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How to Setup a Market Cooperation


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What to be aware of when setting up a market cooperation. What steps do you need to take and what issues do you need to consider.

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How to Setup a Market Cooperation

  1. 1. How to Setup a MarketCooperation © Wise Hand Consulting 2016 2016­03­07 A How to Guide to Setup a Market Cooperation
  2. 2. You and Your Team! © Wise Hand Consulting 2016 2016­03­07 Create a Solution with your Product Sourcing ManagerMarketing Manager You ­ Product Manager System Manger Test Engineer
  3. 3. 2016­03­07© Wise Hand Consulting 2016 I. Prepare for the Market Cooperation NO Go GO What is your value add? Ready to Continue? What are the Risks and their Mitigations? What Sustainability Profile do you want? How do you want to leverage this in your Marketing? How to secure Trade Compliance? How  do you handle the costs?
  4. 4. 2016­03­07© Wise Hand Consulting 2016 II. Explore Candidates NO Go GO Find and List potential Companies that match your criteria for the cooperation! Ready to Continue? Review internally the Top Companies on your List! Contact, Get more info on potential Companies ! Share and Agree a Term Sheet with the Top Companies on your List ! Agree upon the Top Companies on your List to negotiate with!
  5. 5. 2016­03­07© Wise Hand Consulting 2016 III. Agree and Setup NO Go GO Share expections on the cooperation with the Candidates! Get the Agreement Signed ! Build a Common Ground for an Agreement ! Do you have a Common Ground for the Agreement? Set up cooperation for the first Project ! Sort out areas where Clarifications are needed!
  6. 6. 2016­03­07© Wise Hand Consulting 2016 IV. Manage Relationship NO Go GO Manage the Teams on both sides Operationally! Review the Business Cooperation Regulary! Adjust if needed! Continue, Change or Close the Cooperation! Secure Updated Collaterals for the Cooperation!
  7. 7. Setup a Market Cooperation Comments? Questions? Contact @ Credits: Canva, Pixabay, iStock, Freepik © Wise Hand Consulting 2016 2016­03­07