Midwest Home Performance: Overview


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MEEA, in partnership with US EPA, hosted the first Midwest Home Performance call- a series aimed at creating a dialogue to discuss issues relevant to Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) or whole-home programs in the Midwest. The target audience for these periodic calls will be staff from organizations that are currently running HPwES/whole-home programs in the Midwest or sponsors considering programs. This is intended to be an active home performance discussion. The idea is to highlight specific issues, and discuss Midwestern Solutions. Andrew Isaacs, from Kentucky Home Performance, Ken Slattery from Conservation Services Group, and Adrian Rand, from PSD, presented on data handling and systems interaction for whole home programs.

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Midwest Home Performance: Overview

  1. 1. First Quarterly Midwest HomePerformance Call April 27, 2011
  2. 2. Welcome!Call goals:– better facilitate communications across state lines and amongst programs in our region– Share lessons learned & best practices– Help HP programs take off in the Midwest!
  3. 3. Midwest Energy Efficiency AllianceMEEA is a collaborativenetwork whose purpose isto advance energyefficiency to supportsustainable economicdevelopment andenvironmental preservation.
  4. 4. Today’s Call• Welcome from US EPA and overview of national program changes• Introductions from each call participant w/ update on their local program (2-3 min each)• Kentucky Home Performance presentation• Discussion around software, data collection and reporting best practices & challenges
  5. 5. Call Logistics• Please mute your lines during the KHP presentation• Press *6• Don’t put the line on hold!
  6. 6. Midwest Home Performance Calls Contact Info Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Jamie Peters, Program Manager 312-784-7261 / jpeters@mwalliance.org Will Baker, Program Associate 312-673-2489/ wbaker@mwalliance.org
  8. 8. Kentucky Homes and Energy Kentucky’s 1,747,512 occupied-housing units make up the residential sector of the state’s energy consumption. The residential sector represents 17% of Kentucky’s 2006 energy end-use consumption and the Btu amount ranks 25th in the nation (344.6 trillion Btu). Total energy consumption per capita is among the highest in the nation (ranked 6th in 2006). East South Central - Household Energy Expenditures By End Use 1,122,143 (59%) of homes were Space Heating built before 1980. Other Appliances 26% and Lighting The Kentucky average residential 34% electricity price of electricity has steadily climbed since 2000, increasing 25% from 2000 to 2007. Air- Carbon legislation on the horizon. Refrigerators Conditioning 16% 7% Water Heating 17%
  9. 9. KY Home Performance +36.78% (136 Trillion BTU)
  10. 10. What is KY Home Performance $6.1 million in funding Estimated leverage $17.5 million 1-4 leverage ratio for subsidy Will provide rebates or below-market rate loans Can be used with utility or manufacturer rebates State and federal tax credits may apply Other rebates and subsidy may apply
  11. 11. What is KY Home Performance Designed to generate energy efficiencies Designed to create jobs Provides training Provides quality assurance Provides detailed program tracking Provides statewide measurable outcomes
  12. 12. Minimum Requirements• Air tightness of envelope -- .40 nACH or prescriptive list must be followed• Duct tightness – 10% rated fan flow or prescriptive list must be followed• Insulation levels – attics, floors, rim joists• BPI combustion safety protocol, including CO monitors• See Best Practices webinar for further details
  13. 13. Eligible Measures for KHP incentives• Any work toward Minimum Requirements• Additional air-sealing and insulation work• Energy Star rated HVAC equipment, windows, doors• Energy Star can lights (insulated)• 15% possible for related or “precursor” items
  14. 14. Quality Assurance QA Criteria Quality of measures installed Data collection adherence to KHP and BPI requirements Installations comply with KHP and BPI requirements Appropriate testing and diagnostic procedures No health and safety concerns
  15. 15. Vendor Partners & Roles Performance Systems Development (PSD) AFC First Conservation Services Group (CSG)
  16. 16. Utility Partners Atmos Energy Blue Grass Energy Bowling Green Municipals Utilities Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. Duke Energy Clark Energy Columbia Gas East Kentucky Power Cooperative Hopkinsville Electric System
  17. 17. Utility Partners Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation Kenergy Corporation Kentucky Utilities Louisville Gas and Electric - LG&E Meade County Rural Electric Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative Tennessee Valley Authority Warren Rural Electric Utility partners to be added – Cooperatives and Municipals
  18. 18. Program Results To DatePipeline Numbers Leads - 124 Evaluations Submitted - 184 Evaluations Approved - 165 Jobs Submitted - 70 Jobs Approved - 54 Evaluations Completed 372Website Visits Sept - 3,278 Oct - 1,976 Nov -12, 608 Dec - 300,531 Jan - 539,123 Feb - 290,333 March -148,239
  19. 19. Financial IncentivesContractors Homeowners  90% of training and  $150 Rebate for Home Energy certification costs for BPI Evaluation Training through KCTCS – KY Wins  Free Quality Assurance Inspection of home energy  KHP Sponsored Trainings improvements by Independent  KHP 101 & Best Practices Third Party.  Financing / Rebate Training  Rebates up to $2,000 1-4  Software Training match required. - OR -  Marketing Support  6.99% loan up to $20,000 max for up to10 years.
  20. 20. Program Results To Date• 85 Contractors/Firms Signed up to Date• Serving 120 KY Counties• Training to Contractors • Best Practices = 117 Contractors • KHP 101 = 121 Contractors • Software Training = 55 Contractors • Rebate and Loan Training = 40 Contractors• Equipment Rebates - 50 Paid• BPI Training Rebates Processed - 73 paid• Completed Jobs - 51 Rebates Funded, 50 additional in process• Loans 3 Funded, 3 in Process
  21. 21. What Happens Next Market and Work with Utilities Continue Training and Contractor Recruitment Quality Assurance Identify and Bring Delivery Channels on Line Market to Consumers Track Program Results Long Term Program Sustainability Planning
  22. 22. for ProgramsKentucky Home Performance Software AA
  24. 24. Web Portal
  25. 25. Portal• Interactive & informative Web portal• Designed to educate & engage homeowner• Steps homeowner through process• Supports questionnaire & web form• Access to reports & recommendations
  26. 26. • Cloud based datahub• Houses and Manages Data• Job Tracking & Lead Management• Accurate savings predictions & verification• Supports workflow
  27. 27. • Field audit tool• Internet-Aware• Native automatic sync with Compass• Designed for residential in-home audits• Powerful model simulation & calculation engine• In-home customer report
  28. 28. Summary Strong Customer interactive & integrated Web portal Smooth workflow management for process automation Tools for contractor to interact with homeowner Tools to increase homeowner participation Integrated Residential audit tool Industry leading saving predictions & verification Program tracking and reporting PSD credentials, experience & industry position