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Carta recomendação SportImpact

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Carta recomendação SportImpact

  1. 1. w www.sportimpact.orge contact@sportimpact.orgt +238 937 65 77 (Joao Girao) Country Manager Cobo Verde We were very satisfied with his work at Sportlmpact and we wish him the best for his professional and personal future. Thanks to Miguel's contributions more than 150 workshop's participants were trained and more than 2500 kids were benefited, in five different islands of Cabo Verde. Additionality the Ministry of Sport in Cabo Verde is now provided with relevant data to make key decisions in the public sport policies. During his work with Sportlmpact, Miguel contributed to the recruiting, training and motivation of local staff, and to the design, implementation and reporting to investors of the Sport for Life initiative. Additionality Miguel was responsible for interviewing the key sport leaders and collecting data in 5 islands. 1. Implementing the Sport for Life initiative with the objective of empowering communities to define their own future, as opposed to waiting for external support (e.g., just waiting for the Government or international NGOs), with a particular focus on promoting youth and women leadership. Additionally, the Sport for Life initiative had a focus on promoting environmental sustainability education through sport. 2. Building a fact-base assessment of Cabo Verde sports, identifying key data, needs and goals. Miguel did an excellent work during his 6 months as a consultant in SportImpact CaboVerde and embraced the mission of promoting human development through sport, being involved in two key projects: Miguel Alexandre Morais Silva joined Sportlmpact through INOVContacto Program, promoted by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade & Investment Agency. To whom it may concern, August 2016 SPORTIMPACT