Blackwater proposal 2013


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Blackwater proposal 2013

  1. 1. 7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN THIS DOCUMENT IS CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY OF BLACKWATER AGENCY ©2013Security Services Proposalblackwateragency
  2. 2. IntroductionThank you for the oppurtinity to review our security proposal. Blackwater Agency is committed to providingthe best possible services to our clients. We are a fully licensed and insured private security and investigationagency, with over forty-five years of Security and Law Enforcement experience. We strive to continuouslyexceed our customers’expectations. Our goal is professionalism. Our greatest strength is that we are dedicat-ed to providing exellence to every employee and client. Our mission is to provide trained professional securitypersonnel to our clients and to ensure they receive a security service second to none. We are dedicated inmaintaining our reputation as a premier security provider by offering our clients the highest quality serviceavailable in the security industry. We sincerely believe that “good” is not good enough, and that the onlyacceptable condition is excellence. We take pride in being proactive rather than reactive to our client needs.Blackwater Agency provides security which includes armed and unarmed security officers, trained with expertcapabilities to handle the most complex situations. Our commitment to creating the safest possible environ-ment has earned us a reputation of excellence and long-term client relationships. Our management team hasover 50 years of operational security management and expertise, gained through corporate security andspecialized security consulting. The company prides itself in delivering only the very best in quality andservice provision, with an emphasis on client expectation and satisfaction. Our expertise lies in the ability todesign and implement security programs and providing security solutions for any situation. Our clients knowthat they can depend on Blackwater Agency to be proactive and highly professional.We are conscious that in today’s global marketplace, security is an important and vital element of any busi-ness. All of our security solutions are tailored to suit the individual security and safety needs of your business.Blackwater Agency is there to provide peace of mind in terms of personal safety, protection and safeguardingyour business, visitors and staff. However, its integration must be seamless and without disruption to normalbusiness practices.Therefore, our objective is to mitigate risk and threat through common sense and practicalsolutions, with a focus on‘minimal impact’to the client’s business. The outcome is then a complete, fully inte-grated, quality driven services.Blackwater Agency personnel reflect the highest level of professionalism that you would expect of your ownemployees. Overall, Blackwater Agency provides an effective, flexible and accountable service to your busi-ness. Ultimately, the quality of security depends on the quality of the people who provide it.blackwateragency7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •Asdel Vazquez, CEO
  3. 3. Blackwater Agency is the best choice to secure any facility. This agency has been a well recognizedsecurity industry leader in South Florida by exeeding security standards, and keeping businessand communities safe. We will make sure we provide your business with the best and most experi-enced security professionals in order to assure your ultimate satisfactionScope of ServicesBlackwater Agency has extensive experience in providing security.Over the past 20 years we have served most all venues, including:• Condominiums• Residential Communities• Housing Developments• Construction sites• Corporations• Industrial Parks• Shopping Centers• Schools & Aftercares• Colleges & Universities• Commercial Real Estate• Financial Institutions• Government Services• Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities• Factories & Manufacturing• Temporary Security Service• Parking Lot & Patrols7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •blackwateragency
  4. 4. The OrganizationSecurity Consultants:The Security Consultants are responsible for all the security logistics, implementing and design-ing a custom SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and proposals. The Security Consultantworks closely with Management on a daily basic.Security Staff:The Security Staff will assist and cater to the Client’s needs and will be trained from the S.O.P(Standard Operating Procedure). The Security Staff consists of Officers, Concierge, Rovers, etc.Site Supervisor:The Site Supervisor will collect and review all shift reports from all Blackwater Agency Staff onduty and will present a copy to the Client. As well as all scheduling, training and reporting toour Operation Directors on a frequent basis.Field Supervisor:The Field Supervisor is responsible for ensuring and maintaining the quality performance of oursecurity officers. There are field supervisors on duty, 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week. The fieldsupervisor and our security guards are in constant communication, allowed the reporting anyoccurrences that need immediate attention.Operation Directors:The Operation Directors will rover with constant communications with all personnel. On a dailybasis check all accounts, review all reports, scheduling and training. The Operation Directors willcheck in frequently with the Clients for any issues, concerns or any new procedures implemented.Chief Operating Officer (COO) :The chief operating officer oversees all operations, trouble shooting, training and logistics forthe entire company.Chief Executive Officer (CEO)The President will have overall responsibility for the successful operation of Blackwater Agency.This includes all aspects of the operational, administrative and financial functions.7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •blackwateragency
  5. 5. At Blackwater Agency, we understand the importance of taking care of our employees. After all,they represent our company at each and every one of our clients’facilities. It is important to us thatour staff are treated as professionals and rewarded with competitive salaries and benefits.Since statistics demonstrate that the Security Industry is renowned for high turnover ratios, Black-water Agency balances this by providing our officers with incentives to grow within our organiza-tion. Apart from the substantial financial compensation and promotions, our lower turnoverrate and success has contributed to our officers satisfying positive reviews and completion ofsatisfactory probationary period.Employee RequirmentsIn order for us to comply with our commitment to your needs, we understand the importance ofproviding the right personnel for each job site. Blackwater Agency sets strict guidelines when itcomes to employee hiring; it is our goal to make sure that we not only hire dedicated staff, butspecial individuals with strong abilities in customer service and professionalism.Employee Screening7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •RecruitmentBlackwater Agency imposes strict requirements in recruiting our security officers. Our high qualitystandards require all individuals to meet the following criteria prior to employment:• Must be Licensed by the State of Florida• Customer Service Oriented• Must Be 21 Years of Age or Older• Pass a Written and Verbal Skills Test• Must Have High School Diploma or Equivalent• Verifiable Personal References & No Criminal Historyblackwateragency
  6. 6. Appearance and Uniforms7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •Uniforms are an important part of a security program. Blackwater Agency does all that ispossible to encourage officers to look their best at all times. Not only do we issue anadequate amount of uniforms but also we actually encourage the officers to maintain aprofessional appearance. This is done in two ways:Blackwater Agency only issues brand new uniforms to personnel.Blackwater Agency provides highly trained and experienced armed and unarmed securityofficers and security teams.Based on the security needs of our clients, all officers can perform patrols utilizing foot,bicycles, Segway’s, golf carts, marked or unmarked vehicles.Blackwater uniform options are specific to your requirements. Your security officers make apowerful first impression and choosing the right uniform can be an important representa-tion of your company. All uniforms that require identification are clearly discernible withidentification badges and Blackwater agency logos. Uniforms can be presented in differentstyles, such as: Security Guard, Business Casual, Executive, Bike Patrol, Regular Wear, Custom-ized, Military, Tactical.blackwateragency
  7. 7. Training7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •Blackwater Agency management team realizes that one of the differences in our securitypersonnel and that of our competitors is our commitment to training. Our state license instruc-tor’s teach from one of the most comprehensive training programs recognized by the State ofFlorida. We utilize cutting edge computers and video training techniques. All BlackwaterAgency officers receive instruction in the following areas:• Legal Issues• Legal Statues• Civil Liabilities• Emergency Procedures• Ethics & Professionalism• Traffic Direction• Security Report Writing• Fire Detection & Suppression• Crime & Accident Prevention• Interpersonal Communications• Division of Licensing Statues• Security Patrol Techniques• Professional Communication• Public Relations• Client Expectations• Company Policy and Regulations• Division of Licensing Chapter 493• Observation Techniques• Fundamentals of Personal Security• Courtroom Procedures• Basic Emergency First Aid• Complete tour of each postblackwateragency
  8. 8. Guardcell System7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •Guardcell is not a web based application or web page with limited functions but, an actualapplication that runs on the Android and iOS Operating Systems. You can even save reports toyour smart phone without signal. Guardcell Security System manages a variety of importantsecurity officer responsibilities within one application and utilizes a variety of technologiesincluding QR codes (similar to barcodes but capable of more data), image capture, GPSGeofencing, GPS location reporting and digital timeclock to facilitate and validate all securityofficer’s duties.Guardcell Features:• Guardcell Guard Tour Verification• Activity Reports• Patrol Reports• Incident Reports• Parking Violations• Property Maintenance Reports• Field Interviews (FI)• Arrest Report• Record Search• Time Clock Feature• Receive Service Calls• GPS Tracking / AlertsGuardcell is a Green Solution and maintains all records paperlessly, eliminating time-consum-ing storage and retrieval of documents and reports, while protecting employees and theproperty from liability.You can be anywhere in the world with a computer that is online or from your smart phone andview any of these reports with just your username and password. Although you can print anyof these reports at any time, we ask you to please consider our environment before printing.Guardcell contains several features but does not charge per feature compared to othercompanies.The simple icon based design makes Guardcell more user-friendly, cost-effective and muchmore economical than a combination of individual systems or a“charge by module”system.Wealso include the use of our Windows based software (ADAM-602) if needed, and at no addition-al cost to you. Through the administration portal, you can tailor the system configuration tomatch the exact needs of each client along with giving each one of your clients their own user-name and password where they can access all of the information and reports. Manage-ment/Dispatch is able to track employees graphically on a map at all times, generate specificreports of the officer within a 5 foot area with a time stamp, and be able to view when a guardtrips a geofence alert.blackwateragency
  9. 9. Cost of Services7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •Description of Fixed Price ServicesBlackwater Agency understands that excellent security cannot be priced at a level that would compro-mise the integrity of our security services. The billing rates we offer are“realistically”priced to allow Black-water Agency to provide a service that our company and our clients can be proud of.We provide all man-agement, supervision training (including OJT), manpower, material, supplies, and equipment (except asotherwise noted), and shall plan, schedule, coordinate, and assure effective performance of all servicesdescribed .Our Rates Include:• Unemployment• Training• Turnover Costs• Drug Testing• Uniforms• RecruitingStandard Costs for Basic Services:• Rate for each Un-Armed Security Officer (Contact us)• Rate for each Armed Security Officer (Contact us)• Option 24-Hour Patrol Vehicle Weekly Monitoring Cost: $150/week• Option 24-Hour Golf Cart Weekly Monitoring Cost: $50/week• Option Guardcell System (No charge)• Option Free 2-Way Motorola Radios. (No charge)• Option Phone Service (Monthly)• Workman’s Compensation• Overtime• Criminal Records Checks• Liability Insurance• Personnel Costs• Management and Supervisory Costsblackwateragency
  10. 10. Certificate of Insurance7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •Blackwater Agency protects you againstclaims for damages because of bodily injuryor property damage to others resulting fromyour business operationsSafety DirectorAny accidents are investigated thoroughly byour Safety Director. This pro-active approachhas enabled us to dramatically reduce ourWorkers Compensation and Automobileclaims. We have also instituted a Return toWork Program and a Drivers Safety Programto help keep claim costs down and lower ourinsurance ratesCertificate of InsuranceOur Certificates of Insurance and AdditionalInsured documents are immediately avail-able upon your request.Workers Compensation & Auto LiabilityTo further protect our collective best interest,Workers Compensation and ComprehensiveAutomobile Liability Insurance are carried insubstantial amounts.Blackwater Agency carries a Million-Dollar Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Policywith the understanding that you will be named as an additional insured to our policy.Arrangements can be made to increase this amount should you require.blackwateragency
  11. 11. Licenses7243 NW 54thST. Miami, FL 33166www.blackwaterprotection.comTel: 305-226-7171 Toll: 888-569-2836• •blackwateragency
  12. 12. Customized Protection SolutionsProud Member of:Miami-Dade7243 NW 54th STMiami,FL 33166Tel:305-226-7171Key West2409 S Roosevelt Blvd.Key West, FL 33040Tel:305-330-6868West Palm Beach477 S.Rosemary Ave.West Palm bch,FL 33040Tel:561-450-5056Broward2950 W Cypress Creek Rd.Fort Lauderdale,FL 33309Tel:954-378-3131• Condominiums• Residential Communities• Housing Developments• Construction sites• Corporations• Industrial Parks• Shopping Centers• Schools & Aftercares• Colleges & Universities• Commercial Real Estate• Financial Institutions• Government Services• Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities• Factories & Manufacturing• Temporary Security Service• Parking Lot & PatrolsWe Specialize in:We Service the following:• Security Services • Executive Protetion • Investigation Services• Special Event Security • VIP Concierge Services • K-9 ServicesofficerblackwateragencyFLA