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First Multimedia Presentation - Web 2.0 - Netflix

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  • Netflix Keynote

    1. 1. NETFLIX WEB 2.0 Mike Naples Multimedia
    2. 2. NETFLIX OVERVIEW• Netflix is a Web 2.0 tool that is utilized to rent and stream video content. This content can be delivered wirelessly through the use of the internet or can be delivered as physical product in your mailbox.• Netflix is a membership, subscription based site that requires an email address and home information in order to create an account. Your account is then linked to your profile in which a specially designed system patented by Netflix reviews your movie choices and builds a library of content that you may enjoy.•
    3. 3. HISTORY AND CREATOR• Netflixwas founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, with it’s headquarters in Los Gatos, California.• The company was founded on the premise of no late fees and unlimited movie rentals based on a monthly subscription rate. Content was originally delivered only through the mail.• Netflix now offers DVD rental, internet streaming, and has recently added the addition of Blu-Ray rental.
    4. 4. PURPOSE• Netflix is a video rental service. It was designed to be an alternative to brick and mortar video rental stores who have recently been going bankrupt due to Netflix’s popularity with the mainstream.• Youare able to rent DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, and stream video content through the website.
    5. 5. CONTENT MAKEUP• Netflix is made up of films and television shows that are able to be rented to the subscribed member.• The main page contains different sections including new releases, films that you may enjoy based on their suggestion system, and a main bar at the top of the page making it easy to browse or narrow for a specific search.• Content like reviews are added by the publishers of the site and the members of the Netflix community. There are two sections of reviews: Critic Reviews and Member Reviews.
    6. 6. USES• Netflix was primarily designed for the home consumer in mind.• However, it can be used for schools who want to have access to the library or educational content that Netflix has available, including documentaries and historical films.
    7. 7. QUALIFICATION AS WEB 2.0• Netflixallows users to share content like reviews and their own personal profiles with others.• It uses everyone’s data to help improve the website through movie recommendations and suggestions.
    8. 8. SIMILAR SITES• Theonly liable alternative website for movie rental other than Netflix is Blockbuster’s online service.• Redbox is also another service that can be used other than Netflix, Redbox is a rental vendor seen in most grocery stores in which you can rent movies for $1 per night and return whenever you would like. The movie selection is much more limited however.
    9. 9. POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES• Netflixis a very secure website, and over the years that I have experienced with it I have had no security problems.• There is the occasional error on select titles when trying to stream, which can be a minor or major inconvenience. But this happens very rarely and the content is usually up and running quickly.• Mailorders usually arrive very speedily, and reach your mailbox about two days after placing them in your queue.
    10. 10. COMMERCIAL• v=8zgnoH6HzFo&feature=related