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Hello, we're Midwest Pantry!


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Midwest Pantry is driven to unify Minnesota's food creator community to make our state the #1 place to start and grow a food business. We are MN food entrepreneurs that embrace bold thinking to deliver practical business solutions that help MN food entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses together. We created Minnesota's first food innovation district, the NE Food District. How can we help you grow?

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Hello, we're Midwest Pantry!

  1. 1. Hello, we’re Midwest Pantry!
  2. 2. Midwest Pantry’s Mission To unify Minnesota’s food creator community to make our state the #1 place to start and grow a food business.
  3. 3. We are MN food entrepreneurs. We help MN food entrepreneurs.
  4. 4. • • Owner of Lucille’s Kitchen Garden • Hometown: Perham, MN ZOIE GLASSCHAD GILLARD • • Senior Business Analyst at GoKart Labs • Hometown: Kasson, MN
  5. 5. WHAT WE DO We encourage bold thinking and provide practical solutions for our members to solve business problems. This approach enables companies to grow faster and more sustainably by working together with others. © 2017 Midwest Pantry, LLC
  6. 6. We created the first food innovation district in Minnesota, and the first private partner it’s kind in the nation. © 2017 Midwest Pantry, LLC
  7. 7. Northeast Food District © 2017 Midwest Pantry, LLC
  8. 8. “Geographic areas where leading-edge anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect with start-ups, business incubators, and accelerators. Compact, transit-accessible, and technically-wired, innovation districts foster open collaboration, grow talent, and offer mixed-used housing, office, and retail.” —Harvard Business Review
  9. 9. Phase 1 (October 2017) features: • 6 dedicated production kitchens • Packaging warehouse
  10. 10. Phase 2 opens Spring ‘18, offering office and co-working space.
  11. 11. We create and organize wholesale & retail sales events that increase brand exposure & drive sales. © 2017 Midwest Pantry, LLC
  12. 12. Midwest Pantry Trade Show
  13. 13. Shop Small Holiday Market
  14. 14. We create and organize events to strengthen and celebrate the local food creator community. © 2017 Midwest Pantry, LLC
  15. 15. Top of the Pantry Awards
  16. 16. Smash the Senses Sensory Events
  17. 17. Growing Your Business Series
  18. 18. Monthly MeetUps
  19. 19. Together we make Minnesota the #1 place to start and grow a food business. © 2018 Midwest Pantry, LLC
  20. 20. ZOIE GLASSCHAD GILLARD Contact us for membership information, consultation quote, or speaking rates.