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Windows 8 in Education eBook


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Windows 8 in Education eBook

  1. Windows 8in Education education
  2. Contents Windows 8 in Education Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Introduction Windows 8 – Including a note about The Teacher’s the authors Story 3 5 Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Windows 8 – Top Apps The Network Th Manager’s Story The Microsoft Brand Guidelines for Education | 27 18 32 This eBook is intended for informational purposes only. The views and information contained within it do not necessarily constitute official Microsoft information or reflect the views of Microsoft. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the eBook, Microsoft cannot guarantee its accuracy or currency. Microsoft does not give any warranty as to the ownership of the copyright of any material forming part of this eBook and does not accept any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential losses arising from the infringement of any third party rights in relation to any material in this eBook.2 Contents education
  3. Chapter 1: Introduction Windows 8 in Education Introduction It became clear in the months before official launch education. What it can be, though, is an initial Finally, we include a section on App development that Windows 8 is regarded by the technology attempt, written by leading practitioners, with Windows 8. As we know, this is going to be a community as something more than an update at sharing some of the system’s main features, key feature for education. Young people are great of the world’s best known operating system. giving you just enough to make you want to try App users, but they don’t want to leave it there. One look at that unique Start Screen, with its live Windows 8 for yourself. They’re increasingly keen to develop their own tiles, so different, and yet so inviting, is enough to Apps, and the way it can be done with Windows 8, alert us to that. There’s no denying that the tablet The eBook can get you started and inspire you. the Windows Store, and Microsoft development revolution has had its influence here, and without After that you’re on your own. Trust me, whoever tools, offers them an absolutely unrivalled Brand Guidelines for Educat The Microsoft doubt very many people will come to Windows 8 you are – teacher, lecturer, network manager, opportunity to be ahead of the game, alongside through touch screen devices. When they do, they principal, child, student, administrator or parent professional developers. Teachers are going to may be surprised, especially if they’ve experienced – you’ll use our book as a springboard to take off seize this aspect of Windows 8 in a way that has other tablets, to find themselves in an environment and come up with levels of experience far beyond the potential to transform and re-energise ICT that’s far more truly flexible and productive than anything we’ve described. teaching in schools, colleges and universities. they expected, driven by the proven, enterprise The eBook is in sections. One is for hands-on We like to think that both audiences will read the standard powerhouse of familiar Microsoft tools. educators, teachers and lecturers, while another whole eBook because there will be value for each The potential of Windows 8 for education seems is directed at network managers, the people who in doing that. If time’s pressing, though, users can limitless. The ideal of ‘anytime, anywhere learning’ will have to stay one step ahead and make sure simply read the parts that they feel to be most is suddenly achievable. Using a tablet or a laptop that teachers and learners have the best Windows relevant for them. for an assignment becomes as cool and inviting as 8 experience. There’s also a section from Microsoft catching up with the latest news on Facebook. that covers ‘top Apps’. The Windows 8 Apps area is Gerald Haigh, You’ll gather that this is a new product we’re very a key feature of Windows 8, and you’ll find quite a Microsoft freelance writer. keen on, and anxious to tell educators about. lot about them in various places in this eBook. Hence this eBook. Obviously it isn’t, and can’t be, the definitive handbook of Windows 8 in3 Windows 8 in Education education
  4. Chapter 1: A note about the authors Windows 8 in Education The Teaching and The Network Learning section Manager’s section Ollie Bray Alan Richards Ollie Bray is a highly experienced teacher and a qualified head teacher. Alan Richards, author of the Network Manager’s section, is Information He is currently a Deputy Head Teacher (Vice Principal) of a secondary Systems Manager at West Hatch High School in Chigwell, Essex. school in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. Between 2009 and The Microsoft Brand Guidelines for Educat 2012 he was appointed as National Adviser for Emerging Technologies Alan is in demand as a generous and expert source of information in Learning at Education Scotland, which is the government-funded about the application of technology to education. He carries the agency in Scotland responsible for curriculum design, innovation, coveted Microsoft accolade of Most Valued Professional. CPD and evaluation. Ollie’s wide experience and deep classroom- based understanding of teaching and learning, and of the place of technology in education, means he is in demand as a speaker and consultant both in the UK and internationally.4 Forward education
  5. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Introduction For far too long the educational technology debate has focused on the device, from processing power to screen resolution. But with the rise of Internet based tools and cloud computing, it will be the operating system and browser that truly have a real impact on learning. This is why I am so excited about the potential of Windows 8 in education. In Windows 8, for the first time we have an operating system which is multi- layered and capable of running on a range of devices from traditional laptops to tablets. It is culturally relevant to young people, slick to use and integrates with some of the best of breed cloud productivity applications (including Microsoft Office 365 for education). Combined with appropriate pedagogical processes, good leadership and sensible network management, perhaps we have finally reached a time in our short history where technology can have that transformative impact on young people and students that it deserves. Let me guide you through the potential. Ollie Bray education
  6. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Relevant and personal Good teachers know that if young people can see the relevance of what they are learning Learning in practice Using their Microsoft Account to sync settings and preferences across devices gives an ideal to their own lives and their own place in the As an introduction, show your learners how they opportunity to speak about privacy with students, world, then they are more likely to be interested can personalise Windows 8 and how its features as some settings are not stored locally. and motivated to learn. Windows 8 responds will help them stay organised and support their to this by offering a little bit of everything learning between home and school or college. for most people. For example it can be a fully working desktop operating system which runs The Lock Screen picture, which they see when powerful education and productivity Apps they log on to their own device, provides learning such as Microsoft Office. Or via the Start Screen opportunities covering digital photography and experience, it provides a seamless gateway to sourcing photographs (ownership, copyright, the power of the Internet, cloud storage (via creative commons and safety). Reinforce that their SkyDrive) and 1000’s of Windows 8 applications. Lock Screen picture should represent them as an It is highly personalised, slick and intuitive, individual, and that it is an important part of their and focuses on the user rather than the digital footprint. technology. In short, Windows 8 does all the hard work, allowing the learner to focus on learning and the teacher to focus on teaching. “ indows 8 offers a little bit of W everything for most people.”6 Windows 8 in Education education
  7. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Any device, any time For learners and teachers, one of the major attractions of Windows 8 is its seamless Learning in practice performance across a range of devices – You are a student working on a project from home tablets, ultrabooks, notebooks, the various and you find a few really good websites that hybrids and ‘all-in-ones’. Windows 8 offers the will help you with a project at school or college. user a no-compromise, single sign-on experience Instead of scribbling down the URL you ‘pin them’ across all these device types. So, a teacher could (favourites) to your Windows 8 Start Screen. start lesson preparation on a staff room PC, The next day when you log on they are just there then pick up their Windows 8 tablet to continue in your ‘pinned sites’. This level of usability and the same task on the train. Arriving home, they consistency is key to any successful digital tool. relinquish the tablet to a child with homework to do, and settle down to carry on their work on a You’re a student looking at a contemporary family laptop. In each case they’ve encountered photograph of trench life in World War One, the familiar look, feel and efficiency of their own with the task of writing about the key features. personalised version of Windows 8. This potential ‘Snap Apps’ in Windows 8 enables you to look to move between devices without the distraction at the picture and make notes on a Word of changing operating systems is huge. Learners document next to it without having to switch encounter, wherever they go, the same unified between screens, which is time consuming and interface with a modern look and feel. The same lacks the slickness that today’s students expect on familiarity will then extend into working life, their devices. where Windows is the global operating system of choice.7 Windows 8 in Education education
  8. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Education and productivity Apps Windows 8 comes with a number of Apps as People Maps standard, but you can also download a growing This helps you manage your contacts (and classes). This is a highly efficient example of its type, proven selection of Apps from the Windows Store. It links duplicate contacts and also allows you to in Bing Maps, and now with the additional seamless Remember that as long as you have logged in, quickly see your contacts updates on Twitter and efficiency of Windows 8. As well as a geographical your Apps will follow you around to whichever Facebook. For the educators building personal resource, Maps is a wonderful tool for enhancing device you use. learning and support networks on services such as stories that include journeys and adventures. Twitter, this can be a great support for CPD. Key Apps that come built into Windows 8 Weather include – This is a great looking App, with forecasts and statistics in graphics and figures against an Internet Explorer 10 atmospheric background. Wonderful for climate Internet Explorer 10 is a new browser, built for study and also for a wide range of data handling Windows 8, that is fast and fluid and perfect projects using Office tools within Windows 8. for touch. Messaging Messaging provides a powerful unified communications tool that links seamlessly to Windows Live Messenger and Facebook, and offers teachers and lecturers an easy way to collaborate. Students, of course, will take to it like ducks to water!8 Windows 8 in Education education
  9. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Education and productivity Apps Learning in practice with Ask students, in teams, to identify a real-life Windows 8 Apps problem and then design a Windows 8 There is such a rapidly growing selection of style App to address it. Windows 8 Apps in the Windows Store that it is If you have the skills and difficult to keep up with all of the latest releases. expertise within your This is where your students can provide real input. school, students can then go on to build the Ask your class to research the available App using Windows 8 Windows 8 Apps and suggest how they might be Development tools, used. Encourage students to think out the box. as described elsewhere Quite often an App intended for one thing can be in this eBook. used in another way, so a shopping list planner becomes an organiser for a school show. Form teams to research Windows 8 Apps that support curriculum areas, such as literacy, modern languages etc., and suggest they rate and review the Apps. Then allow teams to present their findings back to the class using appropriate methods. This provides young people with an authentic learning experience and a real life task.9 Windows 8 in Education education
  10. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Improved search with Bing Learning in practice Within the App Bar at the bottom of the screen there are two important buttons – with ‘Bing’ The ‘Bing’ start page image is worthy of a discussion in its own right. In addition, it has The ‘Pin Button’ hidden ‘hot-spots’ which form questions for your Use this on websites that you want to come back students. This Bing Start Page can be used in lots to regularly. Because you can sign into Windows 8 of ways, lesson starters or plenary activity for on any Windows 8 machine, your ‘Pinned’ sites example, and to make students more aware of will follow you from device to device. Getting global events. students to ‘pin’ sites is important to help young people make links and save time between school Other features include Social Search and home. ( which lets you search for #-tags. Bing then geo-locates them on a Map. This makes an effective tool to gather public opinion about an event or issue such as the The ‘Wrench’ Icon Olympics or a natural disaster. Explore the various features within the ‘Wrench’ to enhance the web browsing experience. It can “ he first thing you T Another Bing feature is the ability to search for video by source (this includes news channels such as the BBC) and then filter by ‘most recent’. improve students’ digital literacy by encouraging them to do more than simply read web pages. need to know about This is a great way to beam real-time news footage into your classroom. This is only a taster of what Bing can do for your Internet Explorer 10 is that it’s very fast.” students. Creative teachers and students will soon discover many more.10 Windows 8 in Education education
  11. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Full Microsoft Office 365 for education integration In education, one of the most exciting cloud Office 365 for education includes – Public and team websites announcements in recent times has been the full Use your own domain to design and maintain a release of Office 365 for education. The ability Email, tasks and calendar simple, public-facing website for your school or to fully integrate Office 365 for education into Cloud-based email and calendars powered by class. You can also create up to 300 sub-sites, and Windows 8 is particularly attractive for schools Microsoft Exchange Online using your own school share files and documents with other Office 365 and colleges as it starts at free to academic domain name. You get 25GB of storage per user. users. All powered by SharePoint Online. institutions. If your institution has not yet signed Web conferencing A word about typing up to Office 365 for education, then consider Rich online meetings with audio and video, Productivity tools such as Office 365 for education it carefully because you have nothing to lose, desktop sharing, and virtual whiteboard using the require you to type, so it’s important that and, in fact, you, your students and your wider power of Microsoft Lync Online. Windows 8 is optimised for mouse and keyboard school community all have much to gain. as well as for touch. Indeed, one of our favourite Office web Apps features is the ability to search for an App just by Create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint typing on the Start Screen. Windows 8 also has and OneNote documents straight from your multiple keyboard shortcuts, such as Win C for web browser. opening the Charm menu, Win D for showing the desktop, and Win Z for opening the App bar.11 Windows 8 in Education education
  12. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Full Microsoft Office 365 for education integration Learning in practice with For example: Office 365 for education • se a Microsoft Lync Video Conference to beam an expert into your classroom. U in Windows 8 • se a combination of Microsoft Lync and SharePoint Online to deliver distance-learning for your students. U With Office 365 for education you can introduce • se SharePoint Online to build a school or class website. This will help anytime, any where learning and U young people to the enterprise-standard tools also help break down your school walls to parents and the local community. that they’ll meet as they continue into education • ive students a choice of output for a presentation, choosing among tools in Office Web Apps. G and work beyond school. But the power of the But remember the focus should always be on the narrative and not on the tool. toolset held within Office 365 for education also has the potential to improve teaching and • se Office Web Apps to create an ePortfolio using OneNote online. U learning in a number of classroom scenarios. • se Exchange Online tasks to keep on top of your ‘to do’ list and lesson planning, or Exchange Online U Calendar for people to book specialist rooms in the school. • ecause Exchange Online is optimised for Windows 8, which is available on multiple devices, this opens B the possibility of using Exchange Online to communicate with your students, populate your school timetables and manage your diary. “ ne of the most exciting cloud announcements in recent times.” O12 Windows 8 in Education education
  13. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Bring your own device: Windows To Go Windows To Go enables Windows 8 to boot and However, the most common barrier to BYOD is For security reasons if you are running Windows run from a mass storage device such as a USB that, while schools need to be able to manage the To Go then you cannot access your local files on flash drive or an external hard drive. workspaces on which their applications are being your hard drive. However, with Windows To Go used, students and teachers, for their part, may running you can sign in with your normal Microsoft This interesting idea has a lot of potential in not want their personal computers managed for Account and access all of your normal Windows 8 education, particularly in supporting the emerging them by their schools. Apps, software and cloud storage (via SkyDrive or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) agenda, where SharePoint Online). This underlines the importance students and teachers are allowed to bring their Windows To Go addresses this dilemma by of Office 365 for education as an integrated part of own laptops, tablets and smartphones into schools creating an environment that can be managed the Windows 8 experience. and connect to the school wireless network. separately from a user’s personal environment. With Windows To Go, both students and teachers In financial and practical terms BYOD is attractive. can use the school or education authority Schools and education institutions often complain workspace when the Windows To Go thumb that they don’t have the resources and computing drive is plugged in and operating. It is also hardware that they need, yet many young people important to realise that Windows To Go turns in the UK these days have a laptop, tablet or your PC into a Windows 8 machine even if you smartphone that has to be turned off for the have Windows 7 running at home or on the 8 hours a day that they are at school. Similarly, machine that you are using. What is nice about hundreds of thousands of school computers sit this is that the experience between home and unused in the evenings, weekends and school school can again become more unified. holidays around the country. “ he experience between home and T school can again become more unified.”13 Windows 8 in Education education
  14. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Bring your own device: Windows To Go Learning in practice with It is also worth considering that, if any BYOD implementation is going to be successful, utilising Windows To Go. the power of Windows To Go, as well as having robust and acceptable use policies in place as Learning opportunities using the potential of a school, you also need to make sure you have Windows To Go include opportunities to talk to gathered some key data. In particular, if you are children and young people about the IT industry, going to allow student owned devices to connect virtualisation, IT security, network segregation, to the schools network this will put strain on your network management, corporate responsibility, network. Firstly, BYOD is likely to not be successful responsible use policies and cloud computing. unless you have adequate bandwidth. Secondly, if you are going to allow young people to take their If your school or college decides to use Windows To Go stick home with them then you Windows To Go for the BYOD route, need to make sure they have access to hardware there’s an immediate boost to ‘anytime, and connectivity at home (remember: you can’t anywhere learning’. This will feed back to store anything locally). We know this sounds curriculum planning and to pedagogy as simple, but don’t assume anything. For BYOD barriers between classroom learning and to be as revolutionary in education as it deserves ‘home’ tasks become blurred. There are to be, make sure you have done your homework, strong implications for CPD here. gathered the data and built a strong business case around learning and finance. “ here’s an immediate boost to ‘anytime, anywhere learning’.” T14 Windows 8 in Education education
  15. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education App development with Windows 8 Everyone enjoys and appreciates Apps. Next, here’s something you don’t do. Some people Imagine, build, revolutionise Many students have a try at developing their own, are tempted to start coding straight away as soon Students are always the ones to transform music, and many more could do so with encouragement as there’s the germ of a good idea. That’s a common fashion and pop culture. Now your students can do and the right tools. The benefits of doing this are mistake. Instead, there’s a crucial stage where the the same by their ability to reimagine Apps and all going to be far-reaching, not just for computer developer steps away from the screen and tries that they can do. Instead of being behind the curve, education, but for motivation, collaborative sketching a few designs, jotting down some user you and your students collectively can be among the and also independent learning, creativity, scenarios to get a good feel of what’s possible, leaders, setting the trends, and creating what’s next. entrepreneurial skills – really there’s no limit. what the App would look like and how people In step with the professionals might use it. At this stage, surprisingly, good old Now, with Windows 8, the Windows Store Windows 8 is so new that you, with your students, pencil and paper is sometimes the best way. and Microsoft tools, App development has can learn and put into practice the same skills, at the Spend time at that planning stage, and the coding never been easier. same time, as professional developers who create will be that much easier because there will be a Apps for a living. These are exactly the same skills Here’s how you might manage the process with much clearer idea of where it’s going. that people use for building websites, for example your students – First in, first win (HTML, JavaScript). That’s good news for a young First comes the idea. Many will have one or more Your students’ Apps will go into the Windows Store. person’s future, wherever it leads, as there isn’t an of these already. Some will have had success in Think what that means. Windows spans the globe. entirely new set of tools and languages etc. to learn. bringing them to life, but in any event they can It’s used by people in every bit of this lovely planet You can be certain that Windows 8 development will all discuss App ideas with friends, classmates and of ours. More than 600 million licenses of Windows 7 be in great demand. Not only that, but whether a social network contacts. They can think, with you, have been sold as of June 2012, and all will be given student is headed for a technology course or career about what would make life easier, more interesting, a simple, affordable way to move up to Windows 8. or not, success in App development will show that and more entertaining, not just for them, but for And, with the Windows Store built into every a person is a highly creative problem-solver, with a other individuals and groups – older, younger, Windows 8 device, your apps will be on show and great understanding of how to meet people’s needs with different needs and preferences. It’s very much available to that huge, eager audience. and preferences. an ‘out of the box’ process. Developer’s Resources: DreamSpark: Faculty Connection: Windows 8 in Education education
  16. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Conclusion: Gaining the benefits Overcoming the “ indows 8 really is W If you want to be a school that embraces technology in the classroom, then what’s probably more challenges and getting an out-of-the-box important than technical know-how is a collective started with Windows 8 change of mindset. This is best done through support and swapping ideas. We have given you plenty of In this section of the Windows 8 in education eBook, we will examine some of the challenges solution.” ideas to get you started in this short guide and now it is up to you to adapt them for your own local need. that you may encounter when trying to Don’t forget that Microsoft Partners in Learning integrate some of the ideas and concepts What about professional development? Network ( offers that we’ve covered. To help you tackle these The good news is that today’s technology is global connections, discussion forums and challenges we have provided some answers to not actually that complicated, and many of digital tutorials populated by some of the most frequently asked questions. the teaching and learning ideas and processes innovative and enthusiastic teachers in the world. that we have described in this book do not Why the focus on technology? require technical wizardry. We have emphasised Will the children misuse technology? Yes, technology is an enabler, but, combined with throughout just how intuitive and slick Windows 8 Children have always misused technology, and good learning and teaching, it does have the is to use. It really is an out-of-the-box solution that any misuse of technology in the classroom needs potential to be transformational. So although doesn’t require a complicated instruction manual. to be seen as a learning opportunity where the Windows 8 is essentially a technological product, Also, because it runs across multiple devices, and responsible use of technology can be emphasised. our primary aim has been to focus on learning and the modern interface has been unified across outline just what might be possible when you use other Microsoft tools and services you will very an industry standard, world class operating system quickly get your head around things. with your students and colleagues. Young people should be able to use the best and most up to date If you do get stuck using Windows 8, don’t forget technology wherever appropriate. How else can we you can ask your schools ICT technicians for a prepare young people in the UK for an increasingly hand (you probably have up to 30 of them in front competitive and globalised work force? of you most days!).16 Windows 8 in Education education
  17. Chapter 2: Windows 8 - The teacher’s story Windows 8 in Education Conclusion: Gaining the benefits Will the computers be powerful enough to How do I get staff motivated to make learning more exciting with technology? create digital content? Strong leadership is important. Start with little steps and encourage staff to take risks in the classroom. They should be. But if not, you need to take this See if there is anyone in your school or education authority willing to do one or more of the following to into consideration when procuring your next set help get things moving: of PCs. Young people expect a media rich experience where they can manipulate images, edit video and design games. • ign up for a Microsoft Account to unify your S • Unlock the power of technology by signing Windows 8 experience across platforms and up for Office 365 for education for your class As we have mentioned previously, Windows To Go other Microsoft Services. or school. is a real game-changer here, as you can now run a • ake a point of ‘pinning’ any interesting web M • Publish your students’ work online using modern operating system from an older machine. sites that you come across to your Windows 8 Office 365 for education, and give students In addition, as Windows 8 makes full use of the Start Screen, then share these pinned sites with real audience and recognition for their work. cloud, why not let the Microsoft data centres contacts from your ‘People App’ who might be • Use Microsoft Lync to connect with another do all the hard work when it comes to running students or teachers within your professional teacher, and develop some real-time interaction applications (such as Office 365 for education) learning network. around a global citizenship project. and data storage (such as SkyDrive). • xplore the Windows Store for any Windows 8 E • Have a conversation with your corporate IT team Apps that could help you in the classroom Are the Microsoft IT Academy qualifications about learners being able to connect their own or enhance the learning experience for devices to the school network to help make worth it? your students. learning more accessible. Why not volunteer That is completely up to you to decide. Structured • et your students the ‘App Evaluation’ challenge S to be the first teacher in your school district / learning with assessment at the end of it is one way – not only is this a great authentic learning task, education authority to take part in a Windows to get some students motivated. We also know that but it will save you a lot of time. To Go pilot project? the qualifications are recognised by industry. Have a good look at the online materials, and decide if • se the Bing start page every day for a week as a U lesson starter. any of the qualifications are relevant for your local needs. If they are, why not give them a try?17 Windows 8 in Education education
  18. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Introduction: Windows re-imagined Windows 8 is a completely new take on Windows and is like no other previous version, but is built on the solid foundation of Windows 7. For a network manager, that can be quite a challenge, because you know that, if your staff and student users are going to be comfortable with the system’s great features, then you will want to be steps ahead in both knowledge and confidence. With this in mind, you and your technical staff may well find yourselves running learning sessions and clinics quite soon. The good news, though, is that you’ll be able to do that more easily than you thought. In this section of the eBook on Windows 8, I’ve set out to help you and your technical staff with the all-important task of making sure that teachers, support staff and students can use this brilliant operating system to the full, in the interest of learning. Windows 8 has the potential to streamline and extend the role of ICT in and beyond your classrooms. I can’t give you all the answers here, but I can give you a start, and a taster which will make you want to dig deeper and discover the full potential of Windows 8 for education. Alan Richards education
  19. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Welcome to your Windows 8 working day The Lock Screen “ his glance and go functionality is a huge T productivity booster.” Right there on the Lock Screen, you see the time However, Windows 8 is all about personalisation and date and some other basic status notifications and you can easily disable it if you prefer not to such as unread emails, network and power. embrace this functionality. We think most You can configure many of the built in Windows 8 people will love the new Lock Screen experience, style Apps to display detailed status information but it can be easily disabled by following these via the Lock Screen, also. This glance and go simple steps: functionality is a huge productivity booster and often prevents the need to actually access the physical Apps, themselves. • Open Local Group Policy Editor. The very first thing you see as soon as you To bypass the Lock Screen and reach the Start • In the ‘Run’ box type gpedit.msc then boot up your Windows 8 device, or rouse it Screen, you just swipe it up on a touch screen, work through ‘Computer Configuration’, from ‘sleep’, is the Lock Screen. It’s a full or touch any key on a keyboard. A Lock Screen ‘Administrative Templates’, ‘Control Panel’, screen image which you choose as part is obviously most useful for tablets, where it ‘Personalisation’. of the personalisation process. prevents accidental ‘touches’ on devices in bags • Double-click ‘Do not display the Lock Screen’ and pockets. On a PC it will still appeal to some and select ‘Enabled’ in the window that (In Ollie Bray’s section of this eBook, he emphasises users for its appearance and ‘instant’ notifications, comes up. the way students can use the Lock Screen image to and many desktop users will stay with it to start • Click ‘OK’ and close the Local Group project their own digital presence.) the day. Policy Editor.19 Windows 8 in Education education
  20. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Windows re-imagined The Start Screen Furthermore, these live tiles provide real time updates relating to the core focus of the App, All the built in Apps are designed specifically to work with the Windows 8 Start Screen experience, The Start Screen is one of the key areas where such as news, calendar updates and the weather. which offers the user a chromeless environment you will see that Windows 8 is a completely So useful! and the largest amount of screen estate possible. new take on Windows, and like no other Surfing the web in Internet Explorer 10, for example, The fluid interface design allows the user to get is a dream, and donates all of the screens real previous version. to Apps quickly, and flick between Apps with estate to your content. The Start Screen is designed to bring together either the swipe of a finger on a touch enabled built-in Apps that revolve around your online life. device or the positioning of a mouse. Additionally, While the common Apps are right at your With Apps seemingly for all eventualities, a user swiping your finger from the right on a touch fingertips, you can simply right click anywhere can easily see data from all their cloud, business device or moving the mouse to the top or bottom on the screen to bring up the All Apps option, and education accounts in one easy place. right hand corner of the screen brings up the allowing you to get to any of the Apps installed on Charms menu. From here, you can easily access your device (both desktop and Windows 8 style settings, share content and search for Apps, files or Apps). Additionally, from the Start Screen just type additional settings. Pressing the Windows key + C what you want to find, and you can automatically will also bring up this menu and is a key element see the relevant search results. Impressive! More of the Windows 8 experience. on this in the next section of the eBook. “Common Apps One of these Apps is the desktop, giving you the familiar desktop interface that you experience with Windows 7. You should think are right at your of the desktop as just another App though, used to run legacy applications. fingertips.”20 Windows 8 in Education education
  21. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Windows re-imagined Search The screen shot below shows what happens if Solid foundation you type a key word while on the Start Screen. Windows 8 is a completely redesigned and In this case it’s Snip, and shows up the snipping newly coded operating system, so the tool. The user could, however, search for brilliant new features, such as the Start Screen anything that doesn’t appear on the Start experience, are built right in to the operating Screen to open up an application such as Word, system, not simply added on top of a Windows 7 Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, for example. Another key feature for those whose role core. That said, as with all Microsoft technology, (or interest) will take them more deeply into the the huge experience derived through successive operating system is the Windows + X key function. earlier versions means that it comes with a Pressing this key combination will bring up a serious heritage, and is a mature, solid and menu of key functions needed by any IT Manager reliable product. As an established Windows user in a Windows 8 environment, such as Task you will quickly realise that you are on familiar Manager, Control Panel and File Explorer. and secure ground. With Windows 8 you get all the traditional qualities which have grown up through the story of Windows, as well as a host Clearly the search feature in Windows 8 is of ground-breaking new features. a vast improvement on that in Windows 7, and permeates every App in Windows 8. Typing text in the Start Screen brings up a navigation bar that shows you every App that has the word you searched for, with a number indicating how many times the searched-for word appears in each App.21 Windows 8 in Education education
  22. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Key Apps Windows 8 has some very powerful built Clicking Add At this point you can search the directories of any of in Apps that are very useful within an education Account will let you your attached accounts to find matches for the text environment, and will ensure that all of your select from some you have typed in, and once you have selected your users have access to mail, calendars and people common email recipient you are ready to go. at the touch of a button. Let’s take a look at systems and adding From the screenshot below you can see the these key Apps. them is as simple simplicity behind the interface, prompting you to as entering your Mail enter a subject and the message itself. email address and In the real world, many users have two or more password. email accounts. With the Mail App, you can view all your mail accounts in one easy to use App. Opening the Mail App prompts you to add an email account; Using the Mail App means that students and just entering your username and password for your teachers can have all their accounts in one simple to Microsoft account will add it to the App. use App. No longer opening Outlook for work or But where are all the options like attachments and Hotmail/ for personal use and any fonts? First, you will recall that a right click on the Initial setup of the other web mail they may have in order to get to Start Screen will bring up the ‘All Apps’ option. Mail App, and for emails or attachments, it’s all in one place. In the same way, right clicking in any App, itself, that matter any will bring up an additional menu at the bottom of Sending emails is easy using the Mail App, click on App built into the screen. So, in the Mail App, for example, that the + sign to open a new mail and start to type into Windows 8, means you will see all the other functions you need the To: box. requires a to complete your message. Microsoft account. Adding additional accounts is also just as simple; just bring up the settings navigation bar and select Accounts.22 Windows 8 in Education education
  23. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Key Apps Calendar and also add new events. And as we saw in the The new event screen is again a repeat of the We all lead hectic lives, and a calendar is key to paragraph on the Lock Screen, the next scheduled simple but effective Windows 8 App design, being where you should be, when you should calendar event shows up on the Lock Screen as and gives you all the key elements you need be. If you have added your accounts to the Mail soon as you wake up your device – a simple but to add a basic calendar event. App then the calendar will now hold all your highly effective and helpful little feature. calendared events for those accounts. If you need more options, maybe to invite other As with all the Apps a swipe of the finger on a attendees, then simply The calendar bears all the marks of the Windows 8 touch enabled device or positioning the mouse in click the Show More text Apps, with a clean and simple design. Hovering the corners of the right side of the screen will bring and you will have more over the month at the top of the screen will bring up the Charms bar, from where you can select calendar options available up arrows at either side of the screen, which you settings. From here you can use the options menu to you. can use to advance or decrease a month. Right to change the fonts of your items, the colours of clicking on the calendar screen brings up the your calendar and much more. menu items at the bottom of the screen from where you can change the scope of the calendar23 Windows 8 in Education education
  24. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Key Apps People One of the final key Apps in Windows 8 is From this screen you can click on any of your contacts and bring up all the ways you can get The sum of all its parts the People App. This brings together all your in touch with them. Windows 8 has some great individual Apps connected accounts and gives you a one stop but that is not what makes Windows 8 the great shop for accessing your contacts. tool it is. What’s really going to excite users is the way that all of the Apps work together, so once you attach your accounts to them you have access to all of your mail, pictures, documents, music and video from one easy to use interface. Let’s take a look at a simple student scenario, one which people who are at home, in schools From this screen you can see their latest activity in and classrooms will find easily recognisable. Facebook and Twitter. You can also send them an email or message using Twitter or Facebook. Student scenario A student is doing a project for IT that includes a “ one stop shop A PowerPoint presentation on their pet. They have some pictures they would like to use but they are all in different locations, taken using a mobile phone for accessing and uploaded using the phone. Before Windows 8, it would have been difficult to bring all of this together, but now, with the Apps that are built into your contacts.” Windows 8, it’s possible to view all the sources the student has in one easy to use environment.24 Windows 8 in Education education
  25. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education App Locker As a network manager you may be looking at all Navigate to Computer Configuration | Policies | the packaged Apps in Windows 8 and thinking Windows Settings | Security Settings | that maybe not all of them would be ideal for Application Control Policies | App Locker | students to use. For example, it may not be a Packaged App Rules good idea to give students access to the Xbox games App, or the messaging App. Windows 8 gives you the means of dealing with that concern, because with App Locker you can devise and enforce a policy that limits access to the Windows 8 packaged Apps. Leave all the defaults for now and click Next. Before you can start using App Locker you will At the next screen click Select under Use an need to install the Remote Server Admin Tools installed App as a reference and, from the pop (RSAT) for Windows 8, which can be downloaded up screen select your App. In the example below from the Microsoft download site. Once installed Games is selected. you need to add the Group Policy Management Console feature to Windows 8. The first task you need to complete, which needs to be done on a Windows 8 computer, is to create Once the installation has completed, launch the a rule. The reason for doing this on a Windows 8 Group Policy Management Console. The App computer is that you can automatically get the rule Locker policy is managed at a computer level to search the local computer for installed Apps. so if you already have a policy that covers your computers you may use that, if not, then you Right click the Packaged App Rules section could create a new policy. In the example below and select New Rule, then click Next at the we are using the Default Computers policy. welcome screen.25 Windows 8 in Education education
  26. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education App Locker Now click Next. At the next screen we don’t want Now let’s edit the policy to change it to deny Logging back on as a user doesn’t show any to create an exception, so just click Next and then access to the Games App. changes in the Start Screen, but once they click on on the final screen click Create. the Games app the App Locker takes control. Navigate to the packaged App rules, right click You should now have a new rule controlling access the Games rule and select Properties. to the Games App, which currently just allows everyone access. So, as you can see, using App Locker gives you full access over the packaged Apps in Windows 8. Of course in this example we denied everyone access to the Games App. In a real world So, as you can see in the environment you can use your Active Directory image below, when a groups to configure deny rules for certain Apps For this example, let’s change the rule to a Deny student logs on they based on group membership, giving you the for everyone and click OK. can see the Games App. ultimate in control over your environment.26 Windows 8 in Education education
  27. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Deploying Windows 8 “Customise and As you move towards deploying Windows 8 Deployment Tools in your institution, you will need to look at The deployment tools enable you to customise, the tools available for deployment. The good deploy and manage Windows 8 images. news here is that, if you deployed Windows 7, then you’ll be able to use the same deployment They are another set of tools which facilitate all of the customisation features available to automate the deployment of tools to deploy Windows 8. network managers. Windows Assessment User State Migration Tool Windows 8.” This tool can be used to migrate any data from a and Deployment Kit current user’s computer to a new installation of Windows 8. The tool is a command line utility. The ADK for Windows 8 is a suite of tools that can be used to customise and automate the Volume Activation Management Tool deployment of Windows 8. The tools included in This tool is used to manage the volume activation the suite are: of Windows 8 clients. You can use this tool to manage the license keys for Windows 8, Application Compatibility Toolkit Windows Server taken from your licensing portal. This should be run on your current computers. It will identify any issues with applications and To download this suite of tools visit the Microsoft produce a report showing you which applications website at the following address: are compatible with Windows 8, and, more importantly which ones are not compatible. details.aspx?id=3065227 Windows 8 in Education education
  28. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Deploying Windows 8 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Using a combination of task sequences and System Centre 2012 The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is the ideal deployment shares, the Microsoft Deployment The latest version of System Centre 2012 tool for the automated capture and deployment Toolkit enables you to sysprep and capture images Configuration Manager is a best of breed of images across your institution’s infrastructure. from reference Windows 8 computers and then management solution for organisations who The latest version can be downloaded from the deploy those captured images to other computers want full control over their network of devices. Microsoft website: around your network. This is clearly important for Windows 8, which is designed to run on a multitude of devices – details.aspx?id=25175 By using task sequences and deployment rules you desktop PCs, tablets, ‘hybrids’ or smartphones. can customise your deployment infrastructure to With System Centre 2012 Configuration Manager The Microsoft suit the individual needs of your own environment. you can deploy and control all of those devices. Deployment You can have a fully interactive deployment where Toolkit uses a the end user or a member of your technical staff System Centre 2012 Configuration Manager uses simple interface inputs answers to all the common installation task sequences and rules to customise Windows that is then questions such as computer name, language and deployments. However the power of System used to create whether to join a domain. Or, you can have a fully Centre 2012 Configuration Manager lies in the task sequences ‘zero touch’ deployment, where all the variables level of control you have over the deployments, for capturing are in the task sequence, and the end user just has and then over the devices you have installed. and deploying to press the F12 key to start the PXE boot. Windows images. “ ustomise to suit the individual needs of your own environment.” C28 Windows 8 in Education education
  29. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Deploying Windows 8 Windows To Go A continuing issue for network managers is the range of software that students and staff have on “ he possible uses T It’ll be useful, too, for a staff member whose laptop is out of action yet still needs to work at home. Additionally, those many staff who travel their home computers. Now, with Windows to Go these problems are solved. of Windows To between schools will also be able to take their school’s Windows 8 image with them. In fact, Go are endless.” the possible uses of Windows To Go are endless, Windows To Go enables users to boot and run and the network manager will be able to take a Windows 8 from a flash drive or external hard lead in spreading the word, and will also be ready drive. It uses the hardware of the host device – to respond to the many other creative applications for example the user’s home computer – With Windows To Go designed to hide the local that staff and students are sure to discover and to give the full Windows 8 experience. While using hosts’ hard drives, users can’t accidentally save want to use. Windows To Go, all the applications, security and files to the local host and then not be able to anti-virus settings assigned to your organisation’s access them when they use another host to load (In his section of this eBook, Ollie Bray discusses standard Windows 8 image are available. At the up their Windows To Go Device. the potential of Windows to Go for advancing the same time, the user has no access to local hard ‘Bring Your Own Device’ agenda.) drives, and the C: drive that appears to them in There are multiple scenarios where Windows My Computer is in actual fact the USB device that To Go will be used in education. For example, they’ve used to boot Windows 8. This means that where students do not have access at home to if they save files to the C: drive, shutdown the applications such as Word or Excel, they’ll find Windows To Go operating system and then use it included in the standard Windows 8 image in the USB device in another computer, the file saved Windows to Go. to the C: drive will still be available to them on the new host.29 Windows 8 in Education education
  30. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Deploying Windows 8 Storage spaces While the example above is amazing on its own, With Windows 8 comes a new way of managing that’s not all. With Storage Spaces resiliency, your attached storage devices, whether they are features have been included which allow you to attached by USB, SAS or SATA. This new feature is choose between mirroring (keeping a copy of called Storage Spaces and will revolutionise the a file on two different physical disks) or parity way you work with attached drives. Essentially, (Storage Spaces keeps redundancy information it allows you to group your attached drives within the Storage Space as well as the actual file, together to create a single storage pool. This pool allowing the reconstruction of data in the case of a can then be divided into virtual disks or ‘storage physical drive failure). spaces’. In effect, it’s virtualisation, and is a way of achieving a scalable, flexible and cost-effective Another new feature in Storage Spaces is Thin storage solution. Provisioning; which allows you to allocate space to a volume without actually having the physical Put simply, you can use your attached drives to space on the attached drives. This all works make one logical drive that will appear to Windows because of the cooperation between NTFS and 8, the attached drives do not even have to be the Storage Spaces. Once you start to reach the same size and needn’t all be attached in the same physical capacity of the Storage Space, you will be way. You could take a 2TB attached SAS drive and prompted to add more capacity. a 3TB attached USB drive and create a simple 5TB logical drive that will appear to Windows 8. “ his new feature will revolutionise the way T you work with attached drives.”30 Windows 8 in Education education
  31. Chapter 3: Windows 8 - The network manager’s story Windows 8 in Education Deploying Windows 8 Networking Enhancements have also been made to task The more highly visible features of Windows 8, manager so that users can view the current and such as the Start Screen, are obviously going to historical data usage for particular network attract teachers. But for network managers and connections or apps. Also with network metering technicians, one of the keys to any operating you can set limits for data usage, ensuring that system is its networking capability. This is what mobile data users don’t exceed any data limits. makes it possible to share documents, send emails and make use of all of the applications installed For people who require that little bit more alongside the operating systems. bandwidth then Windows 8 comes with the ability to use the built in NIC teaming functionality. The good news is that in Windows 8 you’ll find a Up until now you have needed to use the number of changes that are designed to simplify third party software supplied by some NIC the networking process, increase network support, manufacturers to provide teaming, with various reliability, performance and security, and add degrees of success. Now, with this functionality more mobile-related features. built into Windows 8, you have it at your fingertips. Now, for example, you’ll find built in support With the new and improved connection manager, for airplane mode, which appears on the main network managers can apply connection settings connection window, making it easier for to users in the form of profiles, allowing them to portable device users to turn off and on easily connect to remote networks, and making it their wireless connections. much simpler for the user to connect to the school network from remote locations and get on with their work. “ ou’ll find a number of changes that are designed to simplify the networking process.” Y31 Windows 8 in Education education
  32. Chapter 4: Top Apps Windows 8 in Education Top Apps* A growing selection of free and paid education Apps for Windows 8 are now available in the Microsoft Store, with some exciting titles launching over the coming months. Let’s take a look at 6 Top Apps for education. The Microsoft Brand G * All Apps available for BETT 13. education