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ag webdesign

  1. 1. agwebdesign passion for the web AG Webdesign Warande 145 3705 ZL Zeist +31 (06) 48785968 Request for proposal Introduction Thanks for taking the time to download this form. We hope it helps you in thinking about what you’re looking for, and easier for both parties in getting the discussion going. Please note that you are not required to fill out each and every question in this survey—just the ones you think are important. Do know that the more information you supply us with the more detailed and accurate proposal we’ll be able to return. How to return this form You can send us your answers in a simple text file, using e-mail or printed via regular mail. Send your request in any form you like to: AG Webdesign Warande 145 3705 ZL Zeist The Netherlands If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let us know. Warande 145, 3705 ZL Zeist • KvK: 18079155 • BTW: NL1821.12.998.B01 •
  2. 2. agwebdesign • The form About you 1. Name: Arjan van der Gaag 2. Title: Web developer 3. Organisation: AG Webdesign 4. E-mail: 5. Phone: +31 (013) 4558968 About your company 1. Could you briefly describe your primary business? To design, develop and maintain successful websites for small businesses and individuals 2. What are some of your most important competitors, and what are their website’s URLs? Example company name, 3. What is it that you do differently from your competitors? We are small and agile and take a holistic approach to webdesign. We work fast and structured. 4. What is the primary target audience for your website? Entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners, typically male, aged between 20-35. Internet experience ranges from none at all to fairly advanced. Warande 145, 3705 ZL Zeist • KvK: 18079155 • BTW: NL1821.12.998.B01 •
  3. 3. agwebdesign • 5. What feeling, using simple adjectives, should your website and its brand convey? Friendly, approachable, professional, open, dynamic and trustworthy. About your website 1. What problem should your website solve for its visitors? It should help people come to get in contact with us and it should display what we have done in the past, so people know if we’re the right partner for their next project. 2. What problem should your website solve for your business? It should convince customers to, after hearing from us via word-of-mouth, actually contact us and pick us for their next project. 3. Do you have an existing website; if so, what is it's URL? 4. If you have a site already, what does it do well? 5. If you have a site already, where does it fail? 6. When will you consider your website a success when you look at after 12 months? When its weblog RSS-feed has attracted some 50 subscribers and when at least 10 percent of its total unique visitors actually choose to contact us. About this project 1. What do you require from our proposal? I would like a basic cost indication, a proposed project timeline and a description of your project approach. I’d also like something about copywriting services and the possibility of a fixed project price in contrast to an per-hour basis. 2. Do you have a strict deadline for this project, and if so, when is it? The site must be live by August 17, 2006. 3. Do you have a strict budget for this project, and if so, what is it? Our maximum spending budget is € 1500,-, including domain name registration, hosting set-up and stock-photography. 4. Do you already have all the text and imagery to be used available? We have about 70 percent of all copy ready. The rest and the custom photography need to be produced. Warande 145, 3705 ZL Zeist • KvK: 18079155 • BTW: NL1821.12.998.B01 •
  4. 4. agwebdesign • Technicalities 1. What are your technical requirements, if any? We require the website to be double-A compliant with accessibility guidelines. It will run on an Apache webserver with PHP4 installed, no PHP5. 2. What is the approximate target size of the website? About 7 carefully designed individual pages and a series of documents and files managed via a CMS. 3. Do you already use, or wish to start using, a Content Management System; if so: which one? We currently use no CMS but would like to introduce one. We have no idea which one. 4. Do you require ‘special’ features such as a photo album, a discussion forum or an online store? We would like to include a discussion forum so our clients can discuss our latest products. Additional comments and notes 1. Is there anything else you think we should know about this project? We are in a bit of rush, so could you please get back to us within 48 hours? Thanks! Warande 145, 3705 ZL Zeist • KvK: 18079155 • BTW: NL1821.12.998.B01 •