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Schneider Associates Launch of the Week: University of Minnesota Advanced Careers Initiative [autosaved]


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Schneider Associates Launch of the Week: University of Minnesota Advanced Careers Initiative [autosaved]

  1. 1. Week of July 24th, 2017
  2. 2. - University of Minnesota Advanced Careers (UMAC) is for “boomers transitioning from career jobs into meaningful engagement. It connects intergenerational learning, social impact, and personal development.” - Program starts on September 5th, 2017, accepting applications until August 15th - 10 participants (fellows) in the inaugural class University of Minnesota Advanced Careers Initiative
  3. 3. “UMAC is a hybrid program of both learning and doing” - The program is part of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota - One year program, two semesters - First semester University of Minnesota Twin Cities - fellows learn how to better understand their talents and how they can use them in the workforce today - Second semester - fellows spend 10-20 hours a week working in a non profit where they have the opportunity to apply the skills they learning in class
  4. 4. - The program is marketedmas an alternative to retirement for 55+ crowd - It is specifically for adult learners looking for meaningful work as they approach retirement age - UMAC has a goal of “creating a community of learners as they launch the next stage of their lives” - Harvard and Stanford are launching similar programs, however the one at UMAC is geared towards a “broader audience” than these elite programs - $7,500 for one year + potential discounts for spouses or partners who are planning on attending - Stanford’s program is $65,000 and Harvard’s is estimated to be $50,000
  5. 5. Marketing the program - Articles about the program have been published on Forbes, Minnesota Star Tribune, University of Minnesota Alumni - The Emergence of Encore Adulthood - Putting University of Minnesota as an alternative to schools like Harvard and Stanford
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