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Microsoft IT Academy & Office 365 – School                                    Guide for successful training – Summer Schoo...
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Microsoft IT Academy & Office 365 – School Guide for successful training


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Microsoft IT Academy & Office 365 – School Guide for successful training

  1. 1. Microsoft IT Academy & Office 365 – School Guide for successful training – Summer School! •Are you looking to deploy Office 365 for Education? •Would you like unlimited Office 365 training at a low cost for IT Professionals? O365 training plans? •Do you need to support your staff, teachers and students on using Office 365? •Would you like official Microsoft training and latest certifications on Office 365 and Cloud Technologies? •Customer Benefits: Why •Circa £30,000 of benefits for the price of 1 annual subscription Microsoft •Support Office 365 deployment with latest end user training and support materials IT •Support successful and faster deployments of Office 365 with skilled IT staff Academy? •Provide additional IT training and curriculum for your institution •Licensing – can be attached to your current enrolment WE GIVE YOU O365 A2 FOR FREE – WE JUST ASK THAT YOU HELP USERS KNOW HOW TO USE IT! YOU ALSO HAVE ACCESS TO ALL OTHER EXAMS AT CUT PRICES SUCH AS MCP & MTA – ‘We do not have budget for this, it is too expensive…’ The IT Academy Program helps you save costs elsewhere. E.g. how much do you spend on training your IT staff and teachers, or on ICT curriculum books? A Microsoft course on Office 365 can typically be Common Questions £1,000 for just 1 person – Microsoft IT Academy is just £756 ERP for all of the below benefits, for all staff, teachers and students. ‘I don’t fully understand what it is and how it can benefit me. This should be for teachers not the IT department?’ The ITA Programme benefits teachers, staff and students. E.g. you can make sure your IT staff have access to the latest training and certifications to deploy Office 365 successfully as well as support staff readiness on a new way of collaboration. ‘I would not have time to administer and deploy this…..’ The ITA Programme allows multiple users to administer and use the benefits throughout your institution., whether you are training available through the IT department or for a teacher using it in their ICT lessons. What do I get with my annual IT Academy subscription to support Office 365? Save Educators Time Through Curriculum & Lower Institution Costs Through Resources  250 E-learning Courses including Office 365 end user courses on: ‘Sharing and Working with Teams using Microsoft Office 365’ ‘Communicating and Collaborating with Microsoft Office 365’  600 Title E-Reference Library including MOS Study Guide for Office 365 Speed up deployment of Microsoft on-premise & cloud solutions  Administering Office 365 E-learning Collection (15 hours of technical training available)  Single Sign-On to IT Academy benefits with Office 365 Validate Skills Through Certification  Free Teacher Certification Kits: inc.10 x MOS Vouchers that can be used for Office 365 certification  +50% off MCP Certification Vouchers inc. ‘70-321: Deploying Office 365’ & ‘70-323: Administering Office 365’ MICROSOFT IT ACADEMY - £756 PER COLLEGE PER ANNUM (ERP) 500 MOS O365 EXAM PACK £2,304 (ERP) EXAM SOFTWARE = FREE SO YOU CAN ADMINISTER EXAMS IN THE COMFORT OF THE CAMPUS* *Exam software must be installed by partner Contact – Subject Ref 0365/ITA