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Inspiring Efficiency Award Winners: INNOVATION – DTE Energy & AEP Ohio


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AEP Ohio and DTE Energy were award winners at the 2015 Inspiring Efficiency Awards for their innovations in energy efficiency programming. This webinar presents an overview of their award winning projects.

AEP Ohio: Continuous Energy Improvement Program

The Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) Program helps participants implement strategic energy practices and principles that can help reduce energy bills by 5-15% with little to no capital investment. In the first half of the webinar, AEP Ohio’s Michelle Cross discussed CEI’s tools, coaching, structure and resources used to achieve energy savings by engaging employees and through operations and maintenance changes.

DTE Energy: DTE Insight

DTE Energy was the first utility in the nation to offer an interactive real-time tool for customers that links their smartphones to data collected by their advanced meters by offering DTE Insight. In this webinar, DTE Energy’s Joel Miller performed a live demo of the app and explained how customers can apply Insight’s data to save money and energy.


Michelle Cross—Energy Efficiency/Demand Reduction, AEP Ohio

Joel Miller—Principle Supervisor, Energy Management Tools, DTE Energy

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