Managing Windows 8 Devices in the Enterprise


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Managing Windows 8 Devices in the Enterprise

  1. 1. Enterprise Management - managing Windows 8 devicesAlun Rogers 15:03:13
  2. 2. Client management approach Case ReferencesApp management Questions & Examples Influencing Microsoft
  3. 3. Client Management approach GovernanceSystem Center Configuration Manager Exchange ActiveSync, VPN PoliciesInfinite Tweaking Simple Primitives IT Owns the Device and sets all of the Personal rules Devices IT uses system of least control Heterogeneou Hardware, Apps, OS’s s Systems PC, Mobile, Slate, Laptop Of apps, patches, configurations Pull Self Service, App Stores Conditional access to Network, Devices, applications, configurations Constraints Applications and Data Systems enforce device standards to Protect Protected Variable device trust level, data must be data (Bitlocker, OS/Patch Level, Applications) Data directly protected
  4. 4. Cloud only - Windows IntuneMobile Device Operating System MDM MethodMicrosoft Surface Windows RT DirectWindows RT Windows RT DirectWindows Phone 8 8.0 DirectWindows Phone 7 7.0 or later EASiPad and iPad2, iPhones, iPod Touch iOS 4.0 or later DirectAndroid-based phones and mobile devices Android 2.1 or later EAS
  5. 5. Hybrid – SCCM and Intune
  6. 6. Managing Windows 8 PXE Boot, USB install, Wipe and Load, Side by side, prestaged Media Admin with Windows 8 is able to control traffic: Block network impactful client management activities Avoid being unpleasantly surprised with their network bill Scenarios: Contractors, Bring Your Own Device, Travel Light, Shared PCs Provision: Admin can push deploy WTG to a removable device, End User can pull provision WTG Manage: Updated and managed same as a physical laptop/desktop, Admin can determine if device is WTG or not
  7. 7. Your data and apps on any device Configuration Manager App-V 5.0 and U-EV (MDOP), Folder Redirection RDS/VDI User Settings + Apps + Data User Settings+ Apps + Data BitLocker Drive Encryption BitLocker Drive Encryption
  8. 8. Windows 8 apps• Benefits: – Runs across x86 and ARM – Inherently more secure – Easier and faster to deploy Windows Store IT• Software distribution Self-Service updated: Portal (SSP) FIREWALL – New object – Same deployment process Side- – Similar management loading Side- functionality loading• End users installation same as today Windows 8 (x86) Windows RT device
  9. 9. Deep link apps• Software Distribution updated: Redirects – New type of software Windows Store – Same process Self-Service Portal (SSP)• Administrators do not need to repackage applications• End Users have one location for all Enterprise Applications
  10. 10. Using Windows Intune
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