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  2. 2. Table of Contents Page I. Introduction 3 II. General Information 3 A. Purchasing Policy 3 B. Competitive Bidding 3 C. Bid Conditions 4 D. Bidding Procedures 4 III. Project Schedule 5 IV. Contract Award in Best Interest 5 V. Non-Discrimination Compliance 5 A. Pre-Award Presentation 5 B. Evaluation Criteria 5 C. Bidder’s Responses 5 VI. Project Specifications 6 A. Company Stability 7 B. Customer Service 9 C. Cash Management/Payment Processing 10 D. Data Security 12 E. Standard & Custom Interfaces 13 F. Standard & Custom Reports 13 G. Payer Website Functionality 14 H. Client Website Functionality 14 I. Implementation Process 15 J. Training 15 K. Payment for Services 16 L. Fee Schedule / Costs 16 M. Method of Award 16 Attachment A – Fee Proposal 17 2
  3. 3. I. INTRODUCTION You are invited to submit a proposal to provide online payment processing services for The Community College System of New Hampshire (herein referred to as CCSNH). CCSNH is a state owned College System with seven locations and five satellites across the State of New Hampshire, with the central office located in Concord, New Hampshire. CCSNH has a population (FTE) of approximately 9000 students. Our largest college has an FTE count of approximately 4000 FTE’s smallest college has an FTE count of approximately 1000 FTE’s. CCSNH operates 7 separate banner databases from a central location. CCSNH had approximately 1744 actively managed payment plans for the spring 2008 semester. Of these, 432 were full pay agreements which we believe would have been credit card payments. For the spring term 2008, there were 6,987 credit card transactions representing payments of $4,004,139.00 and refunds of $301,355.36. CCSNH is interested in partnering with the best qualified online payment servicer to provide state-of-the-art services and solution for the CCSNH staff and students. To that end, CCSNH requires that its chosen Vendor be able to meet all of the requirements herein, without exception, and provide for expansion and service enhancement needs, and represent the best balance of benefit to cost for the CCSNH. CCSNH is interested in a five (5) year contract with the option to renew for an additional 5 year period. This will provide CCSNH the opportunity to meet future requirements, provide for expansion and service enhancements needs, and represents the best balance of benefit to cost. CCSNH reserves the right to terminate the contract early for A) Unavailability of funds, B) Cause, C) Convenience or D) Any federal or state law, current or future, that the vendor cannot comply with. II. GENERAL INFORMATION A. Purchasing Policy Under the CCSNH’s centralized purchasing system, only the Purchasing Department, on behalf of the Community College System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees, has the authority to obligate CCSNH for the purchase of contractual services, materials and equipment. B. Competitive Bidding CCSNH shall solicit competitive bids, in writing, before the award of a purchase order in excess of $10,000. Anticipated orders in excess of $20,000 shall be considered a sealed bid. Sealed bids shall be time and date stamped when received. A minimum of three Vendors, if possible, shall be solicited for quotations with a thirty (30) day response time generally allowed. 3
  4. 4. C. Bid Conditions 1. CCSNH reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to waive irregularities or technicalities in any response and to accept any response which CCSNH deems to be in its best interest. 2. CCSNH reserves the right to enter into negotiations with any Vendor with the intention of formalizing a mutually agreeable contract document. 3. CCSNH reserves the right to accept or reject any exception taken by any Vendor to the terms and conditions of this request. 4. CCSNH reserves the right to qualify, accept or reject any and all Vendors as deemed in the best interest of CCSNH. 5. CCSNH will not pay for any information requested herein, nor will it be liable for any costs incurred in preparing response submittals. D. Bidding Procedures 1. All proposals are to be submitted as best and final offers. Each bidder shall include all requirements, terms and conditions they may have, and shall not assume that an opportunity will exist to add such matters after the proposal has been submitted. Unacceptable terms and conditions may cause CCSNH to award to another bidder, despite other factors of the evaluation. 2. Any questions regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing. They can be faxed to 603-271-2725, attention Bill Beyer, or emailed to 3. Three (3) copies of your proposal are to be submitted to: THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM OF NEW HAMPSHIRE RFP RESPONSE: INTEGRATED ONLINE PAYMENT PROCESSOR BID NUMBER: SYS2009-03 ATTN: BILL BEYER 26 COLLEGE DRIVE CONCORD, NH 03301 Please submit proposal by 4:00 PM on February 27, 2009. It is solely the respondent’s responsibility to insure timely delivery of their response. All proposals must be received by the closing date and time indicated. Late and faxed responses will not be accepted. 4
  5. 5. III. PROJECT SCHEDULE A. Request for Proposal Issued January 28, 2009 B. Proposal Due Date February 27, 2009 C. Contract Awarded March 31, 2009 C. Contract Start Date May 15, 2009 IV. CONTRACT AWARD IN BEST INTEREST CCSNH reserves the right to accept or reject proposals on each item separately or as a whole, to reject any or all proposals without penalty, to waive any informalities or irregularities therein, and to contract as the best interest of the CCSNH. The proposed fees while considered important will not be the sole consideration in the selection of an integrated payment processor. V. NON-DISCRIMINATION COMPLIANCE CCSNH neither affiliates nor grants recognition to any individual, contractor, or organization on or off campus having policies that discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation as defined by applicable laws and regulations. Provider agrees that it will comply with all Federal and State and Local regulations. A. Pre-Award Presentation As a part of the proposal evaluation process, CCSNH may require oral presentations from the highest-ranking bidder. Any such presentations will be scheduled after February 27, 2009. B. Evaluation Criteria Proposal will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria: 1. Completeness of Proposal; 2. Understanding and Acceptability of Requirements; 3. Corporate Experience and Quality of Reference; 4. The ability, capacity and skill to perform the contract and provide the services required; 5. Cost; 6. Proposal Recommendations or Suggestions above and Beyond the Minimum Requirements; C. Bidder’s Responses The essential requirements and desirable features, which are specified in this section, are designed to assist the bidder in proposing a system, which will best meet the needs of the CCSNH. Questions appear within many of the requirements and features and are intended to aid the CCSNH review team in evaluating each bidder’s response to determine the degree to which the requirements are met. 5
  6. 6. VI. PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS Scope of Services Required CCSNH is looking to provide students, families and alumni with online payment and refund options, views for balances, account activity and account history as it relates to tuition, fees, room and dining charges. It is also our goal to process transactions such as paying an admission/housing deposit, admissions application fee, fee for enrollment in a workforce development course or seminar, paying for an event on campus or making a donation to our colleges. Integrated with this, we want to offer students and families a web-based payment plan option for each semester that would be fully hosted and actively managed. In addition, it is desirable to view and pay balances for past due debts that are outstanding from previous semesters. The funds collected must be deposited into different financial accounts as dictated by college and/or departmental guidelines. This will be a phased implementation to build system knowledge at one college before proceeding with the rest of the colleges. The final college implementation will be completed within one year of the start of this project. Each of our seven colleges has a separate SungardHE banner database, which are managed at a central location. The Vendor must be able to provide seamless real-time inquiries and updates to student accounts in the appropriate SungardHE banner database as well as accept payments from people or corporations not in the banner databases. Due to current IT staffing constraints the successful vendor will require limited IT programming for the integration of their system. The vendor must provide a secure hosted environment and software that is PCI level 1 compliant. The vendor and its software must comply with all federal and state laws covering electronic payments and refunds, privacy, and disability. In addition, the Vendor will be fully compliant with the FTC red flag rule and will be responsible for reporting suspected violations to CCSNH at no additional charge. The vendor will assume all liability for any expenses incurred by CCSNH as a result a breach to either the vendor’s software or secure data center. In addition, the Vendor will provide the following for all colleges and the CCSNH systems office: 1. The ability to charge the payer a convenience fee, at the discretion of CCSNH, based on payment type. 2. The ability to choose which credit cards to accept. 3. Access to payment transaction history for both the payer and college personnel. 4. Training in the effective use of the Vendor's software. The Vendor should also meet the following requirements. Please provide an explanation of how your company meets each of the requirements below and provide supporting documentation that indicates your company’s current policies, procedures, and experience. 6
  7. 7. Specifications A. Company Stability  In an effort to assess your company’s overall stability, please provide a detailed history of ownership from inception to present, including any and all company name changes, the dates of any strategic equity investments, mergers, buyouts and/or potential buyouts, bankruptcies, downsizing, and processing center relocations.  Describe the experience of your company’s owners, founders, managers and/or supervisors who will be involved in the processing of our student payments. Please be sure to specifically indicate the number of years that they’ve been employed by your company, under its current ownership.  The Vendor shall certify the following to the best of its knowledge and belief. Is/has the Vendor and/or are/have its principals: 1. Presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from covered transactions by any Federal department or agency? If yes, please explain. 2. Within a three-year period preceding this proposal, been convicted of, or had a civil judgment rendered against them for, commission of fraud, or a criminal offense in connection with obtaining, attempting to obtain, or performing a public (Federal, state, or local) transaction or contract under a public transaction, or violation of Federal or State antitrust statutes, or commission of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, making false statements, or receiving stolen property? If yes, please explain. 3. Presently indicted for or otherwise criminally or civilly charged by a government entity (Federal, state, or local) with commission of any of these offenses enumerated above? If yes, please explain. 4. Within a three-year period preceding this proposal, had one or more public transactions (Federal, state, or local) terminated for cause or default? If yes, please explain. 5. Within a three-year period preceding this proposal, is or has been under investigation by any federal or state agency for student loan or student payment related issues.  Please provide a comprehensive listing of all accounts that your company has won over the last 2 years, including: College/University Name, Contact Name, Telephone Number and Email Address. If applicable, please be sure to include the names of all conversions, all campuses within a State System and/or Multi-Campus Environment.  Indicate your company’s ability to procure from a security company a fidelity bond covering all officers and employees. This bond shall indemnify CCSNH in the amount of $100,000.00 per account of any loses sustained by the failure of the Vendor, its agents or employees to faithfully and honestly deposit and account for all funds coming into its hands which are owed CCSNH. The Vendor shall provide CCSNH with a fidelity bond within 7
  8. 8. ten (10) days after written notification of the contract award. Each certificate shall name CCSNH as additional insured. Each insurance certificate shall contain a valid provision or endorsement that the policy may not be canceled, terminated, changed, or modified, without 30 days written advance to the CCSNH. Failure to deliver this certificate shall nullify the proposal award at the option of the CCSNH.  The Vendor shall be bonded for the average dollar amount of credit card payments collected over a two (2) month period (minimum of $1,000,000.00). The Vendor shall provide a Certificate of Insurance to the CCSNH upon award of the contract and on a yearly basis thereafter.  The Vendor shall comply with all state and federal laws, including regulations and guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education, the Federal Trade Commission, and all other applicable federal and state regulations and guidelines as they relate to student account management services. Documentation of such compliance shall be provided to the CCSNH upon request and failure to comply with such regulations will be grounds for cancellation of contract.  This proposal shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Hampshire.  The Vendor shall provide to the CCSNH an independent audit report conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and applicable federal rules and regulations. Also, the Vendor shall provide copies of the last two years’ detailed, audited financial statements, as well as copies of the last two years’ compliance audit reports. The Vendor shall address, in detail, any exceptions noted in the compliance audit reports.  Please indicate your company’s efforts in regards to the protection of confidential information, including safeguard provisions and your Response to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  The Vendor shall provide the CCSNH with all available records and files pertaining to student and non-student payments and refunds when required by federal, state and the CCSNH auditors. These records should be retained for ten years from paid in full.  CCSNH reserves the right to audit or cause to be audited the selected Vendor's books and accounts with the CCSNH at any time during the term of this contract and for five (5) years thereafter. 8
  9. 9. B. Customer Service  CCSNH requires that the successful Online Payment processor provide a Primary Account Representative to work with the CCSNH. This Primary Account Representative must also work with a selected team of Customer Service Representatives to support the CCSNH in the event that our Primary Account Representative is unavailable. Who is the College’s support contact? Who is the College’s back up support contact?  Please describe the availability of your company’s software and the amount of downtime experienced within the last 2 years. CCSNH prefers that our online payment Software be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with very limited downtime. Customers must be informed of any interruption in service. Please describe how users are notified of planned outages and please describe or include your standard service agreement in your response.  CCSNH prefers that the successful Online Payment processor’s hours of operations are at least 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST and that all customer service be located in the United States. Please provide a description of your support system. What support do you provide payers, students and administrative users? After implementation what do you expect from CCSNH staff?  CCSNH requires that the successful Online Payment processor has at least one employee on staff familiar with NACHA regulations.  CCSNH prefers that the Online Payment processor not have an automated phone system or voicemail for your Customer Service Representatives.  CCSNH prefers that the Online Payment processor respond to all CCSNH and Payer Telephone Calls, Email Inquiries, etc. within (24) hours of request.  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor’s employees’ conduct shall be professional and represent the CCSNH in a positive way during any and all potential contacts and dealings with CCSNH Students.  CCSNH is moving toward electronic notifications system-wide. Please explain if your system can provide an automatic email notification to all students when a payment, and/or address change is processed. 9
  10. 10. C. Cash Management/Payment Processing  Please describe the different levels of actively managed payment plans your company offers.  CCSNH recognizes that while we require real-time integration with the Banner student system, there may be times when we need to search for information or update the student’s actively managed payment plan on the Vendor’s site, with the proper authorization from the student. Therefore, CCSNH requires the system allow direct access to student billing and account information by students, staff, and others designated by the student. The user should be able to access an account by the following Search Options. Please indicate whether your system currently has the ability to search by each of the following methods by answering “yes” or “no” in the space provided.  Social Security Number (SSN) _____  Last (4) Digits of an SSN _____  Student Identification Number (SID) _____  Alphabetically by Last Name _____  Account Number _____  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor’s Software have the ability to store multiple payer profiles and multiple name and address changes per payer. Please describe your system’s functionality in this area.  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor maintain Transaction History per payer account, which cannot be deleted. Please explain your system’s functionality and provide documentation to support your response.  CCSNH uses a generated id to indentify a student in the Banner databases. CCSNH requires that social security numbers are removed from all correspondence. Please explain your system’s functionality in this area.  CCSNH understands the need to “archive” zero-balance accounts. However, CCSNH requires instant access (i.e. without requesting the information from the servicer) to all archived accounts and all information (e.g. not just Transaction History), as if the account was never archived at all. Please explain your system’s functionality and provide documentation to support your response.  CCSNH requires payments to be posted to our bank accounts in a timely manner. How long does it take for funds to be posted to our bank accounts after payment has been made? Is this time frame different for different types of payments?  CCSNH requires that no fees be assessed to us, if the payer has insufficient funds to cover the payment.  CCSNH requires the system provide for payments and refunds though the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network by transferring funds electronically from the student or authorized user’s back account. The student or authorized user should not incur an extra charge for this service. 10
  11. 11.  CCSNH requires the system accept all major credit cards and that CCSNH has the ability to choose which cards it will accept.  CCSNH requires the system process credits and refunds to credit cards and bank accounts.  CCSNH requires that the Electronic Payment Processors Software maintain history on each student from the date the student enters into a payment arrangement. Please explain your system’s functionality and provide documentation to support your response.  CCSNH requires that all payment and refund processing take place in “real-time” and not within a batch process.  CCSNH requires that our Online Payment Processor provide instant, on-line access to the information on the account and real-time update to the appropriate Banner Student database. Please explain your system’s functionality and provide documentation to support your response.  CCSNH is moving toward electronic notification and billing system-wide. CCSNH would prefer that the online payment processor provides Electronic Billing capabilities. Please explain your system’s functionality and provide documentation to support your response.  Please provide a flowchart showing the credit card and bank account data flow. 11
  12. 12. D. Data Security and compliance  CCSNH requires that the successful Online Payment Processor provide a secure hosted environment for processing all CCSNH transactions, with backup sites. Please describe the location of the hosting site(s). Do you own or lease your hosting site location? Please provide your process for uptime monitoring.  The system must comply with all applicable federal and local laws and regulations, and pertinent industry and institutional standards for risk management and data security. This includes provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Payment Card Industry (PCI), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and NACHA requirements and guidelines.  Please include copies of your most recent PCI certification and audit and ACH Originator certification if applicable  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor satisfy all generally accepted accounting principles and demonstrate strong internal control and audit requirements.  The system must securely authenticate user’s identities in order to make payments and access information. The preferred method of identification is through the Banner SIS system, but there will be times when the user is not in banner and/or not paying for student charges. Please describe how your system authenticates the user’s identity.  CCSNH requires secure storage of Credit Card /ACH information for refunds. Please describe how our data would be stored on your servers, and how long you retain that data.  CCSNH requires that no credit card or bank data information will be stored on or passed through any banner system or CCSNH network at any point in the payment process. This includes initial payment and payment profile entries as well as ACH or credit card batch files created for transmission to a bank or credit card processor.  Please describe any security breaches you have had, and how you have corrected this issue to avoid a future occurrence.  Please describe any security testing/security assurance which you do on a periodic basis to be sure your network and data is secure from public access. In the event of a security breach, what protection is available to CCSNH?  Please describe your method of securing the privacy of information.  Please explain your company’s Disaster Recovery Initiatives and Data Back-Up Procedures in detail. 12
  13. 13. E. Standard and Custom Interfaces  CCSNH maintains a SunGard Banner database for each of the 7 colleges in the system. Therefore, CCSNH requires that the Online Payment Processor provide seamless real-time updates to the correct Banner database, based on authentication through the Banner Student Information system, using the Standard Banner API’s. This must be accomplished without modification to the baseline Banner product. Please explain your capabilities as it pertains to this requirement. F. Standard and Custom Reports  At minimum, the online payment processor should provide the CCSNH with a comprehensive set of Month- End Management Reports including, but not limited to, the following: 1. Accounting / Reconciliation Reports 2. Program Maintenance Reports 3. Program Management Reports Please describe on your Standard Month-End Management Reports and provide Report Definitions and/or Descriptions and sample reports, if applicable.  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor’s Software allow CCSNH Staff to produce reports on- demand, by allowing the end user to create, view, and print reports at any given time. As an example, and assuming that today’s date is October 17th, does your system provide the ability to instantly create and print an updated Month-End Management Report, which reflects activity dated October 1st through October 17th. Please provide additional information and documentation to support your response.  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor’s software provide us with the ability to retrieve our reports in the following formats. Please indicate whether each Report Format is currently available by answering “yes” or “no” in the space provided.  Microsoft Excel Format _____  PDF Format _____  Text Format _____ 13
  14. 14. G. Payer Website Functionality The vendor’s system must provide all functionality via the web and be fully hosted in a secure environment.  Does your website provide the ability for our students, payers, and donors to make instant ACH / Direct Debit and/or Credit Card Payments? _____  Does your website provide the ability for our students and donors to sign-up for recurring payments by either credit card or ACH / Direct Debit? _____  Does your website provide the ability for our students, payers, and donors to review their direct payment transaction history? _____  Does your website provide the ability for our students, payers, and donors to update their Banking Information?_____  Does your website provide the ability for our students and donors to sign-up for Electronic Billing? _____  Does your website provide the ability for seamless integration with the Banner Student Information System, such that the payer does not have to enter personal information after authentication has performed in the Banner Student Information System? _____ H. Client Website Functionality  Is your company’s website ADA compliant?  Does your website allow CCSNH Staff to view student or donor information in the exact format that they view it? _____  Does your website provide the ability for CCSNH Staff to enter ACH / Direct Debit and/or Credit Card Payments? _____  Does your website provide the ability for CCSNH Staff to review a student’s payment transaction history?_____  Does your website provide the ability for CCSNH Staff to instantly review a specific student’s Current Account Balance Information? _____  Does your website provide the ability for CCSNH Staff to instantly access your On-Line User’s Guide / Help Manual? _____  Does your website provide the ability for CCSNH Staff to instantly retrieve any Monthly Management Report from every month and year, since the CCSNH has been a client? _____ 14
  15. 15. I. Implementation Process  The vendor system must integrate seamlessly with Sungard Banner software system. Please describe the SunGard Banner integration procedures.  Please describe the integration, project management, and technical requirements that you expect CCSNH to provide to support the solution during implementation and beyond.  Will CCSNH be required to purchase any additional products or services in order to implement your solution?  Can your software system allow screens to be branded, co-branded, or customized to reflect college ownership of the transactions?  CCSNH is interested in learning about the process and method to be used in converting CCSNH's current actively managed payment plans to the new Vendors System, as well as the SunGard Banner integration procedures for the actively managed payment plans.  Please provide a detailed explanation of your company’s conversion process, including Conversion Timelines and CCSNH Staff involvement.  Please describe the testing procedures you use to validate the conversion and integration.  The Conversion shall include an audit of the accounts.  The Vendor shall prepare a Reconciliation Report at the completion of the conversion.  Upon completion of conversion, the successful Student Online Payment Processor shall notify our students of this new option with a fully customized, CCSNH-approved Letter. J. Training  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor provide the option of free, On-Site Training at the CCSNH’s Facilities following the Implementation. Please describe your typical On-Site Training and provide a biography on the person (or persons) who will be conducting the On-Site Training Sessions.  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor provide the option of free, On-Line Training Sessions upon request of the CCSNH and at our desired frequency. Please describe your On-Line Training Options and provide a biography on the person (or persons) who will be conducting the On-Line Training Sessions.  CCSNH requires that the Online Payment processor provide a comprehensive, fully integrated, On-Line User’s Guide / Help Manual.  CCSNH requires an Annual Account Review to be conducted by our designated Sales Representative to review 15
  16. 16. the Products, Services, and Solutions that CCSNH may or may not be currently utilizing. K. Product Overview Please provide a complete description of the eCommerce Solution proposed. L. Fee Schedule / Costs  Describe your invoicing process in detail and include invoicing and payment options.  Please provide CCSNH with a sample of your invoice. CCSNH prefers that each college’s share of the total bill be presented separately, based on enrollment.  Please provide a detailed fee schedule / costs. Please refer to Attachment A – Fee Structure and Pricing Schedule.  Please indicate any future price increases that the CCSNH may expect to incur during the contractual period of this RFP. M. Method of award The evaluation of all RFP Responses and the selection of a Vendor (Online payment processor) will be made by a CCSNH Committee. This committee will evaluate all RFP Responses on a weighted-point evaluation method based on the following major categories. The CCSNH reserves the rights to further sub-divide these categories as needed. Please note: The categories listed below are in no particular order of importance: 1. Company Stability ___50_____ 2. Experience and Reputation ___25_______ 3. Compliance with CCSNH Requirements __250_______ 4. Scope of Product and Services __100_______ 5. Client References from Former and Current Clients __ 75_______ 6. Value Added / Optional Services ___50_______ 7. Fee Schedule / Pricing __150_______ Total Points Attainable: 700 The Online Payment Processor’s submission of an RFP Response constitutes its full understanding and acceptance of the CCSNH’s Evaluation Technique. Furthermore, the Online Payment Processor also recognizes and accepts that CCSNH will use subjective judgment, during the assignment of points, as it pertains to the selection of our new Online Payment Processor. 16
  17. 17. ATTACHMENT A FEE STRUCTURE AND PRICING SCHEDULE Charges: Rate per Transaction for: Monthly Quarterly Annual Credit Card/ ACH Payments _____ _____ _____ Credit Card/ ACH Refunds _____ ______ _____ Fixed costs based on FTE’s _____ ______ _____ Transaction costs: ACH payment ACH refund Credit Card Payment American Express Discover VISA / MC Credit Card Refunds American Express Discover VISA / MC Debit Card Payments Debit Card Refunds One-Time Charges: Conversion of actively managed payment plans Initial setup ______ Actively Managed Payment Plan fees: Per transaction ________ Per month ________ Per quarter ________ Annual fees ________ Please describe how transaction fees are calculated when multiple purchases are made with a single checkout (example: semester bill, admission deposit etc) 17
  18. 18. Please describe how transactions fees are assessed for electronic bill presentation. Special Fees: Please describe Other Optional Services: Please indicate any and all charges that the CCSNH may incur. Future Price Adjustments: Comment on future price increases: 18