DreamSpark Getting Started Guide - Student


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DreamSpark Getting Started Guide - Student

  1. 1. Get the tools you need to get your dream job. We get it. We know the power of a student’s ideas first-hand (hello, Bill Gates?). That’s why we created DreamSpark, to give ambitious students a break. DreamSpark can kick-start your career, giving you the best professional-level design and development tools—at no charge—to literally make your dreams come to life. Get started with Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, a full suite of sweet tools—and start building apps, games and sites right away in HTML, C++, C#, Ruby, Java and more. Start downloading software today. Register now at www.dreamspark.com/student
  2. 2. Why DreamSpark? Download Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, along with videos, tutorials, sample code and more at www.dreamspark.com/student THESE ARE THE TOP DEV TOOLS, NOT TRIAL VERSIONS used by the pros to build real games and apps that make a real difference. NO COST? NO-BRAINER. You can start downloading right away and get awesome resources—like expert help and tutorials, coding camps and app contests—all aimed at helping you get your first Windows app built and published. MICROSOFT IS NOW LEADING THE REST with cutting-edge tech in Kinect and Xbox Games—and with flat, user-centric design on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 OS. GET YOUR APP IN THE WINDOWS STORE AND GET NOTICED with a fresh, wide-open field that isn’t already overcrowded, like a lot of the other app stores. Everything you need to code like a pro at no charge.
  3. 3. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL Start developing an awesome resume for yourself at www.dreamspark.com/student THIS IS THE BIG TIME Learn the technical skills that are in demand at some of the coolest companies and that are driving the most powerful platforms in social media, cloud computing, enterprise software, and mobile apps, tools and games. TECH SKILLS ARE HOT, SO DREAM BIG Science, technology, engineering and math students are getting ahead fast and getting jobs right out of school—and everyone knows students have launched some of the world’s game-changing brands and services, like Microsoft, Facebook, WordPress, Napster, Dell, FedEx and more. PAY LIKE A STUDENT, CODE LIKE A PRO Just register as a student with DreamSpark and you’ll get no-cost access to more than 25 professional developer and designer tools, including: • Visual Studio Professional • Windows Phone SDK • SQL Server • Robotics • Kinect for Windows SDK • Windows Server • And more There’s no catch—and no limit to what you can do.
  4. 4. DreamSpark comes at no charge for students actively enrolled in school. You just need to get your academic status verified online every 12 months. Three simple steps to get no-cost access. CREATE ACCOUNT Create an account, verify your student status and you’ll have immediate access to the best software programs at no cost. You can verify your student status in one of three ways: • Sign in with your school’s e-mail account (with your school in the domain name) • Or, get a verification code • Or, use an ISIC card DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE DreamSpark gives you pro-level software at no cost—with the resources to learn and have fun by creating applications, games and designs like you never could before. You’ll be getting a head start in school and in your future career, all at no cost. GET MORE SOFTWARE THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL You can get even more software through your school at no cost if your school is enrolled in DreamSpark, so find out if they have a DreamSpark WebStore. Get verified and get your software at www.dreamspark.com/student Find the DreamSpark for Students tile. Click on ‘Learn more’ button.
  5. 5. Your future starts right here, right now, with Microsoft Visual Studio Professional and a whole lot more: www.dreamspark.com © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. ARE YOU READY TO START SOMETHING? Jump in and get the support you need to join the app revolution. DREAMSPARK GIVES YOU ALL THE POWER and creative potential of Microsoft development software, from student app contests to coding camps, tutorials, expert help and free resources to get your first Windows app built and published. YOU ALSO GET FREE MEMBERSHIP in the Xbox Live game portal, Windows Phone Dev Center and Windows Store for free access to sample code, how-to’s and tools, events and expert advice. THE NEXT GENERATION OF APPS AND GAMES IS UP TO YOU, so unleash what’s inside that head of yours. The next big thing could be yours, and with the right tools, your ideas really are within reach. What are you waiting for? go build it.