The Packing Master List by Mighty Girl


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The Packing Master List by Mighty Girl

  1. 1. BACKPACK Folder for Trip Paperwork: Itinerary Tickets Rental Reservations Hotel Directions and Phone Number Any Driving Directions Maps Small Purse: Keys Cell Phone Wallet Credit Card Cash Comfort Kit: Sleeping Mask Neck Pillow Earplugs Moisturizer Lip Balm Snacks Tea Reading Material Water Bottle Phone Charger Headphones Computer Power Cord Pens Notepad Journal Business Cards Movies Camera
  2. 2. Camera Charger Downloader Cord Camera Film Cards Video Camera Mini Tripod GPS System and Charger Hard Case for Glasses Sunglasses MY SUITCASE Toiletries: Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash Hand Cream Cuticle Scissors Asprin Razor and extra blade Vitamins Contacts Saline Eye Drops Pads or tampons Perfume Leave in conditioner Comb Deodorant Birth control Toothbrush Toothpaste Little mirror Tweezers Floss Hair Fasteners Makeup Makeup Brushes
  3. 3. Face Cream Tissues Sunscreen Sunless Tanner Matches Travel Candle Face Cleanser Wipes Nail Kit: Nail Clippers Polish Remover Clear Polish Color Polish Orange Sticks File Cuticle Cream Large Purse Flip Flops Swimsuit Underwear Bras Socks Pajamas Jacket or Sweater Clothing Jewelry/Accessories DIAPER BAG Diapers Wipes Changing Pad Burp Cloth Knit Blanket Bottle/Sippey Cup Small Ice Pack Pacifier
  4. 4. Change of Clothes Cap Socks Jacket Hand Sanitizer Snacks Extra white T-shirt for mom or dad Travel sunscreen Tissues Plastic baby spoon Toys KIDDO CASE Travel Blow dryer (for warm diaper changes/drying rash) Diaper cream Clothes: Socks, shirts pants, extra shoes Outerwear Diapers Wipes Extra Blankets Security Object(s) Co-sleeper or Portable Crib Waterproof Pad Extra Plastic Bags and Large Ziplock Bags Car Seat Toys Baby Thermometer Bulb Syringe Nightlight Bibs Stroller Books Swimsuit Swim diapers
  5. 5. VARIABLES STAYING WITH FRIENDS Thank You Notepaper Host gift HOT PLACES Chapstick with SPF Sunhat Bug Repellant COLD PLACES Coat Gloves Thermal Underwear Scarf Warm Hat Stroller Rain Cover Travel Umbrella ROAD TRIP Wine Wine Opener Pocket Knife Plastic Cutlery Roll of Paper Towels FOREIGN COUNTRY Passport Phrase Book Travel Book Hand Sanitizer Money Belt Pepto Tablets Prescriptions (Cipro, Epipen) Flashlight Extra Duffel for Purchases
  6. 6. Power Adapter TO DO BEFORE I GO: Backup Computer Charge Phone/Gadgets Charge Computer Put a Stop on Mail Delivery Water Plants Clean House and Empty Trash Pay Bills Get Cash Change Voicemail Message Download Podcasts Auto Responder on Email Leave copies of passport and itinerary with someone Check in to Flight