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Combined Heat and Power as a Boiler MACT Compliance Strategy


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On December 20th, 2012, the US EPA finalized the Clean Air Act pollution standards known as ICI Boiler MACT. This standard applies to large boilers in a wide range of industrial facilities and institutions. This webinar, held January 30, 2013, discusses a US DOE sponsored technical assistance program to ensure that major sources burning coal or oil have information on cost-effective clean energy strategies for compliance , such as natural gas combined heat and power (CHP). Boiler owners and operators can learn about clean energy strategies to meet EPA boiler rules through DOE’s Boiler MACT Technical Assistance Program, which has been piloted in Ohio since March 2012 and is now being implemented throughout the Country. John Cuttica, Director of the Midwest Clean Energy Application Center and the Energy Resources Center, both located at the University of Illinois at Chicago, discusses how our Midwest industrial and institutional companies can take advantage of the technical assistance program.

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