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MEEA Technical Webinar: Engaging Homeowners in Energy Efficiency


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Hear MEEA member EnergySavvy along with Clean Energy Works Oregon as they discuss best practices for engaging homeowners in energy efficiency.

How do we transform residential energy efficiency into a self-sustaining industry that doesn’t require government and utility-funded rebates? Make it emotional. Through A/B testing with the Department of Energy and other market research, EnergySavvy has identified psychological triggers that get homeowners to buy into energy efficiency.

It’s relatively easy to get homeowners to commit to one-off rebated HVAC and insulation upgrades; the trick is convincing them to invest in deep whole-home retrofits. Homeowners don’t want to spend $10,000, even if they’ll save that much on their energy bills in ten years. However, they may be willing to invest in a “comfortable, healthy home” for their families.

In this webinar EnergySavvy discusses behavioral economics, online marketing case studies, social marketing tools and message optimization. By listening to this Webinar, participants will:

1. Learn how to identify social psychology triggers to get homeowners to invest in deep whole-home retrofits.

2. Replicate online marketing strategies in their own programs and businesses.

3. Identify social psychology triggers to make energy efficiency emotional for their customers.

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