predevelopment expenses. All applicants must clearly indicate the method of financing for their proposed redevelopment initiatives, including construction and permanent financing. Ideally, applicants will present a Letter of Intent/Commitment from any proposed sources of funds including banks and equity investors. For financing sources other than recognized financial institutions, applicants should provide verification of that party’s financial ability. Potential developers should also demonstrate significant loss and contingency reserves. Developers must also demonstrate adequate staffing resources and the ability to complete a large number of properties in a rapid fashion.
  5. 5. 5 4. Design Prototype (up to 10 points): Applicants will need to produce a thoughtful urban design concept that creates a vibrant street frontage. All applicants must include a prototype of the design(s) they anticipate building, including the method of construction (modular, manufactured, stick-build, etc). Particular consideration will be given to models that utilize environmentally sustainable techniques, innovative building techniques and high-quality materials and finishes. Building designs must be consistent with the surrounding community, neighborhood history, and any historical districts. In particular, the neighborhood believes that building owner-occupied doubles is to be encouraged on lots that were former sites of doubles. Please see Exhibit C, for a detailed set of suggested design guidelines that should be reflected in proposals. 5. Innovation, energy efficient and storm-resistant building materials (up to 10 points): Applicants must describe what form of construction they intend to utilize (stick-build, panelized, or modular) and the expected energy efficiency and storm-resistance level of these construction types. Materials and construction types that impede mold formation, prevent termites, resist projectile impacts, include high levels of insulation and promote energy efficiency will be preferred. Construction techniques that avoid waste and reduce impacts on neighbors will also be preferred. NORA will also prefer projects that utilize materials that are manufactured or sourced in New Orleans. Applicants should also include innovative financing, property construction or management structures, or alternative methods of creating vibrant communities. 6. Commitment to Neighborhood Participation and the community planning process, (up to 10 points): It is vital that the proposed development should nurture and promote the vision established by the neighborhood. Tremendous work has been placed into these plans and it is vital that these local neighborhood groups continue to participate in the process. Potential applicants should demonstrate how they intend to work with neighborhood groups to ensure that their products support the communities’ goals. 7. Disposition Approach (up to 10 points): All developers must describe their disposition strategy and how they will create home-ownership opportunities. For affordable units, respondents should indicate whether they will use any of the following strategies: rent-to-own, limited equity co-ops, credit repair and soft-seconds. Developers should also indicate how they intend to draw displaced residents of the Hoffman Triangle and New Orleans as a whole. 8. Diversity and Capacity Building (up to 10 points): It is important that applicants demonstrate a commitment to incorporate minority and
  6. 6. 6 women participation, as well as small and local businesses and individuals, in these projects, including but not limited to ownership, financing, design, construction and management. Applicants must include their proposed labor model and describe whether licensed subcontractors will be used during construction. Applicants that incorporate workforce training will be preferred, as will applicants that create opportunities for student participation as part of the Recovery School District’s job creation efforts. 9. Access to Subsidies (up to 10 points): In order to help rebuild homes in this community it will be important to have experiences accessing federal subsidies such as New Markets Tax Credits and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. It will also be important to be familiar with State and Local programs including soft-second funds, down payment assistance and other resources that can help support housing demand. 10. Affordability (up to 10 points): Respondents should indicate any affordability strategies they intend to use and what techniques they will use to create a viable mixed-income community. 3. Evaluation Process All proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be reviewed for their relative strengths and weaknesses based on the submission requirements described herein. Selections will be based on the completeness and quality of responses to this solicitation. Bidders must provide accurate contact information and attest to the veracity of the information supplied. At its discretion, NORA staff may contact references and industry sources, investigate previous projects and current commitments, interview some or all of the proposed development team members, and take any other information into account in its evaluation of the responses. NORA reserves the right to request clarification or additional information and to request that proposed developers make presentations to the NORA Board of Commissioners, community groups or others. Based on NORA’s evaluation, bidders will be deemed highly qualified, qualified and not qualified. NORA reserves the right to prefer highly qualified submissions to qualified submissions and to not accept bids from unqualified entities. All evaluations shall be made according to the criteria set forth above and will be made according to NORA’s business judgment. All decisions regarding prequalification for this specific program are final as to this particular property disposition program. 4. Estimated Bid Price for Available Properties All interested participants should indicate what price they intend to offer for the properties they are interested in bidding on. After NORA identifies the final list of properties it shall request final and highest bids from interested and
  7. 7. 7 qualified participants. The amount of compensation the developer proposes to pay for the properties shall be evaluated in conjunction with the other factors described above. 5. Act of Sale and Disposition Agreement Once the winning bidders are determined, NORA shall enter into act of sale and disposition agreement regarding these lots based on the standard NORA form. These agreements shall ensure that the properties are developed in a suitable and timely manner, and provide for NORA’s recapture rights in the event that properties are not developed in such a manner. Among other matters, these Disposition Agreements shall ensure that the properties are affordable and comply with the submission requirements contained in the RFQ. 6. Publication and Promotion This RFQ shall be posted on the NORA website, www.noraworks.org, advertised in the Times-Picayune and will be available upon request. All winning bidders agree to participate in any reasonable promotional activity and to prominently display NORA signage on the site of redevelopment. Such signage must be at least as large as standard real estate “For Sale” sign and shall be provided by NORA. All winning bidders also agree to participate in community meetings scheduled by NORA and to make information about their plans available to the community. 7. NORA Cooperation To the extent feasible, NORA will support winning bidders in their effort to secure additional funding, public and private incentives and permits, licenses, approvals or variances. NORA will also assist developers in identifying prospective tenants and homeowners, who will ideally be drawn from the pool of residents displaced from New Orleans and particularly the relevant neighborhood in which the properties are being redeveloped. 8. Future Endeavors This program is intended to be among the many property dispositions that NORA will conduct. Developer’s ability to complete projects pursuant to the conditions contained in this document (and similar future programs) and the applicable Disposition Agreements shall be considered when evaluating applications for future initiatives. It is NORA’s intention that the materials submitted herein shall allow a bidder to be deemed pre-qualified for future projects conducted in a similar manner, subject to necessary updates regarding any financial aspects and specific requirements contained in future projects. 9. Format of Submissions and Deadlines Development Team(s) should submit 3 copies of all materials, bound, and in 8-1/2 by 11 format. All materials should be properly identified, marked with “RFP, Hoffman Triangle.” Boilerplate, glossy and unnecessarily elaborate
  8. 8. 8 proposals are neither expected nor desired. The emphasis of the proposal should be on responding to the requirements set forth in this document. All proposals shall be typewritten. Submission of proposals by email or facsimile is not acceptable. Proposals must be received by NORA no later than 4:00 PM on June 16, 2008 at NORA, 1340 Poydras Street, Suite 600, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70112. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant submitting the proposal to assure it is delivered on time. Delays due to internal routing of misdirected proposals or due to verbal directions given by NORA staff shall be the responsibility of the applicant. 10. Additional Requirements NORA reserves the right to add any and all requirements that are needed to effectuate the goals of this program or comply with legal requirements. NORA reserves the right to amend the instructions, requirements, general and special conditions, scope of work, and specifications of this RFQ up to the time set for the sale of properties. Copies of such amendments shall be furnished to all prospective bidders who have submitted prequalification materials and shall also be posted to NORA’s website. Where such amendments require significant changes in the scope of the program, the date set for proposals may be postponed by such number of days as in the opinion of NORA shall enable prospective bidders to revise their proposals. 11. Conflict of Interest All bidders agree to disclose any, direct or indirect, current or future, conflict of interest between themselves and NORA, and the employees of said entity. 12. Proposed Schedule Issuance of RFP May 19, 2008 Proposals due June 16, 2008 at 4:00PM Evaluation of Proposals June 16 -20, 2008 Final Bids due June 23, 2008 Official Selection of Development Team(s) TBD This schedule is subject to change, and all respondents will be provided the earliest possible notice of changes.
  9. 9. 9 EXHIBIT A – Specific Property Information PLEASE NOTE – UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED BELOW, THE EXPECTED MINNIMUM BID PER PROPERTY IS $10,000. NORA ENCOURAGES PURCHASERS TO MERGE ADJACENT LOTS, PARTICULARLY SMALL LOTS. PURCHASE PRICE FOR MERGED LOTS WILL BE $15,000. Property NORA NOTES – possible Street # Street Status Lot Size owns mergers Cluster One: 3511 2nd Lot 29 4/127 3829-31 4th Lot 29X60 3219 Jackson Lot 30x100 x 3231 Jackson Lot 60X60 x 2402 Rex Lot 30x63 x 3308 1st Lot 30X126 x 3308/3312 MERGE 3312 1st Lot 30 X 126 3308/3312 MERGE 3801 2nd Lot 29 5/122 3826-28 3rd Lot 30x61 x 3400 Jackson Lot 29X69 x 3234-36 Jackson Lot 27X103 x 2347-49 S. Derbigny Lot 25x62 x 2715 S. Miro Lot 53x56 x 2601 S. Rocheblave Lot 30X59 2329-31 S. Roman Lot 30x82 x 2337 Seminole Lot 30x50 x 3600 2nd Lot 30X60 x MERGE WITH 2515 MIRO 3617-19 3rd Lot 29X131 x MERGE 3617-3623-3625 3621-23 3rd Lot 29X59 x MERGE 3617-3623-3625 3623-25 3rd Lot 29X60 x MERGE 3617-3623-3625 2515-17 S. Miro Lot 58x30 x MERGE WITH 3600 2ND 31 2708 S. Rocheblave Lot 11X121 MERGE 2708-2712 2712 S. Rocheblave Lot x MERGE 2708-2712 Cluster Two: potential mixed-use lots 3200 Jackson Lot 54x79 x MERGE 3200/3212 3212 Jackson Lot 27x114 x MERGE 3200/3212 3530 Washington Lot 117x100 $20,000 min bid Cluster Three: 3916 Erato Lot 32X87/72 MERGE 3916/3914 3914 Erato Structure 30x97 x MERGE 3916/3914 4000 Erato Lot 30x59 4008 Erato Lot 29X63 Cluster Four: 3228-30 Erato Lot 30 5x127 x 3024 Jackson Lot or Structure? 30 x 100 1323 S. Derbigny Lot 31x124 x
  10. 10. 10 1424 S. Derbigny Lot 22X100 1308 S. Prieur Lot 27X60 31 1312 S. Roman Lot 11X121 1322 S. Roman Lot 29 5X111 Cluster Five: 3413 Momus Lot 28X100 3421 Momus Lot 30x59 Cluster Six: 3332 1st Lot 32 X 64 x 3332-3336-8 MERGE 3331-3 1st Lot 31X119 x 3336-38 1st Lot 30X64 x 3332-3336-8 MERGE 3317 3rd Lot 29x131 x 3328 3rd Lot 30X82 x 3616 2nd Lot 29X118 x 3626-28 2nd Lot 29x118 3631 2nd Lot or Structure? 30 x 96 3635 3rd Lot 29X5/122 3626 4th Lot 26X113 x 3617 4th Lot or Structure? 30 x 127 3619-21 4th Lot 30x127 x 2628 S. Miro Lot 30x90 x 3221 2nd Lot 30X111 x 2413-15 S. Prieur Lot 31 x 62 2517-19 S. Roman Lot 32 x 92 x Structure/Lot 2321-23 S. Roman (demo?) 33 x 82 x 2413 Rex Lot 32 x 62 Cluster Seven: Structures Structure (poor 3237 1st condition - demo) 32X30 x 3309 1st Structure 31X89 x $20,000 min bid 3313 1st Structure 31x92 x $15,000 min bid 3609 1st Structure 30X80 x 3626-28 1st Structure 30x126 x 3026-28 1st Structure 32X66 x 3027 2nd Lot or Structure? 30x126 Structure (poor 3335 2nd condition - demo) 30 x 96 Cluster Nine: 3423-25 4th Lot 22x100 x 2527 S. Johnson Lot 30x100 2619 S. Johnson Lot or Structure? 30x100 2633 S. Johnson Lot 27X61 2700 S. Johnson Lot 27X60 3134 Washington Lot 33X130 x
  11. 11. 11 Cluster Ten: Structures 3201 2nd Structure 30 x 72 2708 S. Derbigny Structure 29 x 60 2623 S. Johnson Structure 30 x 100 2832-34 S. Johnson Structure 30 x 60 3705 Washington Structure 118 x 113 $20,000 min bid Suggested for Individual Purchase Opportunities 2311-13 S. Roman Structure 32 x 82 x 2615-17 S. Prieur Structure 30 x 138 3016 Thalia Structure 26X60 Martin Luther 3618 King Lot 96/87x39 x 2611 S. Rocheblave Lot or Structure? 30 x 114 Martin Luther 3610 King Structure 32 x 80 2415 S. Galvez Structure 31 x 120 All properties are located in primarily residential areas and all winning bidders must agree to build solely residential structures, unless given explicit permission otherwise by NORA or required to do so by New Orleans zoning regulations. NORA has not surveyed the properties or assessed them with regards to zoning standards. All properties are sold “As Is,” and without any warranties as to, inter alia, their suitability for future development, environmental condition, or availability of utilities or other infrastructure. Developers will be expected to comply with all applicable laws, including City Ordinances. In order to comply with intentions of the Lot Next Door Program, NORA may have to remove certain properties from the tentative list of properties. Any changes to the tentative list of properties will be sent to all applicants who submit prequalification materials. Those changes will also be posted on the website.
  12. 12. 12 EXHIBIT B – Hoffman Triangle Map
  13. 13. 13 EXHIBIT C – Suggested Design Guidelines Proposals should reflect the following urban design guidelines: i. The main entrance to the house shall face the street. ii. In terms of site and setbacks, the front property line shall be the average of the setbacks on the block; if none are on the same block, use the average of the 2 adjacent squares. iii. If off-street parking is desired, an “ell-shaped” design shall be used on 30 foot wide lots. The rear bumper of the car should not project into the required front yard setback. iv. The proportion of building should be appropriate for the neighborhood and for the decorative style chosen Additional design considerations that that will be evaluated are: (i) floor to ceiling heights (9 feet and above is preferred), (ii) roof pitch (most New Orleans houses have at least a 7/12 roof pitch), (iii) proportion and placement of doors and windows, header heights, transoms size a. Door height should be 7 feet. (iv) window size, shape, type, and quality, a. Windows on the front and any prominent façade should be 3’0” – 6’0”. (v) wood or hardi-plank siding is preferred (not vinyl), (vi) appropriately sized porches (at least 6’) if applicable, (vii) If applicable, wood or metal railings should be no higher than 36 inches. If turned spindles are used, they should be at least 2 ½ “ wide. (viii) Roof material shall be an architectural grade dimensional shingle (ix) Shutters shall be operable with the ability to close across an opening; shutters may be louvered, paneled, batten, or a combination of louvers and panels. (x) Parking strips, in lieu of paving or concrete pads, are recommended (xi) If fences are proposed, they should be metal or wood picket fences no higher than 5 feet. (xii) Gutters are recommended. Submissions should also carefully utilize decorative elements to ensure they are in keeping with traditional scale, quality and placement. Excessive cheap ornamentation adds costs without value. Common errors include: (i) overly thick gallery floor between first and second floor as a result of shipping units with both floor and ceiling joists doubling the structure; (ii) oversize fish scale siding; (iii) brackets, gingerbread, turned columns and turned spindle railings that are too thin; (iv) 5/8x6 deck boards instead of tongue and groove porch decking.