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UMI an unique Agel product!
For sustaining of your immunity system!

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UMI-Agel Productprofile

  2. 2. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Marketing Summary 3 Research Monograph 4 Scientific Summary & Current Use 6 Product Label 7 Approved Claims 8 Safety Cautions & Assessment 9 Age Guidelines for Use/Shelf Life 10 Glossary 11 References & Additional ResourcesUMI
  3. 3. PRODUCT PROFILESwho we are...Agel VisionThe Global Leader in Suspension Gel Technologybased Nutritional ProductsAgel PurposeAGEL and our Product Profiles in Innovation,Research, Quality and Safety provide the necessarycomponents for a confident, well-informedcommunity of empowered team membersthrough:• Safe and beneficial products• Clear and organized information• Compliance to well-defined systems UMI 1
  4. 4. Marketing Summary Improve your immune system* Discover UMI, discover health Fucoidan is one of the most exciting nutritional discoveries of the past decade. UMI is rich in this amazing ingredient derived from brown seaweed, which for centuries has been heralded by cultures with famously long life spans** Discover what many have known for centuries In coastal and island cultures around the world, fucoidan-rich brown seaweed has been considered a staple of healthy nutrition for centuries**. They were on to something. Their choice to include seaweed in their diet is now supported by science. There are hundreds of studies already published about the health benefits of fucoidan and many other health experts and scientists are now exploring the possibilities of this incredible nutrient. Improve your immune system Fucoidan has been shown to sustain and promote better overall health and vitality. It also helps promote the health of white blood cells and supports their production in the body. Healthy white blood cells are a critical part of your body’s immune response* UMI also supports healthy arteries, normal blood flow, and acts as an antioxidant in supporting the immune system responses down to the cellular level*. Fucoidan is good for you Each UMI packet delivers a concentrated extract of seaweed which containsUMI 210 mg of fucoidan, iodine and other complementary phytonutrients formulated in Agel’s suspension gel matrix delivery system. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, 2 treat, cure or prevent any disease. Products shown may not be available in every market and where available may be for personal use only.
  5. 5. Research MONOGRAPHProduct History dried, as part of a salad or soup stock and even as candy or a treat.& Traditional Use The traditional wisdom surrounding seaweed has been passed down from generation to generation.Asian cultures have valued seaweed as an Asians and other cultures continue to consumeimportant source of nutrition throughout their seaweed for food and nutritional benefits. In thehistory. It is a valuable element of their culture. Japanese language, UMI is translated to “sea”.Traditional uses include as a wrap for fish and rice, umi ingredient phytonutrient traditional use* current use** Seaweed Extract Fucoidan Nutritional Immune Support** (Brown Algae or and health wellness Laminaria japonica Iodine Iodine or iodide Trace essential mineral Antioxidant, solid form Goiter, Immune Support** Apple Cider Vinegar Organic acids Home remedy Flavor Acetic acid and tonicComplementary Agel Products• UMI and REM: Getting adequate rest will help build the immune system. This is enhanced when combined with immune supporting ingredients such as fucoidan.• OHM and VLT: Mental and physical energy provide focus, stress avoidance to support overall health and resistance.• EXO and GRN: Daily intake of fruits and vegetables loaded with phytonutrients UMI and antioxidants can neutralize free radicals and support wellness and vitality.*Traditional use claims have not been verified by modern scientific research. 3**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diag-nose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  6. 6. Scientific Summary & CURRENT USE U MI contains a complex supplements can be discussed body. After a foreign substance carbohydrate compound by Agel Team Members. For has entered the body, the called fucoidan which is example, fucoidan has been immune response can include found in the Brown Seaweed, demonstrated to provide healthy killer cells, white blood cells, Laminaria japonica. Fucoidan is (normal) cellular support, macrophage among others. classified as a sulfur containing immune support and cellular Multiple defense mechanisms polysaccharide molecule. regulation. Fucoidan has been including the innate and adaptive demonstrated to detoxify the immune systems are part of an Fucoidan is a bioactive plant body and inhibit free radicals to effective immune system. An compound that modulates a support wellness. important element of the immune healthy immune system by system is to distinguish the signaling proteins, enzymes and The immune system is complex body’s healthy normal cells from other immune elements to react and multi-dimesional. To have foreign substances and foreign to foreign bacteria, germs, virus an effective immune system cells. Although drugs and and other substances. Much over-all health and vitality are pharmaceutical prescriptions of the research on fucoidan required. Multiple processes may be required by medical centers on cancer, antimicrobial, and structures are components intervention to provide a defense and other drug applications. of a normal immune system. against germs and related Cancer and other medical The immune system includes disease, there are non-drug claims cannot be made for UMI physical barriers to prevent the strategies that can be used and Agel dietary supplements. entry of germs, bacteria, fungi, to support a healthy immune The role of fucoidan as an viral particles, and harmful system. ingredient in food or dietary chemicals from entering the Elements of supporting a healthy and vital Immune system 1 Adequate rest and deep sleep. Our 3 Moderate exercise will enhance the immune 5 Agel UMI and complementary 7 Positive belief and attitude immune system is system, but extreme supplement use strengthened and exercise may have a replenished as we deleterious impact to A healthy diet will help sleep. the immune system. 6 you stay fit UMIGRN Avoid environmental Avoid stress. 2 exposure to germs, 4 Effectively manage pollution, harmful stressful situations. chemicals. 4
  7. 7. Scientific Summary UMI & IODINEM odern science confirms The United States Office of Iodine has been in the news of that seaweed is a natural Dietary Supplements (ODS) recent as a potential treatment source of iodine, one of has reported that iodine is to prevent negative impact fromthe minerals essential for growth necessary to support cognitive radiation exposure. Iodineand development. Agel ® UMI function during childhood should only be used under theis a rich source, as it contains and that “the effects of direction of a medical healthcareas much as 20% of US RDA of severe iodine deficiency on professional when considerediodine in each packet. Iodine is neurological development are for this essential micronutrient that well documented. Results fromplays a role in multiple metabolic several studies suggest, for Final Remindersfunctions. Iodine is emerging in example, that chronic, moderate-popularity as research continues to-severe iodine deficiency, We DO NOT suggest that theto document many of the particularly in children, reduces fucoidan-rich seaweed foundphysiological impacts. IQ by about 12–13.5 points”. in UMI is a cure all. We DO suggest that it is good for youThe iodine element naturally Iodine is also important for and is an excellent complementoccurs as a gas. The iodine proper fetal development. It is to a healthy lifestyle. As weform that occurs in most foods recommended that iodine intake find ourselves continuallyand UMI occurs as a stable, be increased during pregnancy exposed to challenges in today’ssolid salt (sodium or potassium to 220 micrograms (mcg)/day for environment (pollution, stress,iodide) which is a different form pregnant women and 290mcg/ new and aggressive germs andof iodine. For this reason, you day for lactating women. It sickness, and an increasinglymay see the iodine in nutritionals would take 4-6 packets of busy schedule) modern researchreferred to as iodide. A similar Agel® UMI to provide this much has re-discovered and confirmedexample of this chemical iodine. We strongly recommend what Asians have known fornomenclature occurs with that pregnant and lactating centuries, that seaweed provideschlorine. The element chlorine women consult their healthcare a nutritious option for anyonenaturally occurs as a gas. When professional prior to consuming seeking to improve their diet asit combines with other elements UMI or any food supplement. to foster vitality and an optimallyto form a stable, solid salt, it is Additionally, individuals should operating immune system.referred to as a “chloride”. An not exceed the recommendedexample is sodium chloride, not maximum daily dosage of foursodium chlorine). packets without consulting a healthcare professional. Please Note that this information is for educational purposes. It is UMI not intended to represent a claim of cure or prevention of any medical or health condition. We remind all who are interested in good health that food supplements cannot replace a well balanced diet and exercise. Supplements as the name implies supplement the diet. We encourage all to learn as much as you can about 5 the foods and supplements you eat and to consult a medical professional with questions. Supplements should not be used to replace the role of drugs.
  8. 8. Product Label Take one Agel UMI pack a day Agel UMI is a powerful punch of fucoidan. Found within brown seaweed, fucoidan has a wealth of benefits that are continuously being identified. UMI means “sea” and if there is such a thing as a sunken treasure- fucoidan is it. Forget fucoidan pills, gel suspen- sion is here. Seaweed never tasted so good.UMI 6
  9. 9. Approved ClaimsKey IngredientsBrown Seaweed extract standardized for Fucoidan 210 mg/per packet, Natural Source of Iodine approved not approved Asian cultures have traditionally consumed Modern science proves that seaweed (or fu- seaweed as a source of micro-nutrients, for coidan) gives you strong, shiny hair and that it health and regularity of the bowels and internal regulates your digestive and other internal body body systems, healthy hair, healthy blood flow. systems. These traditional uses have not been proven by scientific studies or modern research. Supports the immune system (fucoidan) Prevents cancer, heart disease, colds, flu Provides phytonutrients to support overall Prevents aging and disease health and vitality. Natural source of iodine, supplying more than Provides 100% of recommended daily intake of 20% of the US Recommended Daily Intake. iodine and other nutrients. Iodine rich, high in iodine or an excellent source of iodine are allowable.Note claims in the Not Approved column cannot be used. UMI 7
  10. 10. Safety Cautions & ASSESSMENT • Pregnant or lactating women (or those planning pregnancy) should consult their physician prior to using this product. • Seek medical advice if you are taking medications for thyroid disease or other medical conditions or if have an existing medical condition. • If you are planning a surgery, disclose use of Agel UMI and all other dietary supplements to your physician. • A dosage of 1-2 UMI packets a day can be safely used by most people. • UMI is not intended for use in young children and infants. Consult with your healthcare professional prior to using in young children or infants. • UMI should not be used as a preventative measure in the event of an exposure to a radiation event or radiation emergency without consulting your medical healthcare professional. Iodine and other sources of iodine (UMI, supplements) have been regarded by some as treatments for radiation exposure. • Apple Cider Vinegar is considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). Key Ingredients Brown Algae (Laminaria japonica) standardized for 210mg Fucoidan Naturally occurring IodineUMI 8
  11. 11. Age Guidelines FOR USE age group class approximate age use recommendation Newborn Birth to one month of age Not recommended for use Infant One month to 2 years Not recommended for use Child 2 years to 12 years Check physician before use Adolescent 12 years to 17 years 1 packet daily Adult 17 years and older 1-2 packets daily or as neededAgel Guidelines1 Individual conditions should be considered when considering use, including weight, sex, pre-existing medical conditions, sensitivity or allergic reactions to ingredients, use of prescription medication or other drugs.2 The adult use recommendation for adults UMI is 1-2 packets daily or as needed. The term “or as needed” denotes that individuals may select more than 2 packets daily based on individual need, however, the daily maximum dosage recommended is 4 packets daily.3 Individuals should begin Agel and add use with one Agel product at the lowest dosage and increase dosage product other complementary Agel products as needed. UMI Product Shelf Life Agel UMI has a shelf life of 18 months when stored under ambient conditions 9
  12. 12. Glossary Antioxidant A chemical compound that Laminaria japonica A specific type of inhibits oxidation and free radicals. perennial kelp highly regarded for its fucoidan content and nutritional use. Complementary Something that makes a thing complete. Serving to fill out or complete Macrophage A large phagocyte or cell as in mutually supplying each other’s lack. Not that engulfs foreign material that enters the body. the same as complimentary which is to express a favorable expression or flattering remark. Office of DietarySupplements (ODS) The Dietary Health and Education Act Fucoidan A complex carbohydrate (1994) established the ODS in 1995 to strengthen classified as a sulfated polysaccharide by knowledge and understanding of dietary chemists. supplements. The ODS is a government group and along with the National Institute of Health Immune System A complex system (NIH) are within the department of Health and of biological processes that protects against Human Services. disease. An immune system must detect a wide array of agents, from germs and viral particles to parasites and distinguish them from the Seaweed A plant growing in the sea. A organism’s own healthy cells as to prevent the kelp, marine algae or related plants. spread of disease. Synergistic Cooperative action among Iodine A naturally occurring trace element distinct parts such that the total effect is greater than the additive sum of the parts taken found in some foods and available as a dietary supplement. Iodine occurs naturally as a gas. independently. Iodine can combine with sodium or potassium to form a solid salt or iodide form. Iodine is an UMI A nutritional dietary supplement product essential part of the thyroid hormones thyroxine from Agel. In the Japanese language, Umi and triiodothyronine. Thyroid hormones regulate means “sea”. important biochemical reactions, including protein synthesis and enzymatic activity, and are critical determinants of metabolic activity in theUMI human body.10
  13. 13. References• Zimmermann MB.,effects ofdeficiencyiodine pregnancy and the Iodine maternal in • Deax, J-F,PreventsLow Molecular Weight Fucoidan et al., Neointimal Hyperplasia supplementation on the offspring: a review. Am in Rabbit Iliac Artery In-Stenty Restenosis J Clin Nutr. 2009 Feb; 89(2):668S-672S. Model. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2002 22:1604-1609.• Melse-Boonstra A, Jaiswal N., Iodine • Sweeneaplasma levels of SDF-1 in monkeys deficiency in pregnancy, infancy and childhood and its consequences for brain development. EA, et al., Sulfated polysaccharides Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2010 increase and mice: involvement in mobilization of stem / Feb;24(1):29-38. progenitor cells. Blood, 2002 Jan: 99(1): 44-• 51. Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition • Itoh H, et al., Antitumor activity and algal Board. Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Arsenic, Boron, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, immunological properties of marine Silicon, Vanadium and Zinc. Washington, DC: polysaccharides, especially fucoidan, prepared from Sargassum thunbergii of Phaeophycae. National Academy Press, 2001. Anticancer Res. 1993 Nov-Dec; 13(6A):• 2045-52 World Health Organization. United Nations • Yamamoto L.,algae. Effect of crude fucoidan Children’s Fund & International Council for et al., Antitumor activity of the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders. edible marine Assessment of Iodine Deficiency disorders and fractions prepared from edible brown monitoring their elimination. 3rd ed. Geneva, seaweeds against L-1210 leukemia. Proc. Switzerland: WHO, 2007. International Seaweed Symposium, (1984) 11: 145-148. • Furusawa E,activity of Viva Natural, aSC., Antileukemic Furusawa S & Chou dietary seaweed extract, on Rausher murine leukemia in comparison with anti-HIV agents, UMI azidothimidine, dextran sulphate and pentosan polysulphate. Cancer Letters (1991), 56: 197-205 11
  14. 14. • molecularM., et al., Antitumor activity ofbrown Ellouali weight fucan extracted from low • Some studies not availabletotocopyright or are otherwise are subject the general seaweed. Ascophylllum nodosum. Anticancer public. The following sites may allow access to a portion of these studies and Research (1993), 13: 2011-2019. other related information: Pub Med database: • Related information on fucoidan: US Office of Dietary Supplements: • Jellin JM, Gregory PJ, et al. Pharmacist’s Letter/Prescriber’s Letter Natural Medicines Additional Resources US Regulatory Requirements Comprehensive Database. 11th Edition. European Regulatory Requirements Stockton, CA: Therapeutic Research Agel Suspension Gel Technology FAQ Facility. 2009 Agel Product Allowable Claims • Woolley, Orem UT: Nutritional Sciences Agel Product Shelf Life Cole. Ageless Nutrition 2nd Agel Quality (QA/QA 2011) Edition. LLC. 2005. • If you would in more detailassociated publications like to review we suggest you use PubMed, the information portal provided by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over 17 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. To find a reference on PubMed, copy the reference for the article you want to read from the Agel Bibliography page and paste it in the “Search PubMed for” entry box on the following web page:UMI http://www.pubmed.gov12