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First impressions are critical, and we at Midas Home Styling (home staging) want to make that first impression a good and lasting impression. Beginning with kerb appeal and throughout every room, our home styling services will transform a property into a home that buyers or renters will aspire to live in.

Our home styling expertise will emphasise the best features of a house or apartment while improving or downplaying the less marketable features. We can just make recommendations, or take the stress and worry away by doing some or all of it for you under tight deadlines.

Midas Home Styling provides a complete range of design solutions for your property problems. Whether you are preparing to sell or just want to enhance your home with a little tlc, we offer friendly, practical and effective advice to help you through every step of the process.

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Midas Home Staging

  1. 1. 10 seconds - that’s all you have toimpress a prospective buyer.Is your home’s first impression a great one? our home styling services will transform a property into a home that buyers or renters will aspire to live in.
  2. 2. effective home styling delivers positiveresults, in time and money overall, effective styling has been shown to raise the value of a property by 5.8% . therefore for a £200,000 home an additional 5.8% equals an extra £11,600 in your pocket!
  3. 3. what is home styling?often a seller’s personal stylewill not appeal to everyone whoviews their home.as experienced home stylists wespecialise in creative designsthat will make your home uniquewhile appealing to the largestpossible number of potentialbuyers.
  4. 4. what is Home Styling? did you know that 90% of people who walk into an empty room, see an empty room? we understand how to make your home appeal to potential buyers. we create elements that appeal to the senses and elicit an emotional response –WE MAKE THE BUYER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOME
  5. 5. effective home styling delivers positiveresults, in time and moneythe average days onmarket for a propertywhich has been styled isdramatically improved!
  6. 6. a property is only worth what a buyer isprepared to pay.our services can help you sellyour home faster for THE MOSTAMOUNT OF MONEY! Even inthe toughest of markets, we getresults!Midas Home Styling don’t justmake your home look pretty, weget it SOLD by making itMEMORABLE.
  7. 7. effective home styling delivers positiveresults, in time and money! on average effectively- styled properties sell 43% faster than non styled properties!!!
  8. 8. anyone can make your home look pretty,but we make your house SELL! many sellers feel forced to drop their asking price when their home does not sell. often they are forced to drop it more than once; however all of this may be avoided with proper home styling.
  9. 9. anyone can make your home look pretty,but we make your house SELL! in fact, many times the cost of home styling is equal to or less than just one month’s holding costs.
  10. 10. the investment made in effective styling isworth the money. how much does it cost? • every project is unique and we tailor our services to suit all budgets. • an average cost when preparing a complete house for sale can be anything up to .75% of the asking price. • this cost is often returned through higher offers and a higher price being achieved.
  11. 11. you never get a 2nd chance to make afirst impression. If styling your property will help you sell faster, for the most amount of money and give you an excellent return on your investment, why wouldn’t you do it every time? Call us today for your FREE initial consultation!
  12. 12. what our clients say! “The results were great, and the customer service is absolutely phenomenal!" Mr D Peas, Edinburgh "That was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for your speedy response. I really enjoyed your service and was extremely impressed with the quality and professionalism. I hope I have the occasion to work with your company in the future!“ Mr & Mrs Melville, London I must comment on the excellent level of service provided by you. On each occasion that we have required assistance with our properties (letting or selling) or general advice/guidance on related matters, your response has always been prompt and extremely professional and the results have always been excellent Keep up the good work! Ms McBearty, Edinburgh "I need to go on record to say what a wonderful job you have done - please pass on to the word that I am extremely happy with the service and the results Midas produced for us...“ Mrs Stanton, Edinburgh
  13. 13. the price list•Complete StyleWe do it all – 100% hands of for you. We take care of it all, you just relax Fromwhilst your home is transformed into a property which buyers will be falling over £450.00themselves to purchase. (Styling and dressing using your goods)•Key StyleA modified version of our “Complete Style” where we focus on five key Fromrooms of a home. (Styling and dressing using your goods) £350.00•D I Y styleWe come to your home and tell you what to do, you stage it yourself. We Fromprovide you with a written report of our recommendations. £180.00•E-styleYou email us photographs and we tell you what to do via email and you stage Fromit yourself. £99.00•Home EnhancementNot selling but just need some help making the most of your living space? We Fromrearrange and de-clutter, and redesign your current home to enhance your £350.00comfort and enjoyment.