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Lync: The Future of communications, today


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Showing the enhanced collaboration, money saving and learnings to be gained in schools using Lync.

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Lync: The Future of communications, today

  1. 1. The future of communications, today!James Marshall - @jamesbmarshall #BETT2012
  2. 2. Between Autumn 2010 and Spring 201161%of pupil absences were due to illness! Department for Education
  3. 3. Each year2,700,000teaching days are lost through sickness! TES
  4. 4. Microsoft LyncHow can it help in education? Controlled Distance Enhanced IT Availability Learning Support Connected Whole-Class Flexible Campus Interaction Working
  5. 5. Microsoft LyncStay connected to your users, across devices.PC Mac Browser Mobile Desk Phones
  6. 6. Microsoft Lync MobileStay connected to your users, across platforms.Windows iPhone Android iPad Phone
  7. 7. Demo
  8. 8. Civica UK Ltd K54European Electronique D80ITWorx A95Viglen Ltd B70