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Virtualization Realized: Chapter 1


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This interactive eBook describes how virtualization is not a device to implement, but rather a journey to realize greater and greater gains. Featuring cases from midsize companies around the world, Chapter 1 details how to get started with virtualization and do more with less.

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Virtualization Realized: Chapter 1

  1. 1. Virtualization Realized 1 How to do more with less. That’s basically the question for midsize companies. How to increase innovation and improve performance while maintaining a focus on efficiency and cost control. Faced with lower operating and IT budgets, IT decision makers need to respond quickly to changing customers and market demands to stay ahead of the competition. 1 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  2. 2. Virtualization RealizedThe following issues are facedby midsize organizations.The data center is challenged. The business environment is changing. The reality of data sprawl.Many midsize businesses simply do not have Infrastructures across industries are also reaching a And it’s not just hardware. As IT becomes moredesignated personnel to care for their data center; breaking point, unable to meet the demands of the and more complex, not only is the amount of datathey have only a standard room to host the company constantly changing business environment. Servers increasing exponentially, the data is also becomingserver and storage infrastructure and have no luxury and resources are underutilized, as companies more unstructured, requiring additional resources toto expand. In short, they must work within their continue to add new servers on a need-by-need or be understood, analyzed and managed.constrained space. And the same skeleton staff that one-off application basis, ultimately leading tooversees this room also attends to all IT needs — server sprawl.from desktop management to monitoring criticalbusiness applications to providing direction on howIT can advance the strategic plans of the business. As the pace of business continues to accelerate, the physical and digital foundations on which progress depends are straining to keep up. 2 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  3. 3. Virtualization RealizedThe solution is virtualization.Just look at the many benefits of a virtualized environment.Reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Improve effectiveness andAdjustments during the recent economic downturn competitive position.will not be reversing anytime soon. Even as general Midsize businesses are caught in the middle of aeconomic conditions improve, businesses will seek competitive vise. Smaller businesses are nibbling atto reestablish profitability before adding to head their heels and large enterprises are redirecting theircount or increasing budgets. Consequently, the resources to protect their turf. If the midsizemidsize business IT organization, which typically has business doesn’t focus on improving itsthe same internal departments to support as a large effectiveness and, by association, its business, theenterprise, will be expected to do more with the competitive vise will definitely tighten. Virtualizationsame. Increased spending will be approved only if helps companies respond to computing needsthere is a near-term financial benefit. faster in comparison to the lengthier provisioning cycle of dedicated server hardware. Through virtualization, companies can ultimately create the right combination of hardware, software and services for the growing needs of their business. 3 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion
  4. 4. Virtualization RealizedIncrease capacity without Virtualization has many benefits besides helpingincreasing footprint. meet IT needs. It contributes to customer focus, innovation and revenue growth. It’s not a fixed set ofComputing and storage requirements are heading Virtualization is not ain only one direction—upward. Attempting to benefits that will fade, but a path toward increasedincrease capacity is particularly challenging when efficiency and flexibility across a broad spectrum of device you implement,the footprint of the data center is fixed and power demands. The challenge is knowing what this but a journey youavailability is limited. Virtualization helps you have broader virtualization tool set is, and how to makemore workloads per server. So you can stretch it work for you. And that’s where this eBook embark upon toyour data center without growing your footprint or comes in. realize greater andpower consumption. greater gains. Worth a tweet#Virtualization is not a fixed set of benefits that will fade; beyond ITneeds, it adds to customer focus, innovation and revenue growth. 4 1 Introduction 2 Getting Started 3 Pitfalls 4 Optimization 5 Conclusion