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Midtown University, an accredited online university offering students as many as 71 majors to choose from in 16 schools of study.

Midtown University’s partnership program is designed to benefit students from all over the world by joining hands with local partners in providing quality education.

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Join Midtown University’s Partnership Program

  1. 1. If you are an existing or an aspiringeducational institution, consultant, counselor,or agent, you can become our EducationPartner from any region of the world. We willaccord you our Partnership Certificate alongwith a complete partnership kit and a co-branded website for you. You will also beprovided a complete training on how youshould introduce Midtown University to yourregions prospective students.
  2. 2. Support and Assistance to enroll studentsBenefit from the fast growing global online education industry Tools and technology to promote your businessEarn more with large outreach and target marketCredibility and reputation for representing the leader in online educationPaid participation in Partner Conferences organized by Midtown University
  3. 3. Provide Information• Help and assist students in choosing Midtown University for their higher education Work as an Enrollment Office• Midtown will regularly refer students interested in Midtown University, which as a partner you can enroll and benefit from the revenue sharing. There is no cost for the leads and referrals sent by Midtown University. Marketing Activities• Promote Midtown University programs in your region by using traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques. Represent Midtown University• If required, Midtown University will require you to officially represent Midtown University in trade exhibitions and fairs and public conferences etc.
  4. 4. Prospective Students• Working professionals willing to complete their education while they work• Students who wish to acquire internationally accepted qualifications• Home-schooled or housewives, who cannot attend campus- based classesCompanies• You can reach out medium to large sized companies interested in offering their training courses to their employees online.• Companies who would be interested in offering their employees company sponsored education.Large Groups• Contact large groups, such as bar associations, military groups etc., interested in providing discounted education for their members.
  5. 5. To help you reach out to your potential target market and effectively persuade them to study at Midtown University, we will help and facilitate you with: Creatives for Presentations Other specialAds for online print marketing for Corporate Ads for search requirements banner (such as and Large marketing on case-to- advertising magazines & group case basis newspaper) presentations
  6. 6. MTU Country Marketing Representative Collaterals & Partner Kit Appointment Students Certificate Admission Kits Free CRM forPartner web page 24x7x365 Partner better student on MTU website Helpdesk management Co-op Funds for Marketing & Advertising
  7. 7. APPOINTMENT CERTIFICATE Every partner is provided with a Certificate in Partnership to certify their status as a Midtown University Partner in their respective region. Terms & Conditions Apply
  8. 8. PARTNER KIT Every partner is provided with a partnership kit, which consists of partnership brochure and partnership certificate.Terms & Conditions Apply
  9. 9. STUDENT ADMISSION KIT Each partner will be awarded a partnership status along with a partnership seal which will be displayed on the co-branded website. Partners may also use the seal for corporate and marketing communications.
  10. 10. Each partner will be awarded a partnership status along with a partnership seal which will be displayed on the co-branded website. Partners may also use the seal for corporate and marketing communications.Terms & Conditions Apply
  11. 11. 24X7X365 Partner’s Helpdesk provides telephone support to our partners anytime at their convenience. Midtown University works in conjunction with our 24x7x365 available support team to provide seamless issue resolutions to our partners
  12. 12. The complementary CRMnot only helps to managestudent interactions anddata, but gives our highereducation partners thecompetitive advantage ofusing the most effectiverelationship managementsolution in the educationindustry.
  13. 13. Midtown University will share an equivalent percentage (i.e. x% on net sales/commission) with its partners on advertising and marketing expenses.Terms & Conditions Apply