Lync: The Future of communications, today


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Showing the enhanced collaboration, money saving and learnings to be gained in schools using Lync.

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  • Everyone remembers how disruptive the weather can be;People unable to get to schoolWebsite crashesNo InternetNo communication
  • Not just the weather that gets in the way of teaching and learning – illness too! Not all of these pupils will have been unable to learn, just unable to attend school but they end up missing out anyway.-Illness (NOT medical or dental appointments) in state-funded primary and secondary schools between autumn term 2010 and spring term 2011 in England. Actual figure 60.98%.
  • Pupils are only one part of a school, but every year teachers miss out too. Lessons are covered by substitute teachers and colleagues, but what about meetings and briefings that are missed? -Each year 2.7 million teaching days are lost through sickness. Last year (2003) 2,500 teachers took early retirement on grounds of ill health. A large secondary school with an average number of absences could face annual supply costs of up to £100,000. Nationally, the bill is around £300 million. Classes are disrupted, work programmes interrupted and remaining staff overburdened.
  • Communication, seamless and accessible for anywhere, is vital to the running of any school. Microsoft Lync meets the rapidly changing demands of teachers and pupils by ushering in a new connected experience, transforming every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging and accessible from anywhere on many devices.For IT administrators the benefits are equally powerful. Lync provides a highly secure and reliable system that works with existing tools and systems for easier management, lower cost of ownership and smoother deployment and migration, and greater choice and flexibility.
  • So how can Lync help in your institution? Controlled availability: let your colleagues and students know when you’re available at a glance. Allow people to find you and communicate with you instantly – choosing the appropriate method based on your presence.Distance learning: not every pupil attends classes in person. Lync’s sharing and collaboration features allow pupils to engage in a lesson from wherever they may be. Teachers can share audio, video, slides, polls, and even entire desktops – all of which can be recorded for future playback.Enhanced IT Support: How many times have you been caught in a situation where you’ve needed an extra hand? With Lync’s desktop sharing and remote control capabilities you IT support staff can instantly see and interact with you helping you quickly get back on track with the task at hand.Connected campus: No matter where you are, when you’re connected to the Internet via a desktop or mobile device you can be connected to your campus network. Lync mobile clients make it easy to quickly find and communicate with colleagues when on the go and away from the PC. Users can stay connected to their network allowing time-sensitive issues to be handled effectively. Teachers can move between classrooms without needing to change telephone numbers – their identity follows them wherever they go.Whole class interaction: Lync presentation, whiteboard and polling features allow users to interact together in real time to share ideas and increase productivity. Teachers can run online drop-in sessions to help pupils who are on study leave, or out of hours with revision.Flexible working: No need to be tied to your desktop PC, or even your physical desk! Whether connected via PC, or using any of the mobile clients you can stay in touch when it matters, whether working from home, or the campus café.
  • Lync isn’t just for your desktop or laptop PC but it works across a whole range of different devices and operating systems. Whether you’re sat using Windows, Mac OS or even out and about on your mobile device you can remain connected and available to your students and colleagues. Lync is available for Windows Phone, iOS, Android and even works on your iPad!
  • Lync: The Future of communications, today

    1. 1. The future of communications, today!James Marshall - @jamesbmarshall #BETT2012
    2. 2. Between Autumn 2010 and Spring 201161%of pupil absences were due to illness! Department for Education
    3. 3. Each year2,700,000teaching days are lost through sickness! TES
    4. 4. Microsoft LyncHow can it help in education? Controlled Distance Enhanced IT Availability Learning Support Connected Whole-Class Flexible Campus Interaction Working
    5. 5. Microsoft LyncStay connected to your users, across devices.PC Mac Browser Mobile Desk Phones
    6. 6. Microsoft Lync MobileStay connected to your users, across platforms.Windows iPhone Android iPad Phone
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