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Chapter 1 | Intro to eMarketing - Printer Friendly


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Printer friendly version of Chapter 1 lecture notes

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Chapter 1 | Intro to eMarketing - Printer Friendly

  1. 1. :BUS3034S &BUS4074SeMarketingUniversity of Cape Town26 July 2011
  2. 2. What will I learn this semester?o  The convergence of technologyo  Diffusion and innovation of technologyo  E-mail marketingo  Online advertising & affiliate marketingo  Search engine optimizationo  Search engine marketing & PPC advertisingo  Social media & viral marketingo  Online reputation management & WebPRo  Web Analytics & conversion optimizationo  Database marketing, direct marketing & eCRMo  The rise of digital journalismo  Mobile marketing
  3. 3. Module I:Introduction to e-Marketing
  4. 4. What will I learn today?o  The basics of internet marketing & its componentso  A brief history of internet marketing & companies who revolutionised ito  Explore South African internet marketing context and the industry as a wholeo  Learn about future trendso  Introduction to integrating online marketing into a holistic marketing strategy
  5. 5. Electronic MarketingThe application of marketing principles & techniques via electronicmedia the Internet. This course will examine the use of e- marketingtools & provide you with insights how technology can enable modernmarketing practices to be more efficient and effective.
  6. 6. What is Internet Marketing?Any marketing activity conducted online throughuse of internet technologies, its 3 cornerstonesprinciples being:"   Immediacy: Constant updates, web changes at blistering pace" Personalisation: Your audience are individuals, consumers with rights to service & voice"   Relevance: Be Interesting, relevant, stand out
  7. 7. Birth of the InternetAround 20 years old, 1993 is when businesses started taking aninterest, Tim Berners-Lee, Search Engines launched in 1990s,2004 birth of concept “Web 2.0”. Mention books to read!!!
  8. 8. World Internet UsageBasis: 2,095,006,005 Internet users on March 31, 2011
  9. 9. Marketing as online toolEarly 1990s, online advertising started in 1996, 1st AdHotwired, Google AdWords introduced 2000, now make up95% of market share, Facebook & other sources (e.g.Foursquare) have grown exponentially & continue to do so
  10. 10. Hotmail links usersHotmail was the first e-mail provider to recognise links &peer recommendation as marketing tool
  11. 11. Google conquers searchStarted in 1998, they became the GATEWAY to theinterwebs … hundreds of millions of times a day
  12. 12. In fact, Google receives morethan a billion searches a day! Comscore Media Metrix
  13. 13. Ever wondered how Google becamethe FASTEST growing company ofALL TIME?
  14. 14. The Google Story
  15. 15. The birth of Social MediaMarketingGradual from 2004, meteoric from 2006
  16. 16. Growth of Facebook
  17. 17. Growth of Twitter
  18. 18. Growth of Viral MarketingBlairwitch project 1st for movie industry, recent viral marketingcampaign successes – elephant birth in Belgium, Old Spice,Rebecca Black etc.
  19. 19. District 9 uses Social MediaIntegrated strategy – other social media success stories
  20. 20. The Internet TodaySocialising, cooperation, sharing, personal entertainment, attention economy –space for work & play, digital spend overtook traditional newspaper advertisingspend in 2010Global TrendsSocial Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Brand as Product
  21. 21. Did You Know? … Shift Happens
  22. 22. eMarketing inSouth AfricaInternet growth – 6.8 millionpeople vs 2 million 3 years agoAdspend in SA vs worldwide –still small, but growing rapidlyCommercial forcesCultural forces
  23. 23. The move towards Online – Why is it soimportant?>> Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Brand as Product
  24. 24. The future of eMarketingThe field continues to grow rapidly and will be come the largest and mostimportant marketing sector in coming years, growth will be driven by newinnovations in technology – e.g. iPad, WII, smartphones etc.
  25. 25. Future trends Consumer control Always on the move Rise of Web 3.0 Multiple devices
  26. 26. The P’s ofMarketing4 P’s of Traditional Marketing 5 P’s of Digital Marketing
  27. 27. Marketing Technique Comparison Traditional Marketing e-Marketing"   Physical Office "   Website"   Direct Post Mail "   E-mail"   Traditional Advertising "   Online Advertising"   Surveys, Polls, Research "   Web Analytics"   Traditional PR "   Web PR"   Word of Mouth "   Viral Marketing"   Meet-ups & Events "   Social Media
  28. 28. Marketing Tactics in UnisonOne method can get you lots of customers, the other can get you banned,even though you think it gets you customers faster – don’t do it!
  29. 29. TTFN …Until Friday …