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Meet the mid_america_board

  1. 1. Meet Your Board MidAmerica Board of Trustees 2013-2014
  2. 2. Rev. Bill Sasso President Term: 2015 • Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship Carbondale, Illinois • 13 years of UU parish ministry (now retired), and President of the Central Midwest District • Sharing my life with Kathy, my wife; Elena, my daughter; and Molly, our lab-shepherd mix • I celebrate autumn with hikes in the forest amid the gorgeous fall colors.
  3. 3. Charlotte Preston Vice President • White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church • Mahtomedi, Minnesota • Prairie Star District Board; I also led Linchpin, communicating about forming the MidAmerica Region. • Small business owner working in the global jewelry industry. • Fall fun for me is sharing a scooter ride with my partner Mary and son Jake. Term: 2015
  4. 4. Eric Huffer Secretary Term: 2016 • Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington Lexington, Kentucky • Heartland District Nominating Committee; I am chairing the Denominational Affairs committee in my congregation. • I work in administration for a large ambulatory surgery center; every day is different. • I look forward to a fall of hiking, farmers' markets, and gardening.
  5. 5. Tom Sommerfeld Treasurer Term: 2016 • Northwoods UU Fellowship Woodruff, Wisconsin • 7 years as treasurer for the congregation • Living on a lake in the woods, making/listening to music, preparing my Classical radio show. • I enjoy visiting Ann Arbor, Michigan for friends and football in the fall.
  6. 6. Amy Taylor Trustee Term: 2014 • Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana • OWL Facilitator, Heartland District President • Professionally, I am a Commodities Manager/ Procurement Specialist. • In the fall I love to go "leaf peeping," visit orchards and sample apple cider.
  7. 7. Rev. Cindy Landrum Trustee • Universalist Unitarian Church of East Liberty Clarklake (Jackson County), Michigan • Parish ministry for 12 years, chapter president for Heartland’s UU Ministers’ Association. • My husband, Peter Morrison, our daughter and I, are active in art. • Fall means back-to-school for husband and daughter, pumpkin carving, hay rides, and apple-picking. Term: 2015
  8. 8. Dave Martin Trustee Term: 2016 • Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City Iowa City, Iowa • I have been Secretary and Vice-President of the Prairie Star District Board. • I work in library administration at the University of Iowa. • I look forward to a fall of hiking, biking, and golf.
  9. 9. Erin McElroy Trustee • Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalist Kenosha, Wisconsin • I have served as youth chair on my church’s Religious Education Committee as well as aided in the planning of Youth CONs (Conferences). • I make music to share with those I hold dearest. • Fall is a time of change and new starts with the school semester. Term: 2014 No photo is shown of this board member due to our Youth Safety policies.
  10. 10. Kathy Burek Trustee Term: 2014 • Michael Servetus Unitarian Society Fridley, Minnesota • Prairie Star District President, District Presidents’ Association President • Self-employed management consultant. Married nearly 43 years. Three adult children; no grandchildren. One cat. • In the fall, we love hiking in Minnesota’s state parks.
  11. 11. Rev. Ian Evison Ex-Officio • Beverly Unitarian Church Chicago, Illinois • Part of staff team that created the vision for administrative structure & program of MidAmerica; former Congregational Services Director, Central MidWest District • A UU minister, I have long ministered in reinventing UU organizations. • Love going on amazing adventures with good friends and family—like canoeing in the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota. Congregational Life Consultant