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Innovative use of technology at Shireland Collegiate Academy


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Engaging with pupils is a constant challenge for educators. Attracting their interest in a subject, retaining their attention in lessons and culminating in helping pupils to raise their achievement levels, it’s an ongoing quest to find new ways to innovate in learning. Shireland Collegiate Academy were keen to change the way in which pupils were involved in their own education and turned to Microsoft to help find the solution.

The Academy wanted to ‘flip’ the pupils’ learning and encourage them to be involved in lessons before they even arrived in the classroom. They decided to equip their pupils with Surface 3 tablets with Office 365 pre-installed to achieve this. Using these, pupils were encouraged to research activities in advance, then reviewing their progress online has helped their teachers to shape lessons. Pupils have embraced this flexible learning approach and are using their Surface 3 as both a laptop and a tablet throughout their school day as well as for homework.

Shireland are delighted that their pupil engagement has increased strongly, bucking the national trend and this is leading to a parallel rise in achievement levels. The Surface 3 has transformed their pupils’ learning by linking them with the central Academy platform and providing education in a familiar format for their students. They are not complacent, however, and are constantly working on further innovations to maintain their high standards.

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Innovative use of technology at Shireland Collegiate Academy

  1. 1. 2011 TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE 2014 SURFACE 3 DEVICES 2013-2015 VALUE ADD SCORE INCREASED Over the past five years Shireland has demonstrated remarkable progress For students aged 16, Shireland is now ranked second out of schools in the region for English and sixth for Maths Shireland Collegiate Academy A secondary school in Smethwick,West Midlands, with a reputation for innovative use of technology STUDENTS, AGED 11-18 1,200 2008 FLIPPED LEARNING Shireland first started trialling Flipped Learning in 2008; giving students tablet devices so that they can read up on lessons in their own time According to a study by the Flipped Learning Network: RATED OUTSTANDING BY OFSTED IN 2006, 2010 & 2013 By the start of the 2015 academic year, every student had a tablet device; the majority had a Surface 3 2010-11 20% 2015-16 2ND We’re working with Microsoft to look at how to use wristbands and augmented reality. We fully expect students to use technology in the same way we used pens and paper. Sir Mark Grundy, Headmaster, Shireland “ “Shireland is RANKED #1 SCHOOL IN SANDWELL in terms of Value Added FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT 2011 2006 2013 of teachers who have flipped a lesson would recommend it to others 96% of teachers indicated that grades improved since implementing flipped learning 71% In 2011 it began putting in place the technology infrastructure for the entire school to switch to Flipped Learning For Shireland to achieve scale it needed a comprehensive IT infrastructure, it partnered with Microsoft to introduce Office 365, SharePoint and Surface devices to enable Flipped Learning 6TH