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Get Online @ Home


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Get Online @ Home

  1. 1. Backed By
  2. 2. • In the UK 8.4 million people have yet to use the internet • 5% of school age children don’t have access to a PC at Home. “Microsoft has been one of the leading partners in the UK to help us achieve a really fantastic campaign with our Race Online 2012 mission.” Martha Lane Fox, UK Digital ChampionMartha Lane Fox, UK Digital Champion
  3. 3. Lowest cost, high quality home PCs for your students Prices start below £100 for a Windows 7 PC ALL teachers, ALL schools and any parent can use the Get Online @ Home offer so EVERY student can have a PC at home and do better in school and in life! Go to:
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Phone or Online purchasing for a powerful refurbished computer: • Desktop PCs with a new flatscreen, keyboard and mouse • Laptop PCs with a webcam and new or replacement battery.The latest version of Microsoft Software:• A Windows 7 operating system• An entry level Microsoft Office suite of software for documents, emails, pictures and more• Microsoft Security Essentials: a free anti-virus for life. Special discounts on broadband: • Simplify Digital, our broadband partner, is the only Ofcom accredited price comparison service for broadband • Expert helpline staff can advise on the right deal for you • And will offer an extra “GetOnline@Home” discount of £25 • Go to the “Best Internet Deals” page of the website
  6. 6. Warranties and telephone support:All PCs come with 30 days of telephone support and warrantiesAnd the option to extend this to one year, if preferred Set Up Guides and Quick Start help: The website has downloadable guides and information to help you get the PC set up when it arrives and to get started with all the new software, which is pre-loaded Enjoying your new Computer: In the “useful websites and software” section of the site you will find easy links to top-rated websites and services and help to get these set up on your new computer
  7. 7. What does it cost?For students in families receiving certainbenefits, the special price is: £99 for a desktop and £169 for a laptopFor anyone else, the prices are: £149 for a desktop and £199 for a laptop Who is eligible for the £99 desktop and £169 laptop? • Any student on free school meals or for whom the school receives Pupil Premium Funding • Any student in a family receiving any of the benefits listed when you click on the “Which benefits apply” link on the home pageHow do you confirm you are eligible?This is a self-certification scheme, based on trust• Schools can buy at the special price using Pupil Premium Funding or for students on free school meals• Families buying online or by phone will need to tick the box confirming they are eligible for the lower price
  8. 8. All computer packages from Get Online @ Home include: • The computer • All the software – it’s all free: no subscriptions • Telephone helpline • Warranty • VAT • DeliveryNOTE: Broadband is an additional cost
  9. 9. Use the resources available under the “Support” tab of the website to tell your students, their families and the management team in your school about Get Online @ HomeClickable banners and links for your website Posters and Leaflets to share“Share IT” buttons on the website home page A clickable email signature which you can personalize and add to every email you send
  10. 10. Help your pupils and their families get their “no-nonsense affordable computers” from Get Online @ Home• Parents can: • Buy online at • Buy by phone, calling 03719 100 100 during office hours• Schools can use their Pupil Premium Funding or other resources, to: • Make bulk purchases for disadvantaged students (contact Clare Riley at • Buy for individual students online at • Buy for individual students by phone, calling 03719 100 100 during office hours
  11. 11. • What is the specification of the computers involved? • You can see the MINIMUM spec by clicking on the “Accessories and other details” link under the picture of the desktop and laptop on the home page. The computers provided will all be at this spec or better.• Is it available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland? • Yes – available for any part of the UK• 30 days is not a very long warranty – can people extend it? • Yes – there is an additional cost – and you choose this as you step through the purchase process• What other options are available when you buy your PC? • People buying a desktop PC can usually add a webcam for a small extra cost
  12. 12. • What exactly is the software in each of the offers? • Eligible PCs have Windows 7 Pro and Office 2007 Basic • “Anyone” PCs have Windows 7 Home Premium and Office 2010 Starter • All PCs have Microsoft Security Essentials • All PCs have the Windows Live Essentials suite (Mail, Messenger, Family Safety, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Sky Drive etc) • All PCs have a good range of accessibility software included• What accessibility software is included? • See the section on accessibility in the “Useful sites and software” section of the website• Do you include training materials or digital literacy courses? • Yes – we have lots of different courses available from the “Learn More” section of the useful sites and software pages. Options include: • Microsoft Digital Literacy course – free online • BBC First Click Beginners’ Guide
  13. 13. • Do schools buy through the website or online – or is there another route? • If schools are buying one or two computers for specific students, they should use the website like any other parent or citizen • If schools wish to buy 6, 10 or more PCs for their disadvantaged students, it would be best to email Clare Riley at and a direct link will be established with one of the suppliers for a bulk delivery• If parents are buying these computers do they need a bank account? • Families using the telephone sales option will be able to use any of the major credit or debit cards • Families using the online sales approach can also use PayPal• How long has the programme been running – do you have any happy customers? • The programme was launched in May 2011 and we have sold many thousands of PCs already • The home page of the website has 6 photo-case-studies of families who have bought a PC through the scheme and want to tell others about the benefits
  14. 14. • Why is Microsoft involved in such a programme? Microsoft has a long-standing commitment to digital inclusion …. • Bill Gates’ 1977 vision of “A computer on every desk and in every home” • Microsoft is a founder partner for Martha Lane Fox and Race Online 2012 – and was a major player in the Government’s Home Access programme • Microsoft gives free software to charities and we offer free digital literacy online to boost skills and confidence of those new to technology• What does Microsoft contribute? • Our network of accredited refurbishers who prepare the PCs for sale • Software at minimal (citizenship) cost for the “eligible” PCs and at low cost for the “anyone” PCs • The co-ordination and backing for the website / phone lines / partnerships to make low cost PCs easy and affordable at a nationwide scale
  15. 15. • What do the other partners contribute? • All the Race Online partners are committed to helping the 8.4m people still currently offline in the UK acquire the skills, motivation and access to get online at home • The Post Office, BT and other partners are actively promoting the GetOnline@Home offer to their customers to ensure they know about this lowest cost option for getting online at home• Who should we contact if we have queries? • Please first of all go to the website or phone the sales number and see if you can get answers to your questions from those delivering the programme • If you have a query about the scheme as a whole, or which cannot be answered by the website and our suppliers, please contact Jack Gaylor or Clare Riley at Microsoft: • •
  16. 16. Evidence that students do better if they have a PC at home• The final evaluation of the Government’s “Home Access” programme showed • Students with these PCs at home did better than they were doing before • They showed improved ICT skills and confidence • There were enhanced opportunity for personal learning – more research and prep Parents’ attitudes towards technology were enhanced• The value of a PC at home was summarised by one teacher who said: “The majority of students do their best work out of school hours, where they can concentrate for extended periods and follow up any creative ideas they have been inspired by – without a computer at home, students at this level are really missing out. Though they can use the study area before and after school, its very easy to tell who hasnt got a computer at home because of the quality of the work.”• Sutton Trust research on the best way to spend the pupil premium shows that ICT access at home is effective in “closing the gap” and helping kids from poor homes do as well as kids from rich homes
  17. 17. Evidence that students do better if they have a PC at home• The economic case for Digital Inclusion, prepared by the UK’s Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, shows: • Home access to a computer and the internet can improve children’s educational performance: if the 1.6 million children who live in families which do not use the internet got online at home, it could boost their total lifetime earnings by over £10 billion. Find out more about RaceOnline 2012 and Martha Lane Fox • Frequently asked Questions and background about Martha Lane Fox and the national programme • Economic case for digital inclusion PricewaterhouseCoopers report that assesses the potential scale of the ‘digital dividend’ to the UK from boosting digital inclusion. • Manifesto for a Networked Nation a rallying cry for us all to create a truly networked nation – and to get millions more people online