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Testing requirements of the Minnesota Residential Energy Code, including Multifamily Buildings

The IECC 2012 and IECC 2015 require air infiltration and duct tightness testing for new residential buildings. But how is this being handled for multifamily buildings?

In this webinar, Paul Morin from The Energy Conservatory covers the basics of blower door and duct leakage testing requirements of the 2012 IECC with an emphasis on testing multifamily buildings. While the information is specific to the Minnesota Residential Energy Code (IECC 2012 with amendments), the testing requirements are similar to other states that have adopted the IECC 2012 and beyond.

This webinar is brought to you by the Minnesota Energy Codes Compliance Collaborative, The Energy Conservatory and the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The Minnesota Energy Code Compliance Collaborative has a mission to facilitate compliance with the building energy codes in Minnesota and is comprised of builders, contractors, code officials, state agencies, energy raters and companies, and energy advocates.

Alison Lindburg, Building Policy Manager
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

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