Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V


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Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

  2. 2. SCALE AND PERFORMANCE Maximum number Improvement Windows ServerSystem Resource Windows 2008 R2 2012 factor Logical processors on hardware 64 320 5× Physical memory 1 terabyte 4 terabytes 4×Host Virtual processors per host 512 1,024 2× Virtual processors per virtual machine 4 64 16× Memory per virtual machine 64 GB 1 terabyte 16×Virtual Active virtual machines 384 1,024 2.7×machine Virtual disk size 2 terabytes 64 terabytes 32× Nodes 16 64 4×Cluster Virtual machines 1,000 8,000 8×
  3. 3. Manage virtual machines independently Live migration Live migration offrom underlying infrastructure within a cluster storage Shared-nothing live Hyper-VHandle changing needs on demand migration Replica
  4. 4. VIRTUAL MACHINE MOBILITYLive migration based on server Modified pages transferred Memory handle moved Storage Live migration setupmessage block (SMB) share Improvements VM Modified memory pages Configuration data Memory content VM MEMORY • Faster and simultaneous migration • Live migration outside a clustered environment IP connection • Store virtual machines on a File Share SMB network storage
  5. 5. VIRTUAL MACHINE MOBILITY Disk Reads are mirrored; outstanding Disk contentswrites go to to new writes and are copied newLive migration of storage Reads and writes go to the source VHD changes are replicated destination VHDMove virtual hard disks attachedto a running virtual machine Computer Benefits running • Manage storage in a cloud environment Virtual machine Hyper-V with greater flexibility and control • Move storage with no downtime • Update physical storage available to a virtual machine (such as SMB-based Source device Target device storage) • Windows PowerShell cmdlets
  6. 6. VIRTUAL MACHINE MOBILITY DiskDisk writes are mirrored;new Reads and writes go toto contents are copied the Live Migration Completes Live Migration ContinuesShared-nothing live migration outstandingsourceMigration Begins source VHD.changes VHDreplicated destination are Live VHD Source Live Migration Destination Hyper-V Configuration data Hyper-V MEMORY Modified memory pages Memory content Benefits Virtual machine Virtual machine • Increase flexibility of virtual machine IP connection placement • Increase administrator efficiency • Reduce downtime for migrations across cluster boundaries Source device Target device
  7. 7. VIRTUAL MACHINE MOBILITYNew feature Primary site Replica siteReplicate Hyper-V virtual machines from a Exchange virtual machineprimary site to a replica site CRM virtual machine IIS virtual machine Exchange replica SQL virtual machine virtual SharePoint virtual machine Benefits machine CRM replica virtual • Affordable in-box business continuity and machine disaster recovery R2 • Failure recovery in minutes Replicate over R1 R3 P1 P2 WAN link • More secure replication across network • No need for storage arrays • No need for other software replication SMB file share SAN Hyper-V role and tools Hyper-V role and tools technologies Hyper-V Hyper-V PS Hyper-V Hyper-V PS • Automatic handling of live migration cmdlets integrated UI cmdlets integrated UI • Simpler configuration and management Send/receive replica traffic Hyper-V Management Module Hyper-V Management Module tracks and replicates changes for receives and applies the changes to each virtual machine the replica virtual machine
  8. 8. ISOLATION AND MULTITENANCY Resource Pool Internet 25 20 15 5 30 0 10 Resource Metering 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0Features• Uses resource pools Metrics• Compatible with all Hyper-V Average CPU use Resource Pool Resource Pool Internet Internet operations Customer 1 Customer 2 Average memory use• Unaffected by virtual machine movement Minimum memory use• Uses Network Metering Port ACLs Maximum memory use Maximum disk allocationBenefits of Resource Incoming network trafficMetering• Easier to track virtual machine Outgoing network traffic use• Can be used to aggregate data for multiple virtual machines Virtual Machine• Can be used to build accurate 45 30 20 0 Resource Metering 40 25 10 0 lookback and chargeback solutions• Easier to obtain resource use A two-tenant environment built with data Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 12