DTC Perspectives: Connecting with patients the RIGHT way


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Slide deck from a presentation at the 2011 DTC Perspectives conference in New Jersey

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DTC Perspectives: Connecting with patients the RIGHT way

  1. 1. Casey Quinlan the "Mighty Mouth“ Mighty Casey Media LLC www.mightycasey.com Welcome to the session! We’ll be starting momentarily. © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  2. 2. Healthcare, Social Media? There's an app for that** **by the way ... the app is YOU © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  3. 3. Fire hose? © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  4. 4. Find your focus + friends • Who are your customers? • Who do they trust? • What are their issues? • Where do they hang out? • HOW DO YOU HELP? © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  5. 5. First questions Who do we help? What are their issues? How do we help them? © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  6. 6. Next questions Where do our peeps hang out online? Who are the community leaders? © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  7. 7. The perpetual question(s): Am I helping? Am I selling? © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  8. 8. The perpetual question(s): *sell on SM = #fail Am I helping? Am I selling?
  9. 9. Must-have technology © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  10. 10. It's a CONVERSATION NOT a monologue ... © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  11. 11. A successful approach Customers (sometimes called "patients") Marketing team Clinical team Equal partners, all LISTENING.© Mighty Casey Media LLC
  12. 12. The perpetual question (again): Am I helping? Am I selling?* *remember: sell on SM = #fail © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  13. 13. Be a revolutionary Instead of pushing "ask your doctor about ... " Ask yourselves "what should we ask our PATIENTS about?" © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  14. 14. Success story © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  15. 15. AZ #rxsave strategy • Used Twitter and company blog to promote the chat • Established rules of engagement up front • No specific meds/condition questions on Twitter • Directed individual ?s to corporate site and call-in lines • After initial chat, total of 2,000 tweets using #rxsave, steady follower increase • Patients, providers, and company reps participated © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  16. 16. Glamour "Don't"s
  17. 17. The cost to KV Pharma • Consumers (a/k/a "patients") are savvy + price-aware • Customers come before shareholders (no customers = no revenue = NO share value) • If it's all about shareholder value, you'll wind up at #epicfail • The snapshot: • Share price 2/2/11: $1.51 • Share price 3/8/11: $13.07 (+865.56%) • Share price 10/7/11: $1.22 • You do the math ... © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  18. 18. Let's review • Identify your customers + their community • Then identify the influencers in that community • Know that we are smarter than you think • Know that we talk to each other constantly • LISTEN to our conversations • Contribute value, not a sales pitch • Be human 1st, then be a brand TELL THE TRUTH!! © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  19. 19. Be there. Be real. Listen. © Mighty Casey Media LLC
  20. 20. Questions, comments welcome! Casey Quinlan the “Mighty Mouth” casey@mightycasey.com www.mightycasey.com www.cancerforchristmas.com © Mighty Casey Media LLC