REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP)

                          Prospect Avenue by-pass - Reconstruction Plan

1.4        PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: Three (3) copies of the proposals must be received on or before 2:00
           P.M., Mond...
1.7    PROFESSIONAL SERVICES TIME AND FEE: The payment for services as described under the
       Scope of Services shall ...
The Town at its sole option may offer to extend this contract for one (1) additional term. The extension
      option may ...
2.4   PERSONNEL: The successful proposer must be capable of providing adequate, knowledgeable
      personnel to fulfill t...

3.1   EVALUATION/SELECTION METHOD: An Evaluation/Selection Committee composed of ...
                         Prospect Avenue by-pass - Reconstruction Plan

4.6    PUBLIC CONTACT: Consultant shall contact all adjacent property owners to review the design as
       well as act as...

      1.    The Consultant will work closely with Town Staff: PW Director, Project Mana...
coordinate invitations as needed that may include EPMC, utility companies, EM departments,
      suppliers, and subconsult...
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  2. 2. 2009 CIVIL ENGINEERING DESIGN Prospect Avenue by-pass - Reconstruction Plan 1.0 ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION AND OVERVIEW: PURPOSE: The Town of Estes Park, Public Works Department (PW) is seeking a qualified engineering consultant to provide civil engineering roadway design, for the bidding process, construction, and construction management for the Prospect Avenue by-pass - Reconstruction Plan. This project is being funded solely by the Town of Estes Park. (No federal, state, or grant money is involved). 1.1 GENERAL: Proposals submitted in response to this request shall be for providing all professional services necessary for designing a roadway reconstruction project described in detail in Section 4. The area of work is bounded generally by Stanley Avenue on the east, and on the Moccasin Drive (aka: Moccasin By-Pass) on the west. The area is shown in more detail on Attachment 1 and is approximately 2500’ long. The Main subject roadway is a local collector street that feeds traffic to the EP Medical Center (hospital) and over the Moccasin By-Pass to the west. It has an average ADT = 13,000. It is anticipated that the consultant will design the roadway to allow for an increase in ADT as well as load and therefore may be planned for total removal and reconstruction. Also planned are upgrades to the existing stormdrain collection system, paving grades, and will include a new pedestrian sidewalk. 1.2 SCOPE: This RFP contains the instructions governing the proposals to be submitted and the suggested materials to be included therein. The Town of Estes Park has budgeted funds for the use of a consulting engineer in accordance with Town of Estes Park specifications and policies. Project specific information is on pages 7 through 9. 1.3 REJECTION OF PROPOSAL: Town of Estes Park, Public Works Department reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive formalities and minor irregularities in proposals received, and to accept any portion of the proposal if deemed to the best interest of the Town to do so. If, in the sole judgment of the Town Board of Trustees the bids or proposals are substantially equal, the Town Board may grant the contract to companies located in Larimer County. The total cost of proposal preparation and submission shall be by the consultant. 1
  3. 3. 1.4 PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: Three (3) copies of the proposals must be received on or before 2:00 P.M., Monday, February 23rd, 2009. Consultants mailing their proposals must allow sufficient mail delivery time to insure receipt of their proposals by the time specified. No public bid open is planned. LATE PROPOSALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR CONSIDERED. The proposal envelope shall be delivered or sent by mail to: Mr. Greg Sievers, Project Manager Town of Estes Park, Public Works Department P.O. Box 1200 Estes Park, CO 80517 Envelopes should be clearly marked: 2009 CIVIL ENGINEERING DESIGN Prospect Avenue by-pass - Reconstruction Plan 1.5 SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES (both projects): o Request For Proposal (RFP) Available February 12, 2009 o Proposal Submission Deadline February 23, 2009 (2:00 P.M.) o Public Work Committee & consultant selection February 26, 2009 o Town Board approval* March 11, 2009 o Engineering rough draft design completed March 31, 2009 o Final Draft & Specifications completed April 17, 2009 o Final Bid packages prepared – PW approval April 29, 2009 o Bid documents available (construction) May 5, 2009 o Bid opening by consultant at Town Hall May 19, 2009 o Construction approval – Public Works Committee May 28, 2009 o Town Board contract approval to proceed June 9, 2009 o Construction period (90-days) June 10 – October 30 *Pending Consultant's submission of Contract, Certificate of Insurance and Business license. 1.6 TOWN CONTACT PERSON: Please direct inquiries concerning the technical nature of this request for proposal to the following Project Manager: Greg Sievers or Scott Zurn Public Works Department Town of Estes Park P.O. Box 1200 Estes Park, CO 80517 PHONE: (970) 577-3586, FAX (970) 586-6909, 2
  4. 4. 1.7 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES TIME AND FEE: The payment for services as described under the Scope of Services shall be based on unit prices, hourly rates and reimbursement rates for completed services. Payments shall not exceed the Total Bid value. Subcontracting or specialty engineers (see 1.9) shall be line item detailed, and an estimated value applied. The agreement will be effective through December 31, 2009. (or until all documentation is complete) 1.8 METHOD OF PAYMENT: Billings and payments will be made using the prices listed on the provided proposal Price Schedule. In the event that a service is requested which is not listed on the Price Schedule, the Consultant, and the Town will negotiate an appropriate unit price for the service prior to any work being done. Billing and payment cycles are as printed by the Finance Department and based on a twice per month method. The amount of such payment shall be based upon a certified progress report and billing covering the work performed and based upon percentage complete (%). The invoice will be submitted to the Town representative, as identified in the contract, for approval. 1.9 USE OF SUBCONTRACTORS: The bidding consultant shall indicate in the proposal any work intended to be performed by subcontractors or persons outside of their firm. The bidding consultant shall name the subcontractors, if known at the time of proposal submittal; including but not limited to surveying, wetlands, materials, and soils testing consultants. Subcontractor shall be bound to meeting the same quality standards and schedules. They will also provide the same level of documentation (insurance & business license). See item 4.3 below. 1.10 AWARD OF CONTRACT: A formal contract will be awarded to that responsible bidding consultant whose proposal, conforming to the RFP, will be most advantageous to the Public Works Department, price and other factors considered. The executed contract will be a Lump Sum type and the Town will generate a Purchase Order to reflect the contract value. Invoicing shall not exceed the contract without a previously approved change order to the consultant. 1.11 INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR CONSULTANTS: (Insurance Certificates are not required with the proposal.): The Town must approve the successful consultants insurance prior to execution of the contract by the Board of Trustees. Coverage shall meet State standards as per the CRS, and name the Town of Estes Park as additionally insured. The successful consultant shall acquire a Town Business License prior to signing the contract. 1.12 RESPONSE MATERIAL OWNERSHIP: All material submitted regarding this RFP becomes the property of the Town and will only be returned to the Consultant at the Town’s option. The Town of Estes Park has the right to use any or all ideas presented in reply to this RFP. Disqualification of proposer does not eliminate this right. 1.13 TERM OF CONTRACT: The term of the contract resulting from this RFP shall be from the date of the executed contract thru December 31, 2009. The Town will generate the formal Contract Agreement in accordance with Town policy. (see attached sample) 3
  5. 5. The Town at its sole option may offer to extend this contract for one (1) additional term. The extension option may be exercised providing satisfactory service is given and all terms and conditions of the Contract have been fulfilled. Such extensions must be mutually agreed upon in writing, by and between the Town and the Consultant. 2.0 INFORMATION REQUIRED FROM CONSULTANT: 2.1 RESPONSE TO THE RFP: The proposer must address each item of the following section in the order presented and meet the mandatory requirements of Section 4.0 through 5. 2.2 REQUIRED PROPOSAL ELEMENTS: The Consultant must provide the following information and statements with the proposal: 1. Brief summary of the proposal. 2. Statement of understanding, showing familiarity with the Scope of Services. 3. Proposed approach to the work outlined in the Scope of Services. 4. The Consultant’s qualifications and experience in providing professional surveying, engineering, and/or drafting services for roadway projects similar in size. 5. The Consultant’s qualification and experience in previous road reconstruction/ engineering projects. 6. Résumé’s of key professional staff. 7. Name of person who will act as primary contact person for the Consultant’s work; including phone, cell phone and email contact information. 8. Hourly rates, reimbursement rates, and unit prices proposed by the Consultant for the types of services anticipated for this contract. 9. A brief statement of compliance with the terms and conditions as set forth in the Administrative Section of this RFP. 2.3 MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: 4
  6. 6. 2.4 PERSONNEL: The successful proposer must be capable of providing adequate, knowledgeable personnel to fulfill the requirements of the proposed contract. Include résumé’s for all key personnel. 2.5 FINANCIAL CAPABILITY: The successful proposer must be financially capable of fulfilling the requirements of the proposed contract. 2.6 ILLEGAL ALIENS: The Contractor certifies that the Contractor shall comply with the provisions of CRS 8-17.5-101, et seq. The Contractor shall not knowingly employ or contract with an illegal alien to perform work under this contract or enter into a contract with a subcontractor that knowingly employs or contracts with an illegal alien to perform work under this contract. The Contractor represents, warrants, and agrees that: • it (i) has verified that it does not employ any illegal aliens, through participation in the Basic Pilot Employment Verification Program administered by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security, • or (ii) otherwise will comply with the requirements of CRS 8-17.5-102(2)(b)(I). The Contractor shall comply with all reasonable requests made in the course of an investigation by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. If the Contractor fails to comply with any requirement of this provision or CRS 8-17.5-101, et seq., the Town may terminate this contract for breach of contract, and the Contractor shall be liable for actual and consequential damages to the Town. If the Contractor obtains actual knowledge that a subcontractor performing work under this contract knowingly employs or contracts with an illegal alien, the Contractor shall:(a.) Notify the subcontractor and the Town within three days that the Contractor has actual knowledge that the subcontractor is employing or contracting with an illegal alien; and (b.) terminate the subcontract with the subcontractor if within three days of receiving the notice required pursuant to sub-paragraph (a) above, the subcontractor does not stop employing or contracting with the illegal alien, unless the subcontractor provides information to establish that the subcontractor has not knowingly employed or contracted with an illegal alien. 5
  7. 7. 3.0 EVALUATION/SELECTION INFORMATION: 3.1 EVALUATION/SELECTION METHOD: An Evaluation/Selection Committee composed of members of the Engineering Department staff will review the proposals. The objective of the Evaluation/Selection Committee will be to evaluate proposals against the criteria set forth herein. The Evaluation/Selection personnel will evaluate proposals relative to the following criteria: 1. Understanding and completeness of approach to performing the types of work reasonably expected to be incurred under this type of Work Order contract. 2. Experience of the Consultant in surveying, designing, preparing plans, specifications, and bidding documents and ability to perform project management and field inspections for Town projects. Knowledge and experience of the Consultant in preparation and/or review of engineering studies. 3. Experience and qualifications of key staff members who will be involved in the work. 4. Proposed staff categories and corresponding hourly rates, and unit costs for reimbursable expenses, and overall cost of services. 5. Management qualifications and financial capability. Qualifications of the Consultant in terms of its ability, experience, and reliability in performing and managing work within a schedule and budget. 6. References should be provided for at least three recent clients for whom the Consultant has performed engineering design, drafting and surveying for trails, roadway and parking lot projects. 7. No interviews are planned. Consultants shall provide all pertinent information (this may include CD, DVD, PowerPoint, or other forms of documentation). 3.2 SELECTION CRITERIA AND METHOD: The Town staff will review the proposals and rate on the following basis: POINT QUALIFICATION STANDARD RANGE 5-25 Client references for Performance on time, in budget, within scope of work. Would you hire similar projects the firm again? 1-5 Adequacy of proposal Understanding of the project 1-10 Qualifications of staff Project staff background, education, experience on similar projects? 1-5 Availability Performance in project timeframe? 1-10 cost Is cost reasonable for the proposed service? _________________ TOTAL POINTS (55 POSSIBLE) Based on the point system, the firms will be ranked in order of their perceived ability to perform the work. If necessary, the top three firms will be interviewed, and after interviews, points will be recomputed. The Town’s Public Works staff will recommend selection of a qualified firm after interviews are complete. 6
  8. 8. 2009 CIVIL ENGINEERING DESIGN Prospect Avenue by-pass - Reconstruction Plan PROJECT SPECIFIC INFORMATION 4.0 SCOPE OF SERVICES: 4.1 GENERAL: The Public Works Department is seeking the services of a Professional Civil Engineering consultant to design, bid, and manage the reconstruction of Prospect, Fir & Moccasin roadways using the provided survey that shows all existing planimetric features. The Public Works Department is planning this roadway reconstruction, as its annual Street Improvement Project (STIP) 2009. The consultant shall develop all necessary design criteria with the provided survey / plan & profile sheets, and create a full set of Plans and Specifications for bidding and construction. 4.2 DOCUMENTS PROVIDED: The Town will provide: a. Current land survey of the project site (2500lf) showing all information 75’ to either side of roadway centerline, and EOA and centerline profiles. (include b. below) Land survey is six sheets at 24” x 36” plan & profile (The data collection shown includes all known utilities and planimetric features.) Scale is 1” = 20’. b. a Full design of the west 800’ portion of the road as provided by the developer’s engineer. Also provided in AutoCAD. c. The owners survey data is provided on CD, in AutoCAD format. (see attached .PDF exhibit). d. PW staff work sheets sketches of the project site, and rough draft of some Special Conditions. e. Templates will be provided for: Advertisement for Bid, Information for Bidders, General Conditions, Contract Agreement, Performance & Payment Bond, Bid Bond, Bid Proposal, Addendum, Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed, Change Order, Pay Application. f. Any missing or needed information shall be developed by the consultant. 4.3 SITE PARAMETERS: The starting point will be the east side of the intersection of Stanley Ave. and Prospect Ave. The end point will be at Ouray Drive and Moccasin Circle Drive, west of the Hospital. Approximately 2500LF. The project shall include a full reconstruction of this roadway. The new completed project will include an improved stormdrain system, and addition of curb/gutter and sidewalk. There are seven street intersections, and approximately 4 commercial driveway intersections, adjacent parking lots, eight residential driveways, and an existing RCP stormdrain system. 4.4 CONSULTING SPECIALISTS: The bidding consultant shall identify any subcontractors that may be providing special reports for the thorough design of this project. Any testing or design parameter quality control needed to specify materials, or mix designs for asphalt or concrete shall be incidental to this proposal. This does not include material testing during construction. 4.5 DELIVERABLES: The consultant shall design and develop all plans and specifications for bidding this project. Plans & Spec’s shall be printed in such quantity as to provide for all bidding contractors. Pricing for contract bid packages is at the discretion of the consultant. All work shall be reviewed and approved by the PW Dept. and the consultant shall provide meeting time in EP for both staff review of the design. The consultant shall develop both an asphalt and concrete paving design alternates, prior to and included within the bid documents. Any geo-tech. services shall be incidental to this proposal. 7
  9. 9. 4.6 PUBLIC CONTACT: Consultant shall contact all adjacent property owners to review the design as well as act as liaison during construction to mitigate any concerns or issues. Consultant shall advertise and manage the results of the bidding process and produce a recommendation letter and spreadsheet of results to PW with the resulting bids. 4.7 PROJECT MANAGEMENT: During construction the Consultant shall be on site daily, or as needed, to provide construction quality control and management. The consultant shall host weekly project construction progress meetings. All monthly pay applications during and for construction shall be reviewed by the consultant. They will be developed by the contractor and the consultant using the Town’s format. 4.8 PROGRESS REPORTS AND PRESENTATIONS: Consultant will schedule and coordinate a weekly construction progress meeting. agenda items will be generated by the consultant. Consultant will be expected to attend at least one (1) Public Works Committee meetings. Consultant will also be expected to meet at least twice with the Town’s representatives during the development of the bid documents. 4.9 TOWN REPRESENTATIVES: The Town’s representatives on this project will be Mr. Greg Sievers, Project Manager. (577-3586) and Scott Zurn, PE, Director of Public Works, (577-3582). All progress meetings, project review, field meetings, day to day work, and project related contact will be with Project Manager Sievers. All formal contractual issues shall be made through Mr. Zurn. 4.10 TIME SCHEDULE: Consultant will complete the design and deliver the final document according to the schedule in Section 1.5 provided on page 2. Consultant shall note any deviation from the schedule in their proposal and provide any requested changes in writing. 4.11 COMPENSATION SCHEDULE: Show expected fee ranges for the services described in Section 4 & 5. Fees for all sub-contractors or team participants shall be shown separately, and shall be inclusive in this proposal. The top end of the fee range shown shall be for a “not to exceed” amount. 4.12 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Provide resumes or detailed descriptions for all members of the proposed project team. Provide description of project team, including project manager, project engineers, and any proposed subcontractors. Show amount of time to be spent on the project by all members of the team. Provide descriptions of similar projects performed by the project team. Provide references for these projects and any others, as appropriate. Provide sub-consultant overview statements and company flyers of theirs if available. 8
  10. 10. 5.0 DETAILED SCOPE OF SERVICES: 1. The Consultant will work closely with Town Staff: PW Director, Project Manager, and Utility Director and PW Manager to design and draft preliminary and final plans for this project. 2. Consultant shall provide any additional specific surveying to facilitate the design as well as produce a bound final document and plans ready for bidding. 3. In general, the roadway design will use the Larimer County Urban Street Standards as a guidelines, . 4. The Consultant will be responsible for producing all plan documents based on close coordination with the Town Project Manager. The plan documents will consist of, but not be limited to, the following: layout and cover sheet, plan views, profile views, cross sections, profiles, details, sketches, general and detailed construction notes, all specifications, construction explanation notes, and details, suitable for bidding and construction. 5. The Consultant shall also produce all calculations necessary for BMPs (best management practices) as needed, any and all plan quantities, and other work related to producing the design documents. 6. The Consultant will be required to provide any missing survey data. Town staff, as available, may provide electronic or paper copies of available Plats, utility as-builts/layer and/or Otho-photography on a site specific request by the consultant. 7. Coordination and approval of governing agencies shall be covered in the scope. This may include by not be limited to: Review and permitting by the Army Corps of Engineers, State Engineers, Health & Environment, CDOT, and Larimer County. 8. The Consultant will also meet with all related Agencies above to review design, possible easements, bmp’s, and all regulatory issues. 9. The consultant shall coordinate all utilities within and along the project. This includes but in not limited to: Town of Estes Park Water , Town of Estes Park Light & Power, Xcel Energy gas, Baja Cable, Platte River Power Authority fiber, Qwest, Estes Park Sanitation District. 10. The consultant shall meet with the Town of Estes Park, Light & Power department to include the burying of approx. 2000’ existing overhead power lines and removal of poles. This will likely also include Qwest and Baja Cable TV overhead wires. The consultant shall use an Electrical Engineer to design the Power system and shown on separate sheets in the construction set. 11. The consultant shall meet with the Town of Estes Park, Water Department to review and design minor water main replacement of approximately 250lf. 12. The consultant shall develop an engineer’s cost estimate based on local unit prices. It shall be provided to PW staff prior to project bidding, and may require several iterations to stay within the budget. 13. The consultant shall plan at least 4 engineering design meetings with staff and PW Committee meetings as needed and noted above. 14. The consultant shall coordinate all aspects of construction with Town Staff and the contractor. Including but not limited to: environmental, utilities, right of way, material testing, public, & staff meetings. 15. The consultant shall provide all construction field oversight and supervision, as needed, by and for this project to outline all construction procedures and verify the quality of said work. 16. The consultant will review and approve all traffic control plans for and/or by the contractor. All TCP shall be in accordance with the MUTCD Part-6. 17. The consultant shall provide weekly progress meeting with the contractor. (at Town Hall). They will invite all necessary and affected persons relative to that weeks operations. The consultant shall 9
  11. 11. coordinate invitations as needed that may include EPMC, utility companies, EM departments, suppliers, and subconsultants and subcontractors. 18. Consultant shall produce a recommendation of ‘critical-path’ items for a timely completion of the proposed projects. 19. The consultant’s field staff shall be available on-site daily (or as needed) to confirm quality control so as to confirm that the work is meeting the intent of the design. 20. The consultant shall generate notes and image/sketches for the owner to assist in public advertising (newspaper & radio) of the project: including public meetings, traffic control, detours, & roadway closures. Press releases shall be produced by the PW Project Manager for public release. 21. The consultant’s field crew shall keep written weekly progress reports and take digital images no less than twice weekly to accurately reflect the progress of the work, plus highlight any changes and also underground conditions of any utilities and storm water facilities. This packaged report shall be provided to the owner upon completion of the project along with the as-builts stated below. 22. The consultant shall develop a thorough spreadsheet itemizing all units, unit prices, quantities, and estimated costs to completion during the course of construction. This spreadsheet may be used by the owner for future work. 23. The Consultant shall be responsible for reviewing and commenting on any necessary or provided ‘cut sheets’ from the contractor. Material proposals or changes shall be forwarded to the Owner with a consultant cover letter recommending their findings. 24. Any additional fee’s for engineering services or construction related work shall be preceded by a Change Order request and cover letter produced by the consultant. Presentation of any change orders will be to the Town staff prior to said work, and may require approval by the PW Committee. (Consultant shall attend and support said change orders at PWC). This applies to both consultant and contractor proposed change orders. 25. All Change Orders requested by the construction contractor shall be researched and reviewed by the consultant. A determination and recommendation shall be provided by the consultant in a cover letter. The consultant may need to attend PW Committee meeting for support and back-up on said details. 26. The successful consultant shall be solely responsible for providing final As-built drawings and project records to the owner. As-builts shall be in both AutoCad as well as one set of signed (wet stamped) mylars and one (wet stamped) paper copy. The consultant shall work closely with the contractor to keep and maintain accurate site as-built notes during the course of the construction (ie: swing ties, elevations, quantities, changes). A ‘project completion file’ shall also be generated by the consultant (and turned in with the as-builts) and shall include sectioned tabs, which include but are not limited to: Contract info., bidding, materials, construction, pay applications, submittals, field changes, etc. 10