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  1. 1. INTEGRATED WEB PAYMENT SOLUTION REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS DECEMBER 1, 2005 Proposal number: RFP IT205 Proposal due: 4:30PM Pacific Time January 17, 2006 Submit Responses to: The Evergreen State College Attn: Purchasing Office RFP IT205 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW Olympia, WA 98505
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Vendor’s RFP Checklist.............................................................................2 Schedule of Events.....................................................................................4 Section 1: Project Overview and Instructions.........................................5 1.0 Project Overview..................................................................................................5 1.1 Contract Term.......................................................................................................5 1.2 Single Point of Contact.........................................................................................5 1.3 Required Review..................................................................................................5 1.4 Mandatory Pre-Proposal Telephone Conference Call...........................................6 1.5 General Requirements..........................................................................................6 1.6 Submitting a Proposal...........................................................................................7 1.7 Cost of Preparing a Proposal................................................................................7 Section 2: RFP Standard Information......................................................8 2.0 Authority...............................................................................................................8 2.1 Vendor Competition..............................................................................................8 2.2 Receipt of Proposals and Public Inspection..........................................................8 2.3 Classification and Evaluation of Proposals...........................................................9 2.4 Evergreen’s Rights Reserved.............................................................................10 2.5 Vendor Debriefing Conference...........................................................................11 2.6 Vendor Protests..................................................................................................11 Section 3: Scope of Project.....................................................................14 3.0 Purpose and Overview.......................................................................................14 3.1 Background........................................................................................................15 3.2 Technical System Requirements........................................................................15 3.3 Regulatory Compliance Requirements...............................................................18 3.4 Administrative Tool Requirements......................................................................18 3.5 Functionality Requirements................................................................................19 3.6 Training Requirements.......................................................................................21 3.7 Maintenance and Support Requirements............................................................22 3.8 Scalability and Extendibility Requirements.........................................................22 3.9 Eligibility of Other Institutions to Purchase..........................................................22 3.10 Additional Information.........................................................................................22 Section 4: Vendor Qualifications............................................................24 4.0 Evergreen’s Right to Investigate and Reject.......................................................24 4.1 Vendor Informational Requirements...................................................................24 Section 5: Cost Proposal.........................................................................25 5.0 Cost Proposal.....................................................................................................25 5.1 Cost Proposal Detail...........................................................................................25 5.2 Consultant Rates for Consulting Services...........................................................26 Section 6: Evaluation Criteria.................................................................27 6.0 Evaluation Criteria..............................................................................................27 Appendix A - Standard and Special Terms and Conditions..................30 Appendix B - Contract..............................................................................43 RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 1
  3. 3. VENDOR’S RFP CHECKLIST The 10 Most Critical Things to Keep in Mind When Responding to an RFP for the Evergreen State College 1. _______ Read the entire document. Note critical items such as: mandatory requirements; supplies/services required; submittal dates; number of copies required for submittal; funding amount and source; contract requirements (i.e., contract performance security, insurance requirements, performance and/or reporting requirements, etc.). 2. _______ Note the procurement officer's name, address, phone numbers and e-mail address. This is the only person you are allowed to communicate with regarding the RFP and is an excellent source of information for any questions you may have. 3. _______ Attend the pre-proposal conference if one is offered. These conferences provide an opportunity to ask clarifying questions, obtain a better understanding of the project, or to notify Evergreen of any ambiguities, inconsistencies, or errors in the RFP. 4. _______ Take advantage of the “question and answer” period. Submit your questions to the procurement officer by the due date listed in the Schedule of Events and view the answers given in the formal “addenda” issued for the RFP. All addenda issued for an RFP are posted on Evergreen’s website and will include all questions asked and answered concerning the RFP. 5. _______ Follow the format required in the RFP when preparing your response. Provide point-by-point responses to all sections in a clear and concise manner. 6. _______ Provide complete answers/descriptions. Read and answer all questions and requirements. Don’t assume Evergreen or the evaluation committee will know what your company capabilities are or what items/services you can provide, even if you have previously contracted with Evergreen. This proposal is evaluated based solely on the information and materials provided in your response. 7. _______ Use the forms provided, i.e., cover page, sample budget form, certification forms, etc. 8. _______ Check Evergreen’s website for RFP addendum. Before submitting your response, check Evergreen’s website at http://www.evergreen.edu/support/rfp/IT205/ to see whether any addendum were issued for the RFP. If so, you must submit a signed cover sheet for each addendum issued along with your RFP response. 9. _______ Review and read the RFP document again to make sure that you have addressed all requirements. Your original response and the requested copies must be identical and be complete. The copies are provided to the evaluation committee members and will be used to score your response. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 2
  4. 4. 10. _______ Submit your response on time. Note all the dates and times listed in the Schedule of Events and within the document, and be sure to submit all required items on time. Late proposal responses are never accepted. This checklist is provided for assistance only and should not be submitted with Vendor’s Response. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 3
  5. 5. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS EVENT .................................................................................................DATE RFP Issue Date.................................................................................................12/05/2005 Mandatory Pre-Proposal Telephone Conference Call1:00pm Pacific Time 12/12/2005 Deadline for Receipt of Written Questions...........9:00a.m. Pacific Time 12/19/2005 Posting of Written Answers to Evergreen’s Website 4:30pm Pacific Time 12/22/2005 RFP Response Due Date...........................................4:30pm Pacific Time 01/17/2006 Evaluation Committee Meeting.......................................Approximately 01/18-24/2006 Notification of Product Demonstrations (if necessary)......Approximately 01/25/2006 Product Demonstrations (if necessary).....................Approximately 01/31-02/03/2006 Notice of Intent to Award................................................................................02/07/2006 Implementation and Testing in TEST Environment.....................................04/01/2006 Go Live..............................................................................................................04/30/2006 RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 4
  6. 6. SECTION 1: PROJECT OVERVIEW AND INSTRUCTIONS 1.0 PROJECT OVERVIEW The Evergreen State College (Evergreen), a State of Washington College, is seeking a contractor to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated multi-user electronic Web-payment system solution, to include installation, configuration, training, and maintenance, which will allow real-time authorization of secure credit card and debit card payments via the Internet and enable electronic check (E-check) payments via the internet. The proposed system must also be fully integrated with Evergreen’s SunGard SCT Banner administrative information system. This system must be hosted on the Vendor’s system and accessed via a web link from Evergreen’s Web Site. All credit card, debit card, and electronic check transactions are to be entered and processed at the Vendor’s web site with interaction with student accounts in Banner occurring in real time. A more complete description of the services sought for this project is provided in Section 3, Scope of Project. Proposals submitted in response to this solicitation must comply with the instructions and procedures contained herein. 1.1 CONTRACT TERM The contract term is for a period beginning approximately March 1, 2006, and ending June 30, 2009. Renewals of the contract, by mutual agreement of both parties, may be made for additional two-year periods, or any interval that is advantageous to Evergreen, not to exceed a total of fifteen years, at the option of Evergreen. 1.2 SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT From the date this Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued until a contract is awarded and signed, Vendors are not allowed to communicate with any Evergreen staff or officials regarding this procurement, except at the direction of Marshall Robinson, the IT Buyer in charge of the solicitation. Any unauthorized contact may disqualify the Vendor from further consideration. Contact information for the single point of contact is as follows: Marshall Robinson C.P.M. Information Technology Buyer The Evergreen State College Room L1402 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW Olympia, WA 98505 360-867-5068 Voice 360-867-6660 Fax robinsgm@evergreen.edu 1.3 REQUIRED REVIEW 1.3.1 Review RFP. Vendors should carefully review the instructions, mandatory requirements, specifications, standard terms and conditions, and contract set out in this RFP and promptly notify the IT Buyer identified above in writing or via e-mail of any ambiguity, inconsistency, unduly restrictive specifications, or error which they discover upon examination of this RFP. This should include any terms or requirements within the RFP that either preclude the Vendor from responding to the RFP or add unnecessary cost. This notification must be accompanied by an explanation and suggested modification and be received by the deadline for RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 5
  7. 7. receipt of written or e-mailed inquiries set forth below. Evergreen will make any final determination of changes to the RFP. 1.3.2 Form of Questions. Vendors with questions or requiring clarification or interpretation of any section within this RFP must address these questions in writing, preferably via e-mail, to the IT Buyer referenced above on or before 9:00a.m. Pacific Time, Monday, December 19, 2005. Each question must provide clear reference to the section, page, and item in question. Questions received after the deadline may not be considered. 1.3.3 Evergreen’s Answers. Evergreen will provide an official written answer by 4:30pm Pacific Time Thursday, December 22, 2005, to all questions received by 9:00a.m. Pacific Time, Monday, December 19, 2005. Evergreen’s response will be by formal written addendum. Any other form of interpretation, correction, or change to this RFP will not be binding upon Evergreen. Any formal written addendum will be posted on Evergreen’s website alongside the posting of the RFP at http://www.evergreen.edu/support/rfp/IT205/ Vendors must sign and return any addendum with their RFP response. 1.4 MANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL TELEPHONE CONFERENCE CALL A mandatory Pre-Proposal Telephone Conference Call will be conducted on Monday, December 12, 2005, at 1p.m. Pacific Time. Vendors may request a waiver of this mandatory requirement by contacting the IT Buyer 24 hours in advance. Vendors may use this opportunity to ask clarifying questions or obtain a better understanding of the project or to notify Evergreen of any ambiguity, inconsistency, or error, which they may discover upon examination of this RFP. All responses to questions at the Pre-Proposal Conference will be oral and in no way binding on Evergreen. To participate in the conference call (877) 816-2133 and enter the conference guest number 31154 as directed. 1.5 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 1.5.1 Acceptance of Standard and Special Terms and Conditions/Contract. By submitting a response to this RFP, Vendor agrees to acceptance of the standard and special terms and conditions and contract as set out in this RFP and Appendices. Much of the language included in the standard and special terms and conditions and contract reflects requirements of Washington law. Requests for additions or exceptions to the standard or special terms and conditions, contract terms, including any necessary licenses, or any added provisions must be received by the IT Buyer referenced above by the date/time for receipt of written/e- mailed questions and must be accompanied by an explanation of why the exception is being sought and what specific effect it will have on the Vendor’s ability to respond to the RFP or perform the contract. Evergreen reserves the right to address non-material requests for exceptions with the highest scoring Vendor during contract negotiation. Any material exceptions requested and granted to the standard or special terms and conditions and contract language will be addressed in any formal written addendum issued for this RFP and will apply to all Vendors submitting a response to this RFP. Evergreen will make any final determination of changes to the standard and/or special terms and conditions and/or contract. 1.5.2 Resulting Contract. This RFP and any addenda, the Vendor’s RFP response, including any amendments, a best and final offer, and any clarification question responses shall be included in any resulting contract. Evergreen’s contract, attached as Appendix B, contains the contract terms and conditions which will form the basis of any contract between Evergreen and the awarded Vendor. In the event of a dispute as to the duties and responsibilities of the RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 6
  8. 8. parties under this contract, the contract, along with any attachments prepared by Evergreen, will govern in the same order of precedence as listed in the contract. 1.5.3 Mandatory Requirements. To be eligible for consideration, a Vendor must meet all mandatory requirements. RFP responses that do not meet all mandatory requirements listed in this RFP will be deemed non-responsive. 1.5.4 Understanding of Specifications and Requirements. By submitting a response to this RFP, Vendor agrees to an understanding of and compliance with the specifications and requirements described in this RFP. 1.5.5 Prime Contractor/Subcontractors. The awarded Vendor will be the prime contractor if a contract is awarded and shall be responsible, in total, for all work of any subcontractors. All subcontractors, if any, must be listed in the proposal. Evergreen reserves the right to approve all subcontractors. The Contractor shall be responsible to Evergreen for the acts and omissions of all subcontractors or agents and of persons directly or indirectly employed by such subcontractors, and for the acts and omissions of persons employed directly by the Contractor. Further, nothing contained within this document or any contract documents created as a result of any contract awards derived from this RFP shall create any contractual relationships between any subcontractor and Evergreen. 1.5.6 Vendor’s Signature. The proposal must be signed in ink by an individual authorized to legally bind the business submitting the proposal. The Vendor’s signature on a proposal in response to this RFP guarantees that the offer has been established without collusion and without effort to preclude Evergreen from obtaining the best possible supply or service. Proof of authority of the person signing the RFP response must be furnished upon request. 1.5.7 Offer in Effect for 120 Days. A proposal may not be modified, withdrawn or canceled by the Vendor for a 120-day period following the deadline for proposal submission as defined in the Schedule of Events, or receipt of best and final offer, if required, and Vendor so agrees in submitting the proposal. 1.6 SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL 1.6.1 Organization of Proposal. Vendors must organize their proposal into sections that follow the format of this RFP, with tabs separating each section. A point-by-point response to all numbered sections, subsections, and appendices is required. If no explanation or clarification is required in the Vendor’s response to a specific subsection, the Vendor shall indicate so in the point-by-point response or utilize a blanket response for the entire section with the following statement: “(Vendor’s Name)” understands and will comply. 1.6.2 Failure to Comply with Instructions. Vendors failing to comply with these instructions will be deemed non-responsive. Evergreen may also choose, at it’s sole option, to not evaluate, may deem non-responsive, and/or may disqualify from further consideration any proposals that are difficult to understand, are difficult to read, or are missing any requested information. 1.6.3 Multiple Proposals. Vendors may, at their option, submit multiple proposals, in which case each proposal shall be evaluated as a separate document. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 7
  9. 9. 1.6.4 Copies Required and Deadline for Receipt of Proposals. Vendors must submit one (1) original proposal and four (4) copies to Evergreen. Proposals MUST BE SEALED AND LABELED on the outside of the package to clearly indicate that they are in response to RFP IT205. Proposals must be received at Evergreen’s Purchasing Office prior to 4:30 p.m., Pacific Time, Tuesday, January 17, 2006. Send Proposals to: The Evergreen State College Attn: Purchasing Office RFP IT205 2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW Olympia, WA 98505 1.6.5 Late Proposals. Regardless of cause, late proposals will not be accepted and will automatically be disqualified from further consideration. It shall be the Vendor’s sole risk to assure delivery at the Purchasing Office by the designated time. Late proposals will not be opened and may be returned to the Vendor at the expense of the Vendor or destroyed if requested. 1.7 COST OF PREPARING A PROPOSAL 1.7.1 Evergreen Not Responsible for Preparation Costs. The costs for developing and delivering responses to this RFP and any subsequent presentations of the proposal as requested by Evergreen are entirely the responsibility of the Vendor. Evergreen is not liable for any expense incurred by the Vendor in the preparation and presentation of their proposal or any other costs incurred by the Vendor prior to execution of a contract. 1.7.2 All Timely Submitted Materials Become Evergreen Property. All materials submitted in response to this RFP become the property of Evergreen and are to be appended to any formal documentation, which would further define or expand any contractual relationship between Evergreen and Vendor resulting from this RFP process. SECTION 2: RFP STANDARD INFORMATION 2.0 AUTHORITY This RFP is issued under the authority of Chapter 43.105 RCW. The RFP process is a procurement option allowing the award to be based on stated evaluation criteria. The RFP states the relative importance of all evaluation criteria. No other evaluation criteria, other than as outlined in the RFP, will be used. 2.1 VENDOR COMPETITION Evergreen encourages free and open competition among Vendors. Whenever possible, Evergreen will design specifications, proposal requests, and conditions to accomplish this objective, consistent with the necessity to satisfy Evergreen’s need to procure technically sound, cost-effective services and supplies. 2.2 RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS AND PUBLIC INSPECTION RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 8
  10. 10. 2.2.1 Public Information. All information received in response to this RFP, including copyrighted material, is deemed public information and will be made available for public viewing and copying upon completion of the RFP process. Any documents or information which the vendor believes is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Chapter 42.17.310 RCW shall be clearly identified by vendor and placed in a separate envelope marked with proposal number, vendor's name, and the words "proprietary data" along with a statement of the basis for such claim of exemption. Evergreen's sole responsibility shall be limited to maintaining the above data in a secure area and to notify vendor of any request(s) for disclosure within a period of five (5) years from date of award. Failure to so label such materials or failure to provide a timely response after notice of request for public disclosure has been given shall be deemed a waiver by the vendor of any claim that such materials are, in fact, so exempt. An assertion by a vendor that an entire volume of its proposal is exempt from disclosure will not be honored. 2.2.2 Procurement Officer Review of Proposals. Upon opening the proposals received in response to this RFP, the procurement officer in charge of the solicitation will review the proposals and separate out any information that meets the referenced exceptions in Section 2.2.1 above, providing the following conditions have been met: • Confidential information is clearly marked and separated from the rest of the proposal. • The proposal does not contain confidential material in the cost or price section. Information separated out under this process will be available for review only by the procurement officer, the evaluation committee members, and limited other designees. Vendors must be prepared to pay all legal costs and fees associated with defending a claim for confidentiality in the event of a “right to know” (open records) request from another party. 2.3 CLASSIFICATION AND EVALUATION OF PROPOSALS 2.3.1 Initial Classification of Proposals as Responsive or Nonresponsive. All proposals will initially be classified as either “responsive” or “nonresponsive”. Proposals may be found nonresponsive any time during the evaluation process or contract negotiation if any of the required information is not provided; the submitted price is found to be excessive or inadequate as measured by criteria stated in the RFP; or the proposal is not within the plans and specifications described and required in the RFP. If a proposal is found to be nonresponsive, it will not be considered further. 2.3.2 Determination of Responsibility. The procurement officer will determine whether a Vendor has met the standards of responsibility. Such a determination may be made at any time during the evaluation process and through contract negotiation if information surfaces that would result in a determination of nonresponsibility. If a Vendor is found nonresponsible, the determination must be in writing, made a part of the procurement file and mailed to the affected Vendor. 2.3.3 Evaluation of Proposals. The evaluation committee will evaluate the remaining proposals and recommend whether to award the contract to the highest scoring Vendor or, if necessary, to seek discussion/negotiation or a best and final offer in order to determine the highest scoring Vendor. All responsive proposals will be evaluated based on stated evaluation criteria. In scoring against stated criteria, Evergreen may consider such factors as accepted industry standards and a comparative evaluation of all other qualified RFP responses in terms of differing price, quality, and contractual factors. These scores will be used to determine the most advantageous offering to Evergreen. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 9
  11. 11. 2.3.4 Completeness of Proposals. Selection and award will be based on the Vendor’s proposal and other items outlined in this RFP. Submitted responses may not include references to information located elsewhere, such as Internet websites or libraries, unless specifically requested. Information or materials presented by Vendors outside the formal response or subsequent discussion/negotiation or “best and final offer,” if requested, will not be considered, will have no bearing on any award, and may result in the Vendor being disqualified from further consideration. 2.3.5 Opportunity for Discussion/Negotiation and/or Oral Presentation/Product Demonstration. After receipt of all proposals and prior to the determination of the award, Evergreen may initiate discussions with one or more Vendors should clarification or negotiation be deemed necessary. Vendors may also be required to make an oral presentation and/or product demonstration to clarify their RFP response or to further define their offer. In either case, Vendors should be prepared to send qualified personnel to Evergreen to discuss technical and contractual aspects of the proposal. Oral presentations and product demonstrations, if requested, shall be at the Vendor’s expense. 2.3.6 Best and Final Offer. If additional information is required to make a final decision, Vendors may be contacted asking that they submit their “best and final offer,” which must include any and all discussed and/or negotiated changes. Evergreen reserves the right to request a “best and final offer” for this RFP, if any, based on price/cost alone. 2.3.7 Evaluation Committee Recommendation for Contract Award. The evaluation committee will provide a recommendation for contract award to the IT Buyer. 2.3.8 Notice of Intent to Award. Upon concurrence with the evaluation committee’s recommendation for contract award, the IT Buyer will issue a “Notice of Intent to Award” to all vendors who responded naming the highest scoring Vendor and Evergreen’s intent to start contract negotiations. Receipt of the “Notice of Intent to Award” does not constitute a contract and no work may begin until a contract signed by all parties is in place. 2.3.9 Contract Negotiation. Upon issuance of the “Notice of Intent to Award,” IT Buyer and/or Evergreen representatives may begin contract negotiation with the responsive and responsible Vendor whose proposal achieves the highest score and is, therefore, the most advantageous to Evergreen. If contract negotiation is unsuccessful or the highest scoring Vendor fails to provide necessary documents or information in a timely manner, or fails to negotiate in good faith, Evergreen may terminate negotiations and begin negotiations with the next highest scoring Vendor. 2.3.10 Contract Award. Contract award, if any, will be made to the highest scoring Vendor who provides all required documents and successfully completes contract negotiation. A formal contract utilizing the Contract attached as Appendix B and incorporating the Standard and Special Terms and Conditions attached as Appendix A will be executed by all parties. 2.4 EVERGREEN’S RIGHTS RESERVED While Evergreen has every intention to award a contract as a result of this RFP, issuance of the RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by Evergreen to award and execute a contract. Upon a determination such actions would be in its best interest, Evergreen, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to: • Amend, reissue, cancel or terminate this RFP; RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 10
  12. 12. • Reject any or all proposals received in response to this RFP; • Waive any undesirable, inconsequential, or inconsistent provisions of this RFP which would not have significant impact on any proposal; • Not award if it is in the best interest of Evergreen not to proceed with contract execution; or • If awarded, terminate any contract if Evergreen determines adequate funds are not available. 2.5 Vendor Debriefing Vendors of unsuccessful proposals may, within three (3) business days of the announcement of the Successful Vendor, request a meeting for debriefing and discussion of their proposals. The request must be submitted via email to the IT Buyer and received within three (3) business days of the announcement. Comparisons between proposals or evaluations of other vendor’s proposals will not be allowed. Evergreen will attempt to respond to questions and concerns in this debriefing. 2.6 Vendor Protests Resolution of Complaints and Protests Complaints A complaint may be made before a vendor responds to a solicitation document if the vendor believes that the document unduly constrains competition or contains inadequate or improper criteria. The written complaint must be made to Evergreen before the due date of the solicitation response. Evergreen solicitation process may, however, continue. Evergreen must immediately forward a copy of the complaint to the policy and planning unit of the Department of Information Services (DIS). Evergreen must also reply to the vendor with a proposed solution and advise DIS of its reply. If the vendor rejects Evergreen’s proposed solution, DIS may direct modification of solicitation requirements or the schedule, direct withdrawal of the solicitation, or may take other steps that it finds appropriate. The DIS decision is final; no further administrative appeal is available. Protests Grounds For Protest Protests may be made after Evergreen announces the apparently successful vendor and after the protesting vendor has had a debriefing conference with Evergreen. Protests may be made on only these grounds: • Arithmetic errors were made in computing the score. • Evergreen failed to follow procedures established in the solicitation document, the IT Investment Policy, the IT Investment Standards, or applicable state or federal laws or regulations. • There was bias, discrimination, or conflict of interest on the part of an evaluator. Protest Process A Protest is initially made to Evergreen. The protest letter must be signed by a person authorized to bind the vendor to a contractual relationship. Evergreen must receive the written protest within five business days after the debriefing conference and must, in turn, immediately notify DIS of receipt of the protest. It must also postpone further steps in the acquisition process until the protest has been resolved. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 11
  13. 13. Protests must be delivered in writing within five (5) business days after the debriefing conference to: The Evergreen State College Attn: Kathleen Haskett Purchasing Manager L1125 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, WA 98505 Individuals not involved in the protested acquisition will objectively review the written protest material submitted by the vendor and all other relevant facts known to Evergreen. Evergreen must deliver its written decision to the protesting vendor within five business days after receiving the protest, unless more time is needed. The protesting vendor will be notified if additional time is necessary. If the protesting vendor is not satisfied with Evergreen’s decision, it may appeal. Appeal is made to DIS unless the acquisition requires Information Services Board (ISB) approval. The ISB appeal process is discussed below, after discussion of the DIS appeal process. Written notice of appeal to DIS must be received by DIS within five business days after the vendor receives notification of Evergreen's decision. In conducting its review, DIS will consider all available relevant facts. DIS will resolve the appeal in one of the following ways: • Find that the protest lacks merit and upholding Evergreen's action. • Find only technical or harmless errors in Evergreen's acquisition process, determining Evergreen to be in substantial compliance, and rejecting the protest; or • Find merit in the protest and provide options to Evergreen, including: • Correcting errors and reevaluating all proposals; • Reissuing the solicitation document; or • Making other findings and determining other courses of action as appropriate. DIS will issue a written decision within five business days after receipt of the notice of appeal, unless more time is needed. The protesting vendor will be notified if additional time is necessary. DIS’ determination is final; no further administrative appeal is available. If a protest arises from an acquisition that requires ISB approval, the vendor may appeal to the Chair of the ISB if it is not satisfied with Evergreen’s decision. Written notice of appeal must be received by the Chair of the ISB within five business days after the vendor received notification of Evergreen’s decision. The protesting vendor does not first appeal to DIS. The Chair of the ISB will establish procedures to resolve the appeal. The resulting decision is final; no further administrative appeal is available. Form and Content A written protest must contain the facts and arguments upon which the protest is based and must be signed by a person authorized to bind the vendor to a contractual relationship. At a minimum, this must include: • The name of the protesting vendor, its mailing address and phone number, and the name of the individual responsible for submission of the protest. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 12
  14. 14. • Information about the acquisition and the acquisition method and name of the issuing agency. • Specific and complete statement of the agency action(s) protested. • Specific reference to the grounds for the protest. • Description of the relief or corrective action requested. • A copy of the issuing agency's written decision on the protest, for appeals to the ISB or to DIS. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 13
  15. 15. SECTION 3: SCOPE OF PROJECT 3.0 PURPOSE AND OVERVIEW The Evergreen State College is seeking a Vendor to provide a turn key comprehensive and fully integrated multi-user electronic payment system solution, hosted by the Vendor, which will allow real time authorization of secure credit card and debit card payments and processing of electronic check (E-check) payments that are fully integrated with the SunGard SCT Banner (currently Version 7.X) Web for student applications in real time. The proposed system shall consist of the necessary web sites, interfaces and credit card clearinghouse communications, using Evergreen Merchant numbers, for the purpose of: • Providing secure web information and transaction access for students and their designee to make payment on account balances resulting from tuition, fees, housing, and other charges, as well as make pre-payment of certain charges, with all credit card, debit card and E-check transactions entered and processed on the Vendor’s web site and data passing electronically in real time to the student’s account in US Dollars; and • The future option of providing web-payment functionality for other business unit web applications including but not limited to conference services, bookstore, etc. The system must have proven production interfaces with the SunGard SCT Banner Administration Information System (“Banner AIS”) currently hosted on a common College-supported network running on Hewlett Packard Open VMS V7.3 System functionality must include the ability to accept any payment, including pre-payment, on student accounts receivable balances, via credit card, debit card, or E-check with real time authorization of the credit card, debit card and E-check processing and real time update to the Evergreen Banner AIS. Web payment is new functionality for Evergreen’s tuition, fees and housing collections, although many credit card payments are currently processed manually, via mail, telephone, or fax. Certain other areas of Evergreen use third-party processors to provide web payment functionality. While it is the intention that all Evergreen web credit card payments eventually use the solution sought in this Request for Proposal, Evergreen in no way guarantees that the volume of credit card transactions currently processed via credit card (web or otherwise) will translate to an equal volume of web credit card transactions using the proposed solution. It is estimated that the web-payment solution for basic tuition, fees and housing will be implemented across the Evergreen campuses, at the earliest, in April, 2006. 3.0.1 Project Goals Vendor should provide statements indicating that the Vendor understands the project goals. Provide secure credit card, debit card, and E-check payment services for student tuition and fees over the web. Provide a convenient method of payment for students and parents. Provide a credit card, debit card, and E-check payment system on the web for student tuition and fees that will look and feel like the existing Evergreen web presence. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 14
  16. 16. The new system shall be fully integrated with SunGard SCT Banner functionality, i.e. self-service. Provide a seamless interface with SunGard SCT Banner Suite using non- proprietary technology to transmit data in batch and real time modes. Receive added value from the successful Vendor in exchange for marketing and showcasing the selected product. 3.0.2 Project Objectives Vendor should provide statements indicating understanding of the project objectives. Acceptance of, at a minimum, Visa and MasterCard credit card, debit card, and E-check payments over the web. Vendor provides a permanent, functional interface with SunGard SCT Banner for payment transactions. Provide other business units on campus the ability to accept credit card, debit card, and E-check payments with unique customizable user interfaces. Develop a plan to manage future interface upgrades needed for SunGard SCT Banner software/hardware upgrades. Vendor assumes all risks associated with credit card, debit card, and E-check processing. All credit and debit card payments are entered and processed at the Vendor’s web site using Evergreen Merchant Numbers and a Bank of America and Vital approved credit card processor (e.g. CyberSource, Verisign, Vital Check, etc.) and gateway (e.g. Vital). All E-check payments are entered and processed at the Vendor’s web site using Evergreen’s ID and ACH payment gateway to be determined later. 3.1 BACKGROUND As part of the Washington Higher Education System, Evergreen consists of instructional campuses located in Olympia and Tacoma, Washington. It operates its administrative systems using a single instance of SunGard SCT Banner product (currently version 7.X) and utilizes the General, Finance, Accounts Receivable, Admissions, Alumni, Student and Financial Aid modules. During Fiscal Year 2004 (July 2003 to June 2004), Evergreen campuses had a total of 4,300 students enrolled and over $18 million was processed in payments for tuition and fees on students’ accounts. Credit card payments accounted for approximately $11 million (over 12,000 transactions) using credit card processing terminals. It is envisaged that providing the ability to make payments electronically via the web will offer students better service and create efficiencies across the institution. Evergreen in no way guarantees that this transaction level will translate to an equal Web-based transaction level. VENDOR MUST CONFIRM ITS UNDERSTANDING OF AND PROVIDE A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF HOW THE REQUIREMENTS CONTAINED IN SECTIONS 3.2 THROUGH 3.8 BELOW WILL BE MET. 3.2 TECHNICAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 3.2.1 Vendor Hosted Server Based Solution. Vendor must provide a Vendor hosted (Application Service Provided “ASP”) server-based solution providing web-based access to clients. The new system must support browser based access via the internet and must be RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 15
  17. 17. capable of operating through the Evergreen TCP/IP network backbone. Vendor must provide a detailed description and printed specifications for its solution. The description must include any third party product dependencies, open software licenses and restrictions. Evergreen’s existing hardware, connectivity and software is the platform and environment that is available to operate the Vendor’s solution. Any deviation required by Vendor’s solution must be specifically identified and the costs specified in Section 5 – Cost Proposal. 3.2.2 Integration with the SunGard SCT Banner Product. Vendor must provide integration with the SunGard SCT Banner Product for all areas requiring set up or infrastructure data. The Evergreen Banner AIS executes on a Hewlett Packard Open VMS (currently V7.3) operating system and uses Oracle relational database management system (currently v9.2). Web applications use Oracle Application Server 10gAS V9.04. The Vendor's solution must be able to run on any hardware, operating system and database platforms certified for use by SunGard SCT for use with the SCT Banner system. 3.2.3 Proven Product. Vendor's product must be a proven product in higher education institutions using the SunGard SCT Banner product. Interface processing provided by the Vendor must conform to the SunGard SCT programming conventions and utilize the SunGard SCT approved application program interfaces (API’s) to interface vendor’s solution with current production version of Banner. The Contractor must maintain these interfaces so as to conform to new releases of Banner and Banner’s API’s as they evolve over time. 3.2.4 Testing of Software Releases. Contractor must test software releases against new releases of the Banner product at no additional charge on a regular basis and within a reasonable time period (generally 45 days) of a Banner version release or upgrade from SunGard SCT. 3.2.5 Redundant Hot Sites for Hosting of the Payment Processing Services. Contractor will provide redundant hot sites for hosting of the payment processing services and assure seamless failover should processing services be interrupted or unavailable at the primary site. Failover is to occur with no loss of service to the institution. 3.2.6 Hours of Service. Contractor must provide services to customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with the exception for pre-announced periods for necessary system maintenance. Such pre-announced maintenance periods shall not occur during the prime processing periods of Monday through Friday, during the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Pacific Time. Contractor acknowledges that during certain periods of the calendar year students will be paying for classes, and that it is of great importance to Evergreen that the services be available to users at all times during Evergreen payment periods. Contractor agrees that the services shall be a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service and shall be up and operating and available to users 99.95% or better of the time over a period of 30 consecutive days inclusive of planned pre- announced downtime for necessary system maintenance. Failure to provide such service may be deemed a material breach in the contract. 3.2.7 Process Multiple Simultaneous Users. Vendor's system must be able to process multiple simultaneous users at all times, and provide uninterrupted service of significant volume during peak times—including weekends--during payment periods occurring at the beginning of each Quarter. 3.2.8 Elapsed Response Time. Response times greater than 5 seconds are treated as failure and count against the expectation for 99.95% availability described in section 3.2.7. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 16
  18. 18. 3.2.9 Security. Vendor certifies that it will offer, at a minimum, the following security and authorization for access to the application: a. Secure Server. All online financial transactions using the vendor’s payment- processing infrastructure are conducted through a secure server using 128- bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. This technology ensures secure data transmission and uses a standard public-and-private key encryption system that encrypts the customer’s submission of private financial data before it leaves their web browser. The data remains encrypted throughout transmission until it is safely received within the confines of the SSL at the vendor's hosted site where it is decrypted and processed. This SSL connection will exist between Customer and Contractor as well as Contractor and Evergreen. The system must provide secure method(s) for transmitting credit card, debit card, E-check and/or bank account information. b. Secure Administrative Interface. Vendor shall provide a secure administrative interface conducted through a secure server using 128-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection or equivalent (e.g. VPN, PGP). The interface will allow authenticated access and log the activity of individual Evergreen personnel to access any or all portions of the log and transaction data for auditing and accounting purposes. 3.2.10 Transaction Data Integration. Contractor must ensure that the transaction data that is integrated into the Banner product must support automated interchange of information among other campus systems at user-specified intervals to support financial transactions (e.g. Residential Management Systems, etc.). 3.2.11 Maintenance and Support Plan/Infrastructure. Vendor's system must supply maintenance and support for all interfaces required for solution’s interface with SunGard SCT Banner. 3.2.12 Implementation Plan. Vendor must have an implementation plan for delivery of the system. Vendor must provide detailed information on how the implementation of the system will be delivered including, but not limited to: 1. A project plan, 2. An implementation schedule, which incorporates the entire scope of Evergreen’s desired services, 3. A summary of proposed tasks, activities due dates and deliverables, 4. Testing support, 5. Evergreen staff and resources required. 3.2.13 Installation and Configuration Challenges. Vendor must describe the most challenging aspects of the installation and configuration of the interfaces for Evergreen. 3.2.14 Ongoing Evergreen Technical Resources. Vendor must describe the on-going Evergreen technical resources (DBA, Administrators, security maintenance, etc.) with typical job descriptions, required to support the product. 3.2.15 Integrated Web Interface. Vendor's system must have an integrated web interface, and must be accessible from locations within or outside the campus network. 3.2.16 Additional Software Auto-Load. Vendor must ensure that additional software needed (plug-ins, etc.) will be auto-loaded to the client stations. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 17
  19. 19. 3.2.17 Browser Requirements. Vendor must provide a list of Browser requirements needed to access the Vendor’s system. 3.3 REGULATORY COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS 3.3.1 Compliance with State and Federal Law. Vendor's system must meet the requirements and protect the confidentiality of personal and financial information as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) and other applicable Federal and State legislation and guidance. The system must have the ability to provide Privacy Statements indicating “rules” in compliance with VISA and MasterCard regulations such as refund policy, method/timing of charges, etc and Washington State Executive Order 00-03. 3.3.2 Security Breach Procedures. In the event of an accidental or unintentional security breach and/or data exposure Contractor will inform Evergreen within twenty-four (24) hours and allow Evergreen to communicate as appropriate. 3.3.3 Compliance with Information Security Programs. Vendor’s system must comply with various information security programs such as, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and the NACHA requirements and guidelines for risk management. Vendor must provide details of how its system complies with these requirements. 3.3.4 Audit/Accounting Control. Vendor’s system must have strong internal accounting control processes and must meet the applicable requirements for American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. and have annual external audits and compliance reviews that would allow Evergreen to rely on the integrity of these internal control systems. Since the Contractor would be a “service organization” as defined in the AICPA’s Statement on Auditing Standards for Attestation Engagements Number 70 (SAS 70) “Reports on the Processing of Transactions by Service Organizations”, the Contractor must provide, upon request, to Evergreen or Evergreen’s external auditors, such audit reports prepared by the Contractor’s independent external auditors to meet the requirements of SAS 70, and as subsequently amended by other SASs. Such audit reports must be provided at no additional cost to Evergreen. 3.4 ADMINISTRATIVE TOOL REQUIREMENTS 3.4.1 Reconciliation Reports. Contractor must provide reconciliation reports for both ACH transactions and credit/debit card transactions including, but not limited to: 1. Pending items 2. Batch summary payment types and proof that payments have been successfully deposited to bank account 3. Detailed reports to support summary report (detailed reports of application to student accounts must agree to or be reconciled with reports of amounts deposited in bank accounts) 4. Separate listing of returned items 5. Automated process to update Banner AR for returned items 6. Convenient ad hoc reporting as part of systems configuration 7. Capability to run reports using various parameters RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 18
  20. 20. In addition to confirming its understanding and providing a detailed description of how this requirement will be met, Vendor must supply examples of reports used for reconciliation and reporting purposes and describe in detail the reporting software components and any limitations (including necessity of purchasing third party software). 3.4.2 Reports Available Online. Contractor must ensure that the Reports described in section 3.4.1 will be available online for up to one year after the end of the month that the transaction occurs. 3.4.3 Report Reconciliation. If summary reports do not agree with detail reports, or if the detailed reports of application to student accounts do not agree to reports of amounts deposited to the bank, the Contractor will provide assistance in reconciling via toll free telephone Monday – Friday, 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Pacific Time. 3.4.4 Report Customization. Vendor's system should provide customization of existing reports or the ability to create new reports by system users or Evergreen IT staff. Vendor must confirm that customization is possible or, if it is not possible, describe add- on services provided by it or others that are required to produce such reports as desired. 3.4.5 Ability to Void Transactions. Vendor must describe the capability for staff to void transactions prior to settlement and whether the void can carry through to reverse payment on Banner AR. 3.4.6 User ID's and Passwords. Vendor's system must incorporate unique user ID’s and passwords for secured access providing flexible and customizable role based security down to field level including graduated levels of access (e.g. read-only, read/write, etc.). Vendor's system must also provide the ability to restrict user access for menu items, screens and fields by group, user or function. 3.4.7 Audit Trail of Transactions. Vendor's system must maintain an audit trail of transactions (e.g., amount paid, charges selected for payment, payment information) by date- time stamp, patron ID, and interactive user ID. In addition to confirming its understanding and providing a detailed description of how this requirement will be met, Vendor must describe in detail which modules/functionality provides auditing support. 3.4.8 Secure Methods/Logins. Vendor's system must provide secure methods and logins for web payments. 3.5 FUNCTIONALITY REQUIREMENTS 3.5.1 Full Integration with the SunGard SCT Banner Web for Student Application. Vendor must provide a comprehensive and fully integrated multi-user electronic payment system which will allow real time authorization of secure credit card and debit card payments that are fully integrated with the SunGard SCT Banner (currently Version 7.X) Web for Student applications. Vendor must provide a comprehensive and fully integrated multi-user electronic payment system which will allow E-check payments that are fully integrated with the SunGard SCT Banner (currently Version 7.X) Web for Student applications. 3.5.2 Examples of Customer Interaction. Vendor must supply examples of customer RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 19
  21. 21. interaction with the proposed solution in hard copy format. 3.5.3 System Functionality and Checks and Balances. Vendor must describe the system functionality for payment of student accounts receivable balances and describe the checks and balances in place to ensure accurate transmission of payments and application to individual student accounts including, but not limited to how tuition and fee payments are applied to the student's account after payment is made. Vendor must describe how refunds, including partial or late (e.g. 6 month old) refunds, are handled. Vendor must describe procedures and the process for E-checks including returned items. 3.5.4 Online Payment Capability. Vendor must describe how the online payment capability supports installment payments and/or division of payment and whether installment capability integrates with the Banner deferred installment capability. 3.5.5 System Controls. Vendor must discuss the availability of system controls to prevent erroneous payments (greater than a specified dollar amount, less than a specified dollar amount, amount different than the amount due, etc.). 3.5.6 Real-Time Authorization. Vendor must describe the system functionality for enabling secure, reliable, real-time authorization of major credit cards including but not limited to Visa and MasterCard, including bank cards, private label cards, check cards, and non-PIN debit cards with real time authorization. 3.5.7 Additional ID Checking. In addition to the cardholder name, credit card number and expiry date, the Vendor's system will provide additional identification checking i.e. 3 or 4 numeric digit security number from the back of credit cards (e.g. CVV2 (Visa), CVC2 (MasterCard)), and/or billing address verification service, to achieve lowest possible transaction charges and minimize credit card fraud. Vendor must describe how “no match or partial match” address verifications are handled. 3.5.8 Method of Update and Interface with Evergreen Banner AIS. Vendor must describe the proposed method of update and interface with the Evergreen Banner AIS. 3.5.9 Payment Capabilities. It is desirable that the Vendor's system provide payment capabilities for multiple departments within the college whereby departments are restricted to their own data and have reporting capabilities for only their department. Each department should have the capability for processing their own returns and credits including refunding to the original credit card/bank account. Describe the system functionality that provides the ability to utilize the system and clearinghouse communications to facilitate online payments for departments and/or business units of Evergreen other than the student accounts area (for example, application fee, sales on- line to register for conferences, purchase publications, etc). 3.5.10 Credit/Debit Card Acceptance. Vendor must provide a list of credit/debit cards accepted. 3.5.11 Manage Multiple Merchant ID's. Vendor must describe how the proposed system provides the ability to manage multiple merchant ID’s. 3.5.12 Direct Interface with State-Approved Vendor. Vendor's system must interface directly with current Evergreen vendor for processing (currently Bank of America and Vital for credit card payments). RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 20
  22. 22. In addition to confirming your understanding and describing your method of compliance with this requirement, Vendor must also list all the clearinghouses for which the software is certified in the event that the State of Washington or Evergreen changes vendors. 3.5.13 Rejected or Declined Payments. Vendor must describe what information the customer will receive if their credit/debit card or ACH debit were declined, how the customer will be informed, how the customer receives this information and what information Evergreen will receive for such declined transactions. 3.5.14 Third Party Authorization Process. Vendor must describe how third parties (e.g. parents, sponsors) may be authorized by the student to make payments to accounts; whether its system allows one party to apply payments to multiple accounts and multiple parties to apply payments to a single account; and describe the security of the third party payer function, including confirming that the third party payer may only view data to which access has been granted. 3.5.15 Customer Profiles. Vendor must describe its system’s ability to allow customers to create and edit their account profile, and choose whether to save a credit/debit card or bank account number in the System and describe what is included in an account profile and what is editable by the customer. Such credit/debit card or bank account number must not be stored on Evergreen’s servers. 3.5.16 Convenience Fee Charge. It is desirable that the Vendor's system have the ability to charge a convenience fee to the customer with real-time or batch update to the Evergreen Banner AIS with a separate line item notification for such fees. 3.5.17 Customizable Web Interface. Vendor's system must provide customizable web interface to allow for “branding” initiatives within the respective campuses or departments. 3.6 TRAINING REQUIREMENTS 3.6.1 Training for IT Staff/End Users. Contractor must perform training for IT support staff as well as functional end users at the Evergreen campuses, including training for upgrades, to be included within the proposed setup and/or installation cost. Vendor must also list any fees/costs for training after the initial setup and training has been done (e.g. train new employees). In addition to confirming its understanding, Vendor must describe how it will achieve this including, but not limited to: (1) method of training; (2) a training schedule and typical timeline for Evergreen IT support staff and functional users, and (3) a summary of proposed tasks, activities due dates and deliverables. 3.6.2 Provide Manuals. Contractor must provide current on-line or hard copy manuals that contain straightforward (plain-language) and graphical step-by-step instructions on use of the system. In addition to confirming its understanding, Vendor must specify whether these manuals are electronic or hard copy format, and provide a sample with its RFP response. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 21
  23. 23. 3.7 MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT REQUIREMENTS 3.7.1 Maintenance and Support System. Vendor must provide a robust and resilient system for the electronic payment solution that will be exempt from single points of failure, and that will provide essential redundant system and redundant network access such as hot- mirrored sites or hot fail-over sites to prevent service outages due to maintenance, loss of utilities including power and network as a result of a man-made or natural disaster. Evergreen expects services to be 100% available during critical times identified by Evergreen. Vendor shall provide a toll free telephone help desk to be staffed during critical hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday for use by our clients to report any problems in processing Web payments. Evergreen expects a 7X24 toll free telephone support to provide technical assistance for problem identification and resolution. 3.7.2 Maintenance/Support Information. Vendor must provide data regarding the following: 1. Average response time to help desk calls. 2. Number of clients supported. 3. Number of customers using services. 4. Length of time that the system has been distributed in a production environment. 5. Implementation procedures for each interface upgrade/update release. 6. How often (monthly average) does the system use redundancy to maintain services? 7. What is the average down time? 3.8 SCALABILITY AND EXTENDIBILITY REQUIREMENTS 3.8.1 Scalability and Extendibility. Vendor must provide detailed information regarding products, modules and services that will extend the usability and value of its e- payment solution, including but not limited to: 1. E-billing, 2. Payment plan management, 3. Electronic disbursements 4. Cashiering 5. Shopping cart functionality 3.9 Eligibility of Other Institutions to Purchase Discuss your willingness to include other Washington Institutions of Public Higher Education (WIPHE) in this process. Provide information regarding any incentive discounts or additional services that would be offered should a second institution commit to using a contract that results from this RFP within the first year of the contract. Also explain any escalating benefits that may accrue to the WIPHE members as the number of institutions using the resulting contract increases. Indicate the number of months or years by which a WIPHE institution may exercise an option to obtain these services in accordance with your proposal and any resulting contract. The terms of this opportunity will be made part of any resulting agreement. 3.10 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Vendor is invited to provide additional information that may assist Evergreen in its selection process. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 22
  24. 24. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 23
  25. 25. SECTION 4: VENDOR QUALIFICATIONS 4.0 EVERGREEN’S RIGHT TO INVESTIGATE AND REJECT Evergreen may make such investigations as deemed necessary to determine the ability of the Vendor to provide the supplies and/or perform the services specified. Evergreen reserves the right to reject any proposal if the evidence submitted by, or investigation of, the Vendor fails to satisfy Evergreen that the Vendor is properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the contract. This includes Evergreen’s ability to reject the proposal based on negative references. 4.1 VENDOR INFORMATIONAL REQUIREMENTS In determining the capabilities of a Vendor to perform the services specified herein, the following informational requirements must be met by the Vendor. The response “(Vendor’s Name) understands and will comply” may not be appropriate for this section. (Note: Each item must be thoroughly addressed. Vendors taking exception to any requirements listed in this section may be found non-responsive or be subject to point deductions.) 4.1.1 References. Vendor shall provide a minimum of five references that are using services of the type proposed in this RFP at least one (1) of which must have been installed in the past two (2) years. The references should include colleges and/or universities of a similar profile to Evergreen where the Vendor has successfully completed an implementation of a comprehensive multi-user electronic payment system which will allow real time authorization of secure credit card and E-check payments to be made via the internet, and which is fully integrated with the SCT Banner administrative information system. At a minimum, the Vendor shall provide the company name, the location where the services were provided, contact person(s), customer’s telephone number, a complete description of the service type, dates the services were provided. These references may be contacted to verify Vendor’s ability to perform the contract. Evergreen reserves the right to use any information or additional references deemed necessary to establish the ability of the Vendor to perform the conditions of the contract. Negative references or references that are not available may be grounds for proposal disqualification. 4.1.2 Resumes/Company Profile and Experience. a. Years of Experience. Vendor shall specify how long the individual/company submitting the proposal has been in the business of providing services similar to those requested in this RFP and under what company name(s). b. Staff Qualifications. A resume or summary of qualifications, work experience, education, skills, etc., which emphasizes previous experience in this area should be provided for all key personnel who will be involved with any aspects of the contract. 4.1.3 Vendor Financial Stability. Vendors shall demonstrate their financial stability to supply and support the services specified by: (1) providing financial statements, preferably audited, for the three consecutive years immediately preceding the issuance of this RFP, (2) providing copies of any quarterly financial statements that have been prepared since the end of the period reported by its most recent annual report; and providing the most recent service organization audit report, prepared in compliance with Statement on Auditing Standard Number 70. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 24
  26. 26. SECTION 5: COST PROPOSAL 5.0 COST/FEE PROPOSAL (500 points) Vendors must submit a fixed price cost proposal based on the cost categories identified below. Cost proposals must be all-inclusive, including any travel or related expenses. Evergreen will not consider per-transaction fees or fees based on the dollar level of transactions processed, but rather fixed periodic fees only. SERVICES* First Year Second Year Third Year License or subscription fee $ $ $ Annual Maintenance and Support Costs $ $ $ Installation/Implementation/Consultation No Charge No Charge Note: total project cost Training and Training Materials (includes for new No Charge No Charge upgrades/updates to system or interfaces) Ongoing training costs as needed (e.g. new employees, etc) and unit (e.g. per day, hour, etc) Costs Sub-Total $ $ $ Other Costs – such as those identified in Section 3.2.1 $ $ $ TOTAL COST $ $ $ GRAND TOTAL COST $ OPTIONS Annual license or subscription cost per additional $ $ $ business unit, merchant number, etc added Installation/implementation/Consultation for any $ No charge No charge additional business units, merchant numbers, etc. added Training and Training Materials for additional $ No Charge No Charge business units, merchant numbers, etc. added 5.1 COST PROPOSAL DETAIL Vendor must provide explanation and documentation for each identified cost category to support the summarized costs listed above and provide details of cost estimates regarding products, modules and services that will extend the usability and value of the chosen E-payment solution as described in Section 3.8, as well as any other costs or fees Evergreen may incur that are not listed above, including projected license or subscription fees, maintenance and support fees for potential contract terms years 4-15. Costs or fees not disclosed above will not be accepted. Vendor is also asked to provide costs for adding additional business units in the future. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 25
  27. 27. *Please use additional sheets as necessary to fully explain the costs and inclusions therein for each item above. 5.2 CONSULTANT RATES FOR CONSULTING SERVICES The Vendor shall propose rates for individuals for consulting services to support a resulting contract, excluding travel expenses by Consultant Category. These rates will not be evaluated as part of the Cost Proposal, but will be carried over into the contract for the highest scoring Vendor. Evergreen will reimburse the Contractor for approved travel expenses incurred in performance of the resultant contract, in accordance with actual costs incurred, subject to Washington State travel policy. Contractor will be held to the costs proposed above for the duration of the contract. Exceptions may be granted for extenuating circumstances on a case- by-case basis. Consultant Category Hourly Rate Daily Rate RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 26
  28. 28. SECTION 6: EVALUATION CRITERIA 6.0 EVALUATION CRITERIA The evaluation committee will review and evaluate the offers according to the following criteria based on a maximum possible total number of 2,470 points. The Scope of Project, Resumes/Company Profile and Experience, and Product Demonstration portions of the offer will be evaluated based on the following Scoring Guide, while the Cost Proposal will be evaluated based on the formula set forth below. The References and Financial Stability portions of the offer will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Any response that receives one or more “fails” for any individual evaluation category under the main evaluation categories, will receive no points for that main evaluation category Category Section of RFP Point Value A. Project Goals 3.0.1 10 B. Project Objectives 3.0.2 10 C. TECHNICAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 400 a. Vendor Hosted Server Based Solution 3.2.1 b. Integration with the SunGard SCT Banner Product 3.2.2 c. Proven Product 3.2.3 d. Testing of Software Releases 3.2.4 e. Redundant Hot Sites for Hosting of the Payment 3.2.5 Processing Services f. Hours of Service 3.2.6 g. Process Multiple Simultaneous Users 3.2.7 h. Elapsed Response Time 3.2.8 i. Security 1. Secure Server 3.2.9 a. 2. Secure Administrative Interface. 3.2.9 b. j. Transaction Data Integration 3.2.10 k Maintenance and Support Plan/Infrastructure 3.2.11 l. Implementation Plan 3.2.12 m. Installation and Configuration Challenges 3.2.13 n. Ongoing Evergreen Technical Resources 3.2.14 o. Integrated Web Interface 3.2.15 p. Additional Software Auto-Load 3.2.16 q. Browser Requirements 3.2.17 D. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS 150 a. Compliance with State and Federal Law 3.3.1 b. Security Breach Procedures 3.3.2 c. Compliance with Information Security Programs 3.3.3 d. Audit/Accounting Control 3.3.4 RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 27
  29. 29. E. ADMINISTRATIVE TOOL REQUIREMENTS 250 a. Reconciliation Reports 3.4.1 b. Reports Available Online 3.4.2 c. Report Reconciliation 3.4.3 d. Report Customization 3.4.4 e. Ability to Void Transactions 3.4.5 f. User ID's and Passwords 3.4.6 g. Audit Trail of Transactions 3.4.7 h. Secure Methods/Logins 3.4.8 F. FUNCTIONALITY REQUIREMENTS 400 a. Full Integration with the SunGard SCT Banner Web 3.5.1 for Student Application b. Examples of Customer Interaction 3.5.2 c. System Functionality and Checks and Balances 3.5.3 d. Online Payment Capability 3.5.4 e. System Controls 3.5.5 f. Real-Time Authorization 3.5.6 g. Additional ID Checking 3.5.7 h. Method of Update and Interface with Evergreen Banner AIS 3.5.8 i. Payment Capabilities 3.5.9 j. Credit/Debit Card Acceptance 3.5.10 k. Manage Multiple Merchant ID's 3.5.11 l. Direct Interface with State-Approved Vendor 3.5.12 m. Rejected or Declined Payments 3.5.13 n. Third Party Authorization Process 3.5.14 o. Customer Profiles 3.5.15 p. Convenience Fee Charge 3.5.16 q. Customizable Web Interface 3.5.17 G. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS 100 a. Training for IT Staff/End Users 3.6.1 b. Provide Manuals 3.6.2 H. MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT REQUIREMENTS 100 a. Maintenance and Support System 3.7.1 b. Maintenance/Support Information 3.7.2 I. SCALABILITY AND EXTENDIBILITY REQUIREMENTS 50 a. Scalability and Extendibility 3.8.1 J. OTHER INFORMATION 3.10 50 K. REFERENCES INCLUDED WITH VENDOR'S RESPONSE 4.1.1 Pass/Fail L. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE/APPLICABILITY OF EXPERIENCE 4.1.2 a. 100 M. STAFF QUALIFICATIONS 4.1.2 b. 50 N. FINANCIAL STABILITY 4.1.3 Pass/Fail O. COST PROPOSAL 5.0 500 RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 28
  30. 30. P. COST PROPOSAL DETAIL 5.1 100 Cost Proposal, will be evaluated by awarding the Vendor(s) with the average cost or lower the maximum allowable points. The average cost shall be calculated by the sum of the total costs of all offers divided by the number of offers. The other proposals will receive fewer points based on the following formula: Cost Proposals within 15% of average = full 500 points Cost Proposals greater than 15%, but less than 30% deviation from average = 325 points Cost Proposals greater than 30%, but less than 45% deviation from average = 150 points Cost Proposals greater than 45% from average cost proposal = no points awarded Q. Product Demonstration 2.3.6 200 RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 29
  31. 31. APPENDIX A: STANDARD and SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS By submitting a response to this invitation for bid, request for proposal, limited solicitation, or acceptance of a contract, the vendor agrees to acceptance of the following Standard and Special Terms and Conditions and any other provisions that are specific to this solicitation or contract. SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS A.AWARD: Evergreen will make an award to a single Vendor. Award will be based upon the proposal that best meets the specified needs of and offers the most benefit to Evergreen. It is Evergreen’s sole responsibility to award a contract. B.NON AWARD Evergreen reserves the right to not award if funds become unavailable. C.PRICING: Pricing must be held firm for 120 calendar days after specified opening date. D.ESTABLISHED BUSINESS: To be considered responsive, bidder must, at the time of bid opening, be an established business firm with all required licenses, bonding, facilities, equipment, and trained personnel necessary to perform the work as specified in the bid solicitation. Failure to comply with this requirement may be cause for rejection of your bid. E.OSHA and WISHA: Vendor agrees to comply with conditions of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and, if manufactured or stored in the State of Washington, the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act of 1973 (WISHA) Chapter 19.28 RCW and WAC 296-24 and the standards and regulations issued thereunder and certifies that all items furnished and purchased under this order will conform to and comply with said standards and regulations. Vendor further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless purchaser from all damages assessed against purchaser as a result of Vendor’s failure to comply with the acts and standards there under and for the failure of the items furnished under this RFP to so comply. F.INDEMNIFICATION: Vendor shall defend, indemnify, and hold Evergreen, its officers, officials, employees, agents, and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, or suits, including all legal costs and attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with the performance of this agreement, but only to the extent of the Vendor’s negligence. Evergreen’s inspection or acceptance of any of the Vendor’s work when completed shall not be grounds to avoid any of these covenants of indemnification. IT IS FURTHER SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY UNDERSTOOD THAT THIS INDEMNIFICATION CONSTITUTES THE VENDOR’S WAIVER OF IMMUNITY UNDER INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE, TITLE 51 RCW, SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS INDEMNIFICATION. THE PARTIES ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE MUTUALLY NEGOTIATED THIS WAIVER. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 30
  32. 32. The provisions of the section shall survive the expiration or termination of this agreement. G.PATENT AND COPYRIGHT INDEMNIFICATION Vendor, at its expense, shall defend, indemnify, and save Purchaser harmless from and against any claims against Purchaser that any Product supplied hereunder, or Purchaser’s use of the Product within the terms of this Contract, infringes any patent, copyright, utility model, industrial design, mask work, trade secret, trademark, or other similar proprietary right of a third party worldwide. Vendor shall pay all costs of such defense and settlement and any penalties, costs, damages and attorneys’ fees awarded by a court or incurred by Purchaser provided that Purchaser: 1. Promptly notifies Vendor in writing of the claim, but Purchaser’s failure to provide timely notice shall only relieve Vendor from its indemnification obligations if and to the extent such late notice prejudiced the defense or resulted in increased expense or loss to Vendor; and 2. Cooperates with and agrees to use its best efforts to encourage the Office of the Attorney General of Washington to grant Vendor sole control of the defense and all related settlement negotiations. If such claim has occurred, or in Vendor’s opinion is likely to occur, Purchaser agrees to permit Vendor, at its option and expense, either to procure for Purchaser the right to continue using the Product or to replace or modify the same so that they become non infringing and functionally equivalent. If use of the Product is enjoined by a court and Vendor determines that none of these alternatives is reasonably available, Vendor, at its risk and expense, will take back the Product and provide Purchaser a refund. In the case of Product, Vendor shall refund to Purchaser its depreciated value. No termination charges will be payable on such returned Product, and Purchaser will pay only those charges that were payable prior to the date of such return. Depreciated value shall be calculated on the basis of a useful life of four (4) years commencing on the date of purchase and shall be an equal amount per year over said useful life. The depreciation for fractional parts of a year shall be prorated on the basis of three hundred sixty-five (365) days per year. In the event the Product has been installed less than one (1) year, all costs associated with the initial installation paid by Purchaser shall be refunded by Vendor. Vendor has no liability for any claim of infringement arising solely from: 1.Vendor’s compliance with any designs, specifications or instructions of Purchaser; 2.Modification of the Product by Purchaser or a third party without the prior knowledge and approval of Vendor; or 3.Use of the Product in a way not specified by Vendor; unless the claim arose against Vendor’s Product independently of any of these specified actions. H.NO SURREPTITIOUS CODE WARRANTY Vendor warrants to Purchaser that no licensed copy of the Software provided to Purchaser contains or will contain any Self-Help Code nor any Unauthorized Code as defined below. Vendor further warrants that Vendor will not introduce, via modem or otherwise, any code or mechanism that electronically notifies Vendor of any fact or event, or any key, node, lock, time- out, or other function, implemented by any type of means or under any circumstances, that may RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 31
  33. 33. restrict Purchaser’s use of or access to any program, data, or equipment based on any type of limiting criteria, including frequency or duration of use for any copy of the Software provided to Purchaser under this Contract. The warranty is referred to in this Contract as the “No Surreptitious Code Warranty.” As used in this Contract, “Self-Help Code” means any back door, time bomb, drop dead device, or other software routine designed to disable a computer program automatically with the passage of time or under the positive control of a person other than a licensee of the Software. Self-Help Code does not include software routines in a computer program, if any, designed to permit an owner of the computer program (or other person acting by authority of the owner) to obtain access to a licensee’s computer system(s) (e.g., remote access via modem) solely for purposes of maintenance or technical support. As used in this Contract, “Unauthorized Code” means any virus, Trojan horse, worm or other software routines or equipment components designed to permit unauthorized access, to disable, erase, or otherwise harm Software, equipment, or data; or to perform any other such actions. The term Unauthorized Code does not include Self-Help Code. Vendor will defend Purchaser against any claim, and indemnify Purchaser against any loss or expense arising out of any breach of the No Surreptitious Code Warranty. No limitation of liability, whether contractual or statutory, shall apply to a breach of this warranty. I.INSURANCE: 1.General Requirements: Vendor shall, at their own expense, obtain and keep in force insurance as follows until completion of the contract. Within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of notice of award, the Vendor shall furnish evidence in the form of a Certificate of Insurance satisfactory to Evergreen that insurance, in the following kinds and minimum amounts has been secured. Failure to provide proof of insurance, as required, will result in contract cancellation. Proof of Insurance should be mailed to: The Evergreen State College Attn: Marshall Robinson C.P.M 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, WA 98505 Vendor shall include all subcontractors as insured under all required insurance policies, or shall furnish separate Certificates of Insurance and endorsements for each subcontractor. Subcontractor(s) must comply fully with all insurance requirements stated herein. Failure of subcontractor(s) to comply with insurance requirements does not limit Vendor’s liability or responsibility. All insurance provided in compliance with this contract shall be primary as to any other insurance or self-insurance programs afforded to or maintained by Evergreen. 2.Specific Requirements: a)Professional Liability Errors and Omissions and Crime Coverage Professional Liability Errors and Omissions coverage shall be not less than $1 million per occurance/$2 million general aggregate with a deductible not to exceed $25,000 and subject to the conditions below. Crime coverage with a deductible not to exceed $1 million shall be not less than $5 million single limit per occurrence and $10 million in the aggregate RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 32
  34. 34. which shall, at a minimum, cover instances falling in the following categories: Computer Fraud; Forgery; Money and Securities; and Employee Dishonesty. This coverage shall also be subject to the conditions below. Vendor shall continue such coverage for six (6) years beyond the expiration or termination of this Contract, naming Evergreen as an additional insured and providing Evergreen with certificates of insurance on an annual basis; b)Employers Liability (Stop Gap): The Vendor will at all times comply with all applicable workers’ compensation, occupational disease, and occupational health and safety laws, statutes, and regulations to the full extent applicable and will maintain Employers Liability insurance with a limit of no less than $1,000,000.00. Evergreen will not be held responsible in any way for claims filed by the Vendor or their employees for services performed under the terms of this contract. c)Commercial General Liability Insurance: The Vendor shall at all times during the term of this contract, carry and maintain commercial general liability insurance and commercial umbrella insurance for bodily injury and property damage arising out of services provided under this contract. This insurance shall cover such claims as may be caused by any act, omission, or negligence of the Vendor or its officers, agents, representatives, assigns, or servants. The insurance shall also cover bodily injury, including disease, illness, and death and property damage arising out of the Vendor’s premises/operations, independent contractors, products/completed operations, personal injury and advertising injury, and contractual liability (including the tort liability of another assumed in a business contract), and contain separation of insureds (cross liability) conditions. Vendor waives all rights against Evergreen for the recovery of damages to the extent they are covered by general liability or umbrella insurance. The limits of liability insurance shall not be less than as follows: Each Occurrence $1,000,000 General Aggregate Limits $2,000,000 (other than products-completed operations) Products-Completed Operations Limit $2,000,000 Commercial Umbrella Limit $3,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury Limit $1,000,000 Fire Damage Limit (any one fire) $ 50,000 Medical Expense Limit (any one person) $ 5,000 d)Business Auto Policy (BAP): In the event that services delivered pursuant to this contract involve the use of vehicles, or the transportation of clients, automobile liability insurance shall be required. The coverage provided shall protect against claims for bodily injury, including illness, disease and death; and property damage caused by an occurrence arising out of or in consequence of the performance of this service by the Vendor, subcontractor, or anyone employed by either. Vendor shall maintain business auto liability insurance with a combined single limit not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. The business auto liability RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 33
  35. 35. shall include Hired and Non-Owned coverage. The commercial umbrella policy shall also include business auto liability in it’s coverage. Vendor waives all rights against Evergreen for the recovery of damages to the extent they are covered by business auto liability or commercial umbrella liability insurance. e)Additional Provisions: Above insurance policies (b through d) shall include the following provisions: (1)Additional Insured: The Evergreen State College and all authorized contract users shall be named as an additional insured on all general liability, umbrella, excess, and property insurance policies. All policies shall be primary over any other valid and collectable insurance. Notice of policy(ies) cancellation/non-renewal: For insurers subject to RCW 48.18 (Admitted and regulated by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner) a written notice shall be given to Evergreen forty-five (45) calendar days prior to cancellation or any material change to the policy(ies) as it relates to this contract. For insurers subject to RCW 48.15 (Surplus Lines) a written notice shall be given to Evergreen twenty (20) calendar days prior to cancellation or any material change to the policy(ies) as it relates to this contract. If cancellation on any policy is due to non-payment of premium, Evergreen shall be given a written notice ten (10) calendar days prior to cancellation. (2)Identification: Policy(ies) and Certificates of Insurance must reference Evergreen’s bid/contract number. (3)Insurance Carrier Rating: The insurance required above shall be issued by an insurance company authorized to do business within the State of Washington. Insurance is to be placed with a carrier that has a rating of A- Class VII or better in the most recently published edition of Best’s Reports. Any exception must be reviewed and approved by Evergreen’s Risk Manager, or the Risk Manager for the State of Washington, by submitting a copy of the contract and evidence of insurance before contract commencement. If an insurer is not admitted, all insurance policies and procedures for issuing the insurance policies must comply with Chapter 48.15 RCW and 284-15 WAC. (4)Excess Coverage: The limits of all insurance required to be provided by the Vendor shall be no less than the minimum amounts specified. However, coverage in the amounts of these minimum limits shall not be construed to relieve the Vendor from liability in excess of such limits. RFP IT205 Integrated Web-Payment Solution – The Evergreen State College, Page 34