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Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council Case Study


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Published in: Education
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Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council Case Study

  1. 1. Microsoft Office 365 Customer Solution Case Study Council Enhances Agility and Reduces Costs with Customised Cloud Platform ―As Microsoft Office 365 develops, soon students mayCustomer:Dudley Metropolitan BoroughCouncil just need a good Internet connection to access Size:7,000 collaboration tools. This increases learningCountry or Region:United Kingdom opportunities.‖Industry:Government—Local Geoff Baker, DGfL Head of Service, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Councilgovernment agenciesPartner:RM Education Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council set up the Dudley Grid forCustomer ProfileEstablished in 1974, Dudley Metropolitan Learning (DGfL) to provide its schools with fully managedBorough Council is responsible for local information and communications technology (ICT) services. Thegovernment services for more than300,000 constituents in the borough of council‘s private sector partner RM Education was chosen toDudley in the West Midlands. move its email to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365.TheSoftware and Services council is now confident that it will reduce ICT costs, increase Microsoft Office agility, and enhance student learning. − Microsoft Office 365 Business Needs and a reference point for outsourced As part of its service to schools within the educational ICT projects in the U.K. local authority, Dudley Council first procured the DGfL service in 1999. The RM Education—an ICT provider based in innovative service delivers, through a the U.K. and the council‘s private sector private sector partner, fully managed ICT partner since 1999—developed the current to 106 schools across the borough. It DGfL platform based on Microsoft Office encompasses network infrastructure, SharePoint Server 2007. This provides all hardware, educational software, schools Dudley pupils, staff, and teachers with management information systems (MIS), access to a secure online learning space as well as helpdesk, training, network, and and collaboration tools. It also gives technical support. A key component of the parents web access to up-to-date and service is support for the school relevant information about their child‘s applications, such as email and document achievement, attendance, and progress. E-For more information about other sharing software, used by 45,000 students safety is a top priority for DGfL, and RMMicrosoft customer successes, please visit: and 5,600 staff. DGfL is nationally Education implements appropriate recognised within the education sector, monitoring policies, alongside training
  2. 2. sessions that help promote awareness of primary collaboration tool.‖ While some the same time has the potential toonline safety among pupils and staff. users were familiar with Google Mail from reduce costs because we don‘t need to personal use, the RM Education review purchase local licences.‖As part of its commitment to providing found that staff preferred Office 365 in Customisable solution supportsexcellent ICT services through DGfL, in 2010 crucial areas. One important aspect was enforcement of anti-bullying policy.Dudley undertook a comprehensive, the need to comply with the government‘s As a Microsoft Office 365 migrationEuropean Union–compliant tender exercise, guidance on storing personal data in the specialist, RM Education was easily ableresulting in RM Education retaining the cloud. Baker says: ―RM Education to customise Office 365 to meet theDGfL contract for a further 10 years. As part confirmed that Microsoft could guarantee council and schools‘ comprehensiveof the new contract, the council required a that our data would reside in data centres anti-bullying requirements.Baker says:review of its current collaboration platform, located within the European Union.‖ ―RM Education maintains filtering forwith the initial goal of upgrading its email key words related to bullying and othersolution.Geoff Baker, DGfL Head of Service, Dudley chose to migrate its collaboration text that contravenes the council‘sDudley Metropolitan Borough Council, says: platform to Office 365 based on advice acceptable use policies. Even when it―We wanted staff in particular to have a from RM Education and feedback from the becomes common for pupils to use theirmore ‗business-like‘ email system, with user group. Office 365 provides schools personal devices to access school emailaccess to the latest contact and scheduling with free email, instant messaging, group and other applications, communicationtools. The council also wanted to lay the video, voice chat, and online document will be monitored to ensure the safetyfoundation for future upgrades with an viewing and editing. Baker says: ―RM and protection of students.‖agile, cost-effective collaboration platform Education has proved it has expert Ongoing maintenance costs andthat could meet current and future needs. knowledge of the Office 365 roadmap. We complexity are reduced. ―DudleyWe are demanding clients and we wanted felt that this relationship would benefit us schools will soon have access to theto make sure that RM Education could and help us make the right long-term latest versions of Microsoft Officeprovide an offering it was confident about.‖ decisions about the future of cloud-based applications, and updates to new services for our schools.‖ versions will be carried out automaticallySolution in the cloud with Office 365.This shouldRM Education provides Microsoft Office 365 Benefits remove the need for any systemmigration and deployment services to the With Microsoft Office 365, the council has downtime while software upgrades takeeducation sector, and has a strategic an agile cloud platform that supports place,‖ says Baker.relationship with Microsoft. It uses this current and future learning and Cloud platform boosts flexibleinsight to help education customers plan collaboration needs. It can continue to learning. There are fewer barriers toand implement robust ICT strategies.Dudley develop its learning platform, increasing learning because Dudley staff andasked RM Education to evaluate Google agility and applying the latest technologies students can access schools‘Mail and Google Apps for Education, to enhance access and education. collaboration tools even when they‘realongside Microsoft Office 365—assessing not at school. ―If it snows, leaving pupilsboth providers‘ offerings against criteria Student learning is enhanced cost- and staff stuck at home, they cansuch as usability, functionality, ease of effectively.An example of innovation is continue to learn and communicate withmanagement, and cost-effectiveness. the development of the council‘s vision each other through Microsoft OfficeAs part of its evaluation, RM Education of students using their own devices to 365,‖ says Baker. Dudley is also lookingasked a group of teaching and access learning materials anytime, to make use of the instant messagingadministration staff to evaluate the anywhere. Baker says: ―As Microsoft services in Microsoft Lync, part of Officestrengths of the Google and Microsoft Office 365 develops, soon students may 365, to support student learningofferings from a user perspective. Baker just need a good Internet connection to through video conferencing andsays: ―Staff input was critical because they access school collaboration tools. This desktop application sharing.rely on email a lot and use it as their increases learning opportunities, but atThis case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published November 2012