Employee Engagement - How to Design an Employee Engagement Survey


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Employee Engagement Profiling is not easy! This presentation highlights the key steps in designing an effective Employee Survey. Learn how to identify the key issues - and then use this information to strengthen business performance.

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Employee Engagement - How to Design an Employee Engagement Survey

  1. 1. Essential Steps leading to a successful outcome. www.employee-enagement-profiling.com
  2. 2. Employee Engagement Surveys (or Attitude/Satisfaction Surveys) should achieve the standards of reliability & validity expected of any good psychometric questionnaire. This raises two important questions…
  3. 3. Firstly, Is the survey based on a reliable model? Are cohesive groups of questions (the factors) each making a separate and distinct contribution? Secondly, Is there evidence of construct validity? Factors should relate to important outcomes linked to motivation, commitment and high performance at work
  4. 4. Following on from the previous points, we need to consider the focus of the survey…. Does it take account of recent research? This shows that Productivity is linked to Employee Engagement, not Employee Satisfaction
  5. 5. Check that the Report offers recommendations based on an Engagement- Performance Model, with clear suggestions for follow-up action. Will the results support internal benchmarking and comparisons ? Meaningful analysis requires reliable factors – then you can compare different groups, highlight issues, and identify priorities for change & development.
  6. 6. Most surveys will allow you to add to the core questions, so key issues can be explored further. Are there a range of reporting options, including a ‘traffic light’ summary of strengths and weaknesses? Does the system easily integrate online and paper questionnaires?
  7. 7. There are additional questions for organizations that have a number of sites, or operate internationally: Are there online options for multi-language delivery? Does the survey offer multiple reports, with filters to capture data from different regions/divisions/units?
  8. 8. In conclusion… Will the Survey meet the essential criteria?  A coherent model & validated set of questions  An easily administered, flexible delivery process  Meaningful analysis, benchmarking & follow-up
  9. 9. Pario Employee Engagement Profiling meets the essential criteria of good survey design - and also reviews the four levels of connection that impact on performance at work.
  10. 10. To find out more, go to www.Employee-Engagement-Profiling.com support@pario-innovations.com