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Microsoft IT Academy - The Gateway to Microsoft Qualifications


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Microsoft IT Academy - The Gateway to Microsoft Qualifications

  1. 1. Microsoft IT AcademyThe Gateway to Microsoft Qualifications
  2. 2. Future Employability More than 50% of77% today’s jobs requiresome technology skills, andexperts say that percentage willincrease to 77% in the nextdecade. Within 10 years,60% 60% of the jobs thatwill be available are ones thatdon’t even exist today. IDC
  3. 3. 81% of hiring managers believe certified 60% individuals perform of IT Cert holders better than not say a certification 91% certified peers. led to a new job. Of Hiring Managers consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring.Sources: MCP Program Satisfaction Study 2010*;2010 report from the market research firm, Gartner;TEKsystems report, Oct 2011; Network World, November 14, 2011; Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, 2011.
  4. 4. Training & Certification Program MOS MTA
  6. 6. 87% of MOS certified students feel that theyare able to complete more assignments in lesstime.62% of MOS certified students feel that as aresult of skills learnt, they can focus on the endresults of projects, rather than tools used toaccomplish the task.60% of MOS certified students said they takeon more complex or difficult projects sincepassing their exams. SOURCE: Post Microsoft Office Certification Impact on the Job (Certiport Survey, 200
  7. 7. 95% of Staff 97% of Staff 71% of Staff 99% of Stafflearned now working saving at least wouldfeatures that faster one hour per recommendwill assist in week MOS to fellowjob functions colleagues
  8. 8. 160 Countries 20 Languages 12,000 Centres
  9. 9. MOSPractice MOS Exams Tests
  10. 10. MTA is an entry-level certification thatvalidates the fundamental technologyknowledge that students need to startbuilding a career in IT.IT Covers Three IT Tracks:  Developer  IT Professional  Database
  11. 11. MCA Master + Architect/Consulting Skills Master Deep Technical SkillsProfessional Job Role Experience Specialist 1-2 Yrs. Tech. Experience BeginnersAssociate
  12. 12. MTA Certification Tracks Database IT ProfessionalSoftware Development Database Administration Networking FundamentalsFundamentals Fundamentals Security FundamentalsHTML5/CSS Fundamentals Windows Operating SystemGaming Development FundamentalsFundamentals Windows Server AdministrationMobile Development Fundamentals FundamentalsMicrosoft .NET FundamentalsWeb Development FundamentalsWindows DevelopmentFundamentals
  13. 13. MTAPractice MTA Exams Tests
  14. 14. IT Academy Benefits MOS MTA MCP E-learning Courses Free MOAC MTA eBooks E-learning Courses Free MOAC MOS eBooks Free MOAC MTA Instructor 600 Title E-Reference Resources Library Free MOAC MOS Instructor Resources 20 Free MTA Exams for Free Microsoft Certified Instructors Trainer (MCT) Membership 10 Free MOS Exams for Instructors DreamSpark – free 50% Discount of MCP software for staff and Exams (£48 v £99) & MOC Digital Literacy Curriculum teachers Courseware 100 Free Copies of 15% Discount on MOAC 100 Free Copies of Microsoft Office (Direct) Printed Books Windows (Direct)
  15. 15. Additional IT AcademyBenefits MCP Branding  Microsoft IT Academy Logo  Marketing Materials  IT Academy Member website Local Support  Microsoft Academy Service Provider (MASP) Regional Support  Microsoft IT Academy Regional Support Centre (RSC)
  16. 16. IT Academy – Curriculum Assets Included with membership/license Digital Literacy E-Learning Portfolio Lesson Plans MOAC MOS eBooks Student Study Guides MOAC MTA eBooks Exam Review Kits Teaching With Technology
  17. 17. www.microsoftitacademy.comEDLARS