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Romanian Tourism Fair


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The Romanian Tourism Fair is an event organized twice a year by Romexpo Exhibition Centre, Bucharest. In 2014, the spring edition takes place in March, between 13th and 16th.
The event is the perfect place to present the most interesting offers and touristic attractions, both from Romania and abroad, including all types of tourism: business, cultural, rural, spa & treatment, as well as exotic destinations, cruises, adventure trips or pilgrimages.
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Romanian Tourism Fair

  1. 1. SPRING EDITION Organiser: Organiser: Member of: Partners Partners: 2014, March, 13th – 16th Romexpo Exhibition Centre, Bucharest
  2. 2. Event’s Coordinates ROMEXPO S.A., the leader of the Romanian fair and exhibition industry, is internationally acknowledged and full member of UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, CEFA – the Central European Fair Alliance, CENTREX – the International Exhibition Statistics Union and EURASCO – the European Federation of Agricultural Exhibition and Show Organizers and a founding member of ASOEXPO ASOEXPO. edition) The R omanian Tourism Fair 2014 (spring edition) will take place in C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6 Pavilions at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, 65-67 Marasti Blvd., Bucharest, Romania. In the same period, Romexpo will organize the 1 st edition of Romanian Nautic Expo the Expo, International exhibition for yachts & boats. Romanian Nautic Expo is developed as a platform to preview new products, evaluate market trends and establish long-lasting and commercially profitable partnerships. Visiting hours: 13th -15th of March 2014: 10 am-6 pm 16th of March 2014: 10 am-4 pm Access fees: Entrance ticket : 15 lei/day Car Parking : 3 lei/ hour
  3. 3. Romanian Tourism Fair • ROMANIAN TOURISM FAIR (T TR) offers to local and foreign companies a unique opportunity to present their tourism deals, to interact with tourists and to close successful partnerships. • TTR 2014 remains the perfect place to present the most interesting tourism attractions, travel offers for each season, both in Romania and abroad: business, cultural, rural, spa & treatment, as well as exotic destinations, cruises, or adventure trips. • For added impact, the participating companies will present, under the concept of ”Instant booking”, attractive offers and discounts, available only during the event. At T TR holidays are planned, offers are evaluated, and special packages are obtained... All this in a single visit. TTR will offer lots of ideas to choose from, that will satisfy any desire.
  4. 4. Spring edition 2013 – facts and figures 275 companies 28 50 cities Partners: Partners: countries 6 The Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry The National Association of Travel Agencies halls 15.000 square meters exhibiting space 30.000 Having a major importance for the tourism field in Romania, The Romanian Tourism Fair organized by ROMEXPO gathers each year, in two editions, the elite specialized companies, from our country and around the world. Visitors with a passion for holidays and travel The Romanian Tourism Owners Federation The National Association of Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism The Organization of Spa Owners in Romania During the four days of the fair, the visitors had the opportunity to choose from a wide range of packages for the summer season, both in Romania and abroad, including all types of tourism: business, cultural, rural, spa & treatment, as well as exotic destinations, cruises, adventure trips or pilgrimages.
  5. 5. TTR – Spring edition 2013 Spring 2013 exhibitors At the 2013 spring edition of the Romanian Tourism Fair exhibited the most important: Romania • travel agencies and tour operators; • hotels and guest houses; • insurance companies; • business tourism and congress organisers; • employers’ organizations and professional associations; • International organizations for tourism; • organizations and institutions for promoting tourist regions in Romania; • transport services providers. Other countries 29 71 The 6 pavilions where the fair was held became too small for the 30.000 visitors interested in travel offers. Romanian companies city attendance 23 Travel packages worthing approximately 12 million euro were being sold during the Fair. spring edition of The Romanian Tourism Fair The deals varied from the cheapest holiday in Greece (1 Euro) to luxurious 1 packages worth over 30.000 euro. 36 Bucharest 13 Brasov 13 18 Cluj Iasi Other cities
  6. 6. TTR - continuous development In 2010, 133 companies exhibited and over 15.000 visitors attended the fair. 2010 In 2011 , 105 companies exhibited at the fair in C1, C2 and C3 halls at Romexpo Exhibition 2011, Centre. More than 15.000 people interested in travel and holiday offers visited the fair. In 2012 the number of exhibiting companies increased to 223, 179 from Romania and 44 from abroad. The visitor’s number also raised to 17.000, people passionate about holiday and travel. The exhibiting stands covered an area of 8.000 square meters. At the 2013 spring edition, 275 companies exhibited at the fair on an area that exceeded 15.000 square meters. More than 30.000 visitors attended the fair.
  7. 7. 89% Visitors satisfaction rates at The Romanian Tourism Fair 89% 89% of the visitors at the 2013 spring edition of The Romanian Tourism Fair stated they were highly satisfied with the fair’s offer. 72% 72% of the visitors at the 2013 spring edition of The Romanian Tourism Fair would recommend this event to other people. The visitors at the 2013 spring edition of The Romanian Tourism Fair appreciated the participating companies’ offer as “good” or “very good” - 85%. 85% 85% Source: Romexpo Survey – approximately 1000 people were questioned at the 2013 spring edition of The Romanian Tourism Fair
  8. 8. Thematic The fair’s thematic includes all services, providing a complete and detailed image of the industry. • • • • • • • • • • • Official participations Tourism organizations and associations Tour operators and tourism agencies Accommodation services Tourist attractions Transport services Business tourism IT and software services in tourism Other tourism services Education / Training / Careers Media After analyzing the requests of our exhibitors, we have extended the thematic starting with this spring edition of TTR. The fields new included are: Gadgets Accessories for Holidays Caravans Trailers * To view the complete thematic of the exhibition please visit the link:
  9. 9. Side events The side events program offers to exhibitors the opportunity to present themselves in an attractive manner. Therefore, the fair benefits from artistic events, including: folk dances around the country, traditional food tasting and many others. The specialized fields of the fair summarize and provide an evaluation of the tourism industry, offering the perfect platform for presentations and demonstrations. The attractive side events and conferences will bring together the most important opinion leaders in the industry. The focus will be put on offers and novelties, promoting the tourism potential, the tourism industry situation in Romania and the trends registered among those passionate about travelling. Moreover, will be discussed the solutions to render the activity more efficient: an opportunity to exchange ideas for those who want to be constantly innovative and intend to provide quality services. At The Romanian Tourism Fair the visitors will take part in unique events, such as: Artistic moments; Raffles with prizes and other surprises held in the exhibiting companies stands; Book launches or photo galleries.
  10. 10. Promotion campaign The event benefits from a wide media coverage: 200 TV commercials 100 news and published reports 150 RADIO commercials 500 ONLINE appearances 50 OUTDOOR locations 300 INDOOR locations 50 PRESS appearances 10.000 INVITATIONS Social media: Updates on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Interaction with several active professional groups. Interactive events: Conferences, seminars and symposiums
  11. 11. Contact Organizing Team Marketing Project Coordinator Coordi Proj Daniela SISIN Phone: +40 21 207.70.00 ext. 1124 Mobile: +40 758.837.735 Fax: +40 21 207.70.70 E-mail: Sales Andrei POPA Phone: +40 21 207.70.00 ext. 1091 Mobile: +40 758.044.591 Fax: +40 21 207.57.26 E-mail: PR & Advertising Daniel GHEORGHE Phone: +40 21 207.70.00 ext. 1045 Mobile: +40 751 130.009 Fax: +40 21 207 70 70 E-mail: Catalina MIHAI Phone: +40 21 207 7000 ext. 1210 Mobile: +40 758 837.760 Fax: +40 21 207 57 26 E-mail: