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How to seo wordpress

  1. 1. How To SEO Wordpress This Guide will show You How To SEO Wordpress. Create high ranking, seo friendly Blogs With Wordpress and Get more Free Traffic to Your Blog !
  2. 2. How To SEO Wordpress If You are using Wordpress to power your blog then read my guide introducing how to SEO wordpress. Leave Your Wordpress unaltered and the Site is not really SEO friendly. A Variety of On Page Ranking Factors with high priority for good search engine positions are not made use of by standard wordpress set-ups. Learn a simple way of getting higher On-Page SEO Scores by examining how to SEO optimize wordpress.
  3. 3. How To SEO Wordpress Let me first give You an overview over the on page SEO factors that need to be improved when You are using Wordpress for running a Blog or Website. ● Wordpress is not generating SEO friendly URLs for Your Post Pages. ● Wordpress is not using keyword optimized Page Titles. ● Standard Wordpress Blog Settings can lead to duplicate Content Problems with Google
  4. 4. How To SEO Wordpress Use a SEO friendly Wordpress Theme.. A lot of Theme Creators don't care about on page SEO and will therefor produce Themes with serious issues concerning their SEO Value. Just look at the insane amount of H1 Headings floding some designs. You should only have a single H1 on each Page. You don't have to build a Theme Yourself though. Just download free SEO ready themes.
  5. 5. How To SEO Wordpress You can optimize all your blogs pages on page SEO by expanding the Settings Menu and access the Permalink Settings from that Menu. Apply a Custom Structure by adding /%post_title%/ in the text box. Your Blog will now use Your Post Title as the URL of that Post. This is far more SEO friendly then the default URL that consists of a number representing the Post Count. Keyword Optimized Post Titles will now lead to Keyword Optimized URLs
  6. 6. How To SEO Wordpress
  7. 7. How To SEO Wordpress The above issue is also true for the Page Titles that Wordpress creates by default. Standard Setting is Blogname + Post Title. Leads to handy URLs but has no SEO Value. I recommend to only use the Post Title. You also get rid of an element that is the same on every page by removing the BlogName. Changing the Titles is best done with a SEO plug In for Wordpress. A Free option is All In One SEO Pack.
  8. 8. How To SEO Wordpress
  9. 9. How To SEO Wordpress Install this Plugin and then go to Settings - All In One SEO. All In One SEO can control Titles, Descriptions and Keywords for all pages. The Plug In also controls the presets for Page Titles. Delete the %Blog_Title% Tag from the Title Fields and Your done optimizing the Titles.
  10. 10. How To SEO Wordpress
  11. 11. How To SEO Wordpress Plug Ins are an easy way to control many SEO aspects of Wordpress. I recommend to install the All In One SEO Plug In on all Your wordpress blogs. It allows You to control the Page Titles, Page Descriptions and Meta Keywords. You can work with presets or override them by adding all these information into a small form that All In One SEO Pack adds below the Post Editor.
  12. 12. How To SEO Wordpress Another Option You can control with this Wordpress SEO Plugin is that You can set Tag Archives and Category Archives to "NoIndex" to avoid having duplicate content issues when the same post appears in different archives.
  13. 13. How To SEO Wordpress Visit the Website below to read my full Guide to Wordpress SEO and find out how You can get more free traffic to Your Blog. ● HowTo SEO Wordpress Guide You will find in depth discussion of How to SEO Wordpress and an overview about the Best Wordpress SEO Plug Ins and how to use them