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  1. 1. BULLOCH COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM DEPARTMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS 219 Simons Road Statesboro, Georgia 30458 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) & PROPOSAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT POSTING DATE: PURCHASING CONTACT & TELEPHONE September 10, 2007 Craig Liggett, p.912.764.1650 RFP TITLE: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite RFP OPENING DATE & TIME: Friday, October 5 2007, 3:00pm NOTE: RFPS RECEIVED AFTER THE RFP OPENING DATE AND TIME WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The Bulloch County School System, Georgia, solicits your company to submit a proposal on the above referenced goods or services. All terms, specifications and conditions set forth in this request are incorporated by this reference into your response. Proposals will not be accepted unless all conditions have been met. In the event of a conflict between the General RFP Terms and Conditions and any Special Terms and Conditions attached hereto, the Special Terms and Conditions will have precedence. All proposals must have an authorized signature in the space provided below. All proposals must be sealed and received in the Bulloch County School System Department of Information Systems Office at 219 Simons Road, Statesboro, Georgia, by the “RFP Opening Date & Time” Referenced above. All envelopes containing sealed proposals must reference the “RFP Title”. The School Board is not responsible for lost or late delivery of Bids by the U.S. Postal Service or other delivery services used by the Bidder. Proposals may not be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the bid opening unless otherwise specified. THE PROPOSALS MUST BE COMPLETED, SIGNED, AND RETURNED AS PART OF YOUR PROPOSAL. PROPOSALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT THIS FORM, SIGNED BY AN AUTHORIZED AGENT OF THE BIDDER. COMPANY NAME: MAILING ADDRESS: CITY, STATE, ZIP: FEDERAL EMPLOYER’S IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (FEIN): TELEPHONE NUMBER: FACSIMILE NUMBER: EMAIL: I CERTIFY THAT THIS PROPOSAL IS MADE WITHOUT PRIOR UNDERSTANDING, AGREEMENT, OR CONNECTION WITH ANY OTHER BIDDER SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL FOR THE SAME MATERIALS, SUPPLIES, EQUIPMENT OR SERVICES, AND IS IN ALL RESPECTS FAIR AND WITHOUT COLLUSION OR FRAUD. I AGREE TO ABIDE BY ALL CONDITIONS OF THIS RFP AND CERTIFY THAT I AM AUTHORIZED TO SIGN THIS RFP FOR THE BIDDER. TYPED OR AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: PRINTED NAME: TITLE: DATE: RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 1 of 20
  2. 2. I. INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL INFORMATION. The Bulloch County School System (BCSS) desires to purchase a new Email Messaging & Collaboration Platform Suite. Suite shall have the capacity to 2,000 users (scalable up to 10,000) and includes email, group calendars, group scheduling, shared mailing lists, unified directory, shared documents, discussion groups, project management, real time collaboration, web mail, anti-virus, anti-spam, instant messaging, and user web publishing on a server based product that utilizes a client and web interface. II. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. NOTE: the Term “Bidder” as used within this RFP refers to the person, company or organization responding to this Request for Proposal. 1. GENERAL: Upon an RFP award, the terms and conditions of this RFP or any portion thereof, may upon mutual agreement of the parties be extended for an additional term or for additional quantities. Subject to the mutual consent of the parties, the pricing, terms and conditions of this RFP, for the products or services specified herein, may be extended to other municipal, or state universities within the State of Georgia. 2. RFP OPENING AND FORM: Bid openings will be public on the date and time specified on the Proposal Acknowledgement form. All proposals received after the time indicated will be rejected as non-responsive and returned unopened to sender. Proposals by email, fax, telegram, or verbally by telephone or in person will not be accepted. The public opening will acknowledge receipt of the proposals only, details concerning pricing or the offering will not be announced. All proposals submitted shall become public record upon an announcement of a recommended award or ten days after the opening date whichever occurs first. 3. WARRANTY: All goods and services furnished by the Bidder, relating to and pursuant to this RFP will be warranted to meet or exceed the specifications contained herein. In the event of breach, the Bidder will take all necessary action, at Bidders expense, to correct such breach in the most expeditious manner possible. 4. PRICING: All pricing shall be based on Bulloch County Georgia and will include all packaging, handling, shipping charges, and delivery to any point within Bulloch County Georgia to a secure area or inside delivery. The School Board is exempt and does not pay Federal Excise and State of Georgia Sales taxes. 5. TERMS OF PAYMENT / INVOICING: The normal terms of payment will be Net 30 Days from receipt and acceptance of goods or services and Bidders invoice. Itemized invoices bearing the Purchase Order Number must be mailed on the day of shipment. Invoicing subject to cash discounts will be mailed on the day that they are dated. 6. TRANSPORTATION AND TITLE: (a) Title to the goods will pass to the School Board upon receipt and acceptance at the destination indicated herein. Until acceptance, the Bidder retains the sole insurable interest in goods. (b) The shipper will prepay all transportation charges. The School Board will not accept collect freight charges. (c) No premium carriers will be used for the School Board’s account without prior written consent of the Director of Purchasing and Distribution Services. 7. PACKING: All shipments will include an itemized list of each package’s content, and reference the School Board’s Purchase Order Number. No charges will be allowed for cartage or packing unless agreed upon by the School Board prior to shipment. 8. INSPECTIONS AND TESTING: The School Board will have the right to expedite, inspect and test any of the goods at work covered by this RFP. All goods or services are subject to the School Board’s inspection and approval upon arrival or completion. If rejected, they will be held for disposal at the Bidder’s risk. Such inspection, or the waiver thereof, however, will not relieve the Bidder from full responsibility for furnishing goods or work conforming to the requirements of this RFP or the RFP Specifications, and will not prejudice any claim, right, or privilege the School Board may have because of the use of defective or unsatisfactory goods or work. 9. STOP WORK ORDER: The School Board may at any time by written notice to the Bidder stop all or any part of the work for this RFP award. Upon receiving such notice, the Bidder will take all reasonable steps to minimize additional costs during the period of work stoppage. The School Board may subsequently RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 2 of 20
  3. 3. either cancel the stop work order resulting in an equitable adjustment in the delivery schedule and/or the price, or terminate the work in accordance with the provisions of the RFP terms and conditions. 10. INSURANCE AND INDEMNIFICATION: The Bidder agrees to indemnify and save harmless the School Board, its officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all claims and liabilities (including expenses) for injury or death of persons or damage to any property which may result, in whole or in part, from any act or omission on the part of the Bidder, its agents, employees, or representatives, or are arising from any Bidder furnished goods or services, except to the extent that such damage is due solely and directly to the negligence of the School Board. The Bidder will carry comprehensive general liability insurance, including contractual and product liability coverage, with minimum limits acceptable to the School Board. The Bidder will, at the request of the School Board, supply certificates evidencing such coverage. Additional insurance requirements may be specified as a “Special Condition” herein. 11. RISK OF LOSS: The Bidder assumes the following risks: (a) all risks of loss or damage to all goods, work in progress, materials and equipment until the delivery thereof as herein provided; (b) all risks of loss or damage to third persons and their property until delivery of all goods as herein provided; (c) all risks of loss or damage to any property received by the Bidder or held by the Bidder or its suppliers for the account of the School Board, until such property has been delivered to the school Board; (d) all risks of loss or damage to any of the goods or part thereof rejected by the School Board, from the time of shipment thereof to Bidder until redelivery thereof to the School Board. 12. LAWS AND REGULATIONS: Bidders will comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local laws, statutes and ordinances including, but not limited to the rules, regulations and standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, the Federal Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, and the rules and regulations promulgated under these acts. Bidders agree not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, sex, religion, color, age or national origin. All agreements as a result of an award hereto and all extensions and modifications thereto and all questions relating to its validity, interpretation, performance or enforcement shall be governed and construed in conformance to the laws of the State of Georgia and the sole venue of the Circuit Courts of Bulloch County Georgia. 13. PUBLIC ENTITY CRIMES: A Bidder, person, or affiliate who has been placed on the convicted vendor list following a conviction for a public entity crime may not submit a bid on a contract to provide any goods or services to a public entity for the construction or repair of a public building or public work, may not submit bids on leases of real property to a public entity, may not be awarded or perform work as a contractor, supplier, subcontractor, or consultant under a contract with any public entity, and may not transact business with any public entity in excess of the threshold amount provided in section 287.017, for CATEGORY TWO for a period of 36 months from the date of being placed on the convicted vendor list. 14. PATENTS AND COPYRIGHTS: Bidders agree to indemnify and save harmless the School Board, its officers, employees, agents, or representatives from liability of any nature or kind, including cost and expenses for or on account of copyrighted, patented or un-patented invention, process or article of manufactured or used in the performance of the contract award hereunder. If the Bidder uses any design, device or materials covered by royalties or cost arising from the use of such design, device or material in any way involved in the work shall be included in the price proposal of the Bidder. 15. PERMITS/LICENSES/FEES: Any permits, licenses, or fees required will be the responsibility of the successful Bidder; no separate or additional payment will be made. A copy of these licenses and permits shall be submitted to the Buyer prior to commencement of work. 16. TERMINATION DEFAULT: The School Board may terminate all or any part of a subsequent award by giving notice of default to Bidder, if Bidder: (a) refuses or fails to deliver the goods or services within the time specified; (b) fails to comply with any of the provisions or specifications of this RFP or so fails to make progress as to endanger performances, hereunder, or; (c) becomes insolvent or subject to proceedings under any law relating to bankruptcy, insolvency, or relief of debtors. In the event of termination for default, the School Board’s liability will be limited to the payment for goods and services delivered and accepted as of the date of termination. CONVENIENCE. The School Board may terminate for its convenience at any time, in whole or in part any subsequent award. In which event of termination for convenience, the School Board’s sole obligations will be to reimburse Bidder for (a) those goods or services actually shipped/performed and accepted up to the date of termination, and (b) costs incurred by Bidder for unfinished goods, which are specifically manufactured for the School Board and which are not standard products of the Bidder, as of RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 3 of 20
  4. 4. the date of termination, and a reasonable profit thereon. In no event is the School Board responsible for neither loss of anticipated profit nor will reimbursement exceed the RFP value. 17. PERFORMANCE: In an effort to reduce the cost of doing business with the School Board and unless indicated elsewhere a bid or performance bond may not be required. However, upon award and subsequent default by Bidder, the School Board reserves the right to pursue any or all of the following remedies: (a) to accept the next lowest available RFP price or to purchase materials or services on the open market, and to charge the original award the difference in cost via a deduction to any outstanding or future obligations; (b) The Bidder in default will be barred for consideration of future bid awards for a period of time to be determined by the severity of the default. (c) Any other remedy available to the School board in tort or law. 18. ASSIGNMENT: Any purchase order or contract issued pursuant to an award hereunder, and the monies that may become due are not assignable except with the prior written approval of the School Board, through the Purchasing and Distribution Services Department. 19. SAMPLES AND BRAND NAMES: BRAND NAMES. Specifications referencing specific brand names and models are used to reflect the kind and type of quality in materials and workmanship, and the corresponding level of performance the School Board expects to receive as a minimum. Bidders offering equivalents or superior products to the brand/model referenced will (a) reference on the RFP in the space provided the manufacturer’s name, brand name, model and/or part number; (b) next to the price Bidder will indicate “ALT” to reflect an alternative offering; (c) where no sample is provided with the RFP, Bidders will enclose sufficient technical specification sheets and literature to enable the School Board to reach a preliminary evaluation; (d) the School Board may request and Bidder agrees to submit a sample or to provide its product on trial or demonstration, whichever the School Board may deem appropriate, at no charge to the School Board; (e) the School Board reserves the right to determine the acceptability of any alternatives offered. SAMPLES. Any sample requested by this RFP or to be provided at the Bidders option, should be forwarded under separate cover to the attention of the Purchasing Department of the School Board. The package or envelope will reference the RFP Number, RFP Title, and RFP Item Number and clearly marked “Samples”. All samples will be provided free of charge, including transportation charges. Bidders are responsible for notifying and making arrangements for a pick up from the School Board if a return of samples is expected. All samples unclaimed for thirty (30) days will be disposed of at the discretion of the School Board. 20. GENERAL EVALUATION CRITERIA: Primary factors used to decide the award hereunder will be price, ability to meet specifications, and responsiveness. A Bidder’s past performance may be used in the evaluation of this bid. The School Board reserves the right to evaluate by lot, by partial lot, or by item, and to accept or reject any bid in its entirety or in part, and to waive minor irregularities if the bid is otherwise valid. In the event of a price extension error, the unit price will be accepted as correct. The School Board may consider in conjunction to any award hereunder, those products, services, and prices available to them through contracts from state, federal, and local government agencies or other school districts within the State of Georgia. 21. CLARIFICATIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS: The School Board reserves the right to allow for clarification of questionable entries, and for the Bidder to withdraw items with obvious mistakes. Any questions concerning terms, conditions or specifications will be directed to the designated Buyer referenced on the RFP Acknowledgement. Any ambiguities or inconsistencies shall be brought to the attention of the designated Buyer in writing at least seven (7) workdays prior to the opening date of the RFP. Failure to do so, on the part of the Bidder will constitute an acceptance by the Bidder of any consequent decision. An addendum to the RFP shall be issued and posted for those interpretations that may affect the eventual outcome of this RFP. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to assure the receipt of all addendum issued. No person is authorized to give oral interpretations of, or make oral changes to, the RFP. Therefore oral statements given before the RFP opening date will not be binding. The School Board will consider no interpretations binding unless provided for by issuance of an addendum. Addenda will be posted to the School Board website at: at least five (5) workdays prior to the opening date. The Bidder shall acknowledge receipt of all addenda by signing and enclosing said addenda with their proposal. 22. CONTACT: All questions for additional information regarding this RFP must be directed to the designated Buyer noted on page one. Prospective Bidders shall not contact any member of the Bulloch County Board, Superintendent, or staff regarding this RFP prior to posting of the final tabulation RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 4 of 20
  5. 5. and award recommendation on the website. Any such contact shall be cause for rejection of your proposal. RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 5 of 20
  6. 6. 23. RFP TABULATIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS, AND PROTEST: RFP Tabulations with award recommendations are posted to the Bid Solicitations website at: Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed will constitute a waiver of proceedings. Bid tabulations or recommendations are available through website and notices will not be mailed. 24. PROPOSAL PREPARATION COSTS: Neither the School Board nor its representatives shall be liable for any expenses incurred in connection with the preparation of a response to this RFP. 25. AGREEMENT FORM: This RFP and the response thereto shall constitute the basis of our agreement. Any subsequent agreements as a result of an award hereunder, shall incorporate all terms, conditions and specifications contained herein, and in response hereto, unless mutually amended in writing. III. SPECIAL CONDITIONS. These “SPECIAL CONDITIONS” are in addition to or supplement Section II GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. In the event of a conflict these SPECIAL CONDITIONS shall have precedence. 1. RFP SCHEDULE: RFP Posting / Mail Date.…………………………………………… September 10, 2007 Pre-Proposal Meeting….…………………………………………… September 17, 2007, 2:00 PM 219 Simons Road, Statesboro, Georgia 30458 Questions Due………………………………………………………. September 21, 2007 Proposal Due Date………………………………………………….. October 5, 2007, 3:00 PM Interview / Presentations…………………………………………… October 19, 2007 (Tentative) Recommendations to Board……………………………………….. November 2, 2007 Board Action…………………………………………………………. November 8, 2007 2. The hardware and software platform suite provided must be fully developed and has been in use for at least two years at comparable sites. 3. Pre-Proposal Meeting. A voluntary pre-proposal meeting will be conducted to review and answer questions about this RFP and the Scope of Services required herein as follows: When: September 17, 2007, 2:00 PM Where: Bulloch County School System Information Systems Conference Room 219 Simons Road Statesboro, Georgia 30458 4. The Supplier providing the product must be in business at least five years and have a proven track record of after sale service and support for at least two years for the product offered. 5. The product provided will be fully warranted for one year against all defects in design, materials, and craftsmanship. Software shall perform in accordance to documentation and be free from viruses, material defects, and include all updates, maintenance and support for one year. 6. The Software shall be free from all copyright infringement and in the event of a claim of infringement, the publisher agrees to: A. Assume the defense of any claims, and reimburse Bulloch County School System all reasonable costs associated in such defense. B. Provide alternative software patch or fix that changes the Software so that it is not infringing, without changing the functionality of the software. C. Purchase on behalf of Bulloch County School System the rights to continuing using the software. D. Terminate the contract, pending Bulloch County School System ability to arrange replacement software and compensate Bulloch County School System for any additional expenses for conversion. The Publisher/Supplier shall obtain any rights necessary for continued use until conversion has been accomplished. 7. The applicable software licenses and/or maintenance and support agreement(s) acquired via an award hereunder, may apply to the extent that such terms and conditions do not materially change jurisdiction, choice of law, the remedy for intellectual property infringement and the exclusive remedies and limitation of liability shall apply in all cases and supersede any provisions contained in the Product licensing or support agreements. All other terms and conditions are subject to acceptance and negotiation. RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 6 of 20
  7. 7. 8. Erate. Portions of the services provided herein are eligible for “Erate” reimbursement as administered by USAC Schools and Libraries Division. If the provider is qualified under Erate please include with your proposal your “SPIN” number and evidence of certification and break out those costs that would be Erate eligible in your total cost proposal. This RFP will be posted on the required USAC website for response. IV. SCOPE OF WORK OR SERVICES The purchase and deployment of a full messaging/groupware product including email, group calendars, group scheduling, shared mailing lists, unified directory, shared documents, discussion groups, project management, real time collaboration, web mail, anti-virus, anti-spam, instant messaging, and user web publishing on a server based product that utilizes a client and web interface. See RFP requirements Attachment A. V. QUESTIONNAIRE AND RESPONSE Refer to Attachment A for the questionnaire and response. VI. EVALUATION CRITERIA AND AWARD The recommendation of the evaluation committee is advisory only and shall be submitted to the Superintendent for review and recommendation for action to the School Board of Bulloch County, Georgia. The Superintendent reserves the right to recommend that all submittals be rejected and a new RFP be issued or to submit such other recommendation to the School Board that the Superintendent deems to be in the best interest of the School Board. CATEGORY MAXIMUM POINTS A. Respondents ability to meet the 60 requirements of Attachment A B. Network infrastructure, hardware and support 10 C. Financial profiling and references 10 D. Total cost of ownership 20 1. Distribution of Cost points. Cost points will be calculated as a percentage of cost increase as compared to the lowest proposal received meeting all requirements. For example, if Respondent A submits a cost of $1,500.00 and Respondent B submits a total cost of $1,600.00 and Respondent C submits a total cost of $1,650.00, Respondent A would receive 100% of the total points allowed for the Cost of Services criteria. Respondent B would receive 94% ($1,500 / $1,600), and Respondent C would receive 91% ($1,500 / $1,650) of the points. 2. Failure to Respond. The failure to respond, provide detailed information or to provide requested elements may result in the reduction of points in the evaluation process. 3. Technical Evaluation of Demonstration Software. Bulloch County personnel will review demonstration software for compliance with documentation, ease of use and other criteria pertinent to testing new software 4. Presentations / Interviews. The finalists will be invited to make a short presentation about their company or product. The committee will ask questions or request clarification of test results or responses in the original proposal. 5. Contracts. Contract terms to be negotiated and recommended for approval. RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 7 of 20
  8. 8. VII. SUBMITTALS Submit one (1) original and Ten (10) copies of your proposal tabbed and assembled in the following sequence. Failure to submit your proposal as indicated may result in rejection of your proposal as non- responsive. 1. Executive Summary / Letter of Transmittal 2. Proposal Acknowledgement (Page 1 of this document) fully executed by an authorized officer of the company. Failure to submit signed form is considered non-responsive and proposal will be rejected. 3. Questionnaire with Responses 4. Insurance Certificate 5. Technical or Sales Documentation of Product Offered 6. Sample License / Contract VIII. QUESTIONS Any questions concerning any portion of this RFP must be submitted, in writing, to Craig Liggett, Assistant Superintendent for Information Systems, (912) 764-1650, via facsimile (912) 764-4790 or E-mail at the Bulloch County School System, 219 Simons Road, Statesboro, Georgia 30458. No information given in any other format will be binding on the School Board. Completed RFPs must be submitted in a sealed envelope (package, box, etc.) with the RFP Title clearly typed or written on the front. RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 8 of 20
  9. 9. ATTACHMENT A QUESTIONAIRE AND RESPONSE RFP# Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite QUESTIONNAIRE AND RESPONSE EXHIBIT I SECTION 1 - SOFTWARE CAPABILITIES 1. Indicate the types of clients and web availability supported by the YES NO Explanation messaging system? Check as appropriate. IMAP POP Web MAPI LDAP? Active Directory? Windows 98 Client Windows ME Client Windows 2000 Client Windows XP Client Windows Vista Client Mac Client Linux Client Web (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) support w/out having to download additional software System mobility – no reliance on storage of any kind on end-user machines to store user state and preference information (including cookies) Is the Web/Proprietary Client Unified? Can proprietary client rollout be automated or scripted for install? 2. Indicate the handheld devices that SYNCHRONIZATION METHOD support push to email, synchronization of calendar, tasks, YES NO and personal address books by the CABLE / messaging system? ONLINE / SYNCML CRADLE 3rd Party SW Req. Blackberry Treo (Windows) Treo (Palm) Other (List): 3. What message archiving and recovery features are included as YES NO Explanation part of the messaging system. Single User/Mailbox Restore RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 9 of 20
  10. 10. Inbound/Outbound Message archival Search interface for archived messages Live Backups Are retention duration intervals configurable? Does your product need to be taken offline for complete backup? 3. Indicate the messaging features included as part of the messaging YES NO Explanation system. Encrypt mail option? Return receipt option? Digital signature option? Notification of new mail (Pop up window, audio alarm, visual icon, wireless to pagers and cellphones)? Rule based filtering of messages? Reply preferences (automatic, reply all, reply sender)? Auto-reply to mail by status (all, none, urgent only)? Auto-forward and auto-redirect of local mail and/or internet mail to user-defined address (all, none, urgent only)? Send and receive multiple attachments? Double click to launch attachments? Double click to launch attachments? Ability to retract local mail sent to users on the system? Drag and drop mail into folders? Lookup from unified local user directory and mailing lists? Sort messages by name, date, type, size, subject, status (read/unread, sent/ unsent)? Default Download folder? Nested folders? 4. Indicate the message logging & tracking features included as part of YES NO Explanation the messaging system. Detailed tracking/logging of every item & service in messaging system? Automated Message removal based on age? Disk space usage reporting by user and for each user? Provides message delivery times on all items? Provides complete message history RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 10 of 20
  11. 11. tracking – documents the history of the message, identifies who created it, when it was sent, who read the message and when, as well as what the reader did with it (sent, unsent, replied, forwarded, downloaded attachments, etc.)? Provides performance matrix? 5. Indicate the Word Processing Features included as part of the YES NO Explanation messaging system. Customizable Spell Checker? Alignment of text controls? Font Style controls (bold, italics, underline, subscript, superscript, strikethrough)? Font Types, Size and Color control? Text indent controls? Support for images and backgrounds? Support for Tables? Paragraph formatting controls? Find, Edit (cut, copy, paste), Replace? Linking to internal documents and external websites? Local and network printing? 6. Indicate the Calendaring features included as part of the messaging YES NO Explanation system. Ability to create calendar event reminders? Ability to see multiple views of calendar (Day view, Week view, Month view)? Ability to attach emails and documents to calendar events? Ability to set Repeating events (daily, weekly, monthly)? Audio and visual notification of events (Pop up window, flashing icon, audio alarm)? Ability for end user to modify default calendar preferences? Provides for a School Calendar and Web Calendar which are web accessible and shared by registered calendar participants (including external users)? Shared Calendaring for Individuals? Shared Scheduling of Resources and rooms? Group scheduling of meeting appointments? RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 11 of 20
  12. 12. Ability to set customizable security levels (access permissions) on personal and shared calendars? Punch-Through calendar capability - Create a calendar and push events down to existing local personal and shared calendars? Invite participants to calendar events? Check availability and tentatively schedule invited participants? Ability to locate next available time for all participants to meet? 7. Indicate the Contact/Address Book /Distribution List features YES NO Explanation included as part of the messaging system. Create personal contacts? Create personal and shared mailing distribution lists? Create mailing distribution lists based on multiple levels of security? Create School/Department level mailing distribution lists? Create District level mailing distribution lists? Reply automatically adds sender to address book? 8. Indicate the Task features included as part of the messaging YES NO Explanation system. Group Task/assignment Scheduling? Assign priorities to each task? Assign task to another user on the system? Mark tasks complete? Choose to display or not display completed tasks on the calendar? Choose when to delete completed tasks (manual or automatic)? Sort task list by activity, priority, or status (completed / not completed)? Associate task with entry in address book? Set reminders on tasks? Ability to attach files, documents and email messages to tasks? 9. Indicate the Bookmarking Features included as part of the YES NO Explanation messaging system. RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 12 of 20
  13. 13. Create User preferred Bookmarks to Websites and Internal Documents? Create District Level Shared Bookmarks? 10. Indicate the Shared Information features included as part of the YES NO Explanation messaging system. Create public and private discussion and shared work areas with various security levels (access permissions)? Ability to set user based and group based security levels (access permissions) on all private and public discussion and shared work areas? Group collaboration areas or conferences? Threaded discussion areas? Real-time message delivery and updates? Ability to gateway discussion areas with external users of the same system? Podcasting? Blogging? 11. Indicate the Instant Messaging features included as part of the YES NO Explanation messaging system. Internal Integrated Instant Messaging? Live communication? Moderated Instant Message capability w/ hand-raising functionality? Enable catch up on discussion functionality on moderated instant message session? Whiteboard functionality? Document sharing functionality? Push to Talk Capability? Word processor functionality w/ images? Support for attachments and links? Capable of logging and archiving instant messages and activity? 12. Indicate the Personal Webpage Creation Capabilities included as YES NO Explanation part of the messaging system. Create personal end user webpage for homework assignments, etc? Share calendar via webpagge? Blogging Webpage? Podcasting Webpage? RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 13 of 20
  14. 14. Set District/School based preferences? 13. Indicate the Support for Document Workflow included as part YES NO Explanation of the messaging system. Support for shared document libraries based on security permissions? Ability to create custom forms/templates for information processing and forwarding? Synchronous Document Creation, Edits and Management 14. Indicate the Support Work Offline included as part of the YES NO Explanation messaging system. Compose mail offline when internet connection is down or bandwidth is limited? 15. Indicate the Customization Capabilities included as part of the YES NO Explanation messaging system. User and administrator customizable desktop interface and personalized background graphics? Editable user preferences such as personal identification information? Custom access permissions on electronic mail, folders, document stores, calendars, discussion boards, contact lists? Customizable toolbars? Customizable pages accessed by web browser? 16. Indicate the Security Methodologies included as part of YES NO Explanation the messaging system. Support for Anti-virus? Anti-Spam filtering at both Administrator and User Levels? Anti-Spam filtering at both Administrator and User Levels? Support for Administrative and User Level security settings on personal and district/school content (messaging, discussion boards, calendaring, address books, mail lists, bookmarking, document libraries)? 17. Indicate the Client Installation YES NO Explanation Methodologies included as part of RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 14 of 20
  15. 15. the messaging system. Freely distributable client? User installable client? User initiated client updates? Push down installation by Administrator? 18. Indicate the Centralized & Remote Administration included as YES NO Explanation part of the messaging system. Administration of school related ahared discussion groups by IT support staff? Administrator access and management capability of all private and shared discussion groups, calendars, mailboxes, contact lists, bookmarks, webpages, etc.? Capable of automatic administration linking to HR (CSI) and Student (SASI) management systems? ODBC integration and applications? Centralized storage of user data and messages? Administrator able to manage individual mailbox sizes? Alert users when mailbox space is low? Email Retention / Archiving capability? Ability to restore individual mailboxes from archive or backup device? Auto-archive messaging capability? 19. Indicate the Supported Server YES NO Explanation Operating System. Windows 2000/2003 Server? Linux Server? Support for 1,500 users scalable to 10,000 users Other (List): What active directory domain service/schema is required? RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 15 of 20
  16. 16. 20. Indicate the Proposed System Response Data Software Name Date of original Release Current Production Release Number Date of Current Production Release Release Date of Proposed Sofware if not current Production? Approximate number in use (All versions) Approximate number in use (Proposed Release) How long will you support a particular version of the software before upgrading is mandatory? SECTION 2. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Hardware Requirements: Response Recommended Number and type of server(s) to support 1500 users (scalable to 10000 users) Memory Requirements to support 1500 users (scalable to 10000 users) Storage Requirements to support 1500 users (scalable to 10000 users) OS and Software Requirements to support 1500 users (scalable to 10000 users) Archiving Hardware Requirements to support 1500 users (scalable to 10000 users) RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 16 of 20
  17. 17. SECTION 3. COMPANY PROFILE 1. Provide a company profile for the publisher of the software as well as the provider of the software if different. Include: Date of incorporation or date established; history of acquisiton or mergers; number of employees; product focus; geographic focus (state, local, national, regional); volume of sales for last fiscal year. 2. Reference: Provide a minimum of four clients for which you have installed a comparable system being proposed. Include, company name, city, state, contact name, phone number, and email address, project value, and project date completed. Preference is for k12 clients within the State of Florida. 1. Client Name: City, State: Contact Name: Phone Number: Project Value/Completion Date: 2. Client Name: City, State: Contact Name: Phone Number: Project Value/Completion Date: 3. Client Name: City, State: Contact Name: Phone Number: Project Value/Completion Date: 4. Client Name: City, State: Contact Name: Phone Number: Project Value/Completion Date: RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 17 of 20
  18. 18. SECTION 4. GENERAL 1. The District currently is using iMail by IPSwitch and Outlook connection via IMAP and POP. Discuss the options available for migration to your product. Are there any additional costs associated with this migration? 2. Describe your testing methods and company policy of guaranteeing interoperability between hardware and software. 3. Describe your product's ability to scale in the event that the application performance requirements increase beyond the current proposed levels. Define any limitations. 4. Comment on your products ability to be reconfigured to meet changing business conditions such as mailbox size, retention requirements, spikes in demand, etc. RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 18 of 20
  19. 19. 5. Describe your proactive system monitoring and service procedures. Include associated incremental pricing. 6. Describe a typical implementation schedule with tentative timing and describe what services are included with this proposal as part of your On-Site Installation Support. RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 19 of 20
  20. 20. SECTION 5. TOTAL HARDWARE PROPOSAL COST For evaluation purposes, 1500 users will be used. 1. Server Proposal: Manufacturer / Model Proposed: $ Number of Servers Proposed: $ Operating System Proposed: $ (If OS is not Windows, indicate Cost) Backup Mechanism Proposed: $ Backup Software Proposed: $ TOTAL COST FOR HARDWARE PLATFORM: $ SECTION 6. TOTAL SOFTWARE PROPOSAL COST For evaluation purposes, 1500 users will be used. Payments to be made annually based on actual number of users. 1. Perpetual Software License (Cost per License including first year support/maintenance): 1500 Users YR 1 $ YR 2 Incremental Cost to add 500 $ Licenses (Cost per License): YR 3 $ YR 4 $ $ YR 5 $ 2. Software Support / Maintenance (Cost per License): YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR 5 2000 - 2500 Users $ $ $ $ 2500 - 3000 Users $ $ $ $ 3000 - 3500 Users $ $ $ $ 3500 - 4000 Users $ $ $ $ 4000 - 4500 Users $ $ $ $ 4500 Users or More $ $ $ $ 3. On Site Installation Support: Cost per Day(Includes all expenses): $ Est. Number of Days Required/ $ Included: 4. On-Site Training: Cost per Day(Includes all expenses): $ Est. Number of Days Required/ $ Included: TOTAL PROJECTED COST FOR 1,500 USERS OVER 5 YEARS: $ RFP: Email Messaging / Collaboration Platform Suite 20 of 20