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How to Calculate the on your RapidDeploy Investment


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You probably already realise that deployment automation can offer you real business benefits. But, perhaps you are unsure exactly how to calculate the ROI of RapidDeploy? Read our guide and find out how you can prove the advantage of continuous delivery and deployment automation to your organisation.

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How to Calculate the on your RapidDeploy Investment

  1. 1. “The Release Managers, working with the Developers, had been writing scripts...ever more complicated, longer and more numerous...they had created a monster...leading to more delays and resource wastage...As software builds grew steadily from one hundred to over five hundred a month, they implemented an automation solution... eliminating the resource bottlenecks they had been seeing.” How to Calculate the Return on Your RapidDeploy Investment
  2. 2. How to Calculate the Return on Your RapidDeploy Investment 1 How to Calculate the Return on Your RapidDeploy™ Investment MidVision innovates so that you can do more, faster, every day. You think you know that implementing an Application Release Automation solution will offer your business some benefits. But maybe you’re finding it challenging to articulate exactly what they are, or identifying the scale of improvements you could be set to see. We’re here to help. The ARA Adoption Curve You might be releasing your applications manually, or perhaps you are further along the maturity scale if you’ve built some scripts or maybe even your own deployment automation tool. But now you know we’re out here, with RapidDeploy™ - an automation solution with fifteen years of development history and a whole host of customers inputting into its roadmap. Although you may have tailored a solution to meet your own, unique needs, we’re pretty sure we’ll have thought of things you haven’t yet – we’re living and breathing this stuff – it’s all we do. Plus we can take your maintenance overheads away, and you’ll benefit when we develop new functionality as our customer base request it. ADOPTION CURVE / MATURITY SCALE So wherever you are on the maturity scale, we can help you figure out how implementing RapidDeploy™ can make your life easier and help you deliver on the targets your business might be setting you to save dollars or do more with less.
  3. 3. How to Calculate the Return on Your RapidDeploy Investment 2 2 CUSTOMER STORY An Operations Director joined a team experiencing a sudden uptick in application development. His employer, a rapidly expanding retail business had identified a business imperative to understand its customers better and so head devised a plan to deliver a number of new customer focused applications. Seeing his team of Release Managers becoming a bottleneck to Development for delivery of the new capabilities, the Ops Director prioritized automation of the application release process. He could see that the resources he had could not do any more if they remained reliant on their established manual processes. The Release Managers, working with the Developers, had been writing scripts, scripts that had become ever more complicated, longer and more numerous. In short, they had created a monster. Often, there was a single individual who fully understood the part of the monster they had created and who was the only one who could tame him – leading to more delays and resource wastage as others sat around with nothing to do and powerless to help. This individual was often cited as a hero, but the Operations Manager felt things could be done better. As software builds grew steadily from one hundred to over five hundred a month, they implemented an automation solution which saw them managing this growth as they reduced the time to market of each release dramatically and reduced risk by sharing the tasks and providing self-service to the developers, eliminating the resource bottlenecks they had been seeing. Drivers and Compelling Events Are you planning a PAAS project? About to perform a major version upgrade on one of your key middleware platforms? Is your business driving a migration of a critical application? Have you designed a new disaster recovery architecture? Or are you planning a datacenter move? All of these activities are examples of the triggers we have seen that helped our customers make the decision that they needed RapidDeploy™ to help them deliver ambitious projects in tight timescales, in the knowledge that what they implemented as a result would make a big difference to their every day work ahead.
  4. 4. How to Calculate the Return on Your RapidDeploy Investment 3 Proof of Concept Perhaps you have shortlisted a number of vendors who deliver these type of solutions or you may have already conducted a Proof of Concept of RapidDeploy™ in your own environment using your own use cases. If you haven’t, it’s easy to do – the downloadable evaluation version has an integrated database for ease and speed of installation and we’ve developed a whole host of learning assets (videos, guides and quick start packages) to help you along your way. We know that you’ll need to show how RapidDeploy™ works if you want your business to spend the money for you to use it and we’re online all day, every day to help you make your Proof of Concept purr. High Level Benefits You most likely have some ideas already about how RapidDeploy™ might save you some money – probably productivity improvements, maybe scaling down or redeploying your resources or simply being able to deliver more, faster, responding to your business’ demand. Here are the high level benefits our customers most often describe to us: - Eliminate configuration-related errors and minimize downtime - Release additional scalability and accelerate growth - Reduce effort and make productivity gains - Release highly skilled resources - Expedite the “time to value” for applications from weeks to hours - Eliminate unaudited manual and script-based processes - Enable compliance management reducing business risk - Provide rapid installation and configuration of applications in all of your environments; physical, virtual and cloud “Ultimately, RapidDeploy™ is making daily life easier and has freed us up from some tedious, arduous tasks,” concludes Robert O’Connor, Technical Support Manager at Domestic and General. “We are delivering new web application capabilities to the business at a vastly increased speed, supporting our ambitions for growth.”
  5. 5. How to Calculate the Return on Your RapidDeploy Investment 4 4 Building a Business Case Even when you’ve proved in principle the product does what it says and, most importantly, what you need, it’s more than likely that the people with the purse strings are going to want some strong, hard facts about how this investment will not only pay for itself, but how it’s going to carry on making quantifiable savings for your business. So let’s figure out how to do just that. Show Them the Money Another of our customers, a UK based leading Retail Bank saw amazing productivity improvements through using MidVision’s RapidDeploy™ Application Release Automation technology, including delivering WebSphere binaries 533% faster, the reduction of downtime across the lifetime of a project by 500 hours and saving over 100 man days from a single 130 man day build project. But we calculated this with them post-implementation – how do we forecast hard dollar savings? We’ve devised an ROI Calculator <link> which you can use at any time, but here we’ll explain the methodology behind our algorithms, so you can build and justify your own business case if that suits you better. The Size of Your Enterprise Just as 100% of nothing is nothing, 10% of ten thousand is a lot more than 10% of a hundred. That’s not to say that if you are a smaller enterprise you won’t see savings, and conversely your investment will be lower, but the bigger you are, the more savings you’ll see. The Complexity of Your Infrastructure Similarly, the more heterogeneous your environments and platforms, the more complex your job of management – the greater the opportunity for automation to simplify. RapidDeploy™ supports a broad range of platforms and we’re extending its capability all the time, in line with our customers’ demand in addition to adding ISV application specific tasks.
  6. 6. How to Calculate the Return on Your RapidDeploy Investment 5 - Apache TomCat - Apache TomCat TC - IBM DB2 - IBM WebSphere Application Server / XD / VE - IBM WebSphere BPM - IBM WebSphere DataPower - IBM WebSphere ESB - IBM WebSphere Message Broker - IBM WebSphere MQ - IBM WebSphere Portal - IBM WebSphere Process Server - Microsoft MySQLServer - Microsoft .Net - Microsoft SQL - Oracle Database - Oracle WebLogic - Red Hat JBoss Your Resourcing Profile By analyzing the resources you have involved in the release process, we can help you identify if you can reduce your resourcing overheads, redeploy to other higher-value tasks, or increase the output of each individual head. You’ll probably have staff in both your Development and Operations team spending time getting your releases to market, and fixing problems when things fail. By stopping things failing and making it quicker and easier to fix things when they do fail we can optimize your team’s performance. Additionally, by providing simple to use, push button tooling, secured so that individuals can only access what they need to do their job, we eliminate the bottlenecks caused by having an elite group of individuals holding all the knowledge. Once you’ve established the volume and costs of the staff you have working on your release process, both on and off-shore, you need to start answering these questions: - Are your release and deployment engineers also delivering other services such as configuration management, support? - What percentage of your release and deployment managers’ time is spent troubleshooting and fixing errors? - Do you have business restrictions that dictate you perform application releases and upgrades outside of business hours? - How often do application releases result in an error and need to be triaged and run again? - How much time do your release and deployment engineers spend on applying patches and feature packs?
  7. 7. How to Calculate the Return on Your RapidDeploy Investment 6 6 - How much time do your release and deployment engineers spend on upgrades? Your Workload - How many application releases do you perform on a monthly basis? - How long does the application release process currently take on average? - How many new environments are likely to be needed in the next 12 months? - How long does it take you to set up a new environment currently?