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NAST - Membership Survey RFP

  1. 1. NAST - Membership Survey RFP Questions and Answers 1.) What are the official dates? The following dates are the official dates for the RFP: SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Date Event March 16, 2009 RFP issued and distributed to potential vendors March 30, 2009 Deadline for submitting written questions April 6, 2009 Responses to written questions April 13, 2009 RFP responses due by 3:00 P.M. Eastern April 20, 2009 Deadline for initial evaluation of proposals April 27, 2009 Completion of interviews and negotiations with finalists Review proposed survey questions April 27, 2009 Notification of chosen vendor May 4, 2009 Contract execution TBD Project completion date 2.) Number of members in each membership category; (total population of each group) i. NAST principal members There are 50 Principal State Treasurer members in this population ii. Network members / associate members There are about 320 individuals that are member of an affiliate network or are NAST associate members iii. Corporate affiliate members There are about 165 firms each with a principal contact in this population; 110 Principal members, 50 Associate members, and 5 Subsidiary members 1. Are the corporate affiliate members only from NAST or all 4 organizations? As of this year, all firms are members of NAST only b. Can you be a member of multiple organizations? Yes, people can and are members of all 4 groups, typically this is when a State Treasurer is member of more than one group but there are several members that are associate members of more than one group. c. Do we have access to former and/or non-members who have had contact with NAST? Yes, we have contact information for a large portion of former members. Surveying private sector members that are either former members or have an affiliation but never joined would provide useful insight. d. What final sample size (number of completed surveys) and/or level of precision is required/desired? We are interested in proposals that include a sample size up to and including a census and look to the guidance of the proposing firm for the appropriate number based on the population size. 3.) Number of members with known email addresses for each membership category; We have accurate email addresses for 99% of our members and do not expect the survey firm to conduct research into getting unknown contact information, this contact information will be provided to the firm selected. a. If so, are potential respondents used to receiving emails from NAST? Our members are accustomed to receiving information, including survey requests, from NAST.
  2. 2. i. If you have a list, does the list provide us with names and other relevant information such as emails, business names, size, type? Our demographic information includes principal member contact information including email, phone number, and business name. For our private sector members, we may not be aware of the size and type of their firm. ii. Have these members agreed to receive emails from third parties, such as research suppliers. We want to ensure we are SPAM law compliant. If they have not, is NAST able to undertake the mailing of the respondents. Members have not explicitly agreed to receive emails from third parties. However, we can obtain permission prior to sending out the survey. 4.) Is a specific breakdown of completed surveys by respondent type (state treasurers vs. principal members of the three affiliated organizations of NAST vs. associate members of all four organizations vs. corporate affiliate members) required? How would you like the results sorted? We would like responses for each question broken into at least three groups: NAST primary members, network members, and corporate affiliate members. We would also like to know the cost involved in breaking out up to three additional categories. As to the format of reports, we expect a presentation to our executive committee at one of our upcoming conferences in Orange County, California, New York City, or Washington DC. Written reports would include an excel file with raw data and a document with text and charts analyzing the data. 5.) Does NAST have a specific survey length in mind, or should the proposing firm provide a recommendation? The proposing firms should provide a recommendation on appropriate length. Our expectation is that this survey will be a comprehensive survey of NAST & Affiliate networks’ services. a. How many questions will the survey entail? Furthermore, will you design the questions and then send them to the survey firm to build the web survey? We expect the proposing firm to design the questions with input from NAST staff as well as provide a recommendation on number of questions. b. What types of questions will be on the survey (yes/no, multiple choice, open ended, etc.)? Any and all types of questions as appropriate. c. How long will the survey be open for? We expect the survey to be open long enough to get the appropriate response rate and welcome proposing firm recommendations. d. Which programs will be studied? NAST Review and other publications, conferences? Do any of these groups utilize unique products, services or benefits that might require us to create its/their own version of the survey to accurately measure satisfaction and need? All services provided by NAST & Networks should be included, including publications, legislative advocacy, newsletters, etc. A comprehensive list of products and services can be provided to the finalist firms. We also expect to survey the members about areas where NAST can improve as well as products and services that the members would like to see provided. e. We typically subcontract the fielding of surveys and tabulating of data to a preferred partner. If it's possible to do so, are there objections to using a survey tool such as Zoomerang to administer the survey rather than subcontracting? We expect the proposing firms to be able to utilize any appropriate online tools as long as our members’ contact information remains confidential and do not receive additional marketing from a third party. 6.) Do the member services/benefits differ greatly for each of the above 5 groups?
  3. 3. While membership benefits share similarities amount NAST and the Networks, we expect all respondents will receive a core group of questions and several branching questions depending on their membership type with up to 5 subsets of questions. 7.) Date and background of last member survey(s) and response rate(s). We have conducted targeted surveys of limited scope in the past, the most recent being several weeks ago. These surveys were created in house using SurveyMonkey and are typically targeted at a portion of the membership. We have primarily done conference satisfaction surveys this way, but have done other, more targeted surveys to Network members when a particular issue has arisen. These surveys are generally anonymous and sent quickly after an event/conference takes place. We generally get 20-40% response rates but have received upwards of 80% on issues on major importance. 8.) When do you want the survey results and presentation to leadership? We expect a presentation by the selected firm to our executive committee at one of our upcoming conferences in Orange County, California, New York City, or Washington DC and welcome price points for presentations done in person and via conference call. 9.) As states in RFP "Implement primary survey through electronic means". Survey will be conducted electronically? We expect the survey will be done through an online questionnaire but are open to alternative means of dissemination. a. Can you expand on your needs for telephone follow-ups since this requires additional programming to ensure the language between and online/telephone survey are modified to ensure a good experience? We are interested in including telephone follow-ups and/or focus groups in the budget for the survey but are looking to the proposing firm for guidance on the value and effectiveness of these types of survey methods. 10.)Has a budget been identified this project? If so, can that budget be revealed? We do not have a budget for this project currently identified. a. Is there a specific budget form for us to complete so you can clearly evaluate each proposal similarly. We see the required tasks defined within the Scope of Services section within the proposal and will define the costs for each within our proposal that way, but would like to double-check since we did not receive one. No, there is not a specific budget form to complete. 11.) Is it possible to provide us with additional plans/outcomes that NAST hope to undertake with these results? New leadership and Association Director are interested in taking the outcome of this project to guide a strategic plan for the association. 12.)How did you identify to whom you sent the RFP to originally? We posted the survey on the NAST website as well as sent directly to firms listed in the ASAE & The Center’s 2008 Association Buyers’ Guide’s Survey & Research Firm directory. 13.) What are the member benefits or marketing efforts directed to prospective members? NAST does not currently have an active recruiting effort for new membership. General Membership benefits are listed below: o Reduced registration fees. Non-member registration fees are nearly twice as much as the Corporate Affiliate rates. Membership renewal by August 1st allows your firm to receive the Corporate Affiliate rate at the NAST Annual Conference. o Company recognition. Members are listed on the NAST Web site, in quarterly lists to State Treasuries, and in other publications. o Possible speaking engagements. NAST members are encouraged to provide ideas for topics and speakers and are often invited to make formal presentations at conferences. o Additional opportunities to gain visibility before government officials, such as exhibiting at the NAST Annual Conference or recognition for contributions on conference programs. o Complimentary publications. Members receive publications and additional reference materials including the quarterly NAST Review, the weekly electronic newsletter NAST News, and special reports.
  4. 4. o Member Only Website Access: interactive portions of the SDMN website ( are available to members with listserve, member's resource page, and discussion boards o Invitations to participate in frequent conference calls highlighting current, emerging, or exigent marketplace issues, policy proposals, and new procedures or technology to assist issuers and managers o Federal Government Advocacy: Access to the resources of the NAST Office of Federal Relations which advocates on behalf of issuers before federal regulators and Congress. 14.)Aside from biographies, what other kind of supplemental information is permissible in the appendix? The appendix should include pertinent information not included in the following: • Company and staff background information • Action plan for scope of services • Timeline for completing scope of services • Budget 15.) The RFP asks that the proposal be no more than 5 pages. However, the RFP also requests (1) an action plan; (2) definition of scope of services; (3) a project timeline; (4) a budget; and (5) fairly extensive information on my firm’s background, clients, projects, etc. I do not believe 5 pages is adequate space to provide all of this information in an acceptable type font size. Is this a firm requirement for the proposal? The narrative to the proposal should not exceed 5 pages in addition to the budget and timeline, company biographies and background can be included in the appendix. Due to a high response rate from research firms, this may prove critical in the timely selection of a firm.