Using office to prepare for employment: Teaching with Technology:


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Using office to prepare for employment: Teaching with Technology:

  1. 1. Page 1 Using Office to prepare for employment In an increasingly globalized world it is critical for students leaving school to be prepared for a competitive job market, understand how to apply and interview for jobs, and demonstrate the skills needed to be successful in the workplace including organization, communication, and the use of ICT tools. Essential to this is the preparation for applications and interviews and the ability to present themselves as suitable candidates. In this tutorial you will: 1) Create a tool for self-assessment that your students can use to prepare them to enter the job market. 2) Create templates for job applications and give your students access to them. 3) Provide a safe space for your students to store and access documents for job applications. 4) Learn how to integrate professional contacts from LinkedIn into Outlook. Tools: Microsoft Office; SkyDrive, Microsoft Office Web Apps ICT Skill Level Required: Educator Scenario Anat is a vocational teacher of 16-18 year old pupils. Anat is dedicated to helping students prepare for a modern-day workplace and provide the skills they need to be successful. She helps her students develop professional contacts,
  2. 2. Page 2 practice oral and written application skills, assess their strengths and areas for development, and works with them to create a compelling CV. ICT skills are critical to employment and success in today’s workplace, so she integrates technology whenever possible. 1. With Microsoft Excel you can visualize most types of data. It is a good way for students to understand and present their attributes to potential employers. After entering the data as shown in the screen shot below you select all the columns and rows and insert one of the graphics types. In this example we have used the Graphic Radar to present the skills of a student. This assessment could be done at several times throughout the school year. If a new row of data is added it will be shown in a different color. In this way the progression of the student can be seen. 2. Having a strong and current résumé or CV is very important. See how easy it is to create a CV using the templates provided in Microsoft Word. Readymade template can be found by clicking on File and New: Word templates can be reused and adapted, and then saved as new templates.
  3. 3. Page 3 3. Posting the CV templates to a class SkyDrive can provide access for students outside school hours. See how to create a SkyDrive for your class at this web link. 4. Students can get their own personal email and use SkyDrive for managing their professional contacts and storing examples of their work or letters of recommendation to provide access to potential employers. Further Resources and Ideas 1. Outlook also offers the possibility to connect to LinkedIn. That way, professional contacts can be accessed through the Outlook environment. See how at this web link.
  4. 4. Page 4 Framework Alignment  UNESCO CfT – Technology Literacy (Pedagogy, Integrate Technology) and (ICT, Basic Tools)  ISTE – Model Digital Age Work and Learning (3d)