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Datasheet scriptspluginforrd


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Datasheet scriptspluginforrd

  1. 1. Compelling Events for Automation• Middleware Upgrades It’s great when new vendorsbring out new features - but often taking advantage ofthem takes a good deal of time and effort to upgradethe new infrastructure - and introduces risk. Automatingthe upgrade project speeds it up, reduces the risk andbuilds a more manageable platform in the future.• Migrating off ‘Premium Product’ With the economyas it is, more organizations are forced to tighten theirbelts, and one area that has come under particularscrutiny is the annual cost of maintaining installedsoftware. Some organizations have made the decisionto move less business critical applications off moreexpensive middleware onto open-source platformssuch as JBoss and Tomcat. This type of project isaccelerated when it’s automated and an automationtool makes managing hybrid or heterogeneousenvironments much easier.• Building a PAAS or a private cloud With pressureon businesses to deliver more innovation to theircustomers, faster, we see many of our customersbuilding Platforms As A Service and private clouds.These are a lot faster and quicker to set up using anautomation tool, and a lot quicker to manage demandonce they are up and running.• Core business application upgrades or migrationsMany of our customers occasionally need to upgradeor even replace their core business applications - oftencomplex, multi-layered, integrated systems that haveevolved over time and have many integration pointsand are absolutely critical to the minute by minuteoperations of the business. Using an automation toolcan reduce the risk and time associated with sucha project.• Platform migrations Sometimes it’s time to movefrom one platform to another - for instance, customerssometimes feel that a UNIX based platform willoffer them performance advantages over an OS400platform. But moving hundreds of middlewareapplications might seem like a challenge too far -without automation.• Rearchitecting Change is a constant and businessesneed to continually evolve their IT infrastructureand operations, build new environments for thingslike Disaster Recovery and automating the buildand deployment of these new environments meansdelivering them faster.Scripts Insights• This plugin allows you to manage scripts ontarget servers. You can snapshot a scriptsdirectory, by giving the top level directory pathand a set of filesets to include/exclude for bothconfiguration and binary files. This snapshot setof files can be compared over time (comparisonof checksums for the binary filesets) todetermine configuration drifts.• The scripts can be templated and parameterisedusing environment specific data dictionaryfiles and packaged up for deployment to othertargets, thus enabling scripts files to be stored inthe SCM tool on the framework server, managedcentrally and deployed out to target servers justas you would for code.• The scripts can be run from the deploymentpackage or from a target managed location aspart of the deployment job, or run as a separatescripts execution job.RapidDeploy™ Plugin for ScriptsRapidDeploy™ provides organizations with Application Release Automation capabilitiesto reduce costs, improve productivity and time to value and assure compliance. Thereis a range of plugins available to extend the core automation framework capabilities tomost available platforms and perform integrations throughout the DevOps toolchain.This datasheet refers to the Scripts plugin.Plugins are downloaded through the Plugin Manager console in RapidDeploy™, or from the MidVisionwebsite at™TargetPlugins
  2. 2. Scripts Plugin OverviewThe RapidDeploy™ Scripts plugin allows the userto deploy and or run any script on Windows or anyflavour of Unix/Linux. For example Shell, Perl, Ant, batfiles. Any command line parameters may be set, todifferent values in different environments if required.Any environment variables used by the script may beset for each target environment and referenced from thetarget environments shell or dynamically set in the shellfrom an environment variables file that can be storedin the software configuration management tool. Thescripts may be deployed to the target server and run,or run directly from the server. Scripts can be stored inthe user’s software configuration management tool sothat updates to scripts can automatically be deployedto target environments via releases similar to those youalready do for code.If you use software that is not listed here and youwould like to manage it using RapidDeploy™ pleaseemail with the details. Forfuture versions, we aim to have support within twoquarters of the vendor announcing general availability,although customer demand can accelerate ourdevelopment roadmap.RapidDeploy™ PluginsThe RapidDeploy™ plugins extend the functionality ofthe core automation framework and are categorised inthe following way:• Toolchain plugins enabling integration with BuildEngines, Artifact repositories and Source ControlManagement tools• Transport plugins enabling use of SSH andAgent capability• Target plugins enabling connectivity with broadrange of Middleware Applications and Databases• Cloud plugins enabling connectivity to cloud providers• Business Intelligence plugins to extend theCAF including for example, enhanced comparisonfunctionality and additional reporting capabilitiesPlugins ship with:• A Library of commonly used tasks• Wizards extensive help information• Predefined automation library©MidVision2013.Allrightsreserved.RapidDeploy™TargetPluginsWant this plugin? Getting hold of it’s easy - either:1) Go to the Plugin Manager in your installation of RapidDeploy™ and pick your plugin from the list or2) Go to Support Downloads RapidDeploy Plugin Downloads and select yourplugin from there. If you have any problems, please call or email your MidVision Account Manager.You must license your plugin separately - please speak to your MidVision Account Manageror email If you are an IBM Rational Automation Framework customer andwould like access to this plugin, please contact us at