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Mike e. presentations lesson 1


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Mike e. presentations lesson 1

  1. 1. 5 things to do with a car and how
  2. 2. Open roof as far as possibleScrape off grease with dull knifeSpray cleaning agentWipe off with a small clothRepeat processes until grease is gone
  3. 3. Go to local DMVBring permit, identification, and money for feeFee is usually $2-$25Check for license eligibilityComplete paperworkclick here for more information
  4. 4. Press down clutch when starting engineShift to first gearRelease clutch slowly while acceleratingOnce the red line is reached, shift upRepeat process as many times as desiredclick here for more information on this topic
  5. 5. Make sure there is no water aroundWear insulated glovesUnplug the chargerDisconnect the negative (black) clamp firstDisconnect the positive (red) clamp secondclick here to see a picture of a car battery
  6. 6. Pull up directly beside the spaceCheck all your mirrorsSignal a right turnGo very slowlyTurn back after your vehicle gets to 45 degrees
  7. 7. Things to remember:Practice makes perfectBe careful to only red line for a few secondsPractice parallel parking before trying it for real
  8. 8. You may be eligible for a license in your new stateBe sure to read their drivers manualRoads are set up differently in different states