Education investments and assets in support of the microsoft economy


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  • Because the overall contribution of Education to Microsoft's we are able to view Education as on investment into the main part of our business which is the private companies both large and small that employ our products and the graduates from Colleges. All colleges know about our great value Volume License Agreements such as Campus and EES but less is known other programmes that are often free and focus on helping to deliver success in the classroom and beyond
  • In order for Microsoft to deliver the best experience of it’s technologies to it’s corporate customers it needs them to have enough employees with he right skills. This can be application user skills but is also the skills to support our implementations and to develop creative and relevant new applications. Without access to these skills our customer’s ability to be successful as a result of using our technologies is compromised – which means we have let them down. The main role of Further Education is to deliver relevant educational skills into the economy so our customers success is also linked to your success. As most students go to college in order to learn skills that will give them a better future they also rely on FE, Microsoft, and businesses with job needs working together successfully. This partnership has worked well in the past but changes need to be made in order to deliver the necessary 21st century skills to ensure continued success. This means that there is an opportunity to change what we do together to be even more successful both now and in the future. Microsoft's investments into education offer the opportunity to deliver this change and ensure that Further Education students continue to graduate with skills that get them high value jobs that are relevant to the Microsoft Economy and to the new economy of the 21st century.
  • Right now Colleges are good at delivering a set of skills that was in demand in the past but jobs are emerging in new areas. Microsoft can help to make these new areas of the economy a success and our success relies upon us doing this, but we can’t do without the help of Education and that’s why we invest in helping you make change to be successful. In the past Further Education has done a great job of delivering application user skills into the Microsoft Economy but todays students are digital natives and come into college with this skills already in place. Only focusing on application user skills will not deliver success. Infrastructure skills are in demand now and we estimate that there are 60,000 job vacancies in the Microsoft Economy right for Colleges to focus on. The problem is that courses teaching these skills struggle to attract students as they can seem difficult or boring. Up until now the Microsoft economy has little demand for gaming and application developer but Xbox has recently become the number one by units platform both in the UK and the world, and in October we will be launching Windows 8 which is a single operating platform for PCs, Tablets, phones and gaming boxes with the biggest application market place the world has ever known at its core. The economic opportunity that will emerge when windows 8 is launched in October this year is incredibly large and by focusing on delivering the IT creativity skills needed – not just in IT but across all curriculums, FE can really take advantage of this opportnuity!
  • Here are some additional statistics that support my view of the Microsoft Economy. Independent Analysts predict large growth in demand for IT skills and Microsoft skill as those needed most.
  • As the main provider of vocational skills into the UK economy and the Microsoft economy, Further Education should be accessing the many investments that Microsoft makes available to Education in the form of academic programmes, free software, competitions and other activities to make IT seem relevant and interesting to students. However, although colleges are aware of our great value “Campus” volume license agreement's many of the other initiatives available seem be unknown. The purpose of this presentation is to make Further Education aware of all of our schemes so that they can research those of interest in more detail and work with Microsoft and our partners to deploy them to help make colleges and students more successful
  • Each of the programmes on this slide can help to make academic staff, IT support and the students themselves more informed supported and motivated about acquiring the skills for the economy of the future. Look them up on Bing
  • Each of the programmes on this slide can help to make academic staff, IT support and the students themselves more informed supported and motivated about acquiring the skills for the economy of the future. Look them up on Bing
  • Dream Spark is a free suite of all our developer products. It is includes lots of curriculum assets and teacher community
  • As you can see you can guide students to download all of our developer software tools including for phone and Kinect. Kodu is great for the introducing people to the basics of game coding and can be used either on a PC or an Xbox. You can also get developer versions of all of our Professional products for just £250 per department. In most colleges one department would cover all students and staff who might use this. Institutions with Campus or EES agreements can also install Dreamspark in all labs and students access areas for free. Just ask you EdLAR for you Dreamspark code.If you use DreamSpark you can deliver skills relevant to industry on software that is standard and up to date both in the college and on the students own devices, for free. This stack of software would normally would cost £3000.
  • Largest and most mature vendor academy programmeOver 700 in the UK across K12, FE & HEOur key qualification are mapped in to QCF and are recognised by many awarding bodiesOur qualifications are structured to offer progression and breadth of study, not only t support industry demands but for those going in to further and higher educationsWe work with all major awarding bodies like OCR, City and Guilds, AQA and EdExcel as they look to develop qualification in IT that have rigour and value to industryWe have a sophisticated UK partner eco-system:Content generation and distribution with partners like Wiley UKCertification delivered and managed through Prodigy Learning and PrometricWorking to support associations like Schools Network Trust, Naace, CAS
  • Top Line Stats+300 Official Microsoft Learning Courses (includes Office, IT Pro and Developer)MCT Membership worth +£200 p.a. normally5 x Microsoft Press Ereference Libraries per ITAMCT community is global and is +18k with further access to lesson plans, beta content and technology, forums etcITA’s get 10 x MOS and 20 x MTA to help support teacher skills and developmentITA’s can provide broader community outreach, digital literacy for adults and parents etc
  • ITA Academy can help everyone in the college from Academic staff and students through to IT support who constantly need to learn about new technologies to be able to deploy them effectively. It costs just £600pa for a whole college on Campus/EES
  • ESPA is a great way to save on the cost of compliance management and get a known annual cost for all of your server, datacentre and data base requirements. As the price includes all external connectors you can extend your communications and services to unlimited additional partners – such as parents an local employers, for no additional costsWhen you license one or more of the CAL Products listed in the table below organization-wide for all if your faculty, staff, and students, and you license the corresponding Server Platform Product(s), you may run unlimited instances of the corresponding Server Products. This option requires licensing a minimum of 350 faculty FTE and 1,000 student FTE.Server Platform Products licensed under this licensing option may only be used by your licensed faculty, staff and students and by licensed external users using the Server Platform Products for the benefit of your institution.
  • Microsoft® Office 365delivers the power of cloud productivity to educational institutions of all sizes, helping to save time, money and free up valued resources. Office 365 combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Office 365 is simple to use and easy to administer – all backed by the robust security and guaranteed reliability you expect from a world-class service provider.MicrosoftOffice 365 Includes:Microsoft® Office Professional PlusThe world’s leading productivity tool now seamlessly connected and delivered with cloud services – for the best productivity experience across the PC, Phone and Browser.Exchange OnlineCloud-based email, calendar and contacts with always-up-to-date protection from viruses and spam.SharePoint OnlineCloud-based service for creating sites to connect colleagues, partners and customers.Lync OnlineCloud-based instant messaging, presence, and online meeting experiences with PC-audio, video conferencing and screen sharing. Key Microsoft Office 365 Benefits:Anywhere-access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars on nearly any device Work seamlessly with Microsoft Office and the other programs your users already count on everydayBusiness-class features including IT-level phone support,  guaranteed 99.9% uptime, geo-redundancy, and disaster recoveryLatest version of Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), which has millions of business users today Microsoft® Office 365 for education provides students with easy-to-use cloud-based productivity tools – while helping educational institutions free up resources. By eliminating the time and effort spent managing servers, IT staff can deliver the latest services to students while still maintaining control.  Solutions for K-12K-12 institutions have a very specific set of requirements for cloud-based messaging and collaboration. Microsoft Office 365 for education brings together a rich set of free online solutions built to provide child safety and security to the K-12 market
  • A high degree of functionality is free for Education and you can add additional low cost options only to the users that need them to get the right fit for your college. Plan A3 gives students access to 5 downloads of Office Pro for just £24 a year. Who wouldn’t want to get that !?!. You can also opt for A4 for key staff and really scale down your PBX investment.
  • Here is a view of what you get with each option
  • And this is how you can upgrade by capability if you already have some licensing on Campus/EES. This ensures that you don’t have to pay for the same thing twice.
  • In order to make sure the Microsoft Economy is delivering a good experience to our corporate customers now and realising our vision of the future we invest heavily in education. The challenge that faces us all is how to put them together to deliver a meaningful outcome. I hope that you can see the opportunity that Microsoft investments offer to improve the chances of success for Colleges, students, Microsoft and future employers. If you decide that you want to try and use these investments please contact the Further Education Business manager for the UK, Mike Morris, (
  • Education investments and assets in support of the microsoft economy

    1. 1. Holistic programmes from Microsoft forMicrosoft Investments in FurtherEducation and skillsMike Morris: Business Manager Further Education
    2. 2. Further Educations Aims:Delivering relevant skills in support of the economyMicrosofts needs:To deliver relevant skills into the Microsoft economy
    3. 3. The Microsoft EconomyNowMicrosoft itselfApplication userskillsInfrastructure skillsDeveloper skillsapp creation skillFutureMicrosoft ItselfApp User SkillsInfrastructure skillsDeveloper skillsApp creation
    4. 4. IT Academy - Skills Job Opportunity* Source: IDC Economic Impact Study, Global, 2009** Source: IDC, Microsoft’s Economic Impact, 2011*** Source: eskills Technology Insights report, 2011**** Source:***** Source: TEKSystems Report, October 2011The IT Industry is growingand presents a significantopportunity for students tofind employment aftergraduation98k new IT businesswill be created by2015**UK requires 550,000new entrants in to ITand Telecoms by2015***Yet industry struggles to find the right skills+20% of Application Development jobs requireSharePoint skills****92% of IT Leaders indicate it is challenging to securenecessary IT skills*****Universities now have a focus on employability within 6months of graduating in subject that was studiedGlobal IT jobs will growfrom 35.6 million in 2009 to41.4 million by 2013*Global IT Spend will growto $1.7 trillion in 2013*
    5. 5. How Does Microsoft Fuel it’s Economy?Investment in Education“Further Education’s aims align most closely to those ofMicrosoft and F.E. should therefore be the mainbeneficiary of this investment”
    6. 6. MicrosoftLow CostLicensingProgrammes:ESP-AFree Faculty & Student Programs of InterestAcademicSearchIT Academy:CertificationPartners inLearningImagine CupFacultyConnectionCurriculumResourcesDreamSpark
    7. 7. Phone AppXbox GameDevelopmentFree Faculty & Student Programs of Interest Cont.Student toBusinessStart-Up SupportMentoringExperienceClubs & SocietiesOpenSourceCommunityMicrosoft StudentBlog & FacebookFaculty ConnectionBlog & Linkedin
    8. 8. DreamSparkProfessionaldeveloper anddesigner tools tobuild realsites, apps, games,cloud services andmoreOn-line and in-personcommunities ofstudents, teachersand researchersFree curriculummaterials, fromKey Stage 1 topostgraduate, coveringhundreds ofComputer SciencetopicsTools and resources to make the most of learning, teaching and researchTools Curriculum Community
    9. 9. DreamSpark Software*Visual StudioProfessional, Expression, WindowsServer, Windows Embedded, SQLServerWindows 8Visual Studio PremiumVisual Studio UltimateVisio, Project, OneNoteBizTalk ServerSharePoint ServerFree for students, included with EES or academic pricing for institutions• Free to all students for personal use• Free to Colleges* Academic/non-commercial use• HE STEM departments only• Students, Educators, labs• Free for Microsoft ITAcademies or from£250/year per departmentSchools FE & HE STEMAlso offers easy access to other free tools, including Kodu Game Lab, SmallBasic, Windows Phone tools, Kinect SDK, XNA Game Studio and more
    10. 10. 427,000 productsdownloaded and usedby over 140,000students; <2% ofsecondary and tertiaryUK students in 2011300 (<7%) ofUK secondary schools, FEand HE institutionssubscribe to DreamSpark“ready to beretrained”view commonlyexpressed among the32,000 MicrosoftPartner companies inthe UK when recruitingCS graduates22,000 tech students“like” our Facebook page and330 CS Educators joinedour LinkedIn group in 201146%of UKApplication Developmentjob ads specify Microsoft.NET skills16,734 UK curriculumcontent downloads fromMicrosoft Faculty Connectionin 201143,599 world-widedownloads of WindowsPhone Programming in 2011- curriculum written by RobMiles, University of HullSources:, Microsoft internal reporting systems for DreamSpark, Faculty Connection andWindows Phone Marketplace, and Microsoft Faculty Connection UK on LinkedIn
    11. 11. ProfessionalCertificationsmapped in QCF70,413 AcademicCertifications inthe UK in 2011Microsoft IT AcademyUKPartnerships:Awarding BodiesPublishersAssociations+10,000 across160 countriesNational andState wideAgreements+700UK IT AcademiesNational andState WideAgreements
    12. 12. TimeSavingCurriculumLowerInstitutionCostsMicrosoft IT Academy BenefitsCPD+300 E-LearningCoursesLesson PlansDigitalLiteracyTest BanksMCTMembershipCertificationStart KitsE-ReferenceLibraries+18k MCT’sAnnual Low CostFeeAcademic Pricingon furtherCourseware andCertificationSite Licenseoptions for MTA& MOSCurriculumaligned toCertificationCertificationmapped to QCFCertificationsdeveloped tomeet needs ofindustryProviding industry-leading training resources and Microsoft Certifications to enhanceemployability and school readiness, and encourage life-long learningValidateSkills ForIndustry
    13. 13. Adoption ofComputer ScienceCoursesGeneral LecturerIT Skills andAwarenessSupporting UK IT Education ChallengesCollegesResponding toCloud Skills ShiftSkills acquisition toteach to new CScurriculum andconceptsCreating engagingand inspirationallessonsIT Industry is evolvingrapidlyGrowing demand forskills on cloud tech.Tools, Curriculum andCertification areavailable nowModernising lecturersskills and use oftechnology in theclassroom.Shifting perceptionsand mindsets
    14. 14. Existing Microsoft partnershipsShape the FutureIn 42 countries6 million PCsWith Martha Lane FoxWindows 7 RefurbishedPCs for less than £45A “help yourself” offerFor Schools and familiesReady “out of the box”4,000 sold and growingWith Student FinanceEnglandWindows 7 and specialversion of MS OfficeWorking with 19suppliers42,000 per annum“A PC in every home” to end the digital divide within and between countries (Bill Gates)
    15. 15. ESPA Licensing OptionMicrosoft SQL Server (all editions)Microsoft BizTalk Server (all editions)System Center Protection Manger, OperationsManager, and Service Manger (all editions)Forefront Server Security Management ConsoleServer Management Suite Datacenter (SMSD)Forefront TMG ServerForefront Unified ApplicationGateway ServerFAST Search for SharePoint*This product list is subject to change as CAL products are updated or as new server versions are introduced.This option requires licensing a minimum of 2,000 faculty and Student FTE. Server Platform Products licensed under this licensing option may only be used byyour licensed faculty, staff and students and by licensed external users using the Server Platform Products for the benefit of your institution.
    16. 16. Free for StudentsNo Faculty/Staff purchase requiredEstimated retail prices listed above per user, per monthMonthly RatedFree FreeFree Free Monthly RatedStudentsFaculty & StaffFreeFreeA Family of A (Academic) PlansOffice Professional Plus Subscription : £1,01 (student), £1.43 (Faculty)SharePoint Online Extra Storage: £0.15Exchange Online Archiving: £ 0.76
    17. 17. Estimated retail prices listed above per user, per monthA Family of A (Academic) PlansExchangeOnlinePlan A1 Plan A2 Plan A3 Plan A4Email & CalendaringAdvanced administration capabilities, active directory integration and24/7 IT administration supportl l l l lEmail with 25GB mailbox storage l l l l lCalendar and contacts l l l l lPremium anti-spam and anti-virus filtering l l l l lPersonal archive l l l l lAdvanced archive capabilities, unlimited email storage l lCommunications & CollaborationSites to share documents and information l l l lInstant messaging and video calls l l l lOnline meetings l l l lOffice Productivity ToolsDocument viewing and light editing with Office Web Aps l l lComplete and full-featured set of office productivity applications -Office Professional Plusl lHome Use Rights for up to 5 PCs l lPublish Access Databases, share Excel workbooks, build InfoPathForms, and share Visio business processes and diagramsl lAdvanced CommunicationsHosted voicemail l lEnterprise voice capabilities lFree for students – no faculty/staff purchase required£2.01/month£2.41/monthFreeFree Free £3.61/month£4.82/monthStudentsFaculty & StaffFreeFreeFree
    18. 18. Plan 2 offers include all features from Plan 1; offers are inclusive and not additiveEstimated retail prices listed above per user, per month
    19. 19. Plan 2 offers include all features from Plan 1; offers are inclusive and not additiveSharePoint Online Extra Storage: £0.15Exchange Online Archiving : £0.76Estimated retail prices listed above per user, per month
    20. 20. Global NetworkYouTubeChannel, Facebook, Twitter & BlogsGetOnline@HomePILSRProgressreviewDevelopingCPDEventsandtrainingLearningSuite andDreamsparkCurriculumTransformationandEnhancedGraduateSuccessITAcademy Student 2BusinessandSkillsCalculatorRelevantTechnologyPossible points of entryinto the processDelivering Innovation, Inspiration and Change