Business Wear News You Can Use


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Business Wear News You Can Use

  1. 1. The transition to business wear can be pretty tricky even. You want to �WOW� your co-workers without going overboard.
  2. 2. It is essential to remember that not all unconventional clothing is ideal for business wear.
  3. 3. In order to do this effectively, the sophisticated woman needs a few basic business wear essentials.
  4. 4. First, youll need simple flat-front pair of black pants. Black dress pants are versatile and may be dressed up or down as needed. An additional pair of khaki pants is as well advisable.
  5. 5. How regarding a straight skirt hanging just below theknees? These skirts are flattering and may be worn havinga multitude of tops. Casual skirts that are split at or belowthe knee are acceptable in certain businesses. Never wear a mini-skirt to the office.
  6. 6. Youll need a sleeveless, fitted solid colored dress that may be worn with a cardigan.
  7. 7. Brightly colored fine knit sweaters can be worn with either pants or a skirt.
  8. 8. A black cardigan is chic and easy to wear.
  9. 9. A sexy shell in a neutral color looks beautiful under a jacket.
  10. 10. A crisp white shirt always looks clever.
  11. 11. A standard gray or black coat is too needed.
  12. 12. Black pumps with an elegant heel could compliment justregarding any outfit. Flip-flops, slippers and flashy athletic shoes are not acceptable in the office.
  13. 13. A simple black handbag (to match the black pumps) too compliments most outfits.
  14. 14. Remember that dresses that reveals also much cleavage,back, chest, feet, any of your stomach or underwear is not right for the work room.
  15. 15. All clothing have to be pressed and clean. No torn, dirty orfrayed dress is acceptable. The only photograph or words that are acceptable on dress is the producer logo.
  16. 16. On dress down days, it is a excellent idea to preserve itconservative. Wear nice jeans having a solid top and heels.Never wear anything which might be potentially offensive to others.
  17. 17. There are many fabulous combinations you might createwith the few conventional pieces. Use your imagination and your co-workers can be so impressed theyll begin asking you for model advice!
  18. 18.