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Surface Startup Guide


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Surface Startup Guide

  1. 1. 5 Simple Steps to get going! Step 3 1. Wait until you are home! 2. Make sure you’ve got power and good wi-fi connection before you start. 3. Unbox the Surface, plug it in and follow the start-up steps that you will be guided through when you switch it on         Confirm region & language, keyboard layout (US, as you have a US keyboard), time zone (UTC, Dublin Edinburgh Lisbon London) Accept the license terms Chose a colour scheme Give your device a name Connect to a wireless network Choose express or custom settings Create or connect to your Windows Live Account (this would normally be your Hotmail, or Windows Live Account) At this point you are ready to go! 4. At some point in the first week or so, you will want to do your Windows updates.   Step 4 To do this, swipe from the right hand side, click on ‘Settings’, look at bottom option on the right for ‘Change PC Settings’. Click on ‘Update and Recovery’, check for updates and install updates. 5. Go to the start screen, find Windows Store (if you don’t initially see it, type ‘Windows Store’ into ‘Search’), open the “Help + Tips” app which will get you started quickly with how to make the most of your Surface Step 5
  2. 2. Resources! Download the following resources for free -> Microsoft Education Resources Kodu lesson plans Project Spark video Free software for pc (Kodu and Autocollage ) Windows 8 Meet the new Windows Education Free Resources App Surface RT User Guide Useful links Consider tablet training – contact the Tablet Academy for a free consultancy: Partners in Learning Network: Programing: Enabling and Inspiring Students and Teachers with Windows 8 E-Book: Microsoft Education Blogs Microsoft Education School’s Blog: Microsoft Education Teacher’s Blog: STEP 5